Living in the digital world demands technological solutions for all businesses, especially for retail and manufacturing companies.Digital transformation becomes mandatory for seamless manufacturing.production, supply chain and logistics. 
A quote in manufacturing should always be accurate, simplified and clear.You can’t deny the fact that it is hard to prepare, then what to do?Quotation puts forth an idea that how a service fulfills clients’ certain requirements with the budget.An accurate quote shapes up the decision making process of a client.
Are you still using the spreadsheets for data entry and management?Not having clear and accurate data insights?Facing troubles in managing your finance, sales orders and fulfillment?Do you really think like many other manufacturers that you can run your business this way would bring you a profitable success?Well, we do agree that spreadsheets may help you as a powerful business tool, but, alone, it will not take you anywhere fast because you cannot run and manage your entire business with a single tool.You need a solution that covers and improves every aspect of your business.
When we talk about manufacturing and production, terms such as a Request for Quotation (RFQ) and Sales Orders appear.These terms are essential elements of a product configurator module in any manufacturing management software to manage and monitor all important business activities – work orders, shop floors, financials and more.
No business can afford repeatedly made mistakes.It can hurt your business in terms of time and money that will eventually push your clients to see your competitor.If you want your customers to keep knocking at your door, you must avoid following common mistakes by usi an ERP software.
There are many facets of costing, and breaking costing into these four categories helps in understandingFixed CostsVariable CostsDirect CostsIndirect CostsFixed Costs are generally classified by whether or not they vary based on the quantity of parts being manufactured.Many times, this can be described as a Setup Cost because it does not vary with the quantity of parts being manufactured.In manufacturing, this can be setup costs, travel costs, staging costs, etc.The other type of fixed costs would be rental space, insurance, administrative salaries, etc.(because they do not change based on the quantity of parts being produced).Variable costs are more directly related to the quantity of product being produced, including material and labor costs.Both material and labor costs increase with the amount of product being produced.
In contemporary times, manufacturing businesses are supposed to make the use of automated tools.You could achieve a number of benefits such as automated MRP, instant work orders, data protection, simplified CRM and much more.You can find an ERP solution with the latest add-ons and features.Now, we are going to take a round of the quick views feature of the ERP system.1.These data sets would be built either using the current data from the system or from other sources.You can also create a shortcut on the desktop and utilize this feature whenever you want.Afterwards, follow the procedure for quick views service, it will execute in the background & will schedule the quick views within the software.You could also schedule your quick views and keep your data modified according to the other modules of the manufacturing ERP system.Advantages of Quick ViewsBelow mentioned are some of the advantages that you could acquire by using quick views feature of an ERP software.1.
Apart from work orders, quoting, accounting, payroll, and supply chain processes, you can decrease paperwork to a great extent.This document will revolve around the features of a document "management system" (DMS) enclosed in an "ERP software".1.If data violation occurs, then it might indicate a company’s bad reputation.The document control feature allows you to save & track your documents at all the stages of business operations.You might lose your paperwork due to some reason, but ERP with a built-in document control tool doesn’t let that happen.Report metrics help you perform an analysis of the report.
For many years, engineering costs have been included in the “standard burden rate” of the shop.Nowadays, manufacturing is so competitive and technical that the standard burden rate of the shop cannot include all costs associated with the engineering costs.Direct Engineering CostsDirect engineering costs include things like design work, engineering, prototyping, testing, and tooling design.Many job shops today have become “turnkey”—meaning they don't just produce a single small widget that is easy to engineer, cost, and manufacture.The jobs that manufacturing companies must be able to handle can be very extensive and include everything from a small box to an entire machine tool made up of of 100's—or even 1000's—of components.The costs associated with doing the initial engineering can be very extensive in these cases, which makes sense based on the amount of components.Many job shops require CNC machinery and, to arrive at the most accurate costs during the estimating process, they often program and sometimes even manufacture the prototype.Indirect Engineering CostsIndirect engineering costs include the computers, software, and manpower required to assist in manufacturing the product.The costs of these indirect engineering items can be extensive and should be allocated across the job that uses these tools.MIE Solutions provides software resources to help you manage your direct and indirect labor throughout the product life cycle, from quoting and estimating to job costing, and then to invoicing.Source:
We understand that deciding on Inventory Management App can be difficult, especially when you have multiple options on the table.Here are some questions that you can ask your ERP vendors that should help you find the best ERP software solution for you and your team!
Are you a small manufacturer facing the odds of inventory, sales and finance management?A mid-market company looking for a solution to eliminate the need of spreadsheets.You need the Best Manufacturing Software with a core focus on state-of-the-art automation to minimize human error and maximize efficiency, and determine where improvements are needed.Source:
Now that we have looked over some finer details of what ERP software for a manufacturing company can do for you and your company, let’s move on to the purchasing of ERP software and how you can prepare.It is important to consider the following three tips as you move forward with your research and decision-making process.Before you purchase ERP software for a manufacturing company, you should
Knowing this, an ERP solution can be your partner in managing human resources, then why go for a separate software?Yes, this is the advantage of ERP solution over others providing you ease in administering personnel life cycle activities.
When you begin to consider ERP Production Management for  your business, it is important to be aware of the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of ERP software before doing so.
Investing in an ERP solution is an expensive proposition.Therefore, it becomes mandatory for the organization to maximize their return on ERP investment.And, for this, they must choose and implement an ERP system that will help you run your business smoother and with increased profits.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is known for its enhanced functionalities, taking up most of the business dimensions.If it is so, then why not use it for supply chain management (SCM)?Supply chain is an integral part of business and if the best ERP software is utilized then nothing is better than this.
In order to estimate the cost of material it is essential that you know the weight of different material gauges and types of material.Below you will find a list of some common weights dealing with the metal industry and metal fabrication.One of the key factors is knowing the weight factor because its the same for all gauges of like material.Weight Factor - Weight Per Cubic Inch of MaterialThe weight factor is calculated by the following formula(Weight) / (Width * Length * Thickness)The nice thing about knowing the weight factor is you can easily determine the weight of any size of metal.For example, 16 Gage sheet steel has a weight factor of 0.29032.If you have a 36x96 inch sheet of 20 Gage Sheet Steel, the weight would be 0.0375*36*96*0.29032 resulting in 60 Lbs.Knowing the weight factor of sheet steel you now can calculate all the weights very easily.Gauge and weight chart for sheet steel.
Gaps within any business process are like bad omens will leave a negative impact on your bottom line.And, if these loopholes exist in your sales order workflow, they will eat up your profits.
When Production Management Software was first released, it was mainly used for large enterprises.However, today’s ERP systems can be used by any company in the manufacturing industry, regardless of size.No matter what your company manufactures, you are bound to find ERP software on the market that is right for you.
Shipping manifests are passports for your export goods.Just like an individual’s passport verifying his legal visit to a certain country, a shipping manifest presents the nationality of the transported items and validates the cargo’s legitimacy.