the Sdp mps, former finance minister and party leader Jutta Urpilainen I hope that the social - and healthcare reform returns to the government and the opposition parties to cooperate."If the opposition truly says, so the committee's work is not enough.the Issue is so important, that solution should apply to the party leaders in the middle", Urpilainen said the Economy in an interview.the reform of the biggest problems associated, in his opinion, the municipal healthcare and social services spin-off and the patients ' freedom of choice.Urpilainen refers to the freedom of choice given to expert opinion, according to which the cost savings are kysennalaisia."the Government's current model leads to an increase in public expenditure, and I don't think that kokoomuskaan wants it."
One of the biggest problems you face when trying to rank your content is that everyone is shopping for keywords in the same place, and subsequently everyone is chasing the same search engine traffic.What usually happens is, you come up with an idea for a piece of content, go to Google Adwords and check to see what the best keyword is for that topic.The problem with this keyword research method is that EVERYONE is doing it.Including your competitors How good would it be if you could find hidden keyword gems that your competitors had never heard of?Keywords that would help you compete for rankings and traffic with underdone and outdated content?Yea I know, those questions are rhetorical – it would be totally awesome.
Scientists at Harvard have created an amazing new 3D pen that creates metallic objects with ease.Earlier versions of 3D printers are held back in their ability to produce certain designs, because they have to be fixed to a frame for support.However, with this new printer pen, one can produce intricate objects that include bends, curves and loops.It may also end up playing a big part in the wearable industry, becoming the next big thing in how wearables are designed.What is really fascinating is how small the items are that the pen can create, because it is able to produce lines as thin as human hair strands.If the laser was too close to the nozzle, then the ink became solidified and clogged up the pen.
According to research around the Apple supply chain, an analyst from IHS Technology has concluded that the base models iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will ship with 32GB storage.He told John Gruber during an episode of The Talk Show podcast, "The belief is more and more as we use iCloud services for documents and our photos and videos and music, that perhaps the most price-conscious customers are able to live in an environment where they don't need gobs of local storage, because these services are lightening fast."This contradicts a previous reports from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who predicted the 5.5inch iPhone 7 Plus would come with 3GB of RAM – enough to handle the hefty processing needs created by the larger devices' dual-camera set-up.PATENT: One of the technologies, dubbed ultrasonic imaging, is more reliable than Touch IDThe news comes as sources in Taiwan claim Apple has ordered a record number of handsets, between 72 and 78 million units, ready for the summer launch.The Cupertino company is believed to have a dramatic redesign of the iPhone in the pipeline, but it is unknown whether the technology will be ready for September.The news comes as Apple suppliers Foxconn and Pegatron have begun recruiting at least a month earlier than usual to deal with the increased complexity of the iPhone 7, the Economic Daily News has reported.
View mayWhen innovators develop new ways to tackle global inequality and crisis, even the world's biggest problems can become slightly more manageable.These "a-ha" moments happen every day, whether it's a low-tech invention, like recyclable shoes that pose fewer health risks to factory workers, or high-tech gadgets, like massive elevated buses that glide over traffic and cut down on pollution.The effort, announced in May by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, ad agency 360i and tech company AXIOS NYC, seeks to encourage major toy manufacturers to keep disability in mind when creating new products, while also making classic products more inclusive.Recyclable shoes made without chemical-rich glueThe glue that holds together many of the world's shoes is effectively poisoning factory workers around the globe.To improve conditions, Dutch designer Roderick Pieters created a new type of shoe, dubbed LOPERs, that forgoes glue in favor of a sturdy stitch.Biodegradable six-pack rings that actually feed sea life
Able to pose a few questions, I asked the Microsoft representative whether the update would address two of the biggest problems with the current dashboard: lag and sharing screenshots and video.In the case of the former, the rep feigned ignorance – even claiming he hasn't encountered any sort of lag on the Xbox One dashboard.Users, if they want to use it, will have to address the console with "Hey, Cortana" rather than "Xbox", which hopefully leads to less confusion.There's also a separate tab labelled 'Ready to Install' for new purchases, or newly available backwards compatible Xbox 360 games.In the Store, the 'Use a Code' option is now more prominently displayed and overall the layout is far simpler and less cluttered.Xbox Live Gold members can now see discounts available through their subscription and the store will tell you whether or not you already own a game.
I can barely believe I wrote that headline myself.But it s true.And an avalanche of venture capital is pouring into companies offering to solve it.Today, DocPlanner of Poland announced it has raised $20 million in venture capital and has acquired, a Spain-based competitor.DocPlanner, which operates in 25 countries, said it plans to use the money to expand into new markets and continue developing its booking platform.The fundraising brings DocPlanner s total to $34 million, and it includes investors such as Target Global, ENERN Investments, EBRD, Point Nine Capital, Piton Capital, and RTAventures.We have the ambition to become the clear number one global online platform for healthcare, said Mariusz Gralewski, founder and CEO of DocPlanner, in a statement.In the U.S., ZocDoc of New York raised $130 million last year, giving it a valuation of $1.8 billion.And in France, Doctolib, raised $20.5 million to help it expand into six new European countries in 2015.So, the battle for the hearts and minds and wallets of patients and doctors is on.
At the same time, you'll also gain a better understanding of how to come up with creative and valuable content for your audiences.Related Article: Spread the Word: 6 Overlooked Channels to Promote Your Blog PostsCreating Valuable Content in a Niche Focused BusinessOne of the biggest problems many brands and businesses have when it comes to creating a blog for their sites is coming up with content ideas.While at first you might think the product is quite generic and that you may be limited on the amount of content you could possibly come up with.The benefit here is that not only will your content be helpful to your existing audience, but it can also rank in the search results for multiple keywords and reach new audiences.Here are a few examples of the type of content you will find on their blog.Top Six Tips to create About Us page - Not every piece of content on a blog needs to be focused on sales or the site business.
Credit: AppleThe Apple Watch s biggest problems are its apps, namely the time it takes for them to load, and the limited features developers are allowed to bake in.By the time the app opens, you ve given up and turned to your iPhone for help.The Apple Watch has supported Apple Pay since day one, but now third-party app developers will be able to integrate Apple Pay as a payment option in their apps, which wasn t available before.Apple conducted studies on how Apple Watch owners in wheelchairs use their watches and will put the results of those studies in the next-gen OS.There s still no Apple Watch keyboard which is a good thing , but instead of selecting a pre-written reply or dictating a voice response, you ll be able to scrawl letters on the screen, which the watch will then turn into text.There s a new face called Numerals, a dancing Minnie Mouse to complement the existing Mickey face, and watch faces designed around activity rings, so you can see your daily rings in analog, chronograph, or digital versions.
Image: AspireAssistThough it bears some resemblance to a Tim and Eric sketch, the AspireAssist is a very real medical device, approved by the FDA for installation in people 22 or older with a body mass index of 35 to 55, and who have failed to achieve and maintain weight loss through non-surgical weight-loss therapy.It s a bit like a colostomy, but instead of poking a portion of the stomach through the skin, a tube is installed connecting the stomach to a skinport outside the body.Shortly after eating, patients are supposed to connect the skinport to an outboard device and a bag of water.It goes like this:Open valveDrain food into toiletForce water back into the stomachRepeat for five to ten minutes until up to 30% of your meal is goneAspire advises patients to chew carefully and eat mindfully ... you know, to keep the tube from getting blocked with food bits.It s not known if patients at the end of the treatment were able to keep off the weight they d lost—one of the biggest problems in weight loss.The CDC estimates the number of adults with obesity at almost 29 percent of the US population.
Though it bears some resemblance to a Tim and Eric sketch, the AspireAssist is a very real medical device, approved by a US food authority for installation in people 22 or older with a body mass index of 35 to 55, and who have failed to achieve and maintain weight loss through non-surgical weight-loss therapy .It s a bit like a colostomy, but instead of poking a portion of the stomach through the skin, a tube is installed connecting the stomach to a skinport outside the body.Despite how easy Aspire make sit sound, the US Food and Drug Administration FDA warns that patients using the AspireAssist will need frequent medical visits and frequent monitoring by a health care provider .It s not known if patients at the end of the treatment were able to keep off the weight they d lost, which is one of the biggest problems in weight loss.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC estimates the number of adults with obesity at almost 29 per cent of the US population.FDA via CNBC
One in four South Africans are unemployed.Apartheid ended 20 years ago but the reality is that inequality remains one of the biggest problems in South Africa, said Anish Shivdasani, a British co-founder of an app that is trying to help jobseekers access employers that sometimes feel a world away.It s specifically aimed at low-income workers earning between $200 and $1000 a month.Building Giraffe s long graspHeadquartered on the top floor of a tower in what is known as Africa s richest square mile, Giraffe is aiming beyond Johannesburg s corporate world.Linking call centers with telemarketers, baristas with coffee shops, and even Uber with drivers, Giraffe foregoes curriculum vitaes for controlled data.Their first external capital injection came from the Global Seed Stars competition, where their pitch saw them win $50,000.
Mark James, ESET The recommendations seem reasonable and certainly a good basis for starting.Public knowledge is paramount when our data goes missing, changing passwords will not stop the damage caused by the actual breach but could help stop any future use of that data.One of the biggest problems with data breaches is how the stolen data is used, often it s not sufficient on its own to gain access to financial data and is often used as bait to get more information from you; targeted email spam or even worse, actual telephone calls supposedly from the breached company pretending to help you have been used in the past in an effort to extract very private and confidential information from unsuspecting victims.Cyber criminals are taking aim at the trust between people and organisations that allows the modern Internet-connected world to function, as people take it for granted that the purported sender of an email is who she says she is, that a website that asks for your credentials really belongs to your service provider, and that a tweet from your bank about resetting your PIN code really came from your bank.Often the implications and remedies to cybersecurity issues cut across every aspect of an organisation s operations.Instead, they should focus on proper management of the solutions they already have in place and start looking for tools that give them total visibility into their environment and assess current processes to ensure they are still valid.
Hyper founder and CEO Markus Gilles said he has a simple goal — to create the single best video app.Since then, it s been acquired by millennial-focused publisher Mic, but it s still going after that big goal — and today, it s launching on the iPhone.Particularly with this new version, Gilles argued that Hyper is solving three of the biggest problems with watching videos on your phone.First, there s the fact that you don t always want to spend 50 minutes browsing on YouTube before you find something worth watching.Second, when you stream videos over a cell network, you might end up struggling with low video quality, buffering delays and aggressive data usage.Finally, Gilles said that many video apps don t have a great design, so the goal with Hyper was to offer a design that was not cluttered, that put video at the center of every interaction.
Interviewing for a new job is difficult, but you should pay attention to the way your future boss discusses the team and projects you d be working on—not just so you have an idea of what you ll do, but for what they think of your future team, and by extension, what they ll think of you.Anyone who s ever worked for a terrible boss shortly after taking a new job has probably wished they had been able to tell the future from the interview—to only see that their future boss was going to be a nightmare before they took the job.We ve talked about how to do just that before, by asking about management style and seeing how others react to them, but our friends at GlassDoor offer another useful tip—see how they characterize the people they work with:Anecdotes and stories tend to find their way into interviews.For example, if they re explaining a work situation or describing a project and speak dismissively about employees, they probably don t respect them.Instead, dig right into their perspective and test how they perceive themselves in the operation.
One of the biggest problems with consumer virtual reality products today is input.While the headset immerses you in a world that almost looks real, the illusion is shattered when you try to reach out for something with your hands.Because you can't, unless you're wearing one of those expensive or experimental or both gloves.The HTC Vive's and Oculus Rift's controllers are basically sticks that make you feel like you're holding a wand or a sword.Which, in retrospect, actually makes it perfect for a game like Fruit Ninja.You or someone else asked, and they heard.
Sometimes mobile app developers might be better off burning their money than spending it on an app install ads.Sure, the ads may get people to download an app, but more often than not, people stop using an app within a month of downloading it.So Facebook wants to help app developers aim their ads at the people who are not only likely to install it but also likely to do things with it, like purchase a product, complete a game level or view a piece of content.The company s goal is to give app developers better long-term results for their app install campaigns.One of the biggest problems in the ecosystem is retention and getting high-quality installs.A lot of the advertisers we ve talked to said, Installs are great, but we really want to get people into our app who are going to be able to help build our business, said Facebook product manager Jehan Damji.
Apple is addressing a major complaint some users had with the way its Apple Music streaming service functions when it comes to matching your personal music collection to an online catalog – a feature that allows you to stream your tracks from the cloud, via Apple s iCloud.The company is now switching from a poorer matching technology to use audio fingerprinting.By doing so, it will allow for more accurate matches, and – perhaps, most importantly – it means that Apple will no longer be applying DRM to tracks in your personal library when it performs this matching function.In the past, if you accidentally deleted a track or album from your personal library stored on your Mac, you could download it again from iCloud.But the track would then be copyright protected.This better respects users personal libraries and the rights they had previously associated with their files before the matching took place.
How to fix common Pokémon Go problems: A guide to overcoming some of the game's biggest issues and bugs.Although Pokémon Go has become a worldwide phenomenon, it isn't without its issues.We asked you for your biggest problems with the game on Reddit, and have scoured the internet to see what the world's Pokémon Go players are having trouble with.And it turns out there's a range of issues which are making the game somewhat more of a challenge than it needs to be for many of you.Things got worse once the game launched in 26 new countries, which sent the server into meltdown once again.That is, if you don't encounter too many of the following issues.
You who read the first part of the router, the school has already installed your router and perform the basic configuration to ensure that no unauthorized person can get into your network. Now it's time for the second part, where we go through how to fine-tunes the router so that it works exactly as you wish. You will learn, among other things, to optimize speed and set which services should be prioritized when there is fierce competition for Internet connection. One of the biggest problems with wireless networks is that the speed is lower than expected, and on that front, you can experiment to improve conditions. First, be sure to place the router in a smart place so that the signals are spread in a good way. You can experiment to find the best location, but a basic rule is that it should be placed away from the floor, and as centrally as possible in the home.