With the advent of bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, blockchain technology came into the limelight.But, it is quite easy to understand what blockchain technology is once you break it down.Due to the high demand of blockchain technology and its constant growth, the jobs in this field have a lucrative pay scale.The database is accessible to all but has heavy encryption that makes the possibility of a data breach extremely low.Another notable feature of this Blockchain technology is that the information, once stored inside the blockchain, cannot be altered.Moreover, with features like reliability, immutability, privacy, trust, blockchain technology is still gaining immense popularity.Also, no central authorized companies handle it.How does blockchain work?To know how blockchain works, it is vital to know about the three main concepts – blocks, miners, and nodes.BlocksEach chain has numerous blocks.It is arbitrarily generated during the creation of a block.Hash – It is a 256-bit number added to nonce.During the creation of the block, the nonce produces the hash.