To learn more and subscribe, please click here.Chinese holding company Tencent has added Supercell s latest mobile game, Clash Royale, to its messaging apps WeChat and QQ in China, according to The Wall Street Journal.This marks the first collaboration between the two companies just weeks after Tencent purchased a controlling stake in Supercell.Because of this, the partnership between Supercell and Tencent will benefit the two companies for a number of reasons:It gives Supercell an entry point into the Chinese app market.Although Android OS powers the majority of smartphones, the absence of the Google Play store means that third-party app stores, such as Tencent s app store, are the primary marketplaces for app downloads.For example, in 2015, the gaming company generated more than $2 billion 2.11 billion euros from just four mobile games.Over the past eight years, developers have flocked to create mobile games as smartphones became a mainstream consumer device.Technological evolutions including faster processors, larger screens, more input points, and better overall graphics capabilities, combined with dropping prices, brought the ability for gaming via smartphone to audiences larger than ever before.In that growth and through that transition, smartphones as a gaming arena experienced its own evolution.
The winners of the 9th annual iPhone Photography Awards, or iPPAwards, were just announced, and they're stunning.Kenan Aktülün, founder and curator of the iPPAwards, tells Tech Insider the contest exists to celebrate the power of filling the world with simple, powerful point-and-shoot cameras.All images in the contest were shot with iPhones no Androids or other camera allowed .The iPhone may not currently be the best smartphone camera in the world that title goes to the Galaxy S7 , but serious photographers still love the Apple devices for their consistency, simplicity, and color-accuracy.Check out the 2016 winners below, along with captions from the photographers.
For consumers, mobile messaging has quickly become their communication preference for personal and even business communication.A study found that many employees are using consumer-facing messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp throughout the workday to communicate with colleagues, external partners, stakeholders, and clients.Unfortunately, these consumer-facing apps aren t created with the enterprise in mind, and they lack key capabilities vital to use in the enterprise — especially security.In light of this, many enterprise-specific mobile messaging platforms, from Google and Microsoft in particular, have emerged, and a few consumer-facing services have made significant changes to become more appropriate for enterprise use.Chatbots are beginning to experience a similar lifecycle.However, enterprise chatbots require a higher guarantee of the integrity of the information exchanged, as well as increased security commitments.Chatbots in the enterprise are a brand new phenomenon and are largely being introduced by service providers already accommodating the enterprise market with solutions such as enterprise-grade mobile messaging platforms.Enterprise chatbots, unlike their consumer counterparts, need to be more custom, relevant, and pertinent to the enterprise user in order for employees to embrace and use them.
from June 2015 highlights interesting issues.It is also noticeable the amount and type of analysts commentary in the media from consultancies and industry reactions that seem to range from small micro project management issues of maintaining digital skills and customer service to broader statements of trade deficits and difficult times ahead.What happens in the coming months and years will be beyond business transformation but need to include economic transformation for structure market reform in the UK interests.Companies will also need to define how their business operating model needs to be modified to defend against losses but also importantly to take advantage of new opportunities for local and global scaling.Executive development of strategy will I suspect be rapidly evolving to refocus on non-EU opportunities.There may well also I predict government action in special tax and skills worker rules introduced rapidly to encourage Business as usually.
ESPN will sell its own streaming live TV package directly to consumers, a source with knowledge of the plans told The Information.While this new package won't include blockbuster items like basketball and football, it will include "niche leagues" and "possibly some types of college sports," The Information'sThis report is in line with previous comments from Disney CEO Bob
Facebook is increasing the amount of privacy people have when communicating over its Messenger platform, which boasts over a"Secret conversations" with end-to-end encryption are now being tested across Messenger, the company wrote in a Facebook news room post published on Friday.Facebook currently has the ability to see what you are saying to
It is a world where suppliers become competitors and competitors become partners.This is a place where the standards based telecoms world must be replicated in networking if we are to fully benefit from a world which is flattening and where code moves quickly across borders.John Donovan, chief strategy officer and group president at AT technology and operations explains.Problems once went to standards bodies and standards bodies got everyone's feedback and were carefully considered and we managed and we voted and put committees together and then we produced work product."We talk about how the services integrate while knowing they are going after our customers and knowing that we distribute a lot of their operating systems and that they're playing pretty heavily against us in new regulatory areas.In this world he says one has to identify the essential items that come out of the traditional approach and everything else has to be subject to change.
The first Uber Pop-drivers have now been convicted of illegal taxi services in Denmark. Di Digital has several articles reporting on court cases against Uber Pop-drivers in Sweden. Now, the first judgment also fallen in Denmark. Six drivers were prosecuted for having used the service Uber Pop thereby driving a taxi without a license. The defendants denied during the trial by the Copenhagen City Court to the crime and claimed that it was about carpooling and not of taxis. In all six cases, the Court, however, agrees that it is not about carpooling but about illegal taxi business.
The Danish driver denied that they had driven unbooked minicabs. Copenhagen City Court has sentenced six Uberpop drivers to pay fines between 2000 and 6000 DKK for illegal taxis, reports the Danish Radio. The controversial taxi service Uberpops Danish drivers must prepare to pay a fine if they continue to pick up passengers on the streets of Copenhagen. It was clear from the judgment of the district court concluded that the six taxi drivers guilty of unbooked minicabs business. The drivers refused to run the unregistered taxis, but claimed that it was about carpooling. None of them deny, however, that the drive for Uber.
Custom applications have revolutionized the way people use technology to run their businesses.And there s no guarantee that the application will even fit into your business as the one size fits all promise is always a let down.That s why you need tools that help you build your own applications.Plenty of businesses have created custom apps for their companies without ever having to learn to code.Here s a list of industries where custom apps have helped businesses perform better – putting off the shelf programs to shame.From Berklee s transient auditions to Rutgers student support system, these easily customizable apps make it easy for schools to organize projects, people, assets, and more – fill a void in an already stressful industry.
If you could deliver even better work than you promised a client, wouldn t it make sense to do so?While it s tempting to deliver even better than you agreed on to impress someone, there can be a downside to going above and beyond.As business site Entrepreneur explains, one of the fundamental problems with giving a client or customer more than they expected is that it adjusts the expectation.The author here gives the example of getting a couple extra Munchkins at Dunkin Donuts.He received a bonus at his usual store often enough that he was disappointed when he went to a different location and received exactly what was promised:At the micro level, Dunkin Donuts fulfilled its value proposition.
Device as a service, daas, is HP's next hand. In this way, business customers to keep their PC-to-date park promises hardware supplier. The hardware portion of HP, HP Inc, is now beginning to find its way forward. Now the company is launching a new service on the same theme as SaaS software, IaaS infrastructure and PaaS platforms. But this time, it is precisely the hardware that is at the center - daas called the new service, the device as a service. The idea is that it should be enough for a company to sign a single contract for both hardware and services, which according to HP to facilitate the purchase, deployment and administration of the computers.
Being a B2B marketer isn t better or worse, it s just different.Everyday, we re supporting a lengthy sales cycle, creating internal alignment, planning our content marketing, and working to understand the intricacies of often complex industries.Moreover, they know how to connect with people to drive incredible brand loyalty.Hey Susie, looks like you forgot suede pumps/fly fishing rod/air mattress .Learn to love them because if you aren t nurturing your customers with specific emails that offer them what youthey re looking for, you re missing out.Learn how to master email nurture campaigns and watch your MQLs grow.
RICHMOND -- Online retail giant's latest lease could bring hundreds of jobs to the East Bay.Amazon recently signed a lease for an industrial building at 6015 Giant Road in Richmond."There should be at least 300 jobs coming out of this project, in Richmond," said Cesar Zepeda, president of the Hilltop District Homeowners and Stakeholders Association, in a Facebook post."The lease is the latest Bay Area location for Amazon, which inked a lease for 1 million square feet in Tracy recently and has buildings in Newark and South San Francisco.It is also part of an emerging sector of distribution centers near Point Pinole.Restoration Hardware, Whole Foods and Williams-Sonoma all have warehouses there.The Amazon lease is for 224,154 square feet, according to the San Francisco Business Times.The recent leases there follow the 2014 purchase of a closed steel factory by Sacramento-based developer LDK Ventures, which is cleaning up the site and building industrial space.
Device as a service, daas, is HP's next hand. In this way, business customers to keep their PC-to-date park promises hardware supplier. The hardware portion of HP, HP Inc, is now beginning to find its way forward. Now the company is launching a new service on the same theme as SaaS software, IaaS infrastructure and PaaS platforms. But this time, it is precisely the hardware that is at the center - daas called the new service, the device as a service. The idea is that it should be enough for a company to sign a single contract for both hardware and services, which according to HP to facilitate the purchase, deployment and administration of the computers.
Facebook is finding itself in some hot water this week with the Internal Revenue Service IRS over some asset transfers to its Ireland subsidiary.The IRS is of course one cat you don t want to mess with and in this case, Facebook attempted to play the if we ignore it, it will go away strategy — leading to today s revelation that the IRS is now suing the social network.The crux of the issue is the 2010 transfer of business assets from Facebook USA to Facebook Ireland and the listed value of those assets.The IRS think they could have been undervalued by billions of dollars, but can t prove it because Facebook ignored the IRS request for data and documentation related to the asset transfer.The practice, while shady by many people s standards, has become commonplace for U.S. corporations looking to lighten their taxable assets in the U.S.They send the assets to foreign subsidiaries, and then license those assets back to themselves, allowing them to continue using the assets without having them on their U.S. books — and taxable by the IRS.
If Your Blog Were a Beer, What Kind Would It Be?This infographic, complete with a silly and delicious metaphor, breaks down the hierarchy of blog types and beer types leading to one solid conclusion, be original and substantial in your blog.Snapchat Just Revealed a New Feature Called Memories That Saves SnapsFor those of us who don t have a great memory, Snapchat has come up with yet another way to save us from ourselves.In a new channel called My Eyes Only, Snapchat is allowing users to save still images or videos into a video collage that s passcode protected for later reference.Otherwise, users can save these memories in narrative format as flashbacks .
Navigating the corridors and alleys of cities can often make a person feel small, but video games are here to make you feel big again.Mobile publisher Storm8 wants to give players control over city streets, business, and housing in its new Dream City: Metropolis game that launched July 7 on iOS and Android.Dream City is entering a $36.9 billion mobile gaming market that is not short on builder-style games.Top-grossing games like Clash of Clans, Game of War, and Boom Beach all feature mild city-management elements, but they are a different type of game.Of course, Storm8 s take is much closer to Electronic Arts SimCity: BuildIt game, which is in the top-100 highest-grossing apps on iOS and Android.That is a mobile adaptation of SimCity, which was the originator of this genre when renowned director Will Wright developed the original in 1989.SimCity was a breakout hit, and city-management games have had a large audience ever since.Storm8 is hoping to capitalize on that crowd while also growing it by offering players freedom and discovery.We think of Dream City as a fresh take on the city-building genre, Storm8 executive producer Jenny Martin told GamesBeat.
On top of all that setup, most marketers are starting out with the leads from their CRM customer relationship management or homegrown databases, which may be poor in both quality and quantity.That means that even when they get up to speed on their new stack, they re not going to have a lot of fuel to drive it.The problem is that by the time the sales team calls, these prospects are three-quarters of the way through their journey and ready to negotiate pricing.Let your sales reps show their stuffThat s not a bad thing, but it s also not why your company hired smart, savvy, consultative business development managers.And at what point should sales be involved in the process?
A robot bear to care for youDouglas Hines started out with what sounded like a nice idea.In the early 2000s, the former Bell Labs engineer was busy caring for his elderly father and building his own technology business.So he gave up, and instead turned his attentions to Roxxxy, a life-size sexbot dressed in filmy black lingerie always turned on and ready to talk or play!It s certainly not a lack of robots that s causing the hold-up.A bevy of recent prototypes includes Toyota Research Labs Robear to lift people out of bed, wheelie bot Zenbo, which can call for help in an emergency, and the seal pup Paro, which takes on the emotional labour of fuzzy companionship.