In a recent job posting for a software engineer, Amazon wrote that it wants to become "the number one online shopping destination for Fashion customers."That, combined with the fact that Amazon has quietly launched 7 new fashion brands recently, only deepened speculation that the world's largest online retailer is serious about expanding its apparel business big time.But why would Amazon be so obsessed with the fashion apparel market, an area it owns less than 5% market share?Here's the simple reason: Clothing has the highest online penetration rate among all retail categories in the US, and Amazon already leads the online apparel shopping space.According to a note published by Morgan Stanley on Monday, 52% of US shoppers have bought clothing online in the past 12 months, by far the highest rate among all online retail categories:And within the online apparel market, Amazon holds a distinct lead compared to other retailers that offer online services, far outpacing big box retailers like Walmart, Macy's, and Target.In fact, 45% of US shoppers indicated they buy their clothing on Amazon, up 6 percentage points from the same quarter of the previous year, the highest growth margin among the 10 retailers surveyed:On top of that, online shoppers are expected to spend even more on clothing this year, which will only help Amazon capture a larger share of the combined $1 trillion clothing/grocery market in the US, Morgan Stanley noted.Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions.NOW WATCH: You may have Amazon credits waiting for you — here's how to checkLoading video...
Mark Cuban said Monday that Nintendo "has a winner" added that the game's producers will "have to keep refreshing it if they want it to stay as hot as it is.""It's fun," Cuban told Business Insider in an email. will love it because it gets their kids walking and moving inThe brash billionaire and host of ABC's "Shark Tank" said
We have entered an era where data is becoming a key factor in business success.Companies are increasingly adopting services and tools that collect and store huge amounts of environment- and customer-related data.These data sets are subsequently fed into analytics, business intelligence, and machine learning solutions to help with making smart decisions to deliver better service and improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and the bottom line.However, the benefits of data-driven business come with its own caveats and presents challenges that can yield disastrous outcomes if not met in a timely and suitable fashion.Related Article: Internet of Things: Security, Compliance, Risks and OpportunitiesSecuring Data Is Among the Biggest Challenges Companies FaceWhile big data is the driving force behind the growth and success of enterprises, it is also making them a bigger and more attractive target.Malicious actors including competitors, fraudsters, and even state-sponsored hackers might target companies to steal or manipulate data in order to further their own ends.Failing to secure corporate data can result in major data breaches that will damage a company s customers, its business process, and reputation, and can eventually lead to the collapse of an entire business.Securing data can be an intricate and costly process, especially as the online business landscape is constantly shifting with new innovations.Many businesses underestimate the severity of the threats that surround them while others are completely oblivious to them.Yet others do not have the in-house expertise and the required funding to invest in expensive security solutions for their business.Cloud-Based Security Cuts Down Cost and Implementation DifficultiesFortunately, the availability of cloud-based security, also known as security as a service, helps cut down both the costs and complexity of securing critical online assets.These services replace wholly or in part the on-premise hardware and software previously required to protect firms against data breaches.The range of cloud-based security services that are available today run the gamut and encompass everything ranging from encrypting cloud-stored files and emails to auditing and managing access to digital assets, to smart network traffic monitoring and intrusion prevention, and much more.Web Applications Are Especially Vulnerable to Cyber AttacksOne area of special concern is websites and web applications, which account for some of the most targeted online assets that companies possess, mainly because of their widespread use, ease of access and pivotal role in running a business.Larger companies often operate hundreds of them, both in-house and externally.Many of these websites are being used to run critical operations such as the entry and transfer of sensitive files and personally identifiable information PII , messaging and the processing of electronic payment, which make them very attractive hacking targets.
Nintendo "Pokémon GO" launched last week and it quickly became all anyone was doing and talking about all weekend long.To catch them all, trainers are encourage to go outside and walk around to track down different Pokémon and reach higher levels in the game.Many players have run in to other
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In a recent announcement, Experian Marketing Services and Neustar, Inc announced a partnership to enhance data onboarding for marketers with aim of improving activation and accessibility across a range of media channels.I spoke with Kevin Dean, President and General Manager of Targeting for Experian in North America, about the significance of the move, especially given Experian's track record in data-matching.Experian's core credit bureau business has been collating first party data for over thirty years."It's about capabilities combined," he said.Neustar is an established provider of real-time information services, with strength in matching offline and online data--"relating digital identity to an actual, physical person," Dean explained.Experian has similar capabilities, including insight into "walled garden" data sets like Facebook.
Architecture and design firm Schwinge has created a futuristic yacht concept that can float above water.The alien-looking yacht could help make sea travel smoother in rougher conditions.Scroll down for a closer look at Schwinge's Tetrahedron superyacht.
I've been playing Pokemon GO for weeks.Today I'm writing another a second collection of tips for everyday Pokemon GO trainers - as well as a couple of secrets some trainers might not yet be aware of.This collection of tips will help users level up, find Pokemon they've been searching for, and avoid common and not so common pitfalls of the game.Today we begin with PokeStops, the place where users attain items without paying real cash.PokeStops - how to keep cashSEE ALSO: TIPS 1 Pokemon GO mistakes I've made playing
AI research lab DeepMind has moved into Google's swanky new office in London.The startup, acquired by Google for a reported £400 million in 2014, has been given two floors for its 300-strong workforce at 6 Pancras Square, which is also home to software engineers working on Android andGoogle has been moving various teams and divisions into the building over the last few weeks.
Virtual reality and porn have proven once again that technology and sex go hand-in-hand.And GameLink says there is now so much VR porn content out there that users need its service as an aggregation is launching what it claims to be the first VR porn aggregation site to provide users with access to immersive porn on a single site, via video on demand or streaming on its site.Enough studios are now producing VR porn content that the time has come for GameLink to move forward as the first aggregate for consumers desiring the VR experience.This new technology is revolutionizing the entertainment industry, and GameLink is on the forefront once again, said Jeff Dillon, the vice president of business development for eLine management company, whose clients include, in a statement.GameLink has also created a VR Porn 101 guide.Thanks to partnerships with several VR studios, we re offering customers the unique ability to watch a wide range of movies from the top VR producers, added Dillon.GameLink VR will continue to grow and maintain the largest VR porn library available.
Microsoft's Hololens used for jet engine training is demonstrated at the company's Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto on July 11, 2016.Microsoft s HoloLens has been available to developers for some time, but what's less well known is that its augmented reality headset also comes in an 'enterprise edition.'CEO Satya Nadella talked up the HoloLens at Microsoft s Worldwide Partner conference in Toronto Monday, along with an app that Japan Airlines is using to train its engineers."We now have HoloLens available both as a developer edition as well as an enterprise edition," Nadella said.The reference to an enterprise edition caused some confusion initially, as Microsoft watchers speculated that the company had two versions of the product -- one for large businesses and another aimed at individual developers.Nadella was merely referencing an ongoing program intended to make it easier for businesses to try out HoloLens for use in-house.
It s a bit of a mix of Yahoo Pipes R.I.P.and IFTTT for connecting services like Salesforce and Marketo to help automate the sales process in an organization, for example.Today, the company is launching a major update of Flow that will make it easier for businesses to build more powerful integrations.It s worth noting that in the world of enterprise, integration is still a big business, with plenty of development shops doing very little else but helping their customers connect various third-party services.The team argues that it can take a process that often takes weeks and reduce it to a few hours.The company s COO Matthew Bair told me that he believes the time is now ripe for a service like this.
If you're playing "Pokémon GO" you've probably noticed you come across a lot of Pidgeys, Rattata, Weedles, and Caterpie in your quest to become a Pokémon Master.You're also probably tempted to casually toss away some of these common Pokémon to Professor Willow for some sweet, sweet Poké is way cooler than a Pidgey.
Consumers want and expect omnichannel.people at a shopping mallWhile not every business has the resources or data available to embrace the omnichannel approach to marketing, achieving a consistent view of customers across channels and technologies should be at, or near the top of marketer's list of priorities.If the deluge of articles, books, panels, quotes and case studies pushing for omnichannel in recent years aren't enough to convince you, here are 10 essential omnichannel marketing stats every marketer should know.55% of companies have no cross-channel strategy in place The CMO Club .64% of marketers cite lack of resources and investment as their top barrier to omnichannel marketing The CMO Club .
CANNES - When Canada s Toronto Raptors basketball organization wanted to revamp the way it drafts players, it was elementary to turn to IBM.That s because Watson helped the team analyze the social media engagement of potential draftees.Specifically, the Raptors chose IBM iX, a unit that stands for Interactive Experience, has grown from 10 to 30 global studios in the past year and positions itself thusly: We think bigger than an agency and more creatively than a consultancy.According to the company s Global Leader of Strategy & Design, Robert Schwartz, IBM iX sits in the tension zone between the boundless resources available to creative and design professionals and the dizzying pace of competition among enterprise-level marketers.In an interview with Beet.TV at the Cannes advertising festival, he describes its remit as Business design in the broadest context.New models, new products, new ways of expressing them, new ways of building front end access to them.
Personal computer shipments fell again in the second quarter, two prominent research firms found, but the declines were less severe than in other recent periods.International Data Corp. said shipments fell 4.5% for the period ended in June, better than the 7.4% decline it had projected.Gartner Inc. estimated shipments were 5.2% lower than the year-earlier quarter.The PC industry has been struggling with declining demand for several years because of issues that include a shift in consumer spending to smartphones.IDC estimated that shipments in the first quarter had dropped 11.5%, while Gartner put the decline at 9.6% for the period ended in March.There were more positive signs in the second quarter.
CinemaWe are at the peak of wedding wedding song lists, particularly those associated with the"But which songs are most popular?Streaming giant Spotify analyzed 6.7 million wedding-themedThe top spot for "wedding reception" playlists was snagged by
Nintendo Pokemon Go, the smash hit mobile game, may be free to play, but its accessories will cost you.The mobile gaming phenomenon currently sweeping the United States seems to be a perfect app for smartwatches.Because the game has you walk through the real world to catch them all, lots of people think it would be really handy if your
Bray for Netflix Netflix's plan for international domination is in full swing, especially after the company launched in over 130 new countries on a single day this January.But Netflix's results internationally have been mixed.Netflix had good international growth in the first few months of 2016, but Netflix's bad forecast for its Q2
U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew is set to meet with European Union antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager as she prepares to deliver a final verdict on a probe into Apple Inc. s tax affairs in Ireland.The showdown comes days after Vestager s team delivered two draft decisions setting out possible scenarios for how much tax Apple owes in Ireland, according to two people familiar with the case, who asked not to be identified because the matter is private.Lew has contacted Vestager urging her to avoid ordering any collection of back taxes from Apple, according to one of the people.Conflict over trans-Atlantic tax practices escalated in February as Lew complained to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker that U.S. firms are unfair targets of state-aid investigations.The Treasury Secretary s letter came after EU enforcement focused on fiscal pacts Apple, Inc. and McDonald s Corp. have with Ireland and Luxembourg.The companies all say they acted within the law.Vestager has repeatedly denied she s deliberately taking aim at U.S. firms, insisting that probes into tax rulings are part of the watchdog s responsibility to police fair competition within the EU.Clawing back undue advantages -- as was the case when Starbucks Corp. was ordered to pay as much as 30 million euros $33 million in back taxes to the Netherlands -- simply restores equal treatment, she insists.The commission s press office and the Treasury Department didn t comment beyond confirming the Brussels meeting.Apple declined to comment.The EU opened the Apple probe in 2014, and, in preliminary findings, said its tax arrangements were improperly designed to give the company a financial boost in exchange for jobs in Ireland.