While it certainly takes time and money to create compelling and valuable educational content, the return far outweighs any upfront investment.It helps with discovery in the shopping or trialing phase and is so important during the product adoption curve.When you start writing educational content, you simultaneously stop writing self-promotional pieces about your brand.Contrary to popular belief, this is actually a very good thing.Finally, educational content actually enhances the overall perception of your brand s value.Since most people aren t familiar with Himalayan salt lamps and the many advantages they afford, SpiritualQuest frequently posts instructional videos to engage their customers.
We've brought together over 60 marketing experts from around the world to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what's moving the needle today in content marketing.
If you re new to the content marketing game, there are several mistakes you may not even realize you are making that are absolutely crushing your dreams of success.Related Article: 5 Video Marketing Mistakes Businesses Need to Stop MakingThere are millions, if not billions, of other voices clouding the Internet, sharing their opinions through blogs, YouTube, and social media, and simply putting your content out there for the world is not enough; you must master content marketing if you want to stand a chance against your competition.Marketing Content That Is Low QualityYou know the old saying, If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right ?Before you ever consider using email, social media, podcasts or the whole host of other content marketing avenues, make sure that your content is useful to your audience and worth marketing in the first place.
Join us for a free, live webinar and learn how to drive revenue with content marketing.Everybody's talking about Pokémon Go, the free mobile game that allows you to integrate the real world with the virtual one.Originally released July 6, Pokémon Go is already dominating popular culture, media and conversations everywhere.Here are four things online business owners can learn from Pokémon Go.As you walk and move about in the real world, you have opportunities to capture monsters and level up in-game.Many known businesses, such as Wal-Mart, are focusing on their omni-channel strategy.
Of 3,300 content marketing jobs posted on Indeed.com between May 3 and 6, 2016, 51 percent required the candidate to have both technical and creative skills.This includes career levels spanning across positions categorized as intern, junior and senior.The brain of today s content marketer: top 10 skillsThrough keyword analysis, we determined these are the top 10 most desirable skills for content marketers to possess:Are hiring managers expecting content marketers to be superhumans?It could be argued it takes three separate full-time jobs or a whole team of people to successfully run a content marketing operation.
Rahul Sandil, a former Xbox manager who led community relations for the canceled Project Spark, has taken a job as the vice president of global marketing for the HTC Vive content store.Based on his new LinkedIn page, that means he ll run a team of marketers who are responsible for building the content for the Vive virtual reality headset.He ll recruit VR content developers to the platform.The Vive is a high-end, PC-based VR system that aims to kickstart VR, which could be a $30 billion market by 2020, according to tech advisory firm Digi-Capital.The Vive and its rivals Oculus Rift still need a breakout hit on the level of Pokémon Go, which has done wonders for the cause of VR s cousin, augmented reality.Sandil has served as an investor at Reloaded Holdings, marketer at Amazon Video Direct, and head of customer acquisition and engagement at Microsoft s Xbox team, including its Project Spark virtual world.He also ran marketing at Reloaded Games.
Thousands of businesses in fact have created proprietary tools to help their customers streamline and simplify the process of marketing and selling their own products.Unfortunately, the result is a watered-down marketplace where businesses like yours are forced to vet any tool before deciding to adopt it.Unomy can be used to identify new prospects, build targeted prospect lists, prioritize leads and opportunities and glean insights about potential partner companies.In our age of social media, when millions of messages are being sent out into cyberspace each day, it s more important than ever that businesses have a proper method in place for listening to what people are saying about them.Billed as a sales tool for startups, GrowthList is actually helpful for small and mid-level businesses, as well.It features a comprehensive database of more than 5,000 B2B tech companies that are currently in growth mode, along with pertinent details about them.
The marketing materials that you create for your business -- be they blog posts, podcasts or videos -- are vital to attracting and engaging customers.On this episode of theREI360show, Chris Haddon and Jason Balin, co-founders of Columbia, M.D.-based lending and real estate companies Hard Money Bankers and REI 360, discuss four laws of creating and distributing content.From providing value to your audience to being consistent, content marketing requires strategy.At the same time, however, content marketing is most effective when you "be yourself," the co-founders explain.Click play to learn the four laws -- and how abiding by them can boost your business.Watch more videos from the folks at REI 360 on their YouTube channel here.
This client was just beginning to role out Kapost and content marketing in general and wanted to avoid common mistakes.There s a lot to consider when building your content operation: new organizational structures, the intersection between technology and marketing, new skills, scaling across an enterprise.Getting humans to alter their behavior is difficult on a personal and enterprise level.All innovations in the workplace are usually met with resistance.An executive mandate is one of Kapost s leading success indicators.Your team needs to hear your expectations and aspirations from your mouth.
Join us for a free, live webinar and learn how to drive revenue with content marketing.Tune in 8/4 at 10:30 a.m. PT.The rescue was so badly botched, that in the end, 11 more people had to be pulled from the freezing water.You're just a few moments from going under, but there's hope.All you have to do is get a solid online marketing campaign up and your business will be saved, right?Online marketing certainly has the potential to save your company, but if you invest in the wrong channel, your marketing spend will be less like a life jacket and more like a cannon on your bootstraps.
The idea is that content creators keep churning out more and more content, but readers have the same limited time and attention to consume it.As with marketing content, each game is competing for the same limited amount of audience attention.That s the value added to the company s stock after one week of Pokémon Go.So what are people actually saying when we hear, I want content?Here are a few possibilities:His how-to guides go deep into every aspect of the topic he s tackling, with visual aids and examples galore.
After working with 12 different companies over the last 3 months, we ve found that almost all of the companies we ve worked with didn t have a clear understanding of their customer before conducting customer research.One company thought they were targeting startups and enterprise companies, and after conducting user research, they realized that startups were actually horrible customers for their product.Another company realized that they had no clear competitive advantage and they completely shifted their positioning in a new direction and might even create a new product to go after their new found opportunity .We ve found that user research has been the missing link for many of these companies to dramatically improve their marketing, and not just content marketing, but marketing as a whole.In this post, I show you what you can learn from a simple survey to your customer base.I m going to share the questions we asked our customers, share what we wanted to learn from each question, and then share what did learn through our customer s answers.
Most company leaders and marketers know they need to be doing content marketing, and many have gone so far as to create and implement a strategy.There are several essential metrics that provide insight into content marketing efforts, what is working, what isn t working, and where there are gaps.Google Analytics is a simple tracking tool to set up and provides a lot of functionality and information.This report is under Behavior Site Content All Pages.If you have a mature blogging strategy 5 years , blogs will likely be the next most visited pages.This is a great spot to see how content performs over a specific time frame weeks, months or even years .
I am an in-house marketer for a small-medium professional services brand that is big on content marketing.We've been approached by marketing agencies and national news corporations to partner with them to unlock and reach more targeted audiences with our Facebook ads - something we can't do ourselves as we are not Facebook partners.Can anyone tell me how a small - medium sized services business might become a Facebook partner themselves?Is it just about spending a lot of money on ads and proving success even though we don't have full access like the agencies and news corporations do?
You ve already gotten your prospects aware of your product and committed to a free trial.Now it should just be a matter of time before they become paying customers, right?Unfortunately, it s not always that easy to get trial users to convert to premium subscribers, even when they ve been able to gain some hands-on experience with your product.Luckily, hope is not lost when it comes to getting your SaaS leads to take that leap into the premium version of your product.Oftentimes, customers require one final push to overcome that last lingering bit of buyer hesitation, and in fact, some of the most useful strategies to use in this regard are actually the same content marketing tools you employed to get your prospects to engage in the free trial to begin with.Because SaaS products and their respective companies are fueled by the knowledge and information they provide, content marketing is essential to continue guiding customers toward becoming the promoters of your business that you crave.
My heart plunged to the wheels of my desk chair.The project manager and I were buddies.Icy tendrils of panic crawled up the back of my neck.After frantically searching the most brutal corners of my memory, I slowly came to accept that there was no big gaffe that caused this.I d worked hard, I d hit my deadlines, I d been a team player.They had a Customer Happiness team, a whole squad of people schooled in Content Marketing 101, and they d been cranking out their own copy before I was even thought of.
Join us for a free, live webinar and learn how to drive revenue with content marketing.In fact, 55 percent of B2B marketers don t have a clear picture of what content marketing success looks like in their organization.It s about creating awareness, offering value and building relationships to drive behaviors that produce ROI.I know firsthand that content marketing is a bit messy to measure.Focus on your defined audience s .So a big aspect of defining success is understanding how well you re speaking to this core group.
You can t go anywhere online without touching at least some aspect of it.Assuming you re a part of this percentage, it s important that we examine content marketing s role in the buyer s journey, so you can get a better idea of how to develop a strategy that s conducive to high conversions.By one definition, Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience -- and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.While different marketers have their own detailed versions of the buyer s journey, the most commonly used one includes three basic stages: Discovery, Consideration and Decision.This is when the buyer recognizes they have an issue or pain point that needs to be solved and they begin to search for a solution.This is when the buyer explores different solutions and hones in on the one that they feel best solves their pain point.
Difficulties include long sales cycles, complex products and services and multiple influencers and decision makers.How can B2B marketers best use Google Analytics to improve website performance and marketing results?In this article I offer several get-started tips to help digital marketers analyze website traffic, engagement and conversion — by channel.Since content is marketed via a number of channels, gaining insights on how each digital channel performs is essential to analyze where content marketing is suffering and where strategies need to be revisited and improved.Marketers should analyze and compare engagement metrics for each channel, including: Bounce rate, Pages/Session and Time on Site.This report shows number of sessions and page views by session duration.
In other words, should you be spending the bulk of your time building or promoting?When it comes to splitting your time, expert marketer and blogger Derek Halpern recommends applying the popular 80/20 principle to content marketing — spending only 20 percent of your time on creating and 80 percent on promoting:If you spend time writing a piece of content, and that content only gets 1,000 readers, chances are there are one million other people in the world who can benefit from what you wrote.Mark goes on to say that, instead, you should spend time creating quality content to engage your loyal return readers as they are the only people who will create long-term business value for you:What makes a reader love your stuff enough to want to return again and again?When we publish any content, there is a lot we do to distribute and promote it, from sending it to our newsletter subscribers, sharing on social media, pitching to influencers, and even spending a bit of money on ads depending on the purpose of the content .