the Chair getting up is good for your health, says exercise science Arto pesola's dissertation research.Last week Friday at the university of Jyväskylä väitellyn according to the study, it is particularly profitable to rise from a chair up, because often also actively exercise enthusiasts people sit most of the day."the Smallest muscle activity has been proposed to prevent adverse health effects, with long-term passivity of the cause.a Brisk increased exercise to everyday life can be tricky, but already standing triple muscle activity for sitting compared to", Pesola said the university's website.the Study involved office workers the muscles were examined at the beginning of the passive on the job nearly 80% and free-time more than 60%.the Study utilized the individual counseling helped to decrease the muscular inactivity per day of 37 minutes and a long passive period of the duration also became shorter.
This scenario is more common on college campuses than we d like to believe, said the app s co-founder, Nancy Glass.Glass, who is a professor and associate dean for research at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing in the U.S., founded the app after 20 years of witnessing women navigate complex, potentially fatal, safety decisions with minimal formal help.It was developed in partnership with the One Love Foundation, an organization that aims to eradicate relationship violence.According to the United Nations, at least one in three women will experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, mostly by an intimate partner.Since launching at the start of 2014 in partnership with the One Love Foundation, My Plan has been downloaded nearly 15,000 times via iTunes and Android platforms – with nearly 6,000 of those happening in the first few months of 2016.We are interested in speaking to development organisations in diverse settings in low and middle income areas around the world to grow this, says Glass.
University of Helsinki, National Consumer Research Centre has published a report on measures taken to prevent over-indebtedness, the Government informed on Friday. Debt problems have not been able either to solve in time. In municipalities, especially between economic and debt counseling and social services is proposed to create operating models for clients solve debt problems. According to the report should also set a target that will help customers as well as debt-issues and other problems of life as a whole. This would require that municipalities, companies and debt collection practices to help actors develop the payment problems. to assist over-indebted, it is important to invest in the debt restructuring support, and monitoring, as well as to increase the incentive payment schemes, the report said.
Portraying mental health and psychology from a critical perspective in video games isn t very common.Thermo-Dynamic Games is an indie studio working on Echoes, a game dealing with the journey through counseling and overcoming mental issues.According to the developer players will have to overcome challenging and alien sections of the environment in order to progress and discover the story behind it all.The further you progress the more challenging it gets, and the player is supposed to be charmed by the game s initial moments.It seems that the game takes visual inspiration from some of the more stylized games of recent years.Anyone looking to try the game before its official release can look into Itch s Refinery program where the game will be found presumably soon as it moves towards the release date.
Utah Senator Todd Weiler has proposed a bill to rid the state of porn by adding Internet filters and anti-porn software on all cell phones and requiring citizens to opt-in before viewing porn online.However, it looks like England s Internet porn laws have backfired, with some programs blocking rape crisis centers, sex-ed sites for children and sites actually offering help to people with a porn addiction.The Chinese government has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into censorship and have failed at restricting what their people can see.The state also seems hyper-focused on pornography, compared to other states, with advertisements and groups taking up arms against porn.Billboards offering help and counseling to those with a porn addiction line the major metro areas along the freeway from Ogden to Provo.Kids will find things you don t want them to — both online and off.
This one s a bit complicated, with organizations releasing sniping press releases and op-eds trying to discredit one another over mammogram screening guidelines.In what turned out to be a highly contentious move, earlier this year the US Preventive Services Task Force UPSTF issued a new set of recommendations.For those with a family history of breast, ovarian, tubal, or peritoneal cancer, the USPSTF recommends genetic counseling and, if desired, BRCA testing after the age of consent 18 years .The American College of Physicians ACP examined the current medical research on routine pelvic exams and concluded there is limited benefit to routine annual exams for asymptomatic, non pregnant women.In 2012, a co-screening blood test for the human papilloma virus itself, the cause of nearly 90% of cases of cervical cancer, was incorporated into the guidelines.The bone density test is an x-ray, typically of your hip and spine.
Romulus Capital has raised its third—and largest—fund to back early-stage startups, many sourced in labs at MIT, the alma mater of the firm s two young General Partners, Neil Chheda and Krishna K. Gupta.The duo closed their newest fund, Romulus Capital III LP, at $75 million.Originally, Romulus Capital wanted to support great technical entrepreneurs they met on campus who would likely, after graduation, abandon their very early-stage startups for day jobs in finance or consulting, Gupta said.The investors youth was seen as a sign of inexperience to some potential limited partners in their fund s earlier days, Gupta and Chheda said.It has also seen one company deadpool, however– Beacon, the all-you-can-fly travel startup, which closed shop in spring this year after raising a tranched Series A round from Romulus and others.The Romulus portfolio also includes: ClassPass, which lets customers book and take classes at any listed gym or fitness studio for a flat monthly rate; Placester which provides site creation and other tools to help real estate agents do business online; E la Carte, a maker of tablets for restaurant tables that allow patrons to pay without waiting on a check; and an app that tracks a user s mental health then alerts and helps them when they need counseling.
Photo: Henrik Kärkkäinen Competition and Consumer Protection Office, Microsoft's responsibility to figure out wrong in past Windows 10 updates. KKV is putting the matter before, and intends to contact Microsoft. Competition and Consumer Protection Office and consumer counseling is still unclear how the situation should advise consumers, and what is Microsoft's responsibility. - This responsibility is still difficult to take a position until further data become available from Microsoft. Most of the complaints related to the fact that the updates are beginning to many by surprise. - They have little time to inform the consumer of this fact, says Väänänen.
When opening up to someone in person about mental health issues is tough, one alternative is to use Crisis Text Line, a 24-hour counseling service based around texting.According to Mashable, these initial texts follow an algorithmic design that s similar to hospital care: the people with the most urgent needs are seen first.The goal of the Crisis Counselor is to move people from a hot moment like wanting to inflict harm onto themselves or others to a cool moment, keeping them safe and healthy.The free texts to Crisis Text Line will not show up on phone bills if they re associated with the major U.S. carriers Sprint, AT, Verizon, T-Mobile .While Crisis Text Line is a legitimate way to seek help, they stress that they are not a replacement for long-term counseling, in-person therapy, or a friend.You can find more information on their FAQ page here.
Press Fintech company Retire launches its service that allows users to switch funds in a retirement - but to call someone or send in paper. The old process where the user must fill out paper forms and send in the mail has been, understandably, create some obstacles for people who want to make changes to their retirement savings. Now the service is ready and launched the website and iOS app. The idea is to expose the high fees like big pension charge of savers. Around 23 percent of all testing to analyze their savings with us choose to become paying customers. Instead, the company charges a monthly fee of SEK 150 per saver - or SEK 299 for the premium version available for those who still want to have a meeting with an officer as additional counseling.
But past studies have indicated they d be less likely to drop out of school if they receive appropriate counseling once they start experiencing academic problems.The researchers conducted three double-blind randomized experiments to test the effects of internet-based interventions for students who come from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds.The growth-mindset intervention presented students with the idea that most skills can be developed through dedication and hard work.Participants came from a wide range of educational settings, including high school seniors exiting high-performing charter schools and first year students in at colleges with a wide range of selectivity.If colleges and universities are able to help students from these backgrounds stay in school and find more academic success, then those students are more likely to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families.Early interventions rather than waiting until after students are already struggling , especially those centered on social belonging, appear to be particularly effective.
Over the last couple months, my co-workers and I have been up to something that leverages a bot and have had many conversations with bot makers on this exact topic.So, here are seven business models that I expect bot makers to have the ability to leverage and redefine in the coming months.B2B Bots that help people and teams be more productive, manage tasks or tackle communications challenges will replicate business models being used by existing B2B software.I m willing to bet that for B2B bots, the SaaS model is going to be the business model that floats to the top.While the bot will tell you that swapping Cumin for Coriander is okay in a certain recipe through its native function — it will also send you an article that talks about 5 Sriracha Infused Recipes That Will Leave Your Guests In Awe.Rather than using an expensive research firm or inaccurate focus group, you can run a research campaign with DisOrDatBot and ask users in your city whether they prefer Radiohead or Nickelback.Slack Bots that don t have a Q focus could also leverage this model.Acquire targeted leads.For example, you could talk to the Oprah Bot if you needed life advice, the Mechanic Bot  for information on your car or the Marriage Bot  if you want anonymous marriage counseling.Marriage counselors can charge anywhere from $75 to $200 or more per hour depending on where you live, the experience of the therapist, and the type of setting can all play a factor in how much counseling costs.You need to create an experience that saves time and has a meaningful impact on lives and business.During an interview with Harry Stebbings of 20 Minute VC, Sam Lessin, Founder @ Fin and Partner @ Slow Ventures explains that business models for bots are yet to be determined and I couldn t agree more.It s going to be an interesting next couple years and I m excited to see what founders myself included come up with for the business model for bots.
Here's how to use the deduction - and here are the companies that can help you. The question to supplement RUT deduction of IT services in the home is not new. The proposal was renewed in the fall - as part of a migration policy agreement among six of the eight parliamentary parties. To some extent, easier troubleshooting, tutoring and counseling. First and foremost, the work, just as with other Ruth services, be in their own home, or a home you own or your parents' home. Too advanced customization of computer hardware and software, such as programming, also falls outside its scope.
Click to Open Overlay GalleryNancy Lublin, center, the founder of the Crisis Text Line.Crisis Text Line, a nonprofit that offers free, 24/7 text-message counseling for people in need, is getting millions from some of tech s most recognizable names.On stage at the WIRED Business Conference in New York, founder and CEO Nancy Lublin said the company raised nearly $24 million.LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman led the funding, with additional participation from tech philanthropists Melinda Gates and Pierre Omidyar, as well as former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.Of course, these investors aren t looking for an exit in the conventional sense.Right now more than 1,500 volunteer crisis counselors man the lines for Crisis Text Line; over the next couple of years, it s seeking to expand to more than 4,000.
Shutterstock When counselors are helping someone in the midst of an emotional crisis, they must not only know how to talk - they also must be willing to text.Crisis Text Line, a non-profit text-message-based counseling service, operates a hotline for people who find it safer or easier to text about their problems than make a phone call or send an instant message.Over 1,500 volunteers are on hand 24/7 to lend support about problems including bullying, isolation, suicidal thoughts, bereavement, self-harm, or even just stress.But in addition to providing a new outlet for those who prefer to communicate by text, the service is gathering a wellspring of anonymized data.Shripriya Mahesh, a partner at the philanthropic investment firm Omidyar Network which was started by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar , says the firm has given the service two grants.Last week, Crisis Text Line received $23.8 million in grants from a squadron of Silicon Valley investors, including Melinda Gates, Steve Ballmer of Microsoft fame, and many more.More from Tech Insider:Sunday's 'Game of Thrones' director was thinking 'just don't f--- it up' while filming the show's biggest episode yetThese 6 innovative thermoses put ordinary coffee mugs to shameHere are 5 solar powered items you need this summerTeens are getting almost all of their news from Snapchat and Twitter these daysApple's design guru wants an iPhone that looks like 'a single sheet of glass' AAPL NOW WATCH: A psychologist reveals the easiest ways to get out of a funkLoading video...
While the company already offered a few programming courses, they were typically geared toward students with at least some rudimentary programming experience.Starting today, the Google Android Basics Nanodegree class is available on the online learning platform Udacity.Google, in partnership with Udacity, is making Android development accessible and understandable to everyone, so that regardless of your background, you can learn to build apps that improve the lives of people around you, Shanea King-Roberson, program manager at Google, said in a blog post.The course requires 165 hours, or about 4 hours a day for 42 days, to be completed.Udacity also provides paid services, including access to coaches, guidance on your project, help for staying on track, career counseling, and a certificate upon completion.Since there are over 1 billion Android devices worldwide, the demand for basic apps to learn how to code in Android could rapidly increase.
This week, the US patent office issued 6,513 patents.Some of the most stressful and life changing decisions that we need to make are related to our careers.Accordingly, a LinkedIn user may identify a goal position such as a job that the user wishes to have at some future time, or a desired college degree.Based on this, LinkedIn will automatically identify role models who have held or currently hold the goal career position.Such trends include job titles, college degrees, skill sets, volunteer efforts, a ranking of companies that employ these role models, a ranking of colleges that have granted degrees these role models, a fraction of the role models that have published within a recent time frame, and a fraction of the role models that have filed patent application within a recent time.If 40 percent of the computer-selected role models moved from Programmer to Senior Programmer, 30 percent of the computer-selected role models moved from Programmer to Project Manager, 20 percent of the computer-selected role models moved from Programmer to Engineer, and 10 percent of the computer-selected role models moved from Programmer to other jobs, then LinkedIn determines that Senior Programmer is the next career position to be recommended to the user.
Our world is crumbling, and thanks to the miracle of technology, we now face infinite exposure to just how bad it is.Even if you don t read much news, there are enough people ingesting and regurgitating it back to you—via hot takes on social media or dumb shit people say to you at work or the bar—that you re probably aware of some of the many, many reasons the earth is currently burning.The world, arguably, is slowly becoming a better place as time passes.But things feel particularly bad right now—mass shootings, the rise of Trump, police brutality and that s just the US —because it is the present, and things tend to hurt most when they re happening.It s certainly harder for those directly affected by theses tragedies to cope with the news, but if years of psychological counseling and psychiatry have taught me anything it s that we all need coping mechanisms.It feels good, doesn t it?
A Princess from Zimbabwe with a large inheritance wants to run away with James Veitch to get away from her wicked uncle because life is a fairy tale.Veitch offers some wise counseling to try and patch things up within the family regardless of his love for her.Subscribe to Mashable's YouTube for new episodes of Scamalot every Friday.You can also catch up on the first season here:'t get enough of James Veitch's antics?Follow him on Twitter: @veitchtweets or find him on Facebook:
the New agreement with Max Matthiessen paves the way for continued growth.Consector is a intermediaries that provide personal counseling to facilitate individuals to find the best loan for both mortgages personal loans and credit cards.almost a year ago took Consector capital, from venture capital firm Aggregrate Media, among other things, to be used for marketing purposes.Riskkapitalbolagets shares and was up by Verdane Capital in January of this year.Now the switch låneförmedlaren up again and starts a new cooperation with intermediaries are Max Matthiessen."the Cooperation means that we can broaden our customer base and offer our products and services to the Max Mathiessens customers", says Pontus Holgersson, managing director and founder of the Consector and continues: