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Since the third national lockdown began to take effect in mid-January, Covid cases have been in decline across all regions of England – until now. Infections are by no means skyrocketing but the steady decrease has flattened out and it’s almost certain they will soon rise given Boris Johnson’s gradual loosening of restrictions and the reopening of society.Six of the nine regions are recording low rates last seen in September. But one region, Yorkshire and the Humber, has seen its rate rise slightly over the past fortnight.Where are we at right now?The average rate of infection nationally as of March 21 was 55.6 cases per 100,000 people – and it has been hovering around that figure for the last few days.Prior to that there had been a drastic decrease since earlier in the year when the figure was almost ten times that. Public health expert and member of Independent Sage, Dr Gabriel Scally, told HuffPost UK: “What happened on previous occasions was it went down and it kept going down, but on this occasion it’s levelled off at a certain level of circulation and that’s across the whole population.” Here are the 10 places in England with the highest case numbers.Barnsley 184.7 cases per 100,000 peopleNorth Lincolnshire 159.6Kingston upon Hull 150.5Doncaster 142.7Rotherham 140.9Bradford 140.2Wakefield 134.4Leicester 194.2 Luton 129.5Sheffield 124.1What’s caused cases to level off?According to Dr Scally, a number of different factors are at play.“The lockdown isn’t anywhere near as severe as it was in the past,” he said. “And you can see that in mobility, there’s a lot more traffic on the roads and [more] people moving around and working than last year.“And we do know there are some people who have just given up and are doing things they shouldn’t be.“Then there’s the difference between the variants that we have now, the Kent variant, and the variants that dominated previously. It’s much more infectious.”On top of this, England has begun to ease restrictions already, with schools reopening earlier this month. On March 29 two households or up to six people will be allowed to meet outdoors, while outdoor sport and leisure facilities will restart and the “stay at home” rule will officially end.These are the places in Britain with the lowest rates of coronavirus as of March 21, the latest figures available from NHS Digital.Isle of Wight 9.9 cases per 100,000 peopleDevon 14.3City of London 16.8Cornwall and Isle of Scilly 17.3Gloucestershire 19.2Camden 20.7Croydon 21.2Bath and North Somerset 21.7East Sussex 22.1Cumbria 22.2Bournemouth 22.3Southwark 22.6Haringey 22.7Bromley  23.2Barnet 23.2Are cases low enough to reopen?Possibly not, but this also has to be balanced against the economic and health effects of lockdown.Dr Kit Yates, mathematical biologist at the University of Bath, told HuffPost earlier this month: “In terms of having everything opened up and being able to keep on top of cases using Test and Trace, we need to be down to 10 cases per 100,000 people per week.” “That’s where we need to be if we want to stamp down on outbreaks.”What will happen next?Almost certainly a rise in cases.Earlier this week, England’s chief medical officer professor Chris Whitty said another surge in coronavirus cases is inevitable, adding there would be “bumps and twists on the road”, possibly including the emergence of new variants and shortages in vaccine supplies.He said: “The path from here on in does look better than the last year but there are going to be lots of bumps and twists.“There will definitely be another surge at some point, whether it’s before winter or in the next winter, we don’t know.“Variants are going to cause problems, there will be stock-outs of vaccines and no doubt there will be multiple problems at a national level but also at a local level – school outbreaks, prison outbreaks, all the things that people are dealing with on a daily basis.”Yet despite the easing of restrictions, the government doesn’t appear to have many mitigation strategies in place to cope with the expected rise in cases.Dr Scally said: “If we relax things there don’t seem to be any preventative measures in place to keep things under control, apart from vaccination which will of course make a big difference.“Independent Sage have been saying since last spring that we need a real series of things, like improving ventilation in classrooms, taking on extra space for schools so they can spread out, and none of this has happened.Won’t the vaccines mitigate the worst of it?Vaccines will have a huge positive effect on the Covid situation across the country and while cases have flattened, the death rate continues to falls as the most vulnerable become protected.But there’s another danger – mutations.Viruses are live organisms and as such have the main principal drive that we humans do – to survive. Variations occur all the time and the ones that thrive are those that are more infectious and less deadly as they survive in the bodies of more and more people.There are two major factors that increase the likelihood of a virus mutating. First is how much there is circulating in the population. The more virus about, the more chance some of it will mutate.The second can be thought of as barriers to infecting people, which place more pressure on the virus to adapt to survive.Unfortunately, vaccination can act as such a barrier so even if the most vulnerable are vaccinated, there’s a chance a dangerous mutation could occur if there are high levels of transmission among younger, unvaccinated people.Dr Scally said: “The big concern is we have a lot of virus replicating and it doesn’t really matter whether it’s in children, young adults or older people, the more it replicates, the more it mutates and the bigger risk we have of the more difficult ones taking hold and maybe even generating a Kent MKII version.“It’s really bad news for us.”How can we stop this?One option is to continue lockdown but this is politically unviable and would do further damage to the health and finances of the nation.According to Dr Scally, another option is to change the vaccine strategy: “They should start thinking about how they’re going to start using the vaccine and use it strategically for groups that are high-risk and at risk of spreading it a lot.“Teachers and school staff, transport workers and people working in food service should be vaccinated.”Related...Cabinet Office To Probe Contract With Deloitte To Draft Ministers' Answers On Test And TraceMatt Hancock Says Government 'Hit The Ball Out The Park' With Covid ResponseYou Could Soon Be Testing Yourself For Covid Twice A WeekQuarantine For UK Holidaymakers 'Should Carry On After Lockdown'
You’re reading The Waugh Zone, our daily politics briefing. Sign up now to get it by email in the evening.It was exactly 12 months since Boris Johnson made a televised address to the nation, declaring “this evening, I must give the British people a very simple instruction – you must stay at home”. No.10 had urged us journalists to stop using the word “lockdown”, but here it was made real. Just days before his sombre message, the PM famously joked about shaking hands in Covid hospitals and “squashing the sombrero”.And one year on, as he marked that anniversary, his political modus operandi really hadn’t changed much: the crunching gear changes between light and dark, the hint of impatience with the same old questions, the short attention span and the determination to look onward and upward. If anything, the briefly sombre tone he struck on Tuesday felt even more perfunctory than usual.One minute he was talking about the last 12 months being “an epic of endurance”, as if Covid were a technicolour feature film. The next he was talking about “children’s birthday parties cancelled”, and the next still he was lamenting the losses of loved ones who couldn’t even have their family beside them as they died.A new announcement was that “at the right moment” the government would build a permanent memorial to those who had died (something this column has called for). Yet before long he was back on the upbeat curve of vaccine success and “jab by jab” the nation getting back its freedoms. Maybe he felt he had done all the death stuff at the start of the year, when marking another milestone: the 100,000 death toll for the UK. To be fair, at least tonight the PM notably didn’t repeat his highly dubious claim in January that “we did everything we could” to minimise the loss of life. He also didn’t repeat his claim from the first wave that he had taken the “right decisions at the right time”. Instead, he said “there are probably many things that we wish that we’d known and many things that we wish we’d done differently at the time, in retrospect”.What exactly those things were, he wasn’t yet ready to tell us (“tell it to the judge” I hear you yell at the back). But when asked directly if he had been too slow to lockdown not once but three times, he replied: “These are very hard decisions and there are no good outcomes either way.” That sounded very much like him trying to give a parity of esteem to both health and the economy, though history may judge he made things worse for both by dithering on tough lockdowns in spring, autumn and winter.Far from being a new opportunity to atone for any errors, the press conference even turned at one point into a mini Tory broadcast for the local elections, with Johnson attacking the Labour Mayor of London and the Labour-run Croydon council. When asked about his own father benefitting from travel exemptions for owners of holiday second homes, a grin flickered across his face as he signally failed to remember what the exact question was.Once the questions were over, the PM couldn’t wait to get away from the podium sharpish, uttering a curt “thank you very much!” before he turned heel and left. Having effectively rung in his performance, at times sounding on the edge of boredom, he was off. Perhaps it was the prospect of a more fun time at the 1922 committee of Tory backbenchers that really appealed.And indeed at that meeting, the jokes were let off the leash. He said the vaccine success was “driven by big pharma – and I don’t just mean the Chief Whip” [a reference to Mark Spencer being, yes, a big farmer]. He even ventured that the vaccine triumph was “because of capitalism, because of greed, my friends”.Of course, that narrative doesn’t fit with AstraZeneca selling the drug at cost price, nor Oxford University virologists’ genius, nor even the government’s own interventionist bioscience strategy. All of which the PM mentioned, but he just couldn’t resist the desire to get an end-of-term laugh (MPs rise for the Easter break this week). Johnson’s critics would argue he knows more than most prime ministers about greed. In fact he often appears like a walking embodiment of the seven deadly sins (Lust? Tick! Gluttony? Tick! Sloth? Big tick!...you get the point) Johnson instantly tried to retract his remarks and tell MPs to ignore them. Yet perhaps nervous of some MPs voting against his cautious route out of this lockdown, he had clearly wanted to tickle the troops, while reassuring them his roadmap would not be delayed further by the threat of rising cases in Europe. In jovio veritas, you could call it. He had warned the cabinet last week against believing in a vaccine bounce, yet here he was himself boinging like Zebedee.Perhaps the most interesting bit of the press conference itself was when Johnson said his “biggest priority” was repaying the sacrifices of the younger generation (pupils and students). He could have widened that to include new ONS stats showing under-35s accounted for 88% of the jobs lost in the past year.But it was notable that it was not the politician in the room but the medic who mentioned the pandemic’s impact on poverty, wealth and health. Whitty, not Johnson, who said Covid had pushed people on the borderline of deprivation into actual poverty, while also shining a light on existing health inequalities based on income. That tallied with a British Academy report warning of a “long shadow” cast by Covid on future inequality, yet the PM had nothing to say on Whitty’s analysis at all. Maybe greed isn’t good after all?At 8pm, a candle was placed on the No.10 doorstep and earlier at noon Johnson stood for a minute’s silence in the cabinet room (snapped by his personal photographer). Maybe in private, away from any cameras, he really does think about the errors he made. At an emotional press conference after the Chilcot Report, I remember Tony Blair saying: “I express more sorrow, regret and apology than you can ever know or believe”.Right now, for a variety of reasons, it’s difficult to see Johnson ever saying something similar. With the “vaccine bounce” having more “cut-through” even than Brexit itself (according to internal Tory polling), he may just want to look forward to Easter, not back over the past 12 months. That memorial to the dead will have to wait for “the right moment” and so will the public inquiry.Still, it’s worth recalling that a year ago in that first lockdown press conference, he predicted: “The people of this country will rise to that challenge – and we will come through it stronger than ever”. We may be more resilient thanks to scientific progress, but try telling those bereaved this past year that we are somehow “stronger” as a nation in the wake of 126,000 deaths.Related...Boris Johnson Branded 'Obnoxious' For Claiming 'Greed' Fuelled Vaccine SuccessQuarantine For UK Holidaymakers 'Should Carry On After Lockdown'Matt Hancock Says Government 'Hit The Ball Out The Park' With Covid Response
A block of council flats in south London that is covered in thick layers of black mould, suffers from severe damp and has constantly leaking ceilings have been branded “unlivable” by experts.ITV News on Monday exposed the “dangerous squalor” that families living in the Regina Road tower block in South Norwood are forced to put up with.The conditions, in an 11-storey building owned by Croydon Council, have been described by the chief executive of housing charity Shelter and the former head of the Health and Safety Executive as the worst they have ever seen.  Fransoy Hewitt lives on the ground floor of the block with her two young sons. The floors of their flat are soaking wet, and black mould has enveloped the kitchen, making it unusable. The fridge has been unplugged for three months to to avoid being electrocuted. The only undamaged room is the small bedroom, where the family now cooks, eats and sleeps.Fransoy, who says she first noticed damp and mould 18 months ago and has contacted the council at least 20 times, says the way she has been treated “makes me feel like I am not even human”. Because of the mould, she he gets constant headaches and her youngest son struggles to breathe at night. She told ITV News: “I’m not coping. There is only so much I can get angry about and pull my hair out – I just feel like I’m going to kill myself if I continue like that.” Leroy McNally, who lives a floor above, is faced with similarly distressing conditions. The mould on his walls and ceilings is so thick it has the appearance of fire damage. Despite four buckets in his living room to collect the water dripping from above, the leaks are still uncontrollable. “Every night I go to bed at twelve, and I wake up at 6am to empty the buckets,” Leroy told ITV News.  Leroy says he’s called Croydon Council at least 10 times since September. Repair teams have been in to look at the flat, but repairs have not been made.   ITV News says it spoke to several residents in the building experiencing the same problems.Jeff Charlton, an independent environmental hygienist with more than 30 years experience, carried out a professional assessment of Fransoy’s flat.He told ITV News: “This is the kind of property I would expect to see in a run-down area in the 1970s. It’s hard to believe this is Britain in 2021.”Dame Judith Hackitt, former chair of the Health and Safety Executive, who led the government’s independent inquiry into building safety following the Grenfell Tower fire, said: “When I talked to residents in the wake of Grenfell, when I talked to residents in other tower blocks as part of my review, one of the common complaints from residents was ’nobody listens to us – we express our concerns and nobody acts on it’.“That, I’m afraid, is typical. That is one of the fundamental cultural issues we’ve got to get over – where someone actually feels responsible and takes responsibility for fixing things.” Leaking ceilings, black mould, risks of electrocution: our investigation found what experts call the worst housing conditions they’ve ever seen.No one should have to live like this, but in a tower block run by Croydon Council, people have been for months pic.twitter.com/8ie5WKGp6Y— Daniel Hewitt (@DanielHewittITV) March 22, 2021Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, said: “This is really bad. It’s definitely the worst I’ve seen, just in terms of the sheer unlivability of it. I mean, there really isn’t any possible way, that those properties are fit for human habitation.“Can you even imagine having to live like that...in lockdown? There’s absolutely no excuse for it at all.”In a statement, Croydon Council said: “We were very concerned to learn of these issues at these properties, and the photographs we have seen show conditions that are clearly not acceptable.“Although we have fixed leaks and electrical issues as recently as February at these properties and have had no complaints since, things have clearly got worse for these residents and we are taking immediate action to put things right.“We are sorry that these residents have not had the level of care for their homes that they rightly expect, and we will be looking into what has happened as a matter of urgency.” Related...Government Defeated Again Over Cladding Scandal In Lords VoteGovernment Survives Tory Rebellion Over Genocide Trade Deal LawBoris Johnson Will Join Minute’s Silence For Lockdown Anniversary Privately
The chair of controversial church SPAC Nation has been hit with fraud allegations arising from his time with a previous church, HuffPost UK can reveal.Adedapo “Dapo” Adegboyega, 43, is accused of conning a congregation member at the London branch of World Evangelism Bible Church (WEBIC) into taking out a £100,000 mortgage loan to buy a building that never materialised.Dapo was a head coordinator and resident pastor at the church’s now-defunct London branch between 2012 and 2017 before moving on to join SPAC Nation, which has recently come under fire for alleged financial exploitation and safeguarding abuses that took place within its ranks. The pastor allegedly promised to pay the church member back within a month but failed to do so, leaving her lumbered with debt to this day. With added interest of £90,000, the debt rose to nearly twice its original amount.Sheila Daniel, now a respiratory nurse working on the Covid-19 front line, has appealed to her one-time spiritual leader to take responsibility for the debt that has “ruined her life”.She told HuffPost UK: “My trust has been broken. I trusted this man. When you believe in your pastor, you think they are human – you think that they fear God [...] not knowing that they are demons.“The emotional and psychological stress of this entire ordeal has been so difficult. I cannot fully describe it. I never expected this, what they’re doing to me. This is £200,000 – where do they expect me to find the money to pay for this?Daniel began attending WEBIC in 2008 – a year after arriving in the UK from Nigeria, via Italy. She eventually became an assistant pastor. She told HuffPost UK that before coming to London, she had sold an Italian farmhouse for £110,000 and used the money to buy outright a two-bed flat in south London. She says Dapo had assisted her with this purchase by introducing her to a church member who helped her pick the property.Then one day, Daniel said, Dapo verbally asked for her assistance in securing a £10,000 loan in contribution towards a new church building which would be repaid back to her within a month – and she agreed.Daniel said other church members were also asked to put funds towards this cause.She claims Dapo took the lead in making the necessary arrangements for the loan to be processed – but says she was unaware at first that this would involve remortgaging her two-bedroom flat, or what the full value of the loan would be.She believes it was Dapo who enlisted the services of a mortgage broker from Barrett Mortgages, who in turn briefed a solicitor at the now-defunct Grant & Hind firm.Grant & Hind contacted Daniel to arrange for the loan application to be processed in November 2012. They sent her documents to sign and return along with a copy of her photo ID.However, Daniel did not physically meet the solicitor or have any in depth telephone conversations with them – so maintains that she was not properly informed that this was a remortgage. Solicitors have a legal obligation to ensure clients have a full understanding of the legal proceedings in which they are involved.  This is £200,000 – where do they expect me to find the money to pay for this?Sheila DanielHuffPost UK has learned that in 2013 Michelle Mary Maclennan Hind – a former partner at the now-defunct Grant & Hind practice – was struck off by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal for a long list of financial offences. Eight allegations of misconduct and eight allegations of dishonesty were proven against her. Hind’s name is on a letter sent by Grant & Hind to Daniel, dated November 2012 and seen by HuffPost UK.The £102,000 loan was released into Daniel’s bank account within a matter of days shortly after she sent her documents to Grant & Hind. Daniel claims that Adegboyega hadn’t informed her that the loan had been taken out against her two-bedroom London home, which would be repossessed in the event of non-payment.When the funds arrived in her bank account, Daniel told us, she was “really, really down and kept questioning him about why the amount was so high”.She added: “It was meant to be £10,000 as initially agreed. Dapo was reassuring, telling me not to worry and told me the money will be paid back within a month.“I was sweating, hyperventilating and shaking. From that moment, I haven’t been myself.”After receiving the loan, the mother-of-one paid £101,500 into the bank accounts of WEBIC and Dapo – £90,000 and £11,500 respectively, as allegedly instructed by the pastor. HuffPost UK has seen copies of the statements showing these transactions. When we approached Halifax for comment, it said that Daniel remained liable for the debt because she had signed the remortgage paperwork, transferred the funds and began making repayments – something she did after Dapo failed to.  I was sweating, hyperventilating and shaking. From that moment, I haven’t been myself.Sheila Daniel Confusingly, Halifax has identified a separate law firm as being responsible for handling the remortgage – Mustoe Shorter. Mustoe Shorter told HuffPost UK it could find no record of Daniel’s case, despite being referred to by name in correspondence from Grant & Hind as “our agent”.“We can confirm Mustoe Shorter acted for the bank and submitted a request for mortgage funds to be sent to them on 22nd November 2012,” a Halifax spokesperson said.“In line with standard industry requirements, solicitors explain a borrower’s responsibilities and liabilities under the mortgage as part of their role. The steps taken by Mustoe Shorter to ensure that Mrs Daniel was aware of these is a matter for those two parties.” In the letter to Daniel, Grant & Hind state that “Mustoe Shorter is our agent and will act for the lender”.This was not the first time Daniel said Dapo had asked her to borrow large sums of money on behalf of the church, which she would source from a combination of borrowing from friends and taking out loans from Halifax. The pastor paid back some of these loans but mostly neglected to do so. Asked why she took out the loan in light of these inconsistent repayments, Daniel explained that she complied out of eagerness to “do something good for the Lord”. Dapo failed to pay the majority of the £100,000 back and according to Daniel became unreachable, dodging all attempts at making contact after 2015 and failing to answer her lawyer’s letters. He ultimately closed the WEBIC London branch and joined SPAC Nation.WEBIC made only a few sporadic payments back to Daniel, amounting to £2,000, from the company bank account between September and December 2013. HuffPost UK has seen these statements.Daniel sought legal advice, launching a county court claim against Adegboyega, WEBIC and its Nigeria-based founder Prophet Dr Samson Ayonrinde – but said she says she was unable to raise the funds to see the action through.In 2016, Daniel says she tracked Adegboyega down at his home and demanded that an agreement be set out in writing for repayment of the debt.A contract on WEBIC-headed paper, backdated to November 2012, was duly drafted in October 2016 stipulating that £442 would be paid back via standing order each month for a period of 30 years.Seen by HuffPost UK, the written agreement is signed by Adegboyega, Daniel, and church trustee Pastor Major Dovi Olufela Yebovi.Daniel says the contract wasn’t kept to, and that she reported the matter to the Metropolitan Police in 2017 and explained the situation to Halifax, her building society. She said it “did not listen” to her concerns.A Metropolitan Police spokesperson told HuffPost UK: “On January 17, 2017, an allegation of identity theft was made to the MPS. This allegation was referred to Action Fraud to investigate.”Action Fraud has been unable to provide HuffPost UK with an update.Having recently given birth to her first child months ago, Daniel says she has been forced to juggle multiple jobs to make ends meet and keep up with monthly repayments of the loan herself.In her desperation, Daniel contacted Pastor Tobi Adegboyega – Dapo’s younger brother and de facto leader of SPAC Nation – to intervene in May 2018. HuffPost UK has seen lengthy messages from her begging for assistance.In a message seen by HuffPost UK Tobi told her in May 2018 the debt “will be sorted”. In another message dated July 31, 2018, the SPAC Nation pastor told Daniel that a payment of £500 would be deposited in her account after asking for her bank details during the same conversation.The payment reflected in Daniel’s bank statement, as seen by HuffPost UK, came from an account named SR Vanguard. SR Vanguard is the name of a now-dissolved company linked to Tobi’s Pine Coombe address in Croydon. Between April to June 2018, three payments of £1,200, £600 and £400 were made from the same bank account.pic.twitter.com/9RHfbfQjcc— Dapo Adegboyega (@DapoAdex_Online) February 17, 2019Daniel contacted Samson Adegboyega – Tobi and Dapo’s father, who runs SPAC Nation HQ in Nigeria – in September 2018. In texts seen by HuffPost UK, he suggested she appeal to Tobi for help and assured her all would be “well”. She told us: “I’ve approached so many people for help. The bank told me that if I don’t keep up with the payments then they’re going to repossess my property. That’s why I’ve been struggling, working night shifts and day shifts. They have to wake up and pay this loan – it’s not fair.  “The UK government should hold them responsible. They won’t be happy that I’m speaking out as someone who knows them well but I am a fighter. When you trust someone so much and they betray you like this, you have to fight.”HuffPost UK has approached Prophet Dr Samson Ayonrinde for comment as head of WEBIC Worldwide, in addition to his wife Prophetess Mercy and Pastor Major Dovi Olufela Yebovi – who were both listed as trustees of the London branch.A WEBIC Worldwide spokesperson said: “WEBIC London was a different entity to Nigeria. The prophet is the founder but not resident in [the] UK. The board of trustees is responsible for governing the financial matters of the church; the prophet and prophetess are not involved in the financial running of the church. They are not legally empowered as they are not UK residents.”  The church was asked about Yebovi but did not offer a comment about him. Yebovi was also contacted directly but did not reply.“Pastor Dapo took advantage of my vulnerability,” Daniel told HuffPost UK. “I was alone with no family here – the church was like my solace. They’d come to my house for fellowship. They were like my second family.”WEBIC was registered with the Charity Commission in 2004. This certification remains active on the website, but the commission told HuffPost UK it was insolvent as of January 2018.It was also registered on Companies House in the same year but went into compulsory liquidation in 2018 after directors failed to submit annual returns for the two years prior.Dapo does not appear on official documentation for WEBIC with either the Charity Commission and Companies House, but was the “Europe co-ordinator” of WEBIC London and a resident pastor.In addition to being a trustee of SPAC Nation according to Charity Commission filings, Dapo Adegboyega was appointed as director of the church on Companies House in September 2012 and resigned in March 2014. He was then reappointed in July 2014 and again resigned in June 2020.He was reappointed, once more, in September 2020 and resigned again in January 2021.This is the first time such a senior SPAC Nation leader has been publicly named in allegations of fraud and dishonesty. In November 2019, HuffPost UK revealed that the controversial church – which was once hailed as a beacon of hope for ex-gang members – had created the conditions for fraudsters to flourish within its ranks and failed to act on pastors financially exploiting the young people it claims to help.Dapo Adegboyega - the brother of SPAC Nation founder Tobi - denies the Church is under investigation... @vicderbyshire reminds him the charity commission has opened a statutory inquiry (the most serious investigation they can mount) pic.twitter.com/gTrGD0gu1U— Ben Bryant (@benbryant) January 8, 2020We were also told about shocking evidence of abuse within safe houses set up by pastors in SPAC Nation, supposedly to protect vulnerable youngsters escaping gangs.In response to this, the Charity Commission and Met Police launched investigations into individuals associated with the church. Dapo has publicly refuted all allegations against SPAC Nation. Previously, SPAC Nation has distanced itself from the actions of its pastors, saying “a community with hundreds of pastors cannot monitor what each pastor or leader does”Following this, concerns about the church were debated in parliament, the organisation rebranded as NXTION Family and Pastor Tobi announced that he was stepping down from the helm – though, to date, he continues to lead all of the church’s Periscope sermons and remains widely regarded as the face of SPAC Nation.Meanwhile, a number of other people have resigned as directors of the charity on Companies House and it has fallen behind with filing annual returns.In December, the Met Police arrested and bailed a 40-year-old man linked to SPAC Nation on suspicion of conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering.In May 2020, police raided six addresses and arrested a 24-year-old man on suspicion of fraud offences before releasing him under investigation.When allegations against Dapo were put to the Charity Commission, a spokesperson said: “We have an active inquiry into SPAC Nation. Whilst our inquiry is ongoing we cannot comment, but we will continue to examine all relevant concerns identified as part of our investigation.”When these allegations were put to Dapo via SPAC Nation’s press office, a spokesperson told HuffPost UK: ”We have found your reports are always false, that you have become a safe haven for blackmail and un-intelligent gossip and nothing ever comes out of your reports. This piece especially is an obvious show of your desperation to spread falsehood.“Whereas we might have thought that you were sincerely wrong in most of your publications on SPAC, it’s obvious now that you are mischievous and desperate to prove something on an account of hearsay which will not lead anywhere anytime soon in this case due to the lack of investigation and level of intelligence needed.“On this note let us just state that seeing how ridiculous your write-ups are and the fast decline of common sense, we do not wish to be contacted by you any more. We will not be responding to any of your future claims or articles any more moving forward.”Despite having previously provided statements to HuffPost UK for coverage about the organisation and individuals associated with it, the spokesperson continued: “We have never been given the opportunity to defend our side in any of your previous articles and allegations. We actually thought you were a journalist who sought the truth but now we see you have no intention of finding the truth and just want to be seen.“Please do not ever contact us again for our side of a story as you have no decency, class or self discipline that a journalist should have. You have completely disregarded your readers’ intelligence.“Finally, let me assure you that SPAC is stronger, bigger and better as a leading light amongst young people and the results are public.“This assures us of your irrelevance and faith in humanity’s constant search for truth, as one will always come looking for truth and find it. We believe you will continue to decline and many young people will continue to find hope and faith.” Related...SPAC Nation: Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Fraud And Money LaunderingHead Of Controversial Church SPAC Nation Steps DownPolice Arrest Man, 24, Amid Investigation Into Individuals Linked To Church SPAC Nation
The journey of the firm from Ever Fresh Dairy to the new venture of 7 Stars Cash and Carry has a very interesting beginning.We started the business with a mere £36 investment by selling Eggs and Bread to the local cafes and earning next to Nil profits.The expansion started and the company began Dealing with Milk and in a very little time, it grew into a variety of Drinks, Cheese, and many other Dairy products.Since the beginning, the journey of Ever Fresh Dairy has been nothing but inspiring and it will not be incorrect to state it in a similar fashion of ‘Rome was not built in a day’.Yes, 7 Stars Cash and Carry brings along a history!We believe bringing the company from Dust to Dawn to a position so tall is always a success story worth giving all ears.
Voice recording requires good quality equipment and a dedicated space, both of which you can get at LDN Creates.Our recording studio space for hire is available for all kinds of recording purposes from voice-over and dubbing to podcasts.We also have rooms for multiple purposes in our creative hub and co-working space.To make a booking, please refer to our contact details or fill the form on our website.  
Buying a new house can be quite an exhilarating experience, however, if your initial contact with home builders doesn't meet your high expectations and bring you into the realm of dreams, don't be surprised.This is due to poor planning by home builders, lack of adequate research on home builders, and an inability to negotiate the best deal for the home builder.Go to meetings and get to know the personalities of the home builders.Buyers should also be able to get information about the different materials used to build their new Builders in Croydon.Check if the materials used are comparable to the ones used by home builders on other properties in the area.Go for quality.The buyers will also be satisfied with the quality of the homes that home builders are selling.Avoid builders who are pushy.
They have over thirty years experience of building man-made structures in the UK.Their primary focus is on creating bespoke, high quality steel and timber buildings for domestic as well as public sector applications.Many of their buildings also feature a free-standing car park, enabling you to easily park your car in a secure and convenient area.Whatever you require, from a simple storage space to an eco-friendly office building, they are experts at creating custom-built steel buildings to suit your individual requirements.For top quality and lasting construction, they use only the highest quality materials, such as corrosion resistant galvanised iron, stainless steel, polyester and aluminum.They are constantly on the look-out for skilled workers who have the knowledge and skills to build any type of building, and are happy to support them in their designs.If you own a business which requires a high-rise, high-quality steel building, you may want to consider a new development in Craydon.The main benefits of choosing a new building in Craydon include access to city life and shopping, with all the usual conveniences already provided.
The mystery individual infected with the Brazil variant of coronavirus has been found in south London.On Tuesday, health secretary Matt Hancock told MPs the hunt had been narrowed down to just 379 households. Six cases of the variant of concern have been found in the UK – three in Scotland and three in England.On Monday, surge testing began in South Gloucestershire after two cases of the variant were detected in one local household which had a history of travel to Brazil.The discovery of the errant case – which was blamed on no contact details being left – was confirmed at the Downing Street press conference on Friday, where Hancock revealed the person carrying the variant had been found in Croydon.The individual had recently travelled back to the UK from Brazil, and had been quarantining at home in London, but testing would still be expanded in the area. Public health officials said all of the contacts of the unnamed person had been traced.Hancock told the news briefing: “Using the latest technology and with the dogged determination of our Testing and Tracing scheme, we have successfully identified the person in question.“The best evidence is that this person stayed at home and there is no evidence of onward transmission but as a precaution we are putting more testing in in Croydon where they live to minimise the possibility of spread.”The variant – known as P1 – was detected in Brazil and in travellers from Brazil to Japan, and was associated with a surge of cases in Manaus late last year.Dr Susan Hopkins, strategic response director at Public Health England, said a team of 40 were able to locate the mystery individual who had tested positive for the Manaus variant.She told the press conference the individual had “attempted to register his test online but had failed to do so effectively”.“Specialist teams from NHS Test and Trace and Public Health England (PHE) immediately launched an investigation to identify the individual concerned,” Dr Hopkins continued.“An incident team of 40 people from across the system made up of laboratories, logistics, data analytic experts were mobilised to trace the individual.”The discovery, via reading the test barcode, that the sample had arrived at the Cambridge Lighthouse through the DHL service for home delivery helped narrow it down to two regions made up of 10,000 possible households.This was then narrowed further to 379 households with “enhanced contact tracing” then kicking-in, with call handlers contacting those who could have received a test in that time interval, scaling it down to 27 individuals before the person then came forward.As government officials were scrambling to track down the mystery case of the worrying Brazil strain, other Covid variants were being monitored carefully.PHE said on Thursday that 16 cases of another new variant, thought to have originated in the UK, have been identified. It has been designated a “variant under investigation” (VUI). What Are The Covid Variants In The UK? Here’s How They’re SpreadingVariants of Covid-19 can be identified as VUIs or “variants of concern” (VOCs).New variants emerge regularly and experts are conducting frequent analysis to see which are of concern, and which are not.The latest identified variant, also known as B.1.1.318, contains the E484K mutation, which is found in two other VUIs present in the UK, but it does not feature the N501Y mutation that is present in all VOCs, PHE said.The findings mean there are now four VUIs and four VOCs being tracked by scientists in the UK.Other VUIs include one from Brazil, known as P2, which has had 43 probable or confirmed cases identified in the UK, but is not causing scientists serious concern.Related...How Did The Brazilian Variant Slip Through The Gaps?Young People 'On The Brink Of Revolution' As Older Generations Book Holidays AbroadWhat Are The Covid Variants In The UK? Here’s How They’re Spreading
Talk about a hostile environment... It's £70k+ but you'll really sweat for it For the brave – or perhaps foolhardy – senior IT jobs hunters there is an opening at the UK Home Office for a Deputy Director of IT Operations in a lovely '70s era highrise in Croydon.…
Please check the links to 'Express Minicabs' websites for the latest information.Bus A regular coach (bus) service runs directly from Heathrow Airport to Croydon Bus Station.TrainYou can also travel from Heathrow to Croydon by train, although the journey is more complicated as it is not direct, and you will need to travel into central London first.This will probably be less convenient, particularly if you have heavy luggage to carry.The train will usually be more expensive than using the  Express Taxi service.Taking the Heathrow Express instead of the train should be quicker, however, you'll still need to change onto the Underground system for part of your journey - your trip will also be more expensive.£50�London Gatwick Airport Transfer - To or from Gatwick North Terminal or Gatwick South Terminal £35�London Luton Airport Transfer £80�London Stansted Airport Transfer £80We recommend you to book your airport taxi from or to in advance.
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Tree surgeons Keith Archer Tree Care provide tree surgery, tree felling, stump grinding and pruning throughout South London.Established tree surgeons serving Bromley, Lewisham, Beckenham, Croydon, Greenwich and throughout South London.
Tree surgeons Keith Archer Tree Care provide tree surgery, tree felling, stump grinding and pruning throughout South London.Established tree surgeons serving Bromley, Lewisham, Beckenham, Croydon, Greenwich and throughout South London.https://www.keitharcherstreecare.co.uk/south-london-tree-surgeons.php
Plumbing Services MelbourneCJM Plumbing Melbourne are a young but highly experienced team of qualified and trustworthy trades people serving metropolitan Melbourne in the commercial plumbing, domestic plumbing, drainage, and civil construction industry.Founded in 2015, Director, Chris McDonald, decided to pursue his passion for plumbing.After managing a leading civil plumbing company for 4 years, he decided it was time to go out on his own.Based in Melbourne’s Fitzroy, CJM Plumbing Melbourne are central to serve Metropolitan Melbourne for all your plumbing and civil needs.At CJM Plumbing services Melbourne we pride ourselves on Safety and Quality!Why choose us!CJM Plumbing Repairs Melbourne are a fully ISO accredited company across the 3 major water utility organizations servicing Melbourne metropolitan areas.We have been serving our clients; residents, businesses and government with utmost priority and respect.We guarantee superior work quality and service to all our clients.We provide a 24-hour emergency service and repair service that is unmatched in the industry.If you ever need a last minute-urgent fix, we’re here for you.