Have you heard that the standard 6-bedroom house collects roughly about 40 pounds of allergens and dust in its air duct per year?No matter how deep and good your cleaning is there is always dirt and dust inside your air duct system which, unfortunately, can’t be removed with the use of standard household equipment.Here Air Duct Cleaning Services come to help you.It is a long-established practice that will not only improve the quality of the air inside your place but will also remove unpleasant smells and guarantee the proper functioning of heating and ventilation system during cold periods.Moreover, here another benefit of air duct cleaning service comes into play: the cleaner the system is the less energy it consumes.As a result, by improving the efficiency of your HVAC systems, you save your money!Sem’s Duct Cleaning encourages you to proceed with your duct cleaning service in order to remove all dirt, dust, and allergens that have been hidden deep inside your HVAC system over the years and to, finally, enjoy a clean and fresh indoor environment.
HVAC systems serve a purpose throughout the year, which makes them a crucial inclusion in homes.During the summer, the system helps to cool air in the house while during the winter, it warms up the home and keeps out the blistering cold.Even during fall and spring, most people find themselves reaching for the thermostat to get the home environment to their desired temperature.With the constant use that this appliance is put through, it is essential to keep the duct systems clean so that you can ensure the quality of air getting into your home is of the best kind.Most people make the mistake of only looking into how their system is functioning when it starts to present problems.It is necessary to check your ducts on the regular for several reasons.The first one is to see whether it is time to clean or not.
From time to time, even the longest-lasting appliances need an upgrade when their time has run out and are not functioning as well as before.As a homeowner, you have probably been in such a situation, and one of the appliances that need replacing can be your AC system.Before settling on a new AC, have a skilled duct cleaning service such as Sem’s Duct Cleaning come in and check your ducts to confirm that they are not clogged, which is usually a common cause for the failure of these systems to function properly.However, if that is not the issue, then consider purchasing a new one as there are some reasons why you should go for a central HVAC system if your current one isn’t.One of such reasons is:InsulationInsulation is not an aspect most people pay attention to when choosing a new air conditioning system even though it plays a vital role in how it functions.Most window AC units depend on the insulation of the house to maintain proper functioning.
The proper functioning of air ducts plays a considerable role in the quality of air that your house receives.These channels are a crucial inclusion in nearly all homes that have an HVAC system since they are the pathways for heated and cooled air in and out of your house.Research by professional  HVAC cleaning agencies indicates that air ducts lose about ten percent of the air supply that is pumped into the home.Even though this percentage sounds small in comparison to the ninety percent that gets into the house, it results in extensive energy wastage, which ends up burning unnecessary holes in your pocket.If you are having trouble identifying whether you have leaking ducts or not, Sem’s Duct Cleaning provides some pointers on how to single out the issue.Temperature InconsistencyWhen the vents getting air to different areas of the house have holes in them, then it does not reach its destination and ends up getting lost in the artic and the other regions of the house.Walk around the residence to see where the airflow feels weak as it could be a sign of leakage.Ballooned BillsBy now, you may have figured out an average of how much you pay in electric bills from the previous charges that have been made.
·         Take a look at the systemSince the HVAC systems in most homes are typically kept out of site with only their openings being visible to the outside, it is difficult for most people to know what they are looking at let alone identify defects in the system.Therefore, before heading to your new place, conduct research on the components of the unit so that you can quickly identify an issue when you see one.·         Enquire about ageMost quality HVAC systems run for ten to fifteen years, so inquiring about the age of the one in your considered home gives you an idea of how much time it has before a replacement is required.However, there is no need to run for the hills if the unit has been running for a long time.If proper maintenance has been carried out over the years, then it will have a lot longer than a fifteen-year limit left on it.·         Request information on repairs and upkeepThe proper functioning of an HVAC system for a long time is highly dependent on regular maintenance.Among the best ways, you can tell about the condition of the unit is by asking about how the previous owners carried out maintenance.The question of whether these checks were regular and by a reputable air duct cleaning company or if the professionals were only called in when there was a problem with the system.
Asthma and allergies are some of the most common complications experienced across the globe.Even with a large percentage of people suffering from these issues, a lot of awareness has yet to be created around the preventive measures to avoid getting them and ways to handle them if they have already taken root.One of the most effective ways one can maintain their lung health at top condition is by keeping air ducts clean.Before heading on to clear your ducts and vents of contaminants, it is necessary first to take time and understand the elements that lurk in your home environment.These pollutants can come from the outside or activities from inside the house, such as grooming pets.Their light nature makes them easy to peak up by the HVAC system as it pulls in air and pushes it out again.These elements are pushed in and out about five to seven times a day.It is estimated that the average home of six rooms collects as much as forty pounds of dust through the HVAC system.
Poor air quality in your home can be as a result of a lot more than just common pollutants that can be found everywhere.In some cases, a dirty environment is usually as a result of:Smoke from constant cigarette smokingMold growthDebris from construction or remodeling workLack of proper ventilation, which can be caused by a poorly functioning HVAC system.Despite the causal factor for such conditions, the degradation of air quality is a significant trigger for asthma attacks and allergic reactions.The symptoms experienced can be light or severe, with some cases even landing people in hospitals or at the brink of death.If the condition is only light, continued exposure to a dirty environment can make it worse, especially in the case of young children.If you are in such a situation, it is best to avoid pollutants like strong-scented cleaners, cosmetics, perfumes, and candles, among others.Also, you may have to reach out to a duct cleaning service more often than the ordinary healthy human.
Investing in a home comes with a lot to figure out, which can leave on confused about where to begin and finish.Out of all the things that need to be done, the most crucial is to ensure that a house is a place of safety for its occupants from external elements.Cold, heat, and storms are some of the significant elements one is protected from with a roof over their heads, and this is done efficiently with the help of an HVAC system.HVAC appliances are a standard inclusion in most homes in Canada, and they play a crucial role in maintaining air quality indoors.The acronym is used to refer to a Heating, Ventilation, Airflow, and Cooling system, all of which are functions necessary for different seasons of the year.Primarily, this device plays the role of the lungs of a house.
Before settling on a home, it is vital to have an inspector come in and confirm that this system is functioning as it should.When carrying out the inspection, they usually check to see if they spot rust, combustion gas odor, asbestos, open seams, or cracks in the vents.These faults hinder the proper functioning of the system, while others such as asbestos can cause serious health issues.The inspector is also likely to point out dusty ducts and vents.However, this issue can easily be solved by having an HVAC cleaning firm come in and clean any debris and dander in the channels.Today, it is reported that a lot of people make the mistake of forgoing the inspection of a home they are considering.In such instances, it is crucial to have the check carried out as soon as you settle in.
The hype behind keeping your HVAC system functioning in prime condition is highly drawn from how costly the devices can be.Having a brand new one installed in your home demands between four thousand and upward of eleven thousand dollars.Once it is in place, the appliance can run for fifteen to twenty-five years when maintained properly.Some components of the system have to be cleaned or changed after some time to ensure that it runs properly.One such element is the filter, which has to be replaced as often as three weeks if you have a fur baby.Cleaning vents is also an essential practice to ensure that the quality of the environment in your home remains top-notch.Ducts are prone to settling the dust, which is then blown back into your house along with cooled or heated air.
Strong chemicals, suffocating sprays, toxic bleach…At some point, all of us are forced to purchase one of these products at least once in a lifetime.But have you ever thought about the impact these agents may have upon your health or the health of your family?!Sometimes, even trying to infuse the house with some pleasant fragrance, you may disturb the peace of your folks.Stop chasing after much-trumpeted brands and chose the products you feel really comfortable with.What do you get in turn?Healthier and cleaner household environment for you and your family members.
VOCs represent the gases that are released from certain liquids and solids.As a rule, the organic substances such as chlorine, bromine, benzene, fluorine, formaldehyde, and toluene contained in some agents easily vaporize and become harmful for people.What Impact Do VOCs Have On Your Health?Let’s suppose you use air fresheners and scented candles which may leave a pleasant odor inside your place.However, over time, there may appear some long-lasting health problems.The latent threat remains the same – VOC which is emitted along with the nice fragrance.
If there is no possibility to avoid VOCs, let’s think about how to protect ourselves and our loved ones in order to breathe healthy air:Air the place out Improve the source of ventilation Storage the products containing VOCs outdoorSeal the places and surfaces that contain these harmful particlesBe careful when choosing the agents for household useHow Air Duct Cleaning Can Help?Of course, you can do your best to improve your indoor air quality by applying numerous techniques or by avoiding the use of specific household items but, let’s be objective, sometimes it’s not enough.Today, roughly every place is equipped with an HVAC system which means that the air inside the home or office is circulated there and back.As time passes, this air circulation can cause a build-up of pollutants inside the duct.These pollutants can be properly cleaned just by Air Duct Cleaning provider.Applying high-quality equipment, Air Duct Cleaning professionals improve ventilation flow, remove the debris inside your duct and, in such a way, clean the air you breathe.What Provider to ChooseOnce you decide, make sure the company you hire to perform your air duct cleaning is bonded and insured, has the required expertise and necessary equipment for your type of building.
The end of the cold season and the beginning of summer is exactly the period when your HVAC unit stays untouched most of the time.Check the filtersDo you remember when exactly you checked the filters the last time?Make sure the filters are free of debris and other pollutants.This will ensure a better airflow and will reduce the workload on your HVAC system.More than that, a clean filter is a guarantee of better indoor air quality.Change the filters if necessary It is recommended to change the filters from time to time.
Duct CleaningIf the ducts are full of debris and dust, take the necessary measures right away.Don’t wait until it’s too late.More than that, it affects the indoor air quality and poses a major health hazard.However, it is still a very important part of the HVAC system.Order professional duct cleaning serviceIf you don’t know whether your system is ready to work at its full capacity or not, call the experts.Preventive maintenance from Sem’s Duct Cleaning can help in prolonging the life of your HVAC system.
Sick Building Syndrome can be the reaction to poor ventilation, chemical contamination, or even a buildup of pollutants and allergens.Here are some of these allergens:MildewMoldDust mitesPollenA layer of these pollutants is accumulated inside the air ducts of an office or building and circulates there and back.As a result, the pollutants are blown around and distributed throughout the edifice.This circulation causes people inside the commercial or industrial building in Toronto and across Canada to be permanently exposed to pollutants and allergens. 
Sick Building Syndrome may become quite dangerous and cause more severe issues than just a stuffy nose.Statistics show that employees in Toronto, Ontario miss about 14 million working days a year because of asthma, which very often arises because of polluted indoor air.More than that there were identified some other figures:Companies loose almost 60 billion dollars in productivity because of poor indoor air quality.Sick Building Syndrome affects employees’ efficiency and productivity at their workplace, which of course, becomes a major loss for bosses in Canada.Combating sick building symptoms thorough regular HVACcleaning and maintenance can lead to productivity gains (up to $10-30 billion), improve indoor air quality, and provide the employees with happier and healthier time at their workplace.How can Duct Cleaning help?The best and durable solution to prevent and combat Sick Building Syndrome is to make sure the ventilation system is maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.Here professional Sem’s duct cleaning comes to the rescue.
Along with that, you will find relevant details about air duct cleaning itself in order to make a more confident decision.When is the Best Time to Clean Air Ducts?Frankly speaking, regardless of internet posts, there isn’t really the best season for air duct cleaning.Some customers are used to hire professionals once a year to be sure that the system is working properly and protects their indoor air quality.Our duct cleaning services in Toronto are optimal either winter and summer or spring and autumn.But, of course, there are some benefits of each season.Spring & AutumnThe benefit of air duct cleaning during spring and autumn is that you will be ready for cold winter time or summer heat.Moreover, it will be even easier for your contractor to clean the system as the HVAC unit as a rule is less busy or turned off.