Normally, the outgoing first lady hosts her successor for tea and a tour of the White House between Election Day and the inauguration.
On Election Day, the Georgia Department of Health announced that an 18-year-old male tested positive for the B117 variant, first found in the UK.
Republicans have filed more than three dozen lawsuits since the election challenging the results. They've won zero.
On Nov. 3, 2020, Uber, Lyft and Postmates won a highly contested ballot initiative on labor rights in California, codifying that their workers will remain independent contractors, instead of employees.Mere weeks later, the companies are working to secure similar laws nationwide, including in Illinois and New York.Prop-22, the California initiative, was supported by a record-setting $200 million and massive marketing campaign.Before and after Election Day, driver groups and labor advocates argued the gig companies were pushing misinformation to voters, causing confusion about how the law would affect workers’ rights and protections.The effects of Prop-22 are far-reaching for both corporate and lower-to-middle class America.Prop-22 effectively secured the long-term viability of gig companies, exempting them from the high costs of minimum wages, unemployment benefits, health insurance, and workers’ compensation.Gig workers, on the other hand, have few protections and no safety net.For instance, a UC Berkeley Labor Center study estimates that drivers will be guaranteed only $5.64/hour (when accounting for time on the app, waiting for fares), under Prop-22.
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US President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign issued a poorly-timed attack on his Democratic opponent.The campaign mocked former Vice President Joe Biden as he visited his son’s grave on Election Day morning.Read more at:
The campaign manager for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, Jen O’Malley Dillon said that under no scenario will Donald Trump be declared the victor on election night.Read more at:
US President Donald Trump might face major trouble on Election Day on Tuesday.A Republican strategist for Fox News, Colin Reed has warned and said that Trump will not benefit in 2020.
Walmart previously pulled weapons and ammo from store floors in June following the police killing of George Floyd.
Facebook has been trying to stamp out misinformation, abuse, and foreign interference — Election Day will test how well it has done, Zuckerberg said.
"Falcon 9 and Delta 4 stopped within seconds of launch? This is good stuff."
Five days before the election, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that late absentee ballots must be separated from those received by Election Day.
The election isn't the only thing on direct-to-consumer startup executives' minds -- after all, once the election is over, Black Friday is right around the corner. But Election Day also can't be business as usual The post ‘On a lot of people’s minds right now’: DTC startups are in a holding pattern until after the election appeared first on Digiday.
Fundstrat's Tom Lee said cyclical stocks will see strong earnings in 2021 once the US sees stimulus and gets past "this huge bump around Election Day."
Historic levels of early voting ensure there'll be a lot of ballots to count.
US President Donald Trump is convincing federal courts to block any vote-counting by states that intend to tally ballots well beyond Election Day.Read more at:
The results of elections are never finalized on election night and what Trump desires would actually potentially disenfranchise his own supporters.
Lisa Shalett said the market could gain 12% in the next nine months if fiscal stimulus is passed in the lame duck period after Election Day.
The Trump ads all featured the copy "Vote today!" and two of them said that "election day is today!" Facebook didn't say which rules the ads broke.