A Republican Senator Ben Sasse issued a pointed rebuke about the GOP attempts to object 6th Jan to the Electoral College tally of the presidential election.He warned his colleagues against a dangerous ploy that could damage the nation’s civic traditions.Point to be noted that Sasse is a potential 2024 presidential contender.He posted a lengthy explanation of his views on social media, including a paragraph by paragraph dismantling of allegations of voter fraud in key states won by President-elect Joe Biden.Sasse said, “I will not be participating in a project to overturn the election.He said he wanted to explain why I have been urging my colleagues also to reject this dangerous ploy”.
A Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger said President Trump and his allies’ attempts to overturn November’s presidential election results are an utter scam designed to raise money and gain followers.He has repeatedly claimed there was widespread voter fraud and has still not conceded.Trump and his team have had more than 50 legal challenges dismissed over the last month.But, he and his allies are still attempting to overturn last month’s election results.President Trump reiterated his claims and said, “The Justice Department and the FBI have done nothing about the 2020 Presidential Election Voter Fraud, the biggest SCAM in our nation’s history, in spite of overwhelming evidence”.President Trump added, “They should be ashamed.Trying to burn the place down on the way out because you can’t handle losing.
A Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger said President Trump and his allies’ attempts to overturn November’s presidential election results are an utter scam designed to raise money and gain followers.Read more at: https://bit.ly/3mPrc33
They are supporting a challenge to the certification of the Electoral College outcome on 6th January.The letter said, “The presidential election has been the subject of dozens of lawsuits alleging voter fraud, illegal voting, and election theft which, on January 6, 2021, it may or will be the subject of extensive floor debate as Congress determines whether to accept or reject various states’ Electoral College vote submissions”.However, the Trump campaign has lost various lawsuits challenging the results of the election.The Republican leadership has been trying to stem the flow of members pushing to challenge the results, as the party tries to chart its post-Trump future.John Thune is the second-highest-ranking Republican in the Senate, he said, “The thing they’ve got to remember is, it’s just not going anywhere.It’s going down like a shot dog.South Dakota doesn’t like weakness.
On Thursday morning, Democratic candidate Joe Biden was much closer to the presidency than Donald Trump.The votes continued to be counted more than a day after polls closed in an unprecedented election.Read more at: https://bit.ly/3p0LE3d
Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has won more votes than any other presidential candidate in American history.On Wednesday afternoon, he broke the previous record held by Barack Obama.
The former Vice President Joe Biden has won the Wisconsin state in the 2020 presidential elections against President Donald Trump.It is a remarkable victory in the Democratic nominee’s bid to unseat his Republican opponent.Read more at: https://bit.ly/2TYE5eQ
US President Donald Trump said he has always competed against Abraham Lincoln.He again attempted to draw comparisons between himself and the iconic 19th-century president, who was born into a poor family.
The conservative pollster Robert Cahaly appeared on Fox News’ Hannity and discussed the Hidden Vote.The alleged hidden vote was often missing predominantly from polling showing Democratic challenger Joe Biden leading nationally and in certain swing states.Read more at: https://bit.ly/2TePVl1