Rhea LiuChen Ou, CEO of Jumei.com, disagreed with the opinion that a winter for entrepreneurs is coming and expressed confidence in entrepreneurship at a forum held by venture capital fund Zhen Fund last Thursday, reported Sina Tech.Chen Ou, 31 years old, was once featured in Forbes magazine as a promising CEO.He founded Jumei.com, an e-commerce platform known for selling cosmetics and makeup.Jumei.com debuted on the Nasdaq last May at USD 22 per share.Xu Xiaoping, one of Jumei s angel investors said profits have increased 800 percent in 4 years.Following the downturn of the Chinese stock market in August, investors have become more wary of investing in once popular Internet businesses.Some critics have warned of a so-called winter for entrepreneurs approaching because many startups have since crumbled with the break in the capital chain.Chen Ou, however, holds a different opinion.High valuations are always accompanied by protective provisions.Protective provisions might not hinder a company when it is able to maintain financial stability, but will likely harm a company if it faces the prospect of a great decrease in valuation or possible acquisition.
the banking group Nordea has opened its own equity crowdfunding platform for businesses and investors, told the trade magazine.the risk of companies financing is difficult for banks to face tougher regulation.Equity crowdfunding platform provides therefore nordea for the opportunity to be involved in growth companies in the field.the Service is included in the book-entry system and, according to end up in the companies that pass the Nordea sieve."Companies should be running and they are certain of the approval process through.we Aim, at least initially, to encourage youth entrepreneurship.
As huge as the United states dominance in popular and high culture throughout the world, the country has not been able to in the same fashion in the field.the Successful individual american designers and clothing brands, but for the most part the peak of fashion and its authors come from elsewhere.One of the largest mid-market fashion factors is however american, elmira n.y. from New York, from the Tommy Hilfiger, whose name carries the character to rely on aesthetics I get american visual symbols, blue and red colors, the stars and stripes.Hilfiger's American Dreamer -the biography tells that even the designer of the iconic first inspiration source comes from the american football uniform: Cleveland Browns brown-orange colors make a lasting impression.the American Dreamer is a book on entrepreneurship, song of praise.Hilfiger established the first clothing store for 18-year-old.
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff in 2001.Eric Risberg/APIt seems like Salesforce CEO and founder Marc Benioff never leaves the spotlight.Here's how Benioff, with a net worth of $3.9 billion, worked his way up to the national stage from humble origins.His father, Russell Benioff, owned a local department store in San Francisco.Salesforce CEO Marc BenioffBusiness InsiderWhile in high school, Benioff sold his first app — software called "How To Juggle" for the TRS-80 Model 1 computer — to a computer magazine for $75.
the Business magazine was published in 26.4. news director Tarja Kuittinen write ”light entrepreneurship changed in one fell swoop unemployment or dark work”.the old MAN.fin decision, which is therefore a result of the pension insurance companies changed policy, applies only to pension insurance.Future light entrepreneur are entrepreneur's pension insurance under.the YEL-the obligation is only in light of entrepreneurs, whose labor income exceeds 7 645,25 per year and with a continuous entrepreneurial activity lasts for four months.We MARRIED.en:we take care of the entrepreneur pension insurance for those users, where this limit is exceeded.in Practice, however, more than 90% light entrepreneurs to the level of earnings remains YEL-obligation the limits below.
Fast forward to today and Hnetinka has teamed up with JustVacay founder Wilson Lee to launch Darkstore, a delivery fulfillment platform for e-commerce brands that is already powering same-day delivery for mattress startup Tuft & Needle.Darkstore works by exploiting excess capacity in storage facilities, malls and bodegas and enables them to be fulfillment centers with just a smartphone, Hnetinka told me.Uber is the largest transportation company that doesn t own a car Airbnb is the largest hospitality business that doesn t own a hotel, Hnetinka said.For deliveries, Darkstore partners with Berkeley, Calif.-based Axle Hire, which charges $5 per delivery for small items and $10 per delivery for something like a mattress.The dark store concept has not yet been brought to the U.S., Hnetinka said, and Darkstore wants to democratize it.Our box is really convenient, but it s still a size that most last mile delivery companies can t deliver economically.
SINGAPORE—A venture-capital firm launched last year by Facebook Inc. co-founder Eduardo Saverin and a partner has raised more than $143.6 million in the first close for its first fund, according to a regulatory filing Thursday.B Capital Group, which was founded in 2015 by the Brazilian-born Mr. Saverin and Raj Ganguly, a veteran of private-equity firm Bain Capital LLC, said in a document reviewed by The Wall Street Journal Thursday that it sees promising opportunities to invest in innovative tech firms around the world, not just in traditional hot spots like Silicon Valley.The fundraising comes as some venture capitalists are starting to curtail funding in Asia amid weakness in the global economy, worries over China s volatile stock market and talk of a bubble in the U.S.The World Bank in January said that India, which is home to some 1.3 billion people, will be the world s fastest-growing developing economy until at least 2018.B Capital Group also said in a document reviewed by The Wall Street Journal that it had already invested undisclosed amounts in its first two portfolio companies.Mr. Ganguly declined to comment on the size of the Ninja Van and Evidation investments, or on a possible time frame for investing the new funds.
Decentralised ride-sharing startup Arcade City has scooped the winning prize of €20,000 £15,300 at Europe's biggest open-industry blockchain competition, run by the German Tech Entrepreneurship Center.They presented a diverse range of blockchain applications, including decentralised ride-sharing, event ticketing, P2P donations, a decentralised architecture office, international shipping, and land registry in the developing world.The award ceremony was held in Berlin on 17th May, supported by founding partners RWE and GlobumbusDr Carsten Stöcker, innovation programme manager, Blockchain Competence Team, RWE Innovation Hub, said: "The fourth industrial revolution will be built upon a Machine-to-Machine economy with autonomous vehicles, 3D printer, robots, drones and IoT.Globumbus founder and competition sponsor, Jens Hewald added, "I see a recognisable shift towards non-fintech solutions."At the ceremony, attended by over 200 people from Berlin's startup ecosystem, keynote speaker, Trent McConaghy founder of ascribe / BigchainDB described Berlin as one of four blockchain capitals in the world, alongside San Francisco, New York, and London - citing the GTEC Award as evidence of the ever-strengthening interest in the technology.German Tech Entrepreneurship Center GTEC is the first private-sector, open campus for entrepreneurship in Europe, founded at ESMT in Berlin in 2015 by RWE, Henkel, ESMT, Globumbus
Photo: Jenni GŠstgivar MP Jaana Pelkonen has been campaigning for years for the release of the Alcohol Act. I have not heard anyone talk about schedules. " "Personally, I think that the monopoly period has been long since passed, and the grocery store should be allowed to sell out to all alcoholic beverages. According to Pelkonen, the most significant reform of the Finnish entrepreneurship is the fact that the future of small breweries would get out of the sale of rights for all its products. "Small breweries seem to have escaped from us a little bit beyond the borders, perhaps they would keep this in Finland." "It is nice to buy himself received only one dose, but pretty thin on the ground it has been complied with.
Instead, they choose to focus their genius on creating an array of world-changing, money-making businesses.The thinking goes that if some is good, more is better, whether that s referring to money, portion size or hours spent at work.So when tech started to shed its geeky image and Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs became household names, applying the same logic to entrepreneurs was a natural progression.If there s anything we ve learned from Wall Street, it s that a deluge of incoming talent and a voracious appetite for profit leads to bad behavior and, potentially, crises.But more worrisome is that the allure of serial entrepreneurship also brings in those who have less lofty ideals, their sights set on monetary gain or personal glory.There s certainly nothing wrong with acquisition in itself, but making it your ultimate goal from the beginning is short-sighted.
For years, the crowdfunding platform has been helping entrepreneurs secure the funds they need to bring turn their dreams into tangible products and services.Now, a new partnership with Arrow Electronics hopes to make it easier still for entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life.The brand new integration brings Arrow s comprehensive design and production platform directly onto Indiegogo s crowdfunding engine, allowing qualifying Indiegogo users with immediate online access to Arrow s suite of design tools, engineering experts, prototype services, manufacturing support, and even supply chain management.User eligibility will be determined by the projects technical feasibility, manufacturability, and overall impact.Arrow, which has been in business since 1935, has long served as a global provider of electronics and related services, but now it s reaching a brand new audience in the form of budding businesses.We re very excited for this collaboration with Arrow, as it strengthens our commitment to helping entrepreneurs through every step of their journey, said Indiegogo CEO David Mandelbrot.
Samsung and LG were on the way up, but the big names in cell phones were still Motorola and Nokia.I didn t have the benefit then of the K-Startup Grand Challenge and the potential of landing $100,000 in grant money — more about that down below.However, over the decade that I ve lived on and off in Korea, it has become a world leader in technology, advanced manufacturing, and even culture.For us, the close proximity to the rest of Asia allows us to keep up-to-date with rapidly changing technological trends much quicker than if we were in the West, said Alex Gershon, Business Development Manager at file sharing startup Send Anywhere.This all-expenses-paid acceleration program gives entrepreneurs looking to break into Asia an advantage that I didn t have when I founded G3 Partners a little less than two years ago.The K-Startup Grand Challenge will bring 40 foreign startups to a new $160 million startup campus in Pangyo, an area dubbed Korea s Silicon Valley.Dr. Chang-yong Ahn, a director at Korea s Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning puts it bluntly, Most innovation is borne from diversity – just look at Silicon Valley.The K-Startup Grand Challenge is part of a $2 billion annual effort, funded by the Korean government and private companies, to transform Korea s economy into one with a stronger focus on technology entrepreneurship.We were also very fortunate to receive two government grants and a free office, making the move easier.
Indiegogo knows that better than most, and is teaming up with Arrow Electronics to help entrepreneurs deliver products through engineering assistance and go-to-market support.Qualifying campaigns will get direct access to Arrow s design tools, prototyping services, manufacturing support, supply chain management assistance and — most importantly — engineering experts.Campaigns that are receiving the Arrow treatment receive a special Arrow badge signifying that the campaign has an army of Smart People behind it, which in theory should increase its chances of delivering successfully.Over the last year, Indiegogo has introduced new services meant to support entrepreneurs beyond the crowdfunding stage of their business, including InDemand, which enables campaigns to continue accepting pre-orders after their crowdfunding efforts end, and Marketplace, which is Indiegogo s leap into e-commerce, offering a service for business owners to sell products that are ready to ship.Integrating with Arrow is a tremendously interesting move from Indiegogo s side, but it remains to be seen whether it s a good business decision; the introduction of the Arrow badge could potentially create a two-tier system, where campaigns with the badge find it easier to get funding and campaigns not so adorned wither away, unloved and alone.It is unclear whether the Arrow deal is exclusive, but my hope is that this deal is the first step.
about half of the reductions will take place in Espoo, about a quarter of Oulu and about a quarter of Tampere. 04.13.2016 Nokia started cooperation negotiations ended Friday. Nokia announced by the beginning of some 1 300 jobs during the negotiations was defined reduction was 1 032 jobs. Most of the reductions aim at Nokia, to adopt during the summer, and the rest by the end of the year. Nokia offers those affected by downsizing the new Bridge-aid program, as well as the length of the employment relationship, the determined financial aid package. Finding a new job Nokian inside or outside the company, learning new things and new opportunities, such as the opening of entrepreneurship, "Nokia said.
We ve all come across numerous Top 100 resources for startups -type posts at least once as we Google our way to entrepreneurial success.In this first installment we ll focus on what early-stage startups need to spend money on.We ll wrap up the series by enumerating some areas where entrepreneurs frequently want to spend money despite there being little, or even negative, ROI.For the purposes of this series, I m going to define an early-stage startup as a company that can fall into any of the following buckets:MRR is less than $10,000Number of recurring paying customers is less than 40Number of six-month-old recurring paying customers is less than 50 percent of total customersAll paying customers had a prior personal relationship with a member of the companyThe goal of this definition is to identify companies whose business is still in a state of flux.Nor does it take into account the time it takes me to upgrade the underlying DigitalOcean servers when our storage needs exceed the disk size of the current servers.In the next installment we ll look at places where free software is the way to go in the early-stage, including things like code hosting, CRM, status page, monitoring and customer feedback.
Nokia's co-operation negotiations have ended, the company says in a statement. Reduction was was defined in the negotiations 1 032 jobs, while at the beginning of the co-Round Nokia expects to reduce about 1 300 jobs. about half of the reductions will take place in Espoo, about a quarter of Oulu and about a quarter of Tampere. According to the company the majority of the reductions will be carried out during the summer, and a smaller proportion by the end of the year. Nokia offers those affected by downsizing the new Bridge-aid program, as well as the length of the employment relationship, the determined financial aid package. These include finding a new job Nokian inside or outside the company, learning new things and new opportunities, such as the opening of entrepreneurship.
In the 2015 Kauffman Index which studies U.S. trends of entrepreneurship, researchers found that 310 out of 100,000 adults, or 530,000 people, started new businesses each month last year.The hard part is that while these courageous dreamers may be excellent at their current skill or craft, they also need to be capable of running a company and depending on funding possibly managing an IT program.The multitude of cloud applications and data maintenance options are vast and deciding what would work best for your company can easily become overwhelming.Let s break down the types of cloud storage so that you can determine what suits your needs best.Cloud Storage, Security and ServicesFirst of all, storage is one of the most basic of uses of cloud technology.However, as many big box stores, hospitals, and even the government can attest to among the plethora of others who have shared time on the news as victims of cyber hackers , data security is one of the most crucial aspects of any organization to protect and invest in.Related Article: Beyond Security: The Many Business Benefits of the CloudSecondly, there are different types of cloud companies out there.This applies to the more basic cloud storage providers.Comparatively, enterprise cloud computing can be explained by, the special case of utilizing cloud computing for competitive advantage through breakout opportunities both for cost savings and, more importantly, for business innovation in terms of unprecedented speed and agility with vastly improved collaboration among business partners and customers, as stated in the book "A Strategy Guide for Business and Technology Leaders — and the Rest of Us" by Andy Mulholland, Jon Pyke and Peter Fingar.Both are extremely user friendly and have free options to test whether you like their services.Once you get past the free initial storage offer, rates start at just $15 a month for Dropbox and $10 for Google Drive.Both have critical data encryption, secure data centers, and various other administrative settings to protect your data in the cloud and on your hardware.For larger businesses, enterprise cloud storage may be a better option if you are handling highly secure data, long-term archiving, or are using data that needs to be pulled into running applications.They also created Azure Government, a stand-alone version of Azure designed to meet the rigorous compliance requirements of U.S. public agencies.AWS also goes the extra mile by providing hundreds of tools and features across network security, configuration management, access control and data encryption along with international certifications of compliance and verifications of systematic auditing.In ConclusionThe cloud companies that serve smaller companies are SaaS providers on application platforms with less security measures in place.
GoLorry co-founders Jonathan Richards, 23, left, and Sanjay Mandava, 26, check truck drivers' records in India at their office in San Mateo, Calif., on Thursday, April 7, 2016.GoLorry is located in a residential area in San Mateo, Calif., photographed on Thursday, April 7, 2016.John Green/Bay Area News Group "We're seeing a huge increase of people in the developing world and in other regions with access to smartphones and access to mobile, and that is really fueling the growth of these companies there," said Kat Manalac, a partner at Y Combinator.Aditya Agarwalla, who with his father founded Kisan Network, an online marketplace for Indian farmers, says mobile Internet usage in India is exploding.Rappi, another Y Combinator-backed app, uses couriers on bicycles and motorized scooters to deliver everything from groceries to prepared meals to cosmetics in Bogota and Barranquilla, Colombia, and Mexico City.John Green/Bay Area News Group Borrero, who is from Colombia and temporarily relocated to Silicon Valley for the Y Combinator program, is capitalizing on his local knowledge.Follow her at twitter.com/marisakendall.
I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and now live in Washington DC with my wife Lori and our rescue mutt Piper.To say that I consider myself lucky is true but I also have hefty reserves of energy and curiosity.The professional experiences that have shaped me blend entrepreneurial, investment, advisory and executive leadership roles in companies big and small, including McKinsey & Co, Booz Allen, Abbott Labs, Bridgewater Associates, The GEM Group, Pacific Community Ventures, Paradigm Ventures and Air America Media.Augmenting my private sector background, I had the incredible privilege to have served in President Obama s administration as a senior official focused on innovation, investment, finance and high-growth entrepreneurship.A few days ago, I began the latest chapter of my career and joined venture capital firm Fenway Summer Ventures as Managing Director.Nos vemos pronto en California!
As Founder and CEO of inDinero, Jessica loves helping entrepreneurs run better businesses.She started inDinero back in 2010 to help entrepreneurs with all their accounting and tax needs after going through the same challenges with her own businesses.Jessica has grown inDinero from zero to multi-million dollar revenues with over 100 full-time employees and has been featured in the Forbes and Inc 30 Under 30 Lists.She is an IRS Enrolled Agent, Ham Radio Operator, and a Private Pilot.Outside of her work, Jessica flies a single-engine airplane, mentors first-time entrepreneurs, and is an active member of Young Presidents Organization YPO .You can follow her on Twitter: @jessicamahShe will be live on April 26 starting 930 AM PT for one and a half hours during which she will answer as many questions as possible.