Firefox, Chrome and Opera are fantastic browsers in their own right, and are made even better by the wealth of extensions available in their respective stores.However, for various reasons, not all add-ons are available in the official stores, and must instead be installed manually.Take care to only install add-ons downloaded from legitimate sources, and remember that you're doing so at your own risk.You can still install extensions by dragging and dropping a downloaded CRX file onto the Extensions list, but it will be greyed out and you'll be unable to activate it.Last year, Google extended this policy to the developer version of the browser, closing down that possible avenue.Drag and drop the CRX for extensions designed for Chrome or OEX extensions developed for Opera file onto the list of installed extensions.
Photo: Jarno Tahvainen / Yle The system describes the signs, says the speed and, for example, whether the taxes are paid. Abroad, the system is installed in the camera to the posts. The police system has been in place for a year, but the device has been used abroad for a few years, says President and CEO Jukka Suutari. - License Plate Recognition System is just one part of Sunit developed by Video24 -liikenteenvalvontajärjestelmää. Parking garages is the same system The police is not the only shield the user authentication in Finland, says Suutari. Senior Constable Heikki Klemetti follow in her car display screen, and is considering extensions patience.
Ransomware that holds your computer hostage until a fee has been paid to unlock it is pretty evil as far as nefarious code goes.Apparently, the group behind the TeslaCrypt ransomware came to that same conclusion as they ve shut down the project and released the master decryption key.As Bleeping Computer explains, an analyst at security firm ESET noticed over the past few weeks that the developers of TeslaCrypt had slowly been closing their doors.Simultaneously, some distributors have been moving their operations to a different type of ransomware.On a whim, the ESET analyst hopped on the support chat of the Tesla payment site and asked if they would release the master decryption key.That of course doesn t make it right but the fact that they ultimately published the key and closed their operation does speak to their underlying character.
And it's not just a small subset of apps; the entire Google Play Store is coming to Chrome OS.Chrome OS now will have two app stores: Google Play and the Chrome Web Store, but the Chrome team said nothing was going to happen to the Chrome Web Store—it will continue to house Chrome themes and extensions.ARC wasn't good enough, so Google started over from scratch."With the initial version of ARC, we managed to push things forward, but fundamentally developers still needed to do serious work to their application to make it work in that environment."There is some speed loss when translating ARM to x86, but it shouldn't be a problem given that most x86 Chromebooks are going to be much faster than an ARM phone."We're putting a lot of that desktop Android documentation together right now," Chrome's product manager, Kan Liu, told Ars.
Google wants to save you the frustration in an upcoming release of Chrome that removes the ability to go "back" with the backspace key altogether.Specifically, the tweak will arrive with version 52 of the browser sometime in July, but is currently available in the "Developer" release.On a Chrome Code Reviews page, Google explains that 0.04 percent of page views are currently triggered by going back with the backspace button, and 0.005 percent are from people using the backspace key after a form interaction.That doesn t sound like much but apparently people have been complaining for years, and Google thinks it's the right choice to change this given the degree of pain users feel by losing their data and because every platform has another keyboard combination that navigates back.Indeed a quick search on the Chrome Web Store shows at least half a dozen extensions that disable navigating to the previous page with the backspace key.It doesn t seem like a big deal considering you could re-enable the functionality via an extension or program your mouse button with alternatives such as Alt Left, but unsurprisingly, some users are already making themselves heard.
Users who want to have backspace functioning only as backspace in the current stable version—Chrome 50—can use one of the few extensions that have been available for several years now.Google's developer Ojan Vafai explained why the backspace behaviour—which takes its roots from older browsers like Netscape Navigator—would be removed:We have UseCounters showing that 0.04 percent of page views navigate back via the backspace button and 0.005 percent of page views are after a form interaction.Indeed, outcry—while limited—has already started to appear in the discussions part of Chromium's bug tracker.Hardcore users defending backspace-powered navigation said that the alternatives—pressing Alt Left or clicking the Back button in the top left corner of the window—were too cumbersome and inconvenient."We're definitely aware of the frustration that this causes users who have come to rely on the shortcut," Tyler Odean, Google's senior product manager, commented."We're working to release an extension that will allow users to restore this behaviour.
A new study of more than 1 million websites found that news sites that rely heavily on online advertising are sprinkling the most digital markers on their visitors.Since the advent of the Web, digital advertisers have been in a cat-and-mouse game with users over tracking their movements, even deliberately circumventing privacy settings.This study, purportedly the largest and most detailed measurement of online tracking to date, offers more detail of which sites are most aggressively targeting users and new methods of tracking users.When it comes to following visitors around the Web, news, arts and sports sites lead the pack, even more than pornography sites, the Princeton researchers found.Sites such as non-profits and universities track visitors much less.The researchers speculate why news sites are tracking more:The top five most common tracking tools are owned by Google, such as Google Analytics and Doubleclick, MIT Technology Review points out.Visitors who don t want to be tracked have two main methods for throwing off their digital scent, the cookie-blocker in one s browser and privacy extensions.But do they work?The researchers found that Firefox s blocking was effective.Add-on extension Ghostery was also effective at limiting cookies.What s trickier are new techniques used by small companies that work on how browsers process audio.Dubbed fingerprinting, the tracker attaches an audio signal that then follows a device around the Web.Since Google and Facebook control most of the common trackers, there may be hope of creating standards and controls in this space.One of the researchers, Arvind Narayanan, told the MIT Technology Review:Photo: The Google logo.AP/Mark Lennihan Tags: cookies, facebook, Google, Google Analytics, news sites, tracking
When Iván De Cabo hacked together Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur , the super casual game playable from within the iOS Notification Center game, he had no idea what would happen next.This then led to an acquisition offer that went up and up — from an initial $350 to $60,000, De Cabo told TechCrunch at the time — that was politely declined.However, TechCrunch has learned that Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur has since been acquired by a different suitor, Spanish gaming company Genera Games, for a sum I understand to be more than triple the offer De Cabo originally received.In a call, De Cabo told me he was first introduced to Genera by his then boss at Icinetic, Lucas Gozálvez who also owned a 15 per cent stake in Steve – The Jumping Dinosaur but at first the gaming company wasn t interested in making an acquisition.What I don t know is how I found out that there exist extensions for iOS that let you code for the notification center, De Cabo recalls.My first impression when I met Ivan was that guy is really smart and honest, I want to work with him to evolve the game niche that he has opened, says Curro Rueda, Genera Games Chief Operating Officer, in a statement.
New version fixes known flaws and adopts new exploit kit-based distribution modelThe TeslaCrypt creators called it quits recently, but unfortunately for users, there s a new ransomware program that s ready to take its place.However, its authors have recently fixed all issues and malware researchers believe that with the newly released version 4, DMA Locker has reached maturity and might be the next thing to hit users in widespread attacks.The new version, however, is distributed via Web-based drive-by download attacks that rely on exploit kits, meaning that a much bigger number of computers can potentially be affected.That key is then encrypted with a public RSA key and gets appended to the beginning of the file.Instead, DMA Locker has a list of extensions that it will not touch, encrypting everything else and potentially causing more damage.Performing regular backups to locations that are only temporarily accessible from the computer, such as an USB hard disk drive that s only connected during backup operations, is very important.
Expanded text ads for a mobile-first worldIn February, Google removed right-hand side ads on desktop to improve consistency across devices.In line with that move, Google has optimized its offerings around the screen sizes of the most popular smartphones.Google says these upgrades will be especially relevant for advertisers wanting to reach the on-the-go mobile consumer who wants to know exactly what products and services are available before tapping into a website.Google s new tool – responsive ads for display – are designed to help advertisers develop ads to counter the diverse content, shapes, and sizes across the more than two million publisher sites and apps on the Google Display Network GDN .Bidding for a mobile-first worldAdWords will soon allow advertisers to set individual bid adjustments for each device type mobile, desktop and tablet .For example, when using location extensions, advertisers will be able to prominently showcase their business locations when consumers search for things like shoe store or car repair near me.
the EUROPEAN court of justice delivered recently a judgment where it is said that it is illegal to sell multimediahårdvara that has pre-installed software that bypasses copyright laws.It was via a case in the Netherlands where multimedialådan Filmspeler was before the court when it came pre-installed with multimediamjukvara and third-party extensions that made it possible for users to watch sportströmmar or movies that you might otherwise have to pay for to see.the People behind the Filmspeler meant that everything was open source and that tredjepartstilläggen was already available to the public.But the court considered that the Filmspeler-the people were fully aware of what they were selling and fell in a conviction.A number of courts throughout Europe have had cases such as this and in the future can courts within the EUROPEAN union the point of this case when they have to evaluate something.
Good news for game developers around the world — the .game domain extension has officially launched for anyone to register.The Internet has seen a flurry of new top-level domains TLD beyond the likes of .com, .net, or .org, a movement that was spurred when ICANN first revealed plans to extend things back in 2011.This has meant that companies can buy their very own unique closed TLD, such as what a certain Internet giant did with .Google, but it has also led to a bunch of industry-specific domains, such as .florist and .game.Five registrars had applied to operate the new .game domain extension, including the likes of Google and Amazon, but Cayman Islands-based Uniregistry won out last year, with the company s general counsel Bret Fausett announcing it in a tweet.Uniregistry also owns other notable domain extensions including .audio, .auto, .car, .christmas, .flowers, .help, .hiphop, and .photo.Before the new .game extension was opened to the public, there were several earlier pre-registration phases allowing brands and trademark-holders to get a head start, and according to Uniregistry, virtually all of the high-profile gaming brands had snapped up relevant names.We are especially pleased to see the early adoption of the name by the world s leading gaming companies, said Frank Schilling, the managing director of Uniregistry, in a press release.And although a quick search confirms that many of the popular gaming brands are no longer available, many can still be bought — for example is yours for a mere $1,430 per year.At any rate, the new public offering should serve as a boon for software companies and app developers who have found memorable .com domains harder to come by..Game domain names are where the art of marketing intersects with computer science and the technology of the web.
Items stored in your Dropbox account will show up in your machine s local menus.Project Infinite employs kernel extensions that ll move from it from accessing your system s user space and into the kernel space.Tapping the kernel isn t a new or unique idea but it is generally reserved for more mission-critical applications, such as security or antivirus.Also, you re potentially leaving yourself wide open to faults and failing in the software author s code, as some users of certain antivirus software brands can attest to.A commenter responding on the Dropbox blog named Jonathan gave them both barrels:Antivirus has a terrible track record of slowing down computers and instability and generally being an ineffective nuisance.I don't personally need to guard against the 'untrained intern problem' and I'm very uncomfortable with needing to load a kernel extension, he wrote.
To help encourage better password etiquette Microsoft has taken the bold step of banning easy passwords on all of its accounts.Well Microsoft has been carefully monitoring the most common passwords along with the most vulnerable and has created a blacklist.With variable sharing options you can send passwords to colleagues that also have Dashlane while keeping the password secure even from them.It s also one of the easiest to use as well thanks to an ultra-simple interface.Rather than using autofill, 1Password uses extensions in Chrome, Firefox and Safari which gives you quick and easy access to your vault on any of your computers.This is a great all-rounder for the single user who just wants a complete solution.
Are you an aspiring developer or someone with an intense admiration for gaming?Domain name registration services provider Uniregistry is in charge of the new .game extensions.Blizzard, for example, purchased Warcraft, Starcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo and Heroes of the Storm domain names during the early trademark registration period and added on launch day.Predictably, Activision scooped up Call of Duty, Take-Two Interactive registered Grand Theft Auto, Microsoft grabbed Minecraft and so on.Amanda Fessenden, director of registry business operations for Uniregistry, said that while they are excited to see existing game companies acquire their .game domain names, they are even more excited by what will come next – the creation of websites, marketing campaigns and games themselves built on the new domains.Opportunities like this don t come around very often.
Researchers Rob Wu and Guang Gong picked up the two remaining top payments in the patch run landing US$7500 and US$4000 each for another cross-orgin bypass and a type confusion hole.$7500 598165 High CVE-2016-1674: Cross-origin bypass in extensions.Credit to Rob Wu.$500 598077 Low CVE-2016-1692: Limited cross-origin bypass in ServiceWorker.Credit to Khalil Zhani.$500 603682 Low CVE-2016-1694: HPKP pins removed on cache clearance.
Twitter has quietly rolled out an exclusive feature for Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus users.Until now, 3D Touch functionality on the Twitter app was limited to quick actions on the home screen.With the update installed, users with the latest iPhone models can now bring up 3D Touch peek and pop previews for Twitter profiles and links.By swiping a peek upwards, you ll have access to all the regular options to share a tweet, including direct messaging and the standard iOS extensions.The former have become an important part of the Twitter experience, as the app has increasingly becomes a place for users to access news.A recent study by the Pew Research Center found that the majority of U.S. adults now access news via social media.
We like 'any device, any platform', but not UWP, says component vendorJason Beres, Infragistics Senior VP, Developer ToolsKeeping pace with Microsoft's ever-changing developer story has not been easy.The concept of buying pre-built components such as charts and grids to insert into your application remains stronger in the Visual Studio world than outside it.Infragistics invested heavily in Silverlight components back when that was the key strategy, only to see it sidelined in 2010 when the Windows 8 project was getting under way.So the players in the space are iOS, Android and a hybrid experience.The odd thing is that although UWP remains prominent in Microsoft's development platform, it is overshadowed by another strategy, which is to support any device on any platform in order to promote its cloud services, Azure and Office 365.Microsoft's extraordinary upgrade push for Windows 10 suggests that extending the installed base that can run UWP applications is a high priority, but without the mobile element the platform is not compelling.
Chrome: If you re the type who enjoys a little motivational push through the day in the form of an inspiring quote, New Tab Motivation for Chrome delivers, with a random quote each time you open a new tab.The extension itself is pretty simple.Every time you open a tab, you get a new quote by someone like the Dalai Lama, Lao Tzu, Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins, and more—obviously some quotes more interesting and thoughtful than others.You ll probably have to plug through some eyeroll-worthy ones to find something that ll help you get motivated to push through the low points of the workday, but since you get a new quote with each tab, it s as simple as closing and opening another, or ignoring it until you have a reason to open a new one.If you re interested, it s free and you can check it out at the link below.
Find out what helps the web work.Apache, an open source software that is available for free, is the most widely used web server software and is developed and maintained by the Apache Software Foundation.Version 2.0 of Apache is capable of running on most UNIX-based operating systems such as Linux, Solaris.Flexibility is created by manipulating the code base, or by adding multiple extensions and add-ons.Web hosting companies widely use Apache in order to provide shared/virtual hosting.The latest version 2.4.20, was released in April of 2016.