Astronaut Scott Kelly returned from a year-long sojourn in space in June.His slightly older twin, Mark Kelly, stayed home as a control—part of NASA s twin study to monitor the effects of space on the human body.But there s a physical change that NASA might not be able to measure that easily.Mark is now even older by about 5 milliseconds than his space-faring twin, thanks to special relativity.It s due to a quirky little thing called time dilation: time can slow down for one person, but not for another, because there is no such thing as a fixed frame of reference against which all motion can be measured.Two people who are moving relative to each other, wearing identical watches, will measure time differently, depending on how fast each is moving.
KickassTorrents has been the focus of a rigorous US law-enforcement operationThe US Department of Justice DoJ has indicted three alleged operators of filesharing website KickassTorrents KAT on a slew of copyright infringement and unlawful distribution charges, according to court filings released on Tuesday 23 August 2016 .In July, 30-year-old Rates Vaulin, an alleged administrator of the website, was arrested in Poland and charged with unlawfully distributing more than $1 billion £757.8m of copyrighted materials, including movies, television shows and computer software.The new indictment, as disclosed by TorrentFreak, shows how US prosecutors have now named two more Ukrainian suspects in the ongoing legal proceedings: Levgen Eugene Kutsenko aka 'chill' and Oleksander Alex Radostin aka 'pioneer'.This, it added, included movies some of which were still in cinemas , TV shows, music, video games, computer software and ebooks.In additional to their operation of KickassTorrents, the legal filing alleges the trio were heavily involved in other illegal 'download websites', including Solarmovie,,,,, and
A pizza delivery drone before a test flight in Auckland.New Zealand led the world when it gave women the vote and introduced inflation targeting.Domino s Pizza has joined forces with US-based self-proclaimed flying robot operator Flirtey for the world s first commercial drone pizza delivery, the fast-food company said on Thursday.Domino s will start testing the service in New Zealand later this year and is also looking at using drones in Australia, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Japan and Germany.We ve always said that it doesn t make sense to have a two-ton machine delivering a 2kg orderDomino s CEO Don Meij
The launch of StartupAmsterdam in 2015 has had a lot of positive impact on the growth of the Amsterdam tech scene.As a combination of serial entrepreneurs and governmental bodies, the organisation aims to make the city as perfect as possible for technology companies to, Adyen, WeTransfer, TomTom and TNW were all founded in Amsterdam, while companies such as Uber, Netflix and Tesla have chosen Amsterdam as their European headquarters.Now it s time to give some fast growing early-stage companies from Amsterdam the limelight.StartupAmsterdam is offering five young, fast-growing companies the opportunity to scale in the US by bringing them to TNW Momentum November 16 in Brooklyn, NYC .By teaming up with TNW each of the five startups will get access to the SCALE program during Momentum.
One of the most interesting new technologies introduced on Canon s 5D Mark IV earlier this week was barely even mentioned in the press release.It s called Dual Pixel RAW, and it will actually allow photographers to digitally correct optical errors after an image was taken — but only to a very small degree.Canon s Dual Pixel technology is fairly common today, found on many of the company s DSLRs.In general, on-chip autofocus relies on the slower contrast detection method, which limits performance in live view including when shooting video .As it turns out, fast AF performance is not the only thing that can be accomplished by splitting the pixels into two.Imaging-Resource published an in-depth look at how the new Dual Pixel RAW on the 5D Mark IV enables a tiny amount of post-production magic.
Hey Siri, turn up the temperature two degrees.The Aloft Hotel Group calls it Project: Jetson.The latest innovation in the Starwood brand s tech test bed is Siri voice-controlled hotel rooms, according to Fast Company.The voice-activated-room pilot program is taking place at an Aloft hotel in Boston.When guests go to their rooms for the first time instructions on the television explain how to set up voice activation.Each room has an iPad that guests can train to recognize their voices by speaking a few sentences.
In little less than a week, Samsung is expected to unveil its next gen smartwatch the Gear S3.But before it takes the throne, it seems that Samsung will be giving the Gear S2 generation one last hurrah.In South Korea, it has started a beta program for testing iOS support for the Gear S2 smartwatch as well as the newer Gear Fit 2 fitness wearable, signifying the long-awaited iPhone support for Samsung s wearable devices.Support for Samsung s Gear wearables on Apple s platform has long been in the making, going as far back as Samsung had wearables.There have also been some attempts at making unofficial bridges, but it was only early this year than an official connection was confirmed.Fast forward 8 months later, it seems that Samsung is finally ready to roll it out to the public.
These include navigators and maps, taxi and weather-forecast services, various rental and booking services like Uber or Airbnb, even messengers – all of them are using geolocation to provide more convenient, friendly and fast services.Geolocation saves time in such cases by detecting the current location automatically without any additional user input or scrolling long lists in an effort to find necessary city.As an example we are going to create small web app which will be able to calculate the shortest route between detected user’s location (point A) and predefined destination (point B) using Google Maps API.This is html5 geolocation service which is supported by all modern web browsers (even IE!)This method is used to define the current location of a user.console.log("Latitude: " + position.coords.latitude + ", Longitude: " + position.coords.longitude)
Want a cracking fast SSD but don't want to pay a lot of money for the privilege?Then you might want to take a look at the new 3D NAND sporting SSDs which Intel has just released onto the market.The company has unleashed a number of solid-state drives targeting different arenas including the data centre and Internet of Things, but it's the Intel SSD 600p and Intel SSD Pro 6000p we are most interested in – pitched at the consumer and business customer respectively.The 600p is aimed at consumer desktop PCs and notebooks – it's an NVMe SSD that plugs into a PCIe Gen3 x4 slot, and Intel claims its three times as fast as a traditional SATA SSD, and some 17 times as fast as a hard drive.Starting at a capacity of 128GB, that base model offers sequential read speeds of up to 770MB/s and write speeds of up to 450MB/s, and random read/write speeds of 35,000/91,000 IOPS respectively.But perhaps the most tempting element here is the price – you can pick this flavour up right now for around £60 about $80, AU$105 online.
Truecaller has landed a partnership with Huawei which will see its caller ID and smart phone book app pre-loaded on the fast-growing Chinese company s overseas smartphones.The deal represents the most significant tie-up to date for Stockholm-based Truecaller, which offers social features inside the caller app and uses a crowdsourced directory to help identify spam calls.The deal will initially apply to the Honor 8, Huawei s latest flagship, when it launches next month, but a Truecaller representative told TechCrunch that the app will be pre-bundled on future Huawei phones sold across the U.S., Middle East, North Africa, South East Asia and India.The companies confirmed that there is no financial element to this deal, rather it is a strategic deal to help both sides to grow.Huawei shipped 100 million devices last year, a figure that was up 33 percent on 2014, with some 40 million of that number sold overseas.The company is looking to integrate third-party apps to go beyond stock Google services and make its devices standard apart from the crowded field of Android smartphones.
AMD s game-smoothing FreeSync monitors launched a full year after Nvidia s rival G-Sync displays, but they ve been coming fast and furious ever since.Late Thursday, the company revealed that its technology surpassed not one, but two major milestones with the launch of the 27-inch Y27f $400 on Amazon earlier this month.This curved, 144Hz 1080p display is both Lenovo s first-ever FreeSync display, as well as the 101st FreeSync display released overall.FreeSync and G-Sync monitors synchronize the refresh rate of your graphics card with your display.That eliminates stutter and tearing, resulting in gameplay so buttery smooth that you ll never be able to use a traditional non-variable refresh rate monitor again.But each kills stutter from different angles.
I ve used Vast and fast to describe previous hard drives I ve reviewed, but I m not sure that it s ever been this spectacularly well-deserved.Seagate s 3.5-inch, 7,200rpm, SATA 6Gbps Barracuda Pro not only delivers a stunning 10TB of storage, it laid down some rather astounding transfer rates: 240MBps in both directions of our 20GB copy tests.By the numbers, AS SSD rated the drive at 243MBps reading and 229MBps writing.We re not sure, but the SMR shingled magnetic recording drive is extremely high-density, and has a whopping 14 platters and 7 read-write heads.Perhaps the company has leveraged some of the algorithms developed over the last few years for SSD controllers and is scattering data equally about the platters.That s unusual; hard drives tend to write faster on the outside of the platters where sectors whip by at a faster pace than on the inner portions of the disc.
TechCrunch recently took a trip down to Los Angeles for our meetup and to check in on the growing startup scene there.One of the fast-growing businesses that s been on our radar is Thrive Market.The online Costco-meets-Whole Foods recently raised $111 million from venture firms like Greycroft and celebrities like Demi Moore and John Legend to grow their organic foods business.We spoke to co-CEOs Nick Green and Gunnar Lovelace in the above video about their plans for expansion and why they think they can stand out in what s already a competitive landscape.The mission of Thrive Market is making healthy living affordable and accessible for every American family, according to Green.The $60 annual membership fee helps Thrive offer items at what they claim is 25-50% below retail pricing.
Today, NASA tossed a mock-up of their Orion spacecraft with two crash-test dummies sitting inside into a pool to simulate a return-to-Earth splashdown scenario.The test lasted all of about ten seconds and is ninth test of a ten-part water impact series NASA began conducting in April.After a few seconds of swinging, Orion was dropped into the 20-foot deep Hydro Impact Basin, an outdoor pool facility, at NASA s Langley Research Center.Fast forward to minute 19:20 to watch the test below.Inside the mock-up were a number of sensors as well as two test dummies – one representing a 105-pound woman and the other, a 220-pound man.Equipped with spacesuits, both dummies were covered in sensors so that engineers could analyze the impact a landing would have on an astronaut s body.
Researchers have designed a new computer chip that promises to boost the performance of computers and data centers while processing applications in parallel.Princeton University researchers have developed a 25-core open source processor, dubbed Piton named after the metal spikes used by rock climbers, which has been designed to be flexible, highly scalable, fast and energy-efficient to satisfy the demands of massive-scale data centers.Every computer has a processor, but it's the core, a processing unit, which defines its actual efficiency and performance.A Processor can have a single core or multiple cores, which receive instructions, then performs calculations on it based on those instructions, and gives the results back.For example, the four independent processing units i.e.Cores of a quad-core processor can run multiple instructions at the same time, increasing the overall performance for applications compatible with parallel processing.Your Future Desktop could be a SupercomputerHowever, researchers aim is to design a chip that could be used specifically for massive computing systems in large data centers that handle cloud services, email services, search and social networking requests.With Piton, researchers believe that they can create a giant 200,000-core computer stuffed with 8,000 64-bit Piton chips, ensuring the massive collection of cores are in sync when processing different applications in parallel.Piton is an open-source processor based on OpenSparc, which is a modified version of Oracle's OpenSparc T1 processor.The current version of the Piton chip measures 6mmx6mm with over 460 Million transistors each 32nm , making Piton the largest chip developed by academia in size.
Assuming you re not reading this on your iPhone 12s in some far more web-optimized future, it probably took this page between two and three seconds to show up.But two-to-three seconds is a good baseline for August 2016.How long it seemed to take is an entirely different matter.Even with increasingly faster devices, speedier networks, and optimized web code, waiting is inevitable—and legitimately stressful.Your emotional state, immediate environment, the music playing in the background, cultural biases—all of these can affect whether a download that is fast actually feels fast.The Psychology of How Pokémon Go Gets Inside Your Brain
the Woman died in Japan, while Pokémon Gota played the truck driver hit him and another pedestrian.a Pedestrian died in an accident, where he stayed for the Pokémon Gota play the truck driver ran over for the Japanese Tokushimassa Wednesday night, told the Reuters news agency.the Car hit two women, one dead and another injured.Tokushiman according to police, the driver told police he was focused on the game.He is currently in custody.Pokémon Gon behind the Niantic-gaming representative commented to Reuters that the game has been added when running the warning appears to play, if the player seems to move too fast.
Organizations of all sizes are asking the same question: How do we make technology choices that are right for our company s current operations and future strategy?Tens of thousands of business and IT leaders from companies big and small will be exploring that question at Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco September 18 to 22.Oracle OpenWorld 2016 will feature more than more than 200 sessions focused on Oracle s ERP and EPM solutions that enable speed, flexibility, and performance.For established companies looking to transform their operations, a critical focus is shedding the anchor weight of highly customized systems that make updates onerous—and put them increasingly behind their competition.For small, fast-growing companies, the impetus is choosing cloud-based applications that enable global expansion and can minimize integration headaches down the road.It s been four years since IT research and advisory firm Gartner dubbed the combination of mobile, social, cloud, and big data technologies as the Nexus of Forces, but nimble upstarts are hardly the only ones tapping these forces to change how businesses operate.
On Thursday, federal antitrust regulators from the Federal Trade Commission FTC approved electric vehicle maker Tesla s bid to buy solar panel company SolarCity for $2.6 billion in an all-stock deal.The deal was expected to be approved, and Reuters reported that regulators fast-tracked the merger, along with a number of other, lower-profile mergers in which the two companies seeking to merge did little overlapping business.Tesla announced the merger in June, and on August 1 it proposed terms for the takeover of the solar panel company—owners of SolarCity shares will get 0.11 shares of Tesla stock for every share of SolarCity stock they own.Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who also serves on the SolarCity board, said he wanted to purchase the solar panel company to create an integrated solar platform in which houses could generate their own electricity perhaps even with an entire Tesla-branded solar roof , store that energy in a Tesla Powerwall, and charge their electric vehicle.Servicing and installation would ideally become more consumer-friendly as well, as it would all come from the same company.Tesla has also said that its growing experience in manufacturing at its Fremont, California, and Sparks, Nevada, locations could help SolarCity more effectively realize its own massive solar panel manufacturing project in Buffalo, New York.
McDonald's has sold more than 32 million meal boxes containing Step-It wristbandsMcDonald's is recalling millions of fitness wristbands that it bundled with Happy Meals after customers complained of skin irritation and burns.The fast-food chain sold more than 32 million meal boxes containing the plastic "Step-It" bands across North America.The Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC has urged customers to "immediately take the recalled wristbands from children".McDonald's has issued an apology.The devices were promoted as devices that would encourage and measure active lifestyles.