The sport of drone quad racing is quickly growing from DIY hobby to full-fledged competitive sport.Unlike off-the-shelf drones like DJI's Phantom series, the racing drones are quadcopters hence, "quad" racing , generally hand-built and fully customizable.In a multi-part video series, Mashable Creative Producer Sam Sheffer explores what it takes to build, race and compete in this new sport.After a few phone calls, drone pilot and Liberty Cup Race organizer Randy Slavin put us in touch with some great folks to help out, including New York City electronics megastore B who sent over all of the necessary parts for us to build our own screaming fast quad racer.They provided us with a full Team Black Sheep TBS quad kit minus the frame.Fortunately for us, the kit required no soldering and saved us a ton of time.
Apple s upcoming Macbooks need to be a major refresh to the lineup, since the laptop selection is looking a little old lately.We re expecting Touch ID and a new OLED button panel to come to the 2016 Macbook Pro, but code hidden in the latest version of macOS Sierra hints at one additional feature.According to code uncovered by 9to5Mac, macOS Sierra will support USB 3.1 Gen 2, better known as the upgraded version of USB-C. Apple introduced USB-C ports into its lineup with the 2015 Retina Macbook, and it s a safer bet than ever that those ports will be coming to the new Macbook Pro.The code 9to5Mac found shows that Apple is planning to support the upgraded USB-C from a software side.Given that the Retina Macbook isn t due for an update for a good six months, and a Macbook Pro refresh has been overdue for some time, it s a safe bet that this code is aimed at the upcoming Macbook Pros.I ll be disappointed if the new Macbook Pros ditch conventional USB ports entirely, but adding USB-C connectivity could be a major boost.
The U.S. presidential elections are fast approaching, and a growing number of VCs who ve historically shied from making taking sides publicly, are tweeting, talking with reporters, and blogging about who they are backing and why.The early-stage venture firm CRV, formerly known as Charles River Ventures, is taking things a step further, having just published a tranquil little piece called F*ck Trump about the firm s rejection of Republican candidate Donald Trump s anti-immigration statements.We talked with CRV general partner George Zachary about why it bothered earlier this morning.TC: Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has a strong lead over Trump in the polls.GZ: It doesn t make a difference how he s doing in the polls.And each one of us felt offended by what Donald Trump has been saying, including what he has been saying specifically about immigrants.
Boxing and match-3 puzzle games.Maybe like peanut butter and chocolate, these two different flavors can combine into surprisingly decadent treat.Or maybe it ll be just as tasteless as the use of the celebrity plastered all over it.Boxing legend Muhammad Ali, who died this June after a long battle Parkinson s disease, is now the star of a match-3 puzzle game for mobile.It s called Muhammad Ali: Puzzle King, and it s available for iOS and Android.The $36 billion mobile market is a lucrative one, and having a celebrity tie-in can improve a game s chances of becoming a hit.So, how exactly does an all-time great boxer fit as the star of a match-three puzzle game?Muhammad Ali: Puzzle King is a unique match-3 puzzle game that ties gem-matching with fast and furious boxing action, developer Cosi Games noted in a press release sent to GamesBeat.
McDonald s food isn't exactly the healthiest choice for kids—and apparently the same can be said of the restaurant s fitness trackers.The wristband toys given away in the fast food chain s signature Happy Meals were intended to help get kids moving.Instead, the toys have gotten company officials racing to issue a recall after the devices were found to burn and irritate kids skin.So far, there have been 70 reports of injuries from the colorful gadgets, including seven reports of blistering burns.On Tuesday, McDonald s issued a voluntary recall of millions of its Step It fitness trackers.In a notice posted on its website, McDonald s reported that it did test the trackers previously and added that it is aggressively investigating this issue.
In this week s Head-to-Head, Max Parker @ParkerMax and Tom Honeyands @TheTechChap discuss whether the Galaxy Note 7 is really worth buying or if the Galaxy S7 Edge might be a better option.MAX SAYS… the Note 7 is the ultimate power user phoneFirst of all, it s great to see that unlike the Note 5, the Note 7 has come to the UK and Europe.As for specs, while it may share the same processor, RAM and display resolution as the Galaxy S7 Edge, the 5.7-inch HDR screen, USB Type C port and of course, the S-Pen make the Note 7 a worthy upgrade over the S7 Edge.With 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, the S-Pen is fast, responsive and a lot of fun to use whether you re making notes, doodling drawings or capturing a screenshot.The Note 7 is very expensive, but in my opinion you re getting pretty much the ultimate phone in return.
Joel Larsson, who previously worked for the Malmö incubator, Minc, want to pull off a spelinkubator in Skåne.With the big spelstudior as Ubisoft Massive, Frictional Games, King and Tarsier Studios are considered the malmö region belong to one of northern Europe's most important spelutvecklingskluster.Now to the incubator Minc NTL together with the non-profit association Game City and Gameport in Karlshamn further strengthen its position and get more gambling companies to emerge in the south of Sweden.During the autumn, the three operators together to run a series of workshops to help interested people to build the game companies.It is a part of a larger vision for Malmö and Skåne, and a first step towards a spelinkubator , " says Joel Larsson NTL , which previously was involved in starting up the accelerator Fast Track Malmö at Minc.Game Startup Academy, which was presented during the event Gaming Day Malmö, shall ensure that the gaming operation receives the same help and advice that other startups may.
Last month a major event happened in the cryptocurrency community: Bitcoin s block reward halved for the second time in its history.All of these types of currencies will start out with a predefined monetary policy i.e.At LEO this means that only 1 billion LEOcoins will ever be in existence.Halving happens about once every four years, ensuring that the total supply of coins doesn t exceed its cap too fast.This halving mechanism is more detrimental to a currency that operates solely using a Proof of Work system, like Bitcoin; primarily it increases Proof of Work s vulnerability.With halving suddenly making the act of validating blocks far less lucrative, a lot of smaller participants will drop out, therefore concentrating power in the larger miners.
You can spend hundreds of dollars on a Wi-Fi router and it might offer blazing fast speeds, but no matter how good it is it ll never be as fast or as reliable as a wired internet connection.Some day Wi-Fi technology will get there, but it s not going to happen anytime soon.The problem is Wi-Fi is easy and convenient, and not everyone wants to install ethernet ports in their homes.Well guess what: you don t have to install ethernet in order to enjoy lightning-fast wired home internet.The TP-LINK AV1000 2-Port Gigabit Powerline Adapter plugs into any power outlet in your home and instantly provides you with amazingly consistent speeds of up to 1,000Mbps.HomePlug AV2, up to 1000Mbps over existing electrical wiring for seamless 4K HD video streaming and online gaming
the Swedish fast train ends up near the bottom of international statistics on punctuality.Only 66 per cent of the express train came on time on the routes Stockholm–Gothenburg and Stockholm–Malmö during the period 2008-2015, writes Svenska Dagbladet.As the New Technology is already told, Sweden is in a bad way when the train punctuality compared with 66 per cent of trains on time.the Equivalent of punctuality in Japan is 99 percent.In Spain and France kept the 98, respectively, 92 per cent of the but time. " We have the worst punctuality in Europe.
A new genetic test could help doctors rapidly diagnose meningitis and other killer bacterial infections and help save lives.Currently when a child arrives at a hospital medics have no fast way of identifying whether they are suffering from meningitis or a less serious viral condition with similar symptoms.Gary Ombler via Getty ImagesProfessor Michael Levin said: Every year many children are sent away from emergency departments or doctors surgery because the medical team thinks they have a viral infection, when in fact they are suffering from life-threatening bacterial infections, which are often diagnosed too late.An accurate diagnosis for meningitis can take up to 48 hours with current tests requiring doctors to test a sample of spinal fluid, or blood, from the child.Now scientists at Imperial College London have identified two genes that are only switched on when a child is suffering from a bacterial infection.
Looks more like an evil EVE from WALL•EYep, it s a drone alright.They only come out to play when you actually want to fly PowerVision s egg-shaped UAV, though - meaning they don t take up any space in a backpack when you re on the move.Can it actually get off the ground?Once all four rotors spin up, it s got more than enough oomph to fly - and fly s got a massive 3km range between drone and controls.
The most common argument used by self-driving car proponents like Google is that these vehicles, which practically robots, are better at maintaining road and driver safety than humans have proven to be.While its own survival is probably a key consideration, it is more interested in speeding.Because, yes, DevBot is the prototype for a robotic, fully automated, self-driving racecar for Forumula E s Roborace and it will be zooming, not cruising, on a race track soon.The NHTSA s worst nightmare.Of course, DevBot will drive nowhere near public highways, so government agencies can sleep more easily.And while Roborace wants the self-driving racecar to go as fast as 180 mph, the video below would prove it is far from reaching that dream.
If only we had self-driving processors that were stupidly fast, says web giantHot Chips After cruising two million miles of public roads, Google's self-driving cars are still flummoxed by traffic lights, four-way junctions and other aspects of everyday life.But it's just not good enough to be truly let loose on America's streets.If you're wondering why, after nearly a decade of hype, we still aren't running around town in robo-rides, and why we won't for a long while yet, take a look at Exhibit A:Highlighted in the yellow box is a red ball on a white stick by the side of a road.Finally, Exhibit C, in which light from the setting sun completely obliterates the view, leaving the autonomous vehicle lost – is that a green or a red light, or a floating orb?
the MIT researchers, one of the super-fast connections that can beat today's technology with hästlängder.the Method can provide ten times faster wi-fi.the Crowds of various kinds, concerts, fairs, sports competitions, is also often as with the slow wifi.a Bit like the old adage: the more chefs, the worse soup.But the networks are still necessary to provide public places with wi-fi.Now researchers at MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, developed a new method to manage the networks and who gets the routers to cooperation.
Tesla have announced an all-new version of their physics-defying super-saloon the Model S.It s called the P100D and with a 0-60mph of 2.5 seconds it is, according to Tesla, the quickest production car in the world.In fact there are only two other cars in the world even close to achieving that kind of acceleration and they are The Ferrari LaFerrari and the Porsche 918.In case you were thinking of getting one of those instead then I m afraid you ll need to think again, both were so exclusive that not only did they cost £1m and £600,000 respectively, but they re both not on sale anymore.How much will the Model S P100D cost?Around £100,000, which is a lot, but compared to a cool £1m, that s a bargain.
During the CES show this year showed the Parrot up his new drone Disco.What made this drone a little extra special was that it does not use four propellers to fly around, but it is instead shaped like a an airplane with a single propeller on the back end.On the front there is a camera of 14 megapixels, and in the drone to find a battery that will be enough for a flight of 45 minutes.It is fast as well, up to around 80 kilometres per hour it can fly.According to the Parrot itself, so you do not need to have any previous experience to fly, to control the Other.The lift and lands automatically, and so to have a smart autopilot that helps to control the drone during the flight.
You can t play as Harry Potter in virtual reality yet.This first VR title from Stockholm-based Nux Studios debuted August 18, and it shot to the top of the Samsung Gear VR app store.This kind of game, which is set in 1880s London with a steampunk art style, is a natural for VR, because you re waving a wand and being active.You play as a magic user, casting spells.I played it on the Samsung Gear VR headset and thoroughly enjoyed it.You have to spin around to see where the enemy is.The action in the player-versus-player game is pretty fast.You can t move around in the VR spaces, such as a medieval dungeon or a big library.
But are the upgrades, as Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk claims, enough to hand Tesla the title of fastest car in the world?The P100D Model S with Ludicrous mode will propel the car to 60 miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds.The bigger, 100-kilowatt-hour batteries also provide the first official U.S. Environmental Protection Agency range of more than 300 miles on a charge.These speeds are crazy fast, matched only by sold-out supercars with tiny production runs: Ferrari s $1.4 million LaFerrari, Porsche s $845,000 918 Spyder, and Bugatti s $2.3 million Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse.Tesla s new Model S, at $134,500, is just as quick as any vehicle on the road.Even its seven-seat SUV beats the McLaren 675LT.Speeds like this offer more Gs than Earth, so the rate of acceleration is faster than falling.
Dear all, today is August 25, 2016, and it is time for the celebration, as it's the 25th Anniversary of the Linux project, announced by its creator, Finnish programmer Linus Torvalds, on August 25, 1991.Who can forget one of the most famous messages in the computing world posted by Torvalds exactly 25 years ago today, on 25 August 1991:Hello everybody out there using minix - I'm doing a free operating system just a hobby, won't be big and professional like gnu for 386 486 AT clones.This has been brewing since april, and is starting to get ready.I'd like any feedback on things people like/dislike in minix, as my OS resembles it somewhat.Since its birth, Linux has become the largest shared technology on the planet and has changed the world in more ways than one can imagine.While not initially designed to be portable, Linux is one of the most widely ported operating system kernels, which runs on a vast range of systems from computers to smartwatches and gas pumps, and runs most of the websites you visit, becoming both "big" and "professional."When you search on Google, you use Linux; when you buy metro tickets, you use Linux, your Wi-Fi router is powered by Linux, your smart devices and your Android phone and tablet are powered by Linux.Entire Internet Is Powered By Linux!Thanks to Linux that has popularized a revolution called open source, which is fast becoming a standard in the enterprise and consumer segments.