Even with the phone's screen is covered, a feature called Edge feeds display notification, news, scores and others, without having to wake the device up.If the Edge panels are not displayed, go to home screen then tap Apps Settings Edge screen then touch Edge panels and turn the feature on.Yahoo News: It shows breaking news and top headlines.Quick tools: Your edge screen will show navigation tools such as compass, GPS coordinates and flashlight.Edge feedsConsider using the Edge feeds to receive notifications and news on your S7 Edge when the phone is in standby mode.You might choose the apps that display notifications in the Edge feeds settings.
Granted, bot-to-bot communication will not be used to exchange large amounts of data, but it will allow for ad-hoc communication between, for example, my banking software and a web shop.My banking software could talk to the webshop bot and ask for that missing invoice: Niko needs an invoice for order 45678, can you provide that?If my bot is stuck in a conversation with another bot, she can call me in for help: Niko, it s Annie here, your finance bot.I m talking to a supplier, but I m having some trouble understanding what they are saying.I could chime in — when I have time of course, a couple of hours later, since bots have unlimited patience — and I would rephrase the question of Annie and get the answer from the other bot.The Semantic web?
View photosMoreHttps%3a%2f%2fblueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads%2fcard%2fimage%2f106848%2fgettyimages-521186348A number of Australian websites hosted by Amazon Web Services AWS went offline Sunday afternoon local time after the cloud services platform faced connectivity issues in Sydney.Vanessa Lawrence, the site's head of editorial, told Mashable Australia the backend was hosted on AWS and that IT suspected the storm may have something to do with it.Personal finance tool, Pocketbook, also announced on Twitter it was down thanks to the AWS glitch, among a wide variety of other online platforms.AWS's service health dashboard showed connectivity issues in the Sydney region on its cloud and database services, among others.A spokesperson for Amazon also pointed to the dashboard for the latest information on the issue."We can confirm that instances have experienced a power event within a single Availability Zone in the AP-SOUTHEAST-2 Region.
Construction is currently one of the positive signs of the Finnish economy sectors impressive. Based on the responses of the Finnish economy remains good direction, but the low economic growth is not enough to make up unemployment. "The recession is gradually being overcome. Low level of investment, labor input contraction and weak productivity development, it is however a significant risk that economic growth will remain permanently slow ", the Bank of Finland senior economist Petri Mäki-Fränti commented to Helsingin Sanomat. In contrast, 55 percent of respondents were of the opinion that the expected economic growth is not enough to improve the employment situation in Finland. The sample is comprehensive in that among the respondents according to the magazine are represented in all economic research institutes, banks, universities and the Ministry of Finance.
Here s an overview of the 10 biggest European tech news items for this week:1 The European Union came out in support of Airbnb, Uber and other sharing economy companies, encouraging member states not to ban their services except as a last resort.2 More details have emerged about the French government s raid of Google s offices in Paris: the country s finance minister has ruled out the possibility of a Google tax deal and government sources say that the investigation will take months, possibly years.3 Rocket Internet published its financial results for Q1 2016.The Berlin-based giant says that portfolio companies are progressing towards profitability.4 Spotify will launch in Japan in July, as it continues its international expansion with the objective of reaching profitability.5 Qlik Technologies, the US-based but Swedish-founded analytics company, to be acquired by Thoma Bravo for $3 billion.6 Vivendi s hostile bid for Gameloft could signal that more acquisitions are on the way, including of sister company Ubisoft.7 The German government says that it s monitoring Chinese investment in the country and working on a Kuka counter-offer, which has received a $5 billion bid from Chinese home appliance maker Midea Group.China wants the proposed deal not to be politicised.8 Swedish gaming company Paradox went public at a €377 million valuation, days after receiving a $20 million cash injection from Tencent.9 Minecraft has now sold over 100 million copies, at an average pace of 53,000 per day in 2016.10 Israeli online assistance company WalkMe raised a $50 million Series E round in march to IPO.Bonus link: European and Israeli tech funding in May 2016: on track with €1.6 billion raised across 255 roundsSubscribe to the weekly Tech.eu Newsletter here.This post first appeared on Tech.eu.
ColourboxAustrian finance minister Hans Jörg Schellingin according to the European union's planned financial transaction tax might be to pull out completely, if more and more countries withdraw from the project, told the news agency Bloomberg.originally it was planned EU-wide tax that would be levied on a variety of financial instruments trading, i.e. purchases and sales.design was started four years ago.the EU-according to the law, tax can only be realized if accompanied by at least nine member states.Schellingin, currently member states have included ten, but Belgium and Slovenia are close to departure."most Likely, next week there are only seven, which means that we have to stop manufacturing," Schelling said today.
View photosMoreA logo of Alibaba Group is pictured at its headquarters in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China, October 14, 2015.REUTERS/Stringer/File photoTOKYO Reuters - SoftBank Group Corp said on Friday it was selling a further $1.1 billion of its shares in AliBaba Group Holding Ltd, bringing the total it has sold in the Chinese e-commerce company to $10 billion.SoftBank on Wednesday said it would sell at least $7.9 billion of shares in AliBaba, marking the first sale of shares in the Chinese company since SoftBank began investing in it in 2000.The Japanese company said it was exercising a greenshoe option to sell more shares in AliBaba, in which it is the top shareholder.The sale is expected to help to reduce debt at Softbank, which holds a majority stake in U.S. wireless carrier Sprint Corp. Sprint is loss-making and has embarked on a cost-cutting drive.Reporting by Ritsuko Ando; Additional reporting by Yoshiyasu Shida; Writing by William Mallard; Editing by Nick Macfie and Jane Merriman
It was a privilege to be a part of the audience for Bill Gates keynote speech at the ASU GSV Summit in San Diego in April this year.As Gates put it himself, in terms of impact, and we hope in terms of good success stories, I put education at the top of the list of things that technology can and will surprise people with over the next 10 years.Such a situation is ludicrous and, during my own MBA, I set about trying to solve the problem.We have developed a truly borderless lending model, bypassing the banking system to allow alumni and other individuals to invest directly in the potential of postgraduate students from 150 separate countries around the world.It is indicative of the changes that we could be making on a global scale.HuffPost UK Tech is running a two-week focus on our Tech For Good campaign, which aims to highlight the technology that is driving social change and making a positive, long-lasting difference to our world.
the social contract negotiations, it was decided to continue 28. September 2015, when the government gave up its intention to cut Sunday and overtime compensation.from Left to SAK's Lauri Now, JURISTS are:n Antti Palola, the membership of the Sture Fjäder, the confederation of Finnish industries EK Jyri Häkämies, KT:n Markku Jalonen, the minister of labour Jari Lindström ps , prime minister Juha Sipilä from among its members and finance minister Alexander Stubb kok .Especially the national coalition party to the government programme is so important, that even the 'competitiveness pact' downfall can be an excuse for increasing the tax burden for.the coalition politicians now appear to be the wage earners to the top of the friends, even so, that's what the right-wing more, the better for us , said a staff member of the central organization include employees's chief economist Ralf Sund.His own estimate of their next year's relief needs 700 million euros, if the purchasing power is to be secure.the taxpayers association of central union ceo Teemu Lehtinen, demanding that the government promise of continued reductions in line also election season at the end.
A move to the cloud is underway but software remains the biggest part of SAP's business.The German company SAP is one of the largest software companies in the world and produces on-premises traditional software in addition to cloud software.SAP is best known for producing enterprise resource planning software ERP ; this allows organisations to manage business operations across procurement, manufacturing, service, sales, finance, and HR.In addition to the ERP system SAP also offers several other software solutions such as SAP Anywhere, a combined e-commerce and CRM software package that is designed to help small businesses to manage marketing, sales, customer service, and inventory.The suite is built on an in-memory computing platform called SAP HANA and is designed to cover all mission-critical processes of an enterprise.The business suite offering integrates many of the company's products such as SAP SRM, CRM, and SCM.
MoreU.S.REUTERS/Brendan McDermid Reuters - Job aggregation website Glassdoor Inc said it has raised $40 million in a new financing round, led by funds advised by T. Rowe Price Associates Inc along with existing investors including Google Capital and Tiger Global.Glassdoor has raised about $200 million since 2007, and the new financing will fund investments in products and marketing, the company said.Glassdoor's sales have risen 100 percent each year on average for the last four years, Chief Executive Robert Hohman told Reuters.The Mill Valley, California-based Glassdoor generates revenue through job advertising, display advertising and enhanced company profiles.Reporting by Heather Somerville in California and Abinaya Vijayaraghavan in Bengaluru; Editing by Sunil Nair
I want to sell a particular amount of something from a particular asset class, say 10 year UK Government Bond or 1,000 ozs of gold.Source www.Bitcoin.orgAnother explanation comes from Barclays Bank's Simon Taylor who issued a paper on the potential of Blockchain in the financial markets and other areas."Blockchain technology, which underpins bitcoin, has a number of interesting attributes.This is useful when no central entity is available to verify a transaction.The firm has already made a number of moves around the distributed ledger technology by partnering with five companies BlockCypher, Bloq, ConsenSys, Loyyal, and the Stellar Development Foundation.The fallout for the securities industries was covered in a recent paper from the London School of Economics called: Holding, clearing and settline securities through blockchain technology.
on Friday according to the announcement the company will continue to try their purchases and increase financial goals.the News agency Bloomberg reported on Friday that Asia is going on a large class of trade, which Huhtamäki finance the sale of the shares.Last year, profitability in the right direction hiulannut packaging company has put acquisitions momentum this year.the development work is progressed to the patient to do the phase III testing.Telecom operator DNA to figure out the stock market listing as part of a wider strategy work.point number Change%OMX-7979,72 -0,27% OMXHCAP 5333,17 -0,19% OMXH25 3224,90 -0,33% Nokia 5,02 -0,89%gainers and losersCaverion 3,80%Message to 3.55%the board of directors of Oriola-KD B 3,19%CapMan B to 3.09%customer information Group of 3.06%nokian Tyres -1,69%Cramo -1,76%Uutechnic Group -1,82%PKC Group -1,86%Munksjö -2,93%Source: the trade magazine.en
The stake brings Glassdoor s total capital raised to about $200 million while adding an institutional investor to a roster that includes Google Capital, Tiger Global and Battery Ventures.Glassdoor s post-money valuation edged higher from a year ago when it was worth close to $1 billion, according to a person familiar with the matter.We view this as a slight up round, said Robert Hohman, Glassdoor s chief executive, saying the company s market capitalization had increased.Yelp said in a May earnings conference call that about 20% of its first-quarter revenue came from larger chain and franchise businesses.Before Glassdoor, if you were flying out to Seattle to interview with Microsoft, MSFT -1.22 % you could find out more information about your hotel than about the company you re interviewing with, he said.Write to Rolfe Winkler at [email protected] and Tomio Geron at [email protected]
the Government is considering a day care payments increase of cancellation of or reduction in Helsingin sanomat.finance minister Alexander Stubb, the ioc said on Thursday parliamentary question time, that the day care payment increases targeted 56 million in total savings will not be realized.Now we will look at it in the totality of the state's economy point of view, we are looking at the employment perspective, we look at it a fairness point of view and we look at it also buy the power point of view , Stubb said.the Increases have come into force in autumn this year.
MoreFILE - This Monday, June 18, 2012, file photo shows Oracle headquarters in Redwood City, Calif.Svetlana Blackburn, a former senior finance manager at Oracle, made the allegations in a lawsuit filed Wednesday in federal court.Blackburn painted a much different picture in her lawsuit, alleging Oracle tried to force her "to fit square data into round holes" to inflate its financial results.The performance of Oracle's "cloud services" division has become increasingly important to investors as more companies and government agencies have decided to lease their software stored in remote data centers instead of buying the licensing rights to applications that are installed on the hard drives of individual computers.Investor concerns about Oracle's ability to adapt to the cloud computing phenomenon have contributed to a sub-par performance by the company's stock price, which has declined by about 11 percent during the past year while the Standard & Poor's 500 index has been flat.Pritchard said Oracle had told him there were five to six layers of management separating Blackburn from Oracle's co-CEOS, Mark Hurd and Safra Catz.
Cyber war is on the rise, from Russian cyber soldiers knocking out the power grid in Ukraine to Iranian hackers compromising American dams to Chinese agents stealing trade secrets from U.S. defense, technology, and pharmaceutical companies to say nothing of the theft of millions of records from the Office of Personnel Management .Catastrophe bonds solve this problem by securitizing the risk and passing it on to a wide pool of investors.Before launching an attack against a foreign company, Vladimir Putin would have to worry about erasing billions of dollars from his own country s pension funds, possibly leading to riots in the streets.Nor did it stop his domestic approval rating from jumping 20-points.Countries may lack the political will to share threat intelligence about foreign cyber attacks, root out cyber criminals, or work through international organizations to bolster cyber security.Additionally, nothing about Cyber Bonds supersedes existing treaties or takes the option of military retaliation off the table.
Image Source: Rockstar GamesIt s time to go back to San Andreas.On Thursday, Rockstar Games released a trailer for the upcoming Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update, set to hit GTA Online on June 7th.SEE ALSO: Game of Thrones episode 7 preview gives us a taste of things to comeAs a follow-up to the Executives and Other Criminals update, Finance and Felony gives players even more ways to cause chaos, make money and build a criminal empire made up of all their closest friends:As the trailer explains, players will be able to traffic illicit cargo and contraband around the map in order to make money, which can be used to acquire new vehicles, high-rise offices and even an executive assistant.Of course, building an empire is never easy.The Los Santos police, along with other criminal overlords, will be doing their best to disrupt your supply chains and stop you from raking in a profit.As one of the more significant updates since the launch of heists last year, Finance and Felony should give GTA 5 owners a great reason to jump back into the game ahead of E3 2016, where we can only hope Rockstar Games will announce a new entry in the GTA franchise or a long-awaited sequel to Red Dead Redemption.
Lawsuit wipes over $6bn from Oracle's valueOracle isn't known as a shrinking violet when it comes to legal battles, and it's coming out swinging over allegations that it was playing fast and loose with its cloud revenue reporting.In her court filing PDF , Blackburn claimed that she was a "senior finance manager" at Oracle and accused the database giant of serious financial wrongdoing."This former employee worked at Oracle for less than a year and did not work in the accounting group.Your humble hack here has a family member who was employed at Oracle for many years and he says that after the firm's HR department makes you jump through so many hoops to join, getting fired is very tricky indeed.When news of the lawsuit broke on Wednesday afternoon, Oracle's shares took a battering, dropping four per cent and wiping about $6bn off Oracle's market cap.An SEC spokesman declined to comment on the matter, and we're still waiting on word from Blackburn's lawyer on Oracle's statement.
Inc. could be a death knell to efforts by private equity firms hoping to acquire the beleaguered internet company.The telecommunication giant s presence puts pressure not just on Verizon Communications Inc. and Quicken Loans Inc. founder Dan Gilbert -- backed by Warren Buffett -- to raise their offers.It also adds another deep-pocketed strategic company to the mix of bidders for Yahoo s core web assets.Private equity firms, which often rely heavily on debt to finance buyouts, realize they would struggle to win a bidding war with well-capitalized acquirers while still generating the types of returns demanded by their investors, according to people familiar with the situation, who asked not to be identified because the information is private.Yahoo s core assets could fetch at least $4.5 billion, or six times adjusted earnings, according to Jason Helfstein, an analyst with Oppenheimer & Co.Given Yahoo s declining profitability and revenue, lenders aren t likely to provide financing of more than four times adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, appreciation and amortization, people familiar with the matter said.The company, which had said it would be open to looking at Yahoo if it were for sale, submitted a first-round proposal, people familiar with the matter said in April.Both telecoms could benefit from the infusion of online users.Yahoo still boasts about 1 billion, putting it among the largest online players in the world.And both companies could tuck Yahoo away within their quarterly earnings results, choosing not to break out the relatively small earnings the company may generate in the near term.This could help give Yahoo the cover it needs to refocus.That s something the private equity firms also offer: financial sponsors could restructure the business more quickly, unencumbered by pressure for top-line growth or to consider earnings per share.Yahoo -- more than three years into a turnaround process under Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer -- put itself up for sale in February.We ve been very thoughtful about running a high-quality process, designed to keep interested parties engaged and highlight the tremendous value in Yahoo, she said.