finance minister Petteri Orphan (ioc) is annoyed by the confederation of Finnish industries EK:no recent president Veli-Matti mattila's assessment, according to which Finland is still 10-15% too high pay levels.Mattila said at the weekend Helsingin sanomat in an interview that Finland is still needed in several competitive contracts, so that competitors a head start, we'll be caught.That speech was not built for employment, but rather tearing it, what has been achieved”, the Orphan said to the His view, Finland should now find the "together in new ways to improve the employment situation"."we Need reforms in the labour market, as more local agreement; the confrontation with them is not getting at the time.""Also, the employees have been ready to find solutions to the Finnish problem," the Orphan answered Mattila.
the Finnish exports started in development is not economic growth prospects as bleak as the customs figures can be concluded, is soothing economist Roger Wessman.Wessman twists his blog export goods, export volume and industrial production the latest, contradictory figures and remind you of these explained to a large extent the euro fixing rate to take use of the export price decline.the Customs according to goods exports plummeted in July by 13 per cent.according to Statistics finland, industrial production, however, increased over the same period 6.6%, and according to national accounts, the volume of exports turned in the April-June surge.Wessman stresses that the early years of weak export figures are no longer the language of any "specific Finnish problem"."the value of Exports has contracted by the biggest piitein as much as the total world trade value in euros, calculated", Wessman writes.