A fair trade if ever there was one.Not that there s nothing new at all new here.We ve got Kirk s captain s log, and some fun shots of the Enterprise quite literally going down in flames.The trailer s also notable for what it doesn t show us, namely Chekov, played by Anton Yelchin, who tragically passed away last week in a freak accident .No matter how you think the new Star Trek looks, at least it sounds good.Pause at: 0:49 for bye-bye, Enterprise; 1:20 for some cool sci-fi laser gun action; 1:38 for another big boom.
The software runs on commodity servers, captures and aggregates their storage into a virtual SAN providing scale-out block storage, then provides storage for containers, at container granularity, and with a global namespace.The software creates virtual volumes, which are visible across a cluster of Portworx serversIt features:Container-granular snapshots and replication,Multi-cluster visibility and management,Predictive capacity management,Global file namespace,and enables storage policies such as container-level class of service low, medium, high , IOPS, replication, and availability.There are three Portworx founders:Murli Thirumale - CEO and previously co-founder and CEO of Ocarina, which was bought by Dell;Goutham Gou Rao - CTO and previously a co-founder at Ocarina;and Eric Han - senior director of Product Management and ex-Product Manager for Container Engine and Kubernetes at Google.Rao says that Docker plugins for StoreServ, SolidFire, EMC, etc, are not as agile and as integrated with Docker scheduler as Portworx.Portworx, Hedvig, StorageOS and other containerised storage startups see themselves bringing storage into the modern age, seizing an opportunity to get plugged into the container movement and make a storage land-grab so the incumbents are kept out.It will be fun seeing if their claims are true, and whether legacy storage container plug-ins really are lipstick on pigs.
According to the companies, CivilizationEDU will differ from the retail release - which has racked up eight million sales since its launch in 2010 - by including a learning analytics engine which captures students' progress and assesses their problem-solving skills as they work to 'think critically and create historical events, consider and evaluate the geographical ramifications of their economic and technological decisions, and to engage in systems thinking and experiment with the causal/correlative relationships between military, technology, political and socioeconomic development.'The information gathered by the integrated analytics engine will be provided to teachers on a web-based dashboard, which generates progress reports, demonstrates how in-game accomplishments relate to problem solving skills; and provide access to instructional resources, lesson plans, tutorial videos, and an in-depth gameplay guide.'For the past 25 years, we ve found that one of the fun secrets of Civilization is learning while you play,' claimed Sid Meier of his creation.Civilization players find fun in discovering new civilizations, running into famous historical leaders, and charting their own version of human history.Along the way, players learn valuable lessons from their success and failures and are able to try again, employing different choices and strategies.CivilizationEDU is to launch in the US in 2017 as a downloadable title, with pricing and international availability yet to be confirmed.
How the Flash messing up the timeline in his TV show has made one actor s return very confusing.And the Suicide Squad movie receives its own bad theme song.I think that s one of the fun things and challenges about the Marvel movies for us, for the directors and for the writers, is you do have to sort of consider what happened in the previous movies in terms of your jumping-off point for those characters.For me as a comic nerd, I always thought of Ant-Man and Wasp as a team and that s a lot of what the second movie is really about is how they work together, what their personal and professional relationships are like.I mean we ve introduced the character, but we haven t seen her with her full power set and everything, so to me she s not a supporting character in this movie.The FlashViolett Beane will returns as Jesse Wells, daughter of Tom Cavanaugh s Harrison Weels, for season three.
Tanya Detto, Copyright Pat Backwell Male banana fiddler crabs take courting to a new, and pushy, level: The little Australian crab males wait for females to enter their burrows and then trap them in order to mate, scientists have found.Competition for mates is intense for banana fiddler crabs Uca mjoebergi , the researchers said, with females often choosing between 20 or so males before saying "yes" to some fun between the sand grains.Why do they stay or go?Patricia Backwell, a behavioral ecologist at the Australian National University in Canberra, and her colleagues discovered that when males entered the burrow first, 71 percent of females would follow, and 54 percent of those that entered would stay to mate."Our observations suggest that males are able to gain fertilizations from females that may not have remained in the burrow, by trapping them and coercing them to mate," the authors wrote in the new study, published June 15, 2016 in the journal PLOS ONE.The researchers noted that the coercion tactic has been observed throughout the animal kingdom, in various insects, reptiles, fish, birds and mammals.
The smart city is on the horizon, and if Alphabet s Sidewalk Labs has anything to do with it, it ll have subsidized ride-sharing, Airbnb for cars, and AI that helps parking cops fine the most people.We ve long known that Sidewalk, owned by Google parent company Alphabet, is working on the city of the future.Under this plan, Sidewalk cars with cameras would count all the public parking spots and read parking signs.Flow would then combine this data with Google Maps and live parking-meter information to estimate which areas are free and direct drivers to the nearest available spot and possibly save them a ragestroke.If private parking garages want in on the fun and agree to add their spaces to the Flow database, Sidewalk proposes letting offices temporarily rent parking spaces that would otherwise be reserved for shoppers.And of course, no business plan would be complete if it didn t showcase the eternal tension between wanting to help people and wanting to make money off people.
Twitter has begun rolling out a way to not only add stickers to your photos, but to also have them be searchable.In the app, choose from a rotating set of stickers, then resize and move them around as you see fit on any photo.After they ve been tweeted, you can search based on the stickers added.Native support for photos was added to Twitter five years ago, and the company has slowly been incorporating features, but nothing on the scale of what you d expect from Instagram.Stickers give people a fun way to add their own unique style to their photos and connect them with others around the world, explained Berland.These sticker packs cover a variety of categories, including accessories, smiley faces and emoticons, animals, food, sports, transportation, technology, symbols, flags, and more.Embeddable stickers aren t exactly new, as others — such as Path and Snapchat — have supported them for a while.Earlier this month, Twitter allowed emojis to be targeted, and while the company hasn t explicitly said stickers are fair game, it s not far-fetched to think it could happen soon.Previous updates to photos on Twitter include the addition of filters and tags, along with editing capabilities, such as cropping; making them more accessible to users who are visually impaired; and more.While you ll be able to view stickers on any platform where tweets are displayed, the ability to tap on a sticker and view a timeline of other photos with that sticker will only be available on Twitter s website and its iOS and Android apps.
Cacio e pepe meaning cheese and pepper is the simplest of dishes where pasta is tossed with Pecorino Romano, pepper, and good olive oil, but there s no reason noodles should have all the fun.By treating croutons with these delicious ingredients, you get a salad that feels more substantial and tastes a bit more decadent.They re also a complete cinch to make.Just throw some slightly stale, cubed bread in a skillet with olive oil over medium heat and toast until golden brown.Remove from heat, and toss in a mixture of grated Pecorino Romano and freshly ground pepper.Recipe: Cacio e Pepe Croutons The Kitchn
So, has Sony managed to make an already cracking camera even more appealing?Looking back, it was really only possible to have one real criticism: the shortish zoom range.The RX10 III fixes that with a 25x zoom, or 24mm to 600mm for camera nerds, and I ve had to invest in something to keep my socks firmly wrapped around my feet.Lens changes aside, the RX10 III is much the same as the II: it s got the same sleek looks, the control layout is nigh-on identical, and the specs have barely changed - bar a 0.1MP drop to the sensor, which is so small it won t make a difference to image quality.Generally, you re getting better results than you would from a compact, but they won t quite stack up to anything with an interchangeable lens.There s a good deal of metal in the body, adding strength and sturdiness, but you ll be feeling the weight after a day of having this camera slung around your neck.
See larger image Image courtesy Derek Walter Get the look you wantChanging the wallpaper is one of the oldest and easiest ways to customize your smartphone.The practice goes all the way back to the early days of computing, when the first graphic user interface meant you could put some lovely trees or a beach scene on the background of your PC.To get the full suite of options, including Google Fit integration, you'll need to go for the $1 in-app upgrade.Otherwise yo're limited to CPU, RAM, battery life and Wi-Fi connectivity.There are several themes for holidays or other outdoor types which could make it an especially fun wallpaper to use during Halloween, the summer, or if you re on vacation and want the ocean on your phone all the time.The app will set you back a dollar, but it s well worth it for the fun and artistic designs that will grace your home screen.
Twitter just announced a new feature coming soon to the social network, er, I mean news service.It s called Stickers, and provides a way for users to place decorative items on their photos.In a blog post, Twitter says sets of stickers will be rotated in and out, so there will always be something fresh and timely.Tap on a sticker, and Twitter displays other photos recently tagged with that sticker.pic.twitter.com/YVy7r53Nja— Twitter @twitter June 27, 2016The Stickers feature provides a new way for users to interact on Twitter, and joins other photo-specific tools on the service, including filters, tags, cropping, and the recently introduced accessibility options.Back in 2012, Twitter began displaying linked Instagram photos simply as text links instead of showing the images themselves, and even contacted users to urge them to share photos directly through Twitter for the best experience.
Soil isn t fun.Who cares what s happening down there?Josh Williams changed my mind with his SoilCam, a waterproof scanner that s controlled by a Raspberry Pi.He places it in the dirt so we can see everything that s happening underground.Everything is so alive!Following the growth of roots is actually pretty captivating, seeing leaves and flowers decompose is weirdly fun, and watching all the bugs—so many bugs—pop up out of no where is neat.Please forgive me for making you listen to the music in the video, though.
We ve dug through all the online tutorials on the web, and gone the extra mile to pinpoint projects that are equal parts easy, affordable, and fun.While attempting to combat mosquitos in Guatemala, professor Gerard Ulibarri originally intended on using mosquito egg-killing ovitraps.Pieces of an old tire outfit with a drainage valve and a helping of pheromones.At the end of a year-long study using these DIY traps, it s reported that they eliminated seven times more mosquitos than typical traps — killing an astounding 18,000 larvae per month.Smithsonian.comSince Ulibarri isn t one to keep the plans for this incredible trap to himself, he has shared the plans.So if you ve got a spare tire laying around, a few extra hours on your hands, and want to do your part to thwarting mosquitos in your area, this is your project.
Moving through the remains of an abandoned house, I stop to peer through a window to see distant tanks rumbling over hills and planes gliding through the sky in a dance of death.The fog has now cleared but it looks like it might start soon; Battlefield 1's weather system is dynamic this time and has the potential to totally screw up your strategy.Later, a zeppelin appears overhead before being brought down in a fiery wreck, levelling buildings and crushing soldiers of both sides in its wake."The pitch has been lingering since 2008," says Dice Creative Director Lars Gustavsson.Electronic Arts executive VP, Patrick Söderlund didn't think a game based on trench warfare would be fun, while Gustavsson also explains that the lack of pop culture around the Great War was also a problem - it didn't get its Saving Private Ryan or Where Eagles Dare.Tea bags, trench coats, zippers, a gazillion things we take for granted today that came out of this era.
We have checked through all the movies and television series set in the Marvel superhero universe and ranked them in our Ultimate Marvel Guide. The two best Captain America: Civil War A stunningly well-written action film that is able to do all of the many characters motivated. The road to the satisfactory conclusion is packed with fun events, sharp dialogue and good-looking fight scenes. All have important scenes and room to grow. The threat is epic enough to require that all heroes help out, and the arrogant Loki is one of cinema's better villains. Deadpool Although a little slow my party will end up Deadpool high on the scale, because it manages to be so different and completely his own.
I have no interest in holding the original film up to some American Film Institute-level standard; the campy Roland Emmerich original is a classic because it knew its place as a piece of hyperbolic, chest-thumping sci-fi fun.Life's pretty sweet these days, so long as you don't have a chip on your shoulder about your parents dying when a bunch of aliens messed your planet up in 1996 which, conveniently enough, most of this film's heroes have in common .The standing President is keeping tabs on Levinson's research, all while a moon base staffed by both the US and the Chinese militaries becomes the breeding ground for the Top Gun half of the story.Neither Usher nor Hemsworth come close to recapturing the comedic timing and fun intensity of their obvious inspiration, and they're further burdened by a geeky, woman-hating flight assistant and a tough-and-silent Chinese fighter pilot pro whose combined unlikeability make them seem like throwaways from some forgotten WB sci-fi series pilot.At one point, an indiscriminate Asian city starts being ripped apart in such a way that every building, car, and person starts floating up into the sky.Forget the first film's iconic White House laser-blast, or the intense, ground-level perspective of survivors running through a New York City tunnel away from cleanly visible wreckage.
Consider how Apple is known for their friendly, innovative design, Disneyland for their family-oriented fun, and Walmart for basics at value and price.To translate this into a web design, we needed to strike a delicate visual balance between the harder-edged quality of persuasion and the softer tone of friendly.To make this list a bit more manageable, these traits are organized into four general quality groups.These reflect our amiable, good-natured, people-oriented, cooperative, and compassionate abilities.Analytical QualitiescalmconservativedependabledetaileddisciplinedefficientfairmethodicalobservantorganizedpracticalprecisepunctualrationalrealisticreliableresponsiblethoroughAchiever QualitiesambitiousarticulateassertiveautonomouscandidconfidentdecisivededicateddetermineddrivenentrepreneurialindependentindustriouspersistentproductivestructuredtenaciousAgreeable QualitiesadaptableappreciativeapproachableauthenticcollaborativecompassionatecongenialconscientiousconsideratecooperativeempatheticflexiblefriendlygeneroushelpfulinclusivepleasantpoisedpolitepersonablesinceretactfulthoughtfulAnimated QualitiesadventurouscheerfulcreativecuriousdynamiceagerenergeticenthusiasticimaginativeinfluentialinnovativeinquisitiveintuitiveoptimisticoutgoingpassionatepersuasiveresourcefulspontaneousvisionaryIf you re saying, Only ten?Well, yes I do, but a true brand tone and temperament is composed of a limited set of leading qualities.
And it's worse the higher you bounce," says former world-class trampolinist, Adrien Sommier, who once ranked No.He founded a startup called Amplement in France in 2013.It's an online collaboration site that hopes to replace Slack, Skype, Microsoft Office/Google Docs, and LinkedIn.In other words, its a free website where people can chat with others publicly, privately and in groups, make video calls, search and get job offers and, soon, work on documents together.But as a competitive athlete in a super dangerous sport, he says that the naysayers just make him work harder.But doing that throws off your balance, ruining your technique and even inviting a rough landing.
Going to the beach in 2016 looks a lot different from your trips as a kid.These days, you can take your whole library with you in an e-reader tablet.There are plastic baggies made just for keeping your phone dry, and wearable devices that tell you when it's time to reapply sunscreen.To help make your visit to the beach a relaxing one, we rounded up 10 of the best products for fun under the sun.View As: One PageSlides
As Nintendo gears up for its next console generation, the hardware and software guessers have focused on patent leaks and rumor mills, looking for any juicy hints and scraps as to the company's future.Forget the Wii's "blue ocean" strategy of winning over new players with gimmicks.Splash of controversyEnlarge / Critics noticed possible correlations between a new Paper Mario game and the controversial GamerGate hashtag, including this mention of "five guys"—a phrase that was used in a disparaging way before the hashtag caught on.To an uninitiated passerby, the new game's jokes looked cute and pedestrian, with a gang of the game's "fun guy" characters as in, "fungi," referencing the mushrooms on their heads making a Watergate joke after being busted for running a scam.On social media, critics connected enough dots to suggest a correlation between how those jokes were written and one of the sexually charged code phrases used in the early days of the controversial social-media hashtag "GamerGate."But Nintendo can't expect players to engage online without simultaneously standing on guard, keeping a lookout for signs of offense and discontent among its loudest online fans and critics.