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Logitech G has a pretty long history of making gaming accessories, but generally, we’re used to seeing it make things like mice and keyboards. Today the company is branching out to more a niche market, announcing the Logitech G923 racing wheel, seemingly a follow-up to the G920. While probably not on the shortlist of items to buy for most gamers, … Continue reading
The Trump administration is forcing TikTok to sell off its US business by September 15 or else face a ban, accusing it of posing a privacy and national security threat because it is owned by a Chinese company. The administration has explicitly claimed TikTok spies on people but has never offered public evidence. Experts diving through TikTok's code and policies say the app collects user data in a similar way to Facebook and other popular social apps. Google and Facebook by comparison almost certainly hoover up more user data than TikTok through their sprawling number of apps and services — but get less US political scrutiny on privacy. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. TikTok, the video-sharing app whose meteoric rise amongst teenage users has made it a challenger to the likes of Facebook, is under siege in the US thanks to its Chinese roots. After months of sustained political pressure from lawmakers and President Trump, TikTok's parent firm ByteDance is now in talks with Microsoft (and reportedly other US bidders) to sell its US business. And in the background, the Trump administration has threatened to ban TikTok altogether, has run ads claiming it spies on people, and also demanded that the US Treasury get a big cut of any sale of the app. The spying claims have hit home for some high-profile users, with online gaming megastar Tyler "Ninja" Blevins announcing he was deleting the app in July over privacy concerns. But is TikTok actually any worse for snooping in your personal data than social media platforms like Facebook and Google? According to the experts, evidence suggests the answer is no. In terms of the data TikTok says it sucks up, it doesn't appear to be any worse than Facebook Zoé Vilain, chief privacy and strategy officer at privacy app Jumbo told Business Insider that looking at TikTok's privacy policy, it was no more intrusive than Facebook's. "From what I see from the privacy policy, and in comparison with the privacy policies of Facebook and Instagram, I don't really see much difference. "Basically they are saying that they are using your usage data, behavior data, preferences, friends, contacts, to provide you with their service, to customize the service, and of course to do targeted advertising [...] this is exactly what Facebook is doing and Instagram is doing too," said Vilain. Vilain pointed out that the main difference between TikTok and Facebook or Instagram is in the kind of data users are routinely plugging into the app, as TikTok relies on video. "I think the main difference is that people are recording themselves and this is being recorded," she said. There's also the fact TikTok is popular with younger folks. "Also it's mainly used by teenagers, who are maybe less aware and less concerned about what they are sharing," Vilain said. The FTC fined TikTok $5.7 million in February 2019 for inadequately protecting the privacy of its underage users, and on July 7 the agency announced it was looking into allegations that the company continues to violate children's privacy on the app. In terms of how TikTok handles your data, it doesn't look any more suspicious than other social media As the reports about the US forcing TikTok to hive off its American business began to swirl in early August, security researcher Baptiste Robert decided to do a deep-dive into what data TikTok sends back to its servers in an attempt to cut through the geopolitical rhetoric. Reverse-engineering an app like TikTok's is not an easy task, and Robert is publishing a series of posts about his findings. TikTok analysis in progress. It’s time to stop this non sense and put facts in the center of the discussion — Elliot Alderson (@fs0c131y) August 2, 2020   In his first post, Robert noted that a single report can't be expected to definitively prove whether or not TikTok poses a national security threat given it uses millions of lines of code. But he also didn't find anything suspicious. "As far as we can see, in its current state, TikTok doesn't have a suspicious behavior and is not exfiltrating unusual data. Getting data about the user device is quite common in the mobile world and we would obtain similar results with Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and others," Robert's report concluded. There are still 'legitimate concerns' around TikTok's lackluster security Business Insider spoke to iOS developer Talal Haj Bakry, who in March along with developer Tommy Mysk discovered a security flaw in TikTok which meant it was able to access iPhone users' clipboards without their permission, essentially meaning TikTok could read any text the user has copied. The researchers noted that this could be as mundane as a shopping list or more serious data like passwords or financial information. Subsequently LinkedIn and Reddit's apps were also discovered to be reading iOS users' clipboards, and all three companies have now altered their code after Apple started cracking down on the practice with its iOS 14 update. A TikTok spokesperson said the reason the app was reading clipboards was to identify "repetitive, spammy behavior," and the company has submitted an update to the App Store getting rid of this feature. In April Bakry and Mysk also discovered a vulnerability in TikTok which meant users' uploaded videos could be intercepted and even replaced. This vulnerability was the result of TikTok using insecure HTTP connections to download videos from its servers. "All other social media apps have long made the switch to secure HTTPS for all network connections, in effort to protect user privacy and data integrity. "Such a basic security failing does not inspire confidence in TikTok's ability in protecting their users' data, and exposes a lax attitude towards security," Bakry said. A TikTok spokesperson told Business Insider: "TikTok prioritizes user data security and already uses HTTPS across several regions, as we work to phase it in across all of the markets where we operate." Bakry thinks TikTok's Chinese roots could be part of the reason it's playing catch-up on security. "What makes TikTok stand out are the differing data privacy laws and security standards between China and other parts of the world. In the US and Europe, there are various laws and regulations in place to protect end-user privacy," Bakry said. "China is only recently catching up in creating data privacy laws, but it remains to be seen how effective these new laws will be when put in practice." Bakry said there are "definitely legitimate concerns" around TikTok's security. "Whether it's intentional or merely the result of move-fast-and-break-things, the inadequate security of social media apps can pose a serious threat. These apps collect massive amounts of data from their users, and they become prime targets for bad actors seeking to steal information," he said. Vilain agreed that regardless of whether the vulnerability was left open as a backdoor or the result of shoddy security. "Whatever the reason for this, if you're not securing the collection of data of course it's a threat and it's a violation of the GDPR for example in the European Union, and they should do something about this," she said. TikTok has tried to distance itself from its Chinese roots Regardless of whether TikTok's app is technically more invasive or insecure than any other social media app, the Trump administration's argument hinges on the idea that private companies in China can be turned into proxies for the Chinese government. As scrutiny around the app has built up, TikTok has desperately tried to shake off the idea that it's a Chinese company. "TikTok is led by an American CEO, with hundreds of employees and key leaders across safety, security, product, and public policy here in the US. We have no higher priority than promoting a safe and secure app experience for our users. We have never provided user data to the Chinese government, nor would we do so if asked," a TikTok spokesperson told Business Insider. TikTok itself isn't present in China, but is the international twin of its sister app Douyin, which does operate in China. TikTok has always maintained it doesn't store any user data on Chinese servers, although this was contested in a December 2019 lawsuit filed by a user. A TikTok spokesperson told Business Insider the app's data is stored on servers in the US with backups in Singapore. In May 2020 the company also hired a new American CEO called Kevin Mayer, formerly a Disney streaming executive. In July, TikTok announced it was withdrawing operations from Hong Kong alongside a slew of US tech companies following the implementation of China's sweeping new national security laws in the region. Some critics said the withdrawal smacked of a PR move, given that sister app Douyin is more popular in Hong Kong than TikTok. Nonetheless the Trump administration seems determined to make an example out of TikTok, and its parent company seems to be losing hope it can convince the US to leave it alone. ByteDance's CEO Zhang Yiming told employees in an internal letter he believes Trump's "real objective" is to force a ban, rather than force a sale to Microsoft or any other American company. US actions have also angered China's state media, who argue the US is trying to brazenly steal a successful Chinese company. "China will by no means accept the 'theft' of a Chinese technology company, and it has plenty of ways to respond if the administration carries out its planned smash and grab," the state-owned China daily wrote in an editorial. SEE ALSO: Dogecoin volumes spike 683% after viral TikTok challenge urges buying spree Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Why electric planes haven't taken off yet
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That is why many non-acting professionals turn to Hollywood once they’ve created a fanbase elsewhere.Look at Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s career or stand-up comics like Kevin Hart and Russel Brand who move to Hollywood to earn the big bucks and the spotlight.Following this successful trend, Tyler Ninja Blevins has showcased an interest to take his talents to tinsel town as he takes a break off streaming.Not exactly a ‘break’For streaming fans that are already sighing, no, Ninja is not going to leave gaming ever as he told The Hollywood Reporter.Interestingly, he had a scene in Jumanji: The Next Level alongside The Rock and Kevin Hart, but it didn’t make the final cut.Anyhow, he is going to be seen doing a cameo in a movie called “Free Guy.” He said he’s looking for “anything and everything Hollywood.”He is yet to sign with a streaming serviceSince his departure from Microsoft’s Mixer upon it’s shut down some time ago, Ninja has been quietly streaming on YouTube.With no streaming deal in place as of now, he is enjoying the riches collected from his last run with Mixer.
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Sony’s fifth-generation gaming console, PlayStation 5 will be officially available this fall. This device will have two versions. There will be a model with a built-in ... The post PlayStation 5 price spotted in France – not as expensive as many smartphones appeared first on
After waiting for so long, Microsoft is finally launching on September 15 in 22 countries, albeit for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. While it’ll be in beta form, it’ll be great to finally see Microsoft’s pet project finally reach gamers. Project xCloud has been in the works for a while as Microsoft’s cloud gaming solution — a “play your games anywhere, anytime” ambition we’ve also seen from the likes of Google’s Stadia. Now it seems to have found a home as the “cloud gaming” portion of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft’s gaming subscription service. Starting on September 15, subscribers will be… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Android,Xbox
The next-generation gaming consoles are on the horizon and ahead of their release comes all of the details, as well as many questions. Among the top inquiries from gamers were questions about backward compatibility, including whether any accessories for the current-generation models will work for the upcoming Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles. Here to reinforce the point is … Continue reading
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Hi and welcome to Insider Advertising, weekly edition. I'm Lucia Moses, deputy editor. To get this in your inbox daily, go here. This week: Microsoft's play for TikTok, Netflix's new secret weapon, and takeaways of the Facebook ad boycott. Microsoft is interested in advertising again People who know their Microsoft history are scratching their heads when it comes to its planned deal for TikTok's US business, and not just because it would plunge the tech giant into the unfamiliar territory unknown of teen-driven social media, with all its potential messiness and drama. It's also because Microsoft all but abandoned its ad business in 2015 after its display ad revenue eroded over several years. In recent years, it's focused on going after Amazon and Google on sponsored products, but still holds only an estimated 1.4% of the display ad market, according to EMarketer.  And while TikTok's own ad business is nascent, it has big potential, with its growing, young user base that advertisers are salivating over. A successful takeover could help Microsoft erode Facebook and Google's stronghold on digital advertising. But it would also help solidify tech giant's control over advertising and the rules that govern it. And the losers? Old-guard media companies, for one, none of which has the means to bid for a company some valued at $50 billion, and whose voice at the advertising table will only continue to diminish. Bozoma Saint John is Netflix's new secret weapon Media coverage of Bozoma Saint John has largely focused on her glamour and charisma, but Tanya Dua and Patrick Coffee examined the ex-Apple and Uber marketer's record in this insightful profile as she starts as Netflix's CMO. Saint John's approach runs counter to the trend of data-driven marketing, which has made her a target of some. But consider what her hire signals about how Netflix sees its challenges as its field becomes more competitive. From their piece: Forrester principal analyst Jim Nail said co-CEOs Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos have recently begun emphasizing Netflix's ability to influence pop culture through a steady stream of original hits like "Bird Box," which helps it retain subscribers and sign up new ones who don't want to miss out on the latest cultural phenomenon... Nail said Netflix's goal of influencing culture lined up with Saint John's record of helping companies stand out by co-opting trends beyond their industries. "It's almost a repositioning. They're certainly enhancing and enriching their positioning with the idea of being a key part of culture," he said. Read the full profile here: How Netflix's new CMO Bozoma Saint John rose to become the biggest 'badass' in marketing Facebook's ad boycott: An accounting More than 1,000 advertisers boycotted Facebook in a historic backlash against the company. But did any of it matter? Here are some key numbers, per Tanya Dua: Some advertisers, convinced by Facebook's promises to do better monitoring hate speech, or need to make their sales numbers, are returning, and some are staying away, but the biggest impact may have been to its reputation among some users. Facebook's ad revenue in the first three weeks of July grew about 10% year over year, the same rate as its second quarter. It reminded us that it's mostly reliant on small advertisers who continue to spend there, with its top 100 advertisers accounting for 16% of its over-$70 billion ad revenue. Read more: Advertisers not part of the boycott also cut back spending on Facebook in July, but the platform says it will be just fine Other stories you should check out in media, advertising, and beyond: Disney lost $3.5 billion in operating income from its closed theme parks last quarter and analysts say the impact could weigh on the business for years A startup that's helped brands like Hershey's and Petco make shoppable videos just raised $10 million to become an e-commerce platform that it says can help them drive more sales One of the very few Black women VCs says her 20 years in the industry helped her understand why she's such an anomaly — and how the industry's reverence for speed became the enemy of diversity Average fintech salaries are in the six figures. A talent exec at $5.3 billion Plaid lays out 3 ways to get your foot in the door. Poshmark clothing resellers are becoming Instagram influencers to increase sales and make money from brand sponsorships Radish wants you to binge-read romance novels, and now it has a fresh $63.2 million to pay its soap opera writers and gaming pros to get you hooked Thanks for reading. See you next week! — LuciaJoin the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: July 15 is Tax Day — here's what it's like to do your own taxes for the very first time
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It’s time for Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform to officially move out of preview mode and into the real world.
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Image: Take-Two Interactive The companies that sell video games are all staying relatively quiet about whether they plan to universally hike game prices from $60 to $70 with the launch of next-gen consoles later this year. But of the more vocal ones, massive publisher Take-Two Interactive has flip-flopped in its public statements of late, causing a bit of confusion in the process. After initially becoming the first company to say it would hike the price of next-gen versions of NBA 2K20, CEO Strauss Zelnick now says that may not be the company’s plans for all of its next-gen titles going forward. “We’re definitely announcing pricing on a title by title basis,” Zelnick said in an earnings call Monday evening (via Ars Technica). “I would just observe, there hasn’t... Continue reading…
Game developers are in a nonstop battle with cheaters, and now some developers are getting an extra hand from an anti-cheat vigilante frustrated with people who give themselves an unfair advantage. Motherboard staff writer Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai profiled Mohamed “GamerDoc” Al-Sharifi, a 24-year-old who has spent a significant amount of time and energy hunting down cheaters in both Overwatch and Valorant. Al-Sharifi says he despises cheaters and feels games are “ruined” by people who unfairly want an upper hand. He’s become infamous in the cheating community as “an asshole who sends cheat loaders to Riot,” one cheat developer told Motherboard. At one point, Vice mentions that someone even created a GoFundMe page to hire an... Continue reading…