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I drove the glorious 2020 Porsche 718 Spyder, a high-performance convertible two-seater that goes for a well-optioned $105,780. The Spyder has a new 414-horsepower flat-six engine that's devoid of turbochargers and, in my car, mated to a crisp six-speed manual transmission. The Spyder traces it lineage to the open-air racers of the 1950s. It isn't a practical car, but it is the best Porsche money can buy — and, for me, a ticket to happiness. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. "The colors tremble and vibrate." That's a line from the title poem in Frederick Seidel's 1998 collection "Going Fast," a work crammed with references to the motorcycles Seidel loves. Speed is a combination of reality and perception — we understand it as it's happening — and on a motorbike, you'd better be processing what's going on and doing it with all available gray matter and muscle memory. The colors don't tremble or vibrate quite as much in a car. In many cars, they're positively immobile. But as I'm not riding these days, I take what I can get from four-wheelers. A few weeks ago, Porsche lent me a 718 Spyder, model year 2020. Over a week's time, I didn't just reacquaint myself with the trembling and the vibrating. I found some new colors.FOLLOW US: On Facebook for more car and transportation content! I'm not going to show you what the Spyder looks like top up. Some folks might think the roadster looks cool with its sleek semi-automatic cloth roof, complete with winglets that evoke the flimsy covering of the roadster's heritage. But I don't. The Spyder needs to live a largely top-down life, like its legendary antecedent. You know the car I'm talking about: "Little Bastard." James Dean's deathmobile, No. 130, a 1955 Porsche 550 that lost a tragic open-road encounter with 1950 Ford. Dean was 24. He'd barely had the car a week. You can't not think about the rebel without a cause — his white V-neck T-shirt, the driving gloves, the cigarette, and that '55 Porsche at a California filling station in the iconic photo, Dean's last known living image — when you slip into the snug cockpit of the 2020 Spyder. Sixty-five years have changed nothing. (Well, airbags.) You're in a topless two-seater with a Porsche badge on the hood, engine behind your head, road beneath your 20-inch alloy wheels. What you don't have is a flat-four engine making just over 100 horsepower. In fact, you have a flat-six, sans turbos of any sort, a 4.0-liter mill producing 414 horsepower with 309 pound-feet of torque and — get this, get it good — a redline at 8,000 rpm. (The 2021 911 Carrera S, by contrast, tops out a 7,500, with its 3.0-liter six.) Yessir! Beneath my left foot was a crisply responsive clutch pedal. Beneath my right hand, a six-speed stick. But I really didn't need anything past three. I'm not sure what anybody is going to do with the forthcoming dual-clutch transmission and its seven. Perhaps shave a few tenths off the Porsche-claimed zero to 60 mph time of 4.2 seconds. (But why? I got to 60 mph in what I thought was about 3.5 seconds, and I was barely into third gear.) The open air, the open road, the power and the power and the power, and I haven't even gotten to the exhaust note yet. The ever-present sense that the exquisite neutrality of the Spyder's balance could send one off into new adventures in either over- or understeer. The unsettling dynamics of this ... well, this little bastard. Heck, I'm a 911 fella through and through. Never have I fallen in line for the Boxsters and Caymans, although I've had my fun with the midmounted turbo fours. I usually like less weight and power, to max out the feathery nature of a proper two-seater. But the 2020 718 Spyder rearranged my consciousness, like something quick and compelling moving through space and time. This is a car that you dream about after the driving is done, then dream anew when the driving resumes, and before you know it, the driving and dreaming are the same thing. The 718 Spyder has a stablemate: the GT4, hard-topped and inarguably more the genuine mid-engine race car in the Porsche paddock. For the hardcore competitor, a worthy set of wheels. For me, an extra $3,000, base, on the Spyder and for what? A stiffer architecture? I'd rather channel the late Sir Stirling Moss and have the wind in a grinning swirl around my head. Let's say I spent the $105,780 to make this Spyder my own. I don't think I'd bother putting the top up once I took it down. The process is borderline maddening. First, you flick a switch in the cabin, between the seats. The windows lower, and three latches disengage from the windshield. The rear hatch pops open. You then exit the car and reconfigure the winglet on either side, raising the hatch before folding, not without some effort, the top in a compartment behind the seats. Thump the hatch closed and the alfresco driving can commence. Compared to this undertaking, which for me entailed some planning every time, with a Miata's sequence: drop windows, twist latch, throw soft-top back. The whole deal could be accomplished at a stoplight. I didn't look forward to wrestling with the Spyder's roof, but with rain in the forecast, I had to grapple several times. (Putting it back up is even harder than dropping it.) But I do own a garage, which at the moment is crammed with suburban summertime gear. If it were up to me, I'd remove the top entirely and knock the weight down to 3,500 pounds. A gossamer car cover would be my new protection from the elements, and the Spyder would never even witness winter. Are Porsches beautiful? Well, no. They're actually sort of, um, ugly. Homely. The bug eyes, the awkward haunches, the endless aesthetic problem of the front end ... and the rear end ... and the sides ... But Porsche sports cars are so magnificently engineered by the geniuses in Stuttgart that the visual offenses are forgiven as soon as the tires grab the tarmac. This is a tool. Who cares how it looks? I do, but if I want an object of beauty, there's always the Aston Martin DB9. If I want to drive for my life, I'd take a 911. Or would I? The issue with the 911 is that because the rear-engine design is so profoundly flawed, Porsche designers have been innovating since the mid-1960s to solve the problem. They've succeeded so thoroughly that the 911 has lost some edge. One can push the machine harder than ever without fear of catastrophe, as I did when I recently tested the new Carrera 4S and Turbo S in rapid succession. The 911 shows you how to drive it. The car plots a course into the future and guides you to it; no vehicle fills me with more confidence. The Spyder, on the other hand, undermines my confidence, oh-so subtly. I could feel the grip ebbing whenever I got frisky. In my heart, I want this and want it badly from a rear-drive sports car, and I got it not too long ago from an Aston V8 Vantage. That was 503 hp with tail-happy slip, however, and it was sort of scary. (This is comparative; the 800 hp in a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody was flatly terrifying.) The Spyder's 414 was easier to work with, the limit of what I can handle when it comes to throttle versus tire adhesion. In a word, exhilarating. In another, alive. In yet another, I'll admit, beautiful. I drove the Spyder a lot, both because it's addictive to drive and because during the Northeaster summer you want top-down motoring into the night. New Jersey's legendary Garden State Parkway is a few minutes from my house, and I made for it with a certain native son's song lyrics in my head and a sense of guilt in my gut that I was taking to the thoroughfare in a German roadster, rather than an American muscle car. Parkway journeys aren't the best use of the Spyder's talents, but they can get you to regions where the roads wind and wend, twist and bend. But we're not there just yet. At high speed, the Spyder is perplexing. Thanks to that 8,000 rpm redline, which sits there on the tachometer, beckoning one to, you know, test it. Hammer the accelerator and observe the needle climb until the soulful huff of the flat six becomes, if not a scream, then a sort of throaty yowl. I wanted to throw the shifter into fifth, but the engine only needs second and (barely) third. The torque is so cussedly available after three snicks that you rapidly forget about downshifting for more pop and simply hang out around 4,000 or 5,000 rpm and grab speed whenever you want or need it. The Spyder basically trifles with everything else on the road, save the odd Voodoo V8 Mustang, a flat-crank hellraiser that's actually a fine track-day choice, but that offers none of the Spyder's panache. In a GT350, the redline is 8,250 rpm, which I used to dismember a racetrack in Utah a few years back, without departing from third gear. The 718, therefore, is a steering-and-braking-at-speed experience. With the wheel light and flicky in the hands, the suspension ready for whatever I could throw at it, and the brakes providing the on-command stopping and four Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2's providing the gripping, boredom is vanquished and troubles retreat. The top speed is said to be 187 mph, at which point you might be able to use the retractable spoiler to add some useful downforce to the rear end, and count on the front aerodynamics to slip the airflow up and over the Spyder's smooth form, in the case of my tester wearing a sharp GT Silver Metallic paint job, the soft top cut from cloth the color of drying blood. The interior is premium yet purposeful. A "Bordeaux" red-and-black leather and Alcantara package adds almost $3,000 to the final damage, but in general the insides make few compromises. The Alcantara-clad wheel is intended for steering; it lacks the now typical multifunction array of buttons, switches, knobs, and dials. The seats are snug, and the evidence of discipline around weight — mass is the enemy of speed and handling — is in the webbed pull-handle door releases and lack of storage. The woeful retractable cupholders, flimsy things that no fool would risk with a steaming latte, are pathetic but understandable. They're made of load-lightening plastic. When they inevitably break and you throw them into a rest-stop trash can, subtract another eight ounces from the Spyder's bulk. The infotainment system, running on a modest touchscreen, is good for listening to music and provides GPS navigation, and it also enables the expected Bluetooth device pairing along with USB connectivity. But the real joy of the Spyder is taking the opportunity to ignore the tech. Punch up the exhaust note and switch off the cylinder-deactivation features (which probably helps yield the fuel economy figures of 16 mph city/23 highway/19 combined), and with the top down, come on and feel the noise. Seriously, you don't drop more than $100,000 ($96,300 base) on a ride like this if you want to fiddle with a touchscreen. Kudos to Porsche for installing infotainment. But it's a plus-$2,300 option. And I'd have been happy with a factory AM/FM and a folding roadmap. Apart from the cupholders, I got my usual kicks from stuff like the "smoking package," a micro-lighter and ashtray that I estimated could hold the butts of exactly three Marlboros.  A chronograph occupies prime real estate in the middle of the Spyder's dash and would be helpful if clocking lap times. As it stands, for the Spyder's mainly trackless customers, it's like a nice wristwatch, adding some functional style to the cabin.   As with the 911, it's impossible to gaze upon the Spyder's motor unless you're a qualified mechanic and are ready to dismantle the cowlings and covers. The 718's powerplant is even more concealed than the 911's, tucked away in the compact zone between seats and rear axle. Shockingly, combined with the usual front trunk, the Spyder has a moderately ample cargo hold under the rear hatch. I was able to tote, at one point, a folding camp chair and a shipment of outdoor lights from Home Depot. Versatility! I'm not kidding. I think the Spyder, with its two seats, could haul more stuff than some smaller three-row SUVs, with the third row deployed. It didn't occur to me to investigate towing capacity. Why do we even bother with manuals anymore? They're objectively slower than dual-clutch automatics and once you get over the thrills of blipping the throttle on your own downshifts, powering through the gears and launching off the clutch, and all that heel-toe tomfoolery if you get very, very motivated, they're hard to live with. We bother with them on cars like the Spyder because there's no point of cars like the Spyder without a movable stick between the seats and a third pedal on the floor. Remember, I'm tearing that annoying cover out and going top-down forever. This is not my daily driver, and a pox on the commute. I'm on a hunt for curves and corners when I drive the 718, and I want to be in control of the show. I could complain about the tricky shift into reverse: over to the left, hard, then up. But I won't. The 718 Spyder is utterly mesmerizing. It's one of those cars that showed me colors I hadn't seen before, by which I mean ushered into my brainpan some new mixtures of the physical, intellectual, emotional, and psychological realms that had previously been concealed. Top down and at speed, the car is a high-speed vision quest. The enlightenment it delivers is sadly ephemeral, but that just gives you excuse to strap in again and aim the nose back toward the open asphalt, with a mind freed to explore its corners thanks to stupendous German design and engineering. The Spyder is the only Porsche I've driven in some time that has added up to far more than its impressive specs. A recent batch of new 911s confirmed for me the genius of that machine and Porsche's commitment to making it ever better. The Cayenne SUV remains as brilliant as it was in the early 2000s, when it stunned the world with its greatness. I've even found some Panameras I could live with. But happiness, for me, is not now a warm puppy. Nor is it a walk on the wild side, nor a ride on a horse with no name. It's a Porsche Spyder. And I know where to find it.
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Amazon posted CEO Jeff Bezos' prepared testimony Tuesday on its blog ahead of his appearance at the historic Congressional tech antitrust hearing on Wednesday. Bezos plans to argue that Amazon's size benefits consumers, sellers, and the economy, and that it faces plenty of competition from rivals including Walmart, Instacart, and Shopify. "Just like the world needs small companies, it also needs large ones," Bezos is expected to say. Bezos along with the top executives of Apple, Facebook, and Google parent Alphabet are set to face questions from Congress on Wednesday, where they'll have to defend their companies' growing power. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos plans to tell members of Congress that the company's size is actually a good thing, and that it still faces plenty of competition, according to prepared remarks posted to an official Amazon blog on Tuesday. "Just like the world needs small companies, it also needs large ones," Bezos plans to say. "There are things small companies simply can't do. I don't care how good an entrepreneur you are, you're not going to build an all-fiber Boeing 787 in your garage." Bezos is also expected to argue that Amazon competes in a global retail industry that is "strikingly large and extraordinarily competitive," and that the company captures only captures single-digit market share in the sector. He plans to name several firms as competitors, including traditional retailers like Walmart, Target, Costco, and Kroger, as well as e-commerce companies like Shopify and Instacart. Bezos, along with Apple CEO Tim Cook, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google parent company Alphabet, are set to appear before the House Antitrust Subcommittee on Wednesday, where they'll face questions over their companies' growing power. Amazon has come under increasing scrutiny from lawmakers who say its size and market dominance allow it to unfairly prevent competition, particularly surrounding its treatment of third-party companies that sell products through its website.  Bezos plans to say that by opening its marketplace, Amazon instead enabled sellers to better than they could have hoped to otherwise. He says that opening up the marketplace was a bet that third-party sellers would help both buyers and sellers, and that "we were right — the whole pie did grow, third-party sellers did very well and are growing fast, and that has been great for customers and for Amazon." He also plans to argue that Amazon's size has other benefits, such as allowing it to create jobs in the US that pay better than competitors and to use its scale to combat climate change – but that lawmakers should still look into its business practices. "I believe Amazon should be scrutinized. We should scrutinize all large institutions, whether they're companies, government agencies, or non-profits," Bezos plans to say. "Our responsibility is to make sure we pass such scrutiny with flying colors."Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: The rise and fall of Donald Trump's $365 million airline
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Amazon CEO will testify before a congressional antitrust committee for the first time on Wednesday, alongside Sundar Pichai, Tim Cook, and Mark Zuckerberg.  While experts told Business Insider they expect the questioning to mostly pertain to matters of competition, Bezos will likely be grilled on everything from how Amazon treats third-party sellers to the company's approach to acquisitions.  The hearing may come at a challenging time for Bezos, who recently added $13 billion to his net worth in a single day as the coronavirus still surges in parts of the US, contributing to widespread job losses.  Bezos will need to downplay Amazon's size and power in favor of highlighting the benefit the company provides to small businesses and the communities it operates in.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. He's appeared in a Star Trek movie, built a $42 million, 10,000-year clock in the desert, and survived a helicopter crash. But on Wednesday, Jeff Bezos will do something he's never done before: testify before Congress. Amazon's 56-year-old founder and CEO has been called to testify before the House Judiciary Committee's antitrust subcommittee, which has spent the past year examining the business practices and market power of the nation's largest tech firms. Though Bezos will likely testify virtually, via videoconference, he will be flanked — in a manner of speaking — by his peers: Apple CEO Tim Cook, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Bezos' fellow CEOs have all previously appeared before Congress in some capacity. More than 25 years after founding Amazon however, Bezos has somehow avoided a congressional hearing — until now. His debut appearance is sure to draw a wide range of questions from lawmakers eager to drill into the company's vast business empire, explore its dominance of ecommerce, and to put a spotlight on Bezos' power and influence. Whether Bezos appears on Capitol Hill in person or on a video screen, the one thing that's practically certain is that he will be on the hot seat.  Here are some of the main topics and issues to watch for when Bezos testifies, beginning at Noon Eastern Time on Wednesday July 29: Questioning Amazon's dominance While members of the committee will likely ask questions that apply to all of the disparate businesses represented by the four CEOs, Bezos should expect Amazon to be singled out for some tough lines of questioning. Avery Gardiner, general counsel and senior fellow for competition, data, and power at the Center for Democracy and Technology, a nonprofit that works to shape tech policy, told Business Insider she expects Bezos will, first and foremost, have to supply answers to inquiries relating to Amazon's private-label business. A Wall Street Journal report from April found that Amazon was using trend data gleaned from third-party sellers in order to develop its own private-label products. While offering private-label products in stores is nothing new, the committee is likely to explore whether Amazon wields more power as a digital marketplace than a brick-and-mortar store would.  By extension, Bezos will likely be asked who he sees as Amazon's most robust competitors — in that case, Gardiner said, we're likely to hear a lot about how Amazon competes with Walmart.  Gardiner said she also expects to see Bezos, Zuckerberg, Cook, and Pichai questioned about their companies' acquisition strategies, given that CEOs are typically heavily involved in M&A activity. It's a timely line of questioning given that the Wall Street Journal reported last week that Amazon has implemented a strategy of meeting with and investing in startups, only to later make products that directly compete with them. "There has been concern that the tech giants are using acquisitions to take out small competitors, so that's an area that the members of Congress could ask CEOs about that they will actually have the right, relevant people to give the answer," Gardiner said. Stacy Mitchell, co-director of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and an outspoken critic of Amazon's effect on small businesses, told Business Insider that she expects Bezos to face a tough cross-examination from the committee. Looking at the antitrust hearing last summer as an example, in which lawmakers grilled high-level executives from all four companies, Mitchell noted that they devoted a significant amount of questions and aggressive follow-ups to Amazon — she expects Bezos to receive the same treatment. Amazon's shipping business will be in the spotlight Mitchell told Business Insider she predicts Bezos will be questioned about Amazon's logistics and shipping business, pointing to Fulfillment by Amazon, a service where sellers ship their products to a fulfillment center to be packed and shipped, as a way that Amazon wields power over vendors. A March report from Recode's Jason Del Rey found that Amazon was hiding products from sellers that offered faster shipping but didn't use Amazon's FBA service, which the company said was unintentional.  "The algorithm that controls who gets the 'Buy Box,' who is chosen as the default seller for a particular product, appears to include a couple of components that make it essential, really, to use Fulfillment by Amazon," Mitchell said. "That is a way that it has effectively leveraged its monopoly power as an online marketplace to build a dominant business in a completely different industry."  Mitchell also predicts Bezos will be grilled about counterfeit goods on Amazon's site, the tactics it uses to encourage sellers to offer lower prices on Amazon over other platforms, and whether it's using sponsored ads to squeeze more money out of vendors.  What we shouldn't expect, however, is wild grandstanding from public officials. In past hearings, lawmakers have appeared to use the opportunity question CEOs like Zuckerberg or Pichai on issues unrelated to the matter at hand. But the antitrust hearing will be different, Mitchell believes, because it's the culmination of a year-long investigation into these companies.  "What I'm assuming is on the committee's mind is getting to the bottom of questions that Amazon has dodged answering so far," Mitchell said. "I anticipate that the lawmakers are not going to be necessarily focusing on the most headline-y types of questions because they want to put Jeff Bezos under oath in order to compel him to actually answer a set of questions that they have as part of this investigation." 'It's all interconnected' Bezos' testimony is coming at what could be a challenging moment for the CEO. Earlier this month, Bezos added $13 billion to his fortune in a single day, his highest-ever one-day increase. With a net worth nearing $190 billion, he remains on track to becoming the first trillionaire by 2026.  While Mitchell said it's unlikely Bezos will face direct questioning about his wealth, it's becoming more difficult to separate his wealth and Amazon's power.  "He's built basically a big toll booth, or several big toll booths across several streams of commerce. It's a very remarkable and incredibly powerful place to be," Mitchell said. "There is this relationship, I think, between Amazon's gatekeeper power as core infrastructure for the economy and the company's ability to levy those tolls, and thus, Bezos' wealth. I think it's all interconnected." The issue becomes thornier given the continuing financial impacts of the coronavirus crisis, which resulted in nearly 53 million unemployment claims filed over the past few months, more than during the Great Recession. While Amazon expanded hiring and increased pay early on in the pandemic, it has also fired workers after they spoke out about working conditions in the company's facilities during the outbreak. And it's not the first time Amazon has been criticized for worker treatment — warehouse workers and delivery drivers have long complained of the grueling cost of working for the company.  Bezos' personal wealth may make him a target, but he could flip the script and cast himself as a small business savior Though not necessarily issues of antitrust, it's possible Bezos will be unable to avoid the juxtaposition of his wealth with the humans who power Amazon.  While Bezos will be in the hot seat, however, we can also expect him to come prepared to push back on some of the issues at question. In the past, Bezos hasn't backed down from his goal to keep expanding Amazon's business, and has touted the ability of big business to revolutionize products and industries in a way that benefits consumers. While he's receptive to scrutiny of Amazon's business, he's said, Bezos has also argued that politicians and lawmakers shouldn't "vilify" large companies either.   "All big institutions of any kind will be and should be scrutinized. It's not personal. It's kind of what we want to have as a society happen," Bezos said during an interview at the Economic Club in Washington, D.C. in 2018. "There are certain things that only big companies can do. Nobody in their garage is going to build an all-fiber fuel-efficient Boeing 787." Gardiner predicted that Bezos will downplay Amazon's size and power in favor of talking up the benefit the company provides to its vendors and the communities it operates in.  "I'm expecting that we'll hear a lot about empowering small businesses to get a broader reach for their products," Gardiner said. "I think we'll hear about efforts around COVID to stop the pandemic and donations they've made in their local communities. I'm expecting we'll hear a lot from Amazon about the benefits of free shipping and the ability to shop from home being important, particularly in a pandemic." And given the high-profile nature of the hearing and the current cultural moment, it's likely that more people will be paying attention. Particularly given Bezos' customer-obsessed mantra, it's likely his answers won't be just for the benefit of the congressmen and women present, but for Amazon's customers too.  "They do have an opportunity here to stand up and say what they do that they think benefits Americans," Gardiner said. "I think [he] will be very good at finding the opportunities to say all the things they do that they want Americans to hear about."SEE ALSO: The leaders of the world's most powerful tech companies — Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google — will be speaking in front of Congress this week. Here's what we're expecting, and why it's a huge deal. 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Ford reportedly doubled production for a planned First Edition Bronco package, to 7,000 from 3,500. Reservations are already maxed out. The Bronco was wildly anticipated, but even Ford has been surprised by the surge of interest in the revived SUV, a nameplate that was launched in 1965 but discontinued in 1996. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Ford's long-awaited new Bronco is a hit. Hours after its debut last week, a deluge of customers trying to put down $100 reservation briefly crashed Ford's website. The new family of four-by-four SUVs is being offered in a trio of trims, with a wide range of available packages. One of those — the "First Edition" — was initially planned for 3,500 units, but according to Road & Track, Ford doubled that number. Ford said that all First Edition reservations have been taken, but you can always configure another trim level. Business Insider's Kristen Lee has provided a helpful guide. At any rate, here's a closer look at the Bronco First Edition, now one of the most exclusive new Fords:FOLLOW US: On Facebook for more car and transportation content! The Bronco is back! And without a doubt, it's better than ever. Ford created a new Bronco brand, with a family of three vehicles — a two-door, a four-door, and Sport trim — all with proper four-wheel-drive. The Bronco nameplate was first launched in 1965. Ford discontinued the Bronco in 1996. Interest in the new Bronco has been off the charts. Ford's website for preorders crashed as aspiring owners rushed to put down $100 deposits. Initially, just 3,500 "First Edition" Broncos were offered, bur Ford reportedly upped that to 7,000. The First Edition Broncos are essentially a summary of everything the company has to offer for its new mega-hit four-wheelers. There's a range of trim levels for all three versions: For the two- and four-door, it's Base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Wildtrak, Badlands — and First Edition. For the Sport, the range is Base, Big Bend, Outer Banks, Badlands — and First Edition. First Editions top out at around $60,000, versus $30,000 for the base two-door and $28,000 for the base Sport. The First Edition Bronco adds a "Sasquatch" package: "35-inch tires with 17-inch wheels, front- and rear-locking differentials ... and electronic-locking front and rear axle," according to Ford. Plus a higher suspension and special fender flares. A "Lux" package adds adaptive cruise control, a Bang & Olufsen 10-speaker sound system plus subwoofer, Evasive Steering Assist, a heated steering wheel, a universal garage-door opener, two extra front row charging ports, a voice-activated touchscreen navigation system, and a wireless charging pad. The Bronco was designed using "human-centric" principles that required fast prototyping, so that designers and engineers could assess how real people were using the SUV. The two- and four-door Broncos are built on a body-on-frame platform, while the Sport is a unibody design. The First Edition, as Roadshow noted, is based off the Badlands trim. It was developed for the two-door and the four-door ... ... As well as the Sport. The First Edition shares will all the trims and packages an embrace of a full-on outdoorsy, active lifestyle. Bronco was designed to be used. You can hose the mud and dirt out of the cabin, remove the doors and roof on the two- and four-doors, and browse hundred of aftermarket accessories. Ford has reportedly booked every First Edition reservation available, so if you must have one, you're going to have to try to find a prospective owner to buy from.
Back in 2003, Elon Musk test drove a tiny, yellow electric car called a tZero. While Musk didn't know it then, the tZero would directly lead to him becoming CEO of Tesla. Musk was impressed with the car and lobbied unsuccessfully to get the leaders of the company that made the tZero, AC Propulsion, to commercialize it. They declined, but introduced him to a group who was looking to collaborate on an electric car startup: Tesla Motors' Martin Eberhard, Marc Tarpenning, and Ian Wright. The tZero led the way for Tesla's first car, the Roadster, which hit the market in 2008.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. It's hard to remember a time when "Elon Musk" and "electric cars" didn't go hand-in-hand.  But back in the early 2000s, the dream of mass-market electric cars with long range and rapid acceleration was still a long way off for Musk, who had already cofounded and sold Zip2 and PayPal and was working on SpaceX. That changed with a fateful test drive in 2003.  At the behest of the person who would go on to become Tesla's first chief technology officer, JB Straubel, Musk took a ride in AC Propulsion's tZero, a tiny electric car that was built as a prototype. Musk was so wowed by the car he tried to get the company to commercialize it — it didn't want to, which in part led to the birth of Tesla.  Musk described driving the tZero and the events the followed on the Third Row Tesla podcast in February, which was spotted by CNBC's Taylor Locke.  Here's how the tZero led the way in electric cars, sparked Elon Musk's interest, and inspired the Tesla Roadster.SEE ALSO: 'Antennagate' just turned 10. Here's how the iPhone 4's antenna issues became one of Apple's biggest scandals of all time. The tZero was designed by a company called AC Propulsion, which in the early 2000s, was run by cofounder Alan Cocconi and CEO Tom Gage. AC Propulsion wasn't an electric carmaker — it worked with car manufacturers to produce electric vehicle drive systems. Source: Clean Technica The tZero was a prototype vehicle built by hand in 1997. The body and the chassis of the vehicle were based on a kit car called the Piontek Sportech. The car was estimated to cost $220,000. Source: Car and Driver The tZero ran on lithium-ion battery cells, which — thanks to their light weight — made the car surprisingly fast: it reportedly went from 0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds. The tZero also had a range of more than 200 miles. Source: Car and Driver, Wired While the tZero had an outwardly stylish design, its interior was described as "Spartan." A Forbes article from 2003 described the interior of the vehicle as "like a science project":  "... most of the controls apart from the CD player are gadgets to monitor the battery and tiny 110-lb. motor. Drivers get an analog current meter, voltmeter, altimeter, and battery-voltage display with LED lights that measures temperature and charging limits. Remember, though, this is more of an experiment than a traditionally appointed car. The tZero does not come with air-conditioning. And to lower its top and windows, you detach them and store them in the trunk." Only three tZeros were ever produced, and there is reportedly only one left in existence. One of the vehicles was incinerated in a garage fire in 2017, and it's not clear what happened to the third. Source: Electrek Elon Musk came into the picture in 2003 after he was encourage to test drive a tZero. Shortly after founding SpaceX, Musk was having lunch with satellite pioneer Harold Rosen and JB Straubel, who went on to become Tesla's chief technology officer. Straubel suggested they take a ride in a tZero and Musk agreed.  "It literally didn't have doors or a roof, or any airbags, or an effective cooling system for the battery and it was not safe and was very unreliable," Musk on the Third Row Tesla podcast in February. "It needed to be babied by an engineer or ... you couldn't use it."  Still, Musk was excited about the concept and tried to convince Cocconi and Gage to commercialize the car. "I really pestered them a lot to commercialize the tZero, and they just did not want to do it," Musk said.  Musk said he asked the team, "If you're not going to commercialize the tZero, do you mind if I do it?" The team said yes, and introduced Musk to another group looking to do the same: Tesla Motors' Martin Eberhard, Marc Tarpenning, and Ian Wright. In 2004, Musk invested $6.3 million in Tesla. For the next four years, the company worked on its first car, the Tesla Roadster. While the Roadster ended up only slightly resembling the tZero, it carried the DNA of the prototype car: it had the first lithium ion battery in a vehicle put into production, could go from 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds, and had a range of up to 300 miles.  The company sold around 2,500 Roadsters in total — by the time Tesla retired the car, it cost $150,000.  Musk has since said that without the tZero, "Tesla wouldn't exist." Tweet Embed: // Major credit to AC Propulsion for the tzero electric sports car 1997-2003 that inspired Tesla Roadster. Without that, Tesla wouldn't exist or would have started much later.  
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