The rules are unclear for electric vehicles such as hoverboards. Photograph: Alamy It is wonderful to be able to whiz on an electric contraption among walkers and avoid having to trudge himself. But unlike the old-fashioned steel horse, which the authorities had good eye on for several decades, it is trickier with nymodigheterna. - It is not easy to disentangle it, says Hans Cassepierre, investigator at the Swedish Transport Agency. If an electric vehicle should be classified as a bicycle, there are distinct characteristics that must be met. This includes about top speed and braking.
A group of Stanford researchers may have just made significant progress in finding a way to cure or treat Glaucoma, the illness that gradually leads to blindness.In an experiment involving blind mice with a glaucoma-like condition, they managed to restore partial eyesight in the animals, the first time for such an accomplishment in mammals.With some 70 million people suffering from glaucoma worldwide, the illness is caused by damaged retinal ganglion cells, which are responsible for transferring the images we see to the brain via their axons, a type of thin nerve.In both mice and humans, these axons don't regenerate, which is why the scientists chose rodents for an experiment on re-growing them.Interestingly, the researchers found success by combining two techniques that made little difference when used on their own.The first was to cover a mice's good eye and present "high-contrast visual stimulation" to the bad one, with the second being the use of chemicals to stimulate molecular interactions known to reactivate ganglion cells' mTOR pathway.
Our highly skilled labor organization belonging to the AKAVA former Health Sciences and academic leaders will open its doors for nurses. The trade union will continue to operate in future as Akava nurses and Taja. STTK Antti Palola the President to grant Yle was surprised a little Akava kind of trade union decision. Nurses have traditionally been STTK health TEHY trade union members and the kind of social. "There has been this kind of things," Palola notes Yle. "But, yes, this was surprising.
Photo: Dr Oliver Konter, Mainzthe Oldest européen, March-cars and Snapchatutmanare.Researchers from Stockholm university have identified Europe's oldest living tree, a thousand year old pine tree that grows in Greece.For those who want to give the younger generation a good eye on the Nasa Mars-craft is the trading cards.PC for all the reports about Facebook's new Snapchat-contenders.Now launched north korea's own service for streaming video, the range differs from the internationally available services such as Netflix.
Apple finally sent out an invite for an event happening September 7, almost certainly to launch the iPhone 7.And no, we re not just overanalyzing it:Apple's invite is unusually obvious this time: its just one circle for every headphone jack, slowly disappearing— David Pierce @pierce August 29, 2016Yes, the bubbles do seem to suggest something "camera" related.iPhone 7 Plus camera differentiation.
the News the Company behind the fururistiska keyboard Seaboard Rise to take over the London-based utvecklarbolaget with several popular plugs in the portfolio.After taking 230 million in a financing round in may, the u.s. Addicti have spenderarbrallorna and acquired the uk software company Fxpansion.Fun is most known for control, indication in the Rise series, which we tested earlier in the year.Fxpansion know many to due trumpluggen BFD Big F*cking Drums , which according to the company themselves has the world's largest sample library when it comes to acoustic drums and percussion.We also have a good eye to the virtual synths Geist and Strobe and the effect the Bloom.The two companies are merged, unless all employees on the Fxpansion, including utvecklargurun Angus Hewlett, will continue to work with Fxpansions range.
Eye contact is an important part of making a good first impression.But if you have a bad habit of looking elsewhere while people talk, some practice can help.You don t even need to leave your couch.Taking a moment to notice someone s eye color is an easy way to build a good eye contact habit.If you re not comfortable practicing on real people yet, Nicholas Boothman, author of How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less, suggests you practice on your favorite TV characters.Each time a new character comes on screen for a close up, look at their eyes and say the name of the color in your head.
But we grew annual recurring revenue from zero to $12.2 million in 16 months and went from an average deal size of $5,000 to around $10,000.Startups have to be laser focused.Our recruiting relied on a few members of the team who had a good eye for talent and were willing to go the extra mile and interview five times a day.We re investing in coaching new managers on how to interview and what to look for.A good sales manager not only hires his or her own team but also teaches others how to do that.Set honest expectations and be conservative.
p There are smartphone bargains out there if you look for them, and this deal on last year's Sony flagship is a great one.If you’re quick with the credit card, and have a good eye for a bargain, it’s still possible to pick up an excellent phone for a low price.Just such a deal has shown up at B Photo, where the Sony Xperia X Performance is on sale for just $300, down from its usual $500, plus the gorgeous graphite black version is among those in stock.The Xperia X Performance was the top-of-the-range model announced by Sony at Mobile World Congress in 2016, which makes it over a year old, but it still has a strong set of specifications.What’s more, the $300 price tag sees it go alongside smartphones with inferior technical ability, so if all you have to spend is $300, it’s a solid buy.It gets its name from the Snapdragon 820 processor inside — the fastest chip you could get at the time — which is accompanied by 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage space.
Mimi start this special with a range of news about our event Female Founders day, which takes place on 23 may. We will get to know which companies pitch on stage.the Female Founders: the Vote on Sweden's most powerful female founder here!Then we hear a longer interview with superängeln Lena Apler, mainly known as the founder behind the Collector Bank.She tells us, among other things, about growing up and about how she, on behalf of the state, rescued Nordbanken, after the financial crisis in the early 90's.We will also hear about her investments in different startupbolag and why she has a good eye for the female founder.Listen to this week's episode here:
WIRED picked up a Relonch 291 camera from the company's COO Yuriy Motin at McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, ahead of January's CES 2017.It has no screen, no flash, no SD card and no adjustable settings: you just half-press the shutter button to focus.A 4G connection automatically transfers photos to the Relonch server, where an algorithm edits what it deems to be the best images, then discards the rest.These photos are transferred to the Relonch app for perusal, but not until the following morning.Any images you want to keep will set you back around $1 (78p) each, but there's a twist: the camera's free.Relonch is, in effect, attempting to recreate a bygone era of photography without you needing to learn a new skill.
Smart watches were the thing two years ago and everyone would have their, it almost feels like it's only Apple that's left in the deck, unfortunately, but they are selling pretty well it seems.Horace Dediu is an analyst with a really good eye on the Apple, and he draws not only figures out of the air.According to him, it is perfectly reasonable that Apple has sold some 15 million watches in the last 12 months at an average price of 330 dollars.Apple boasted on the latest keynoten you have passed on the Rolex in the sale and I was a little surprised, Rolex sells the really expensive watches and not too many.But the Apple meant then was how much money it sold for.
Body language can be extremely powerful when it comes to networking and building relationships with others.If you are meeting with new prospects or planning to host an event, you'd better make sure you are not discouraging people from approaching you with your body language.Here are four key factors to keep in mind:Some of the most powerful and successful business leaders in the world are known for the impressions they make during face-to-face meetings.Are you making good eye contact throughout the conversation?If you are speaking to someone and your arms are in a position that gives even a subliminal hint that you're not interested, you’re not going to give off a positive impression.
Tod Browning’s Dracula (1931) may not be the most dynamic or terrifying of all horror movies, but it certainly is one of the most atmospheric—and iconic.After the enormous success of his Frankenstein (1931)—also on Shudder—Whale was given freedom to do whatever he wanted And he threw every zany, campy, crazy, preposterous, monstrous idea he had into the sequel.He believes that when people are scared, a creepy-crawly thing forms on their spines, “the tingler,” that can only be destroyed by screaming.Shot in black and white with a sinister, nightmare-inducing, organ-driven music score, it tells the story of Mary (the method-acting-trained Candace Hilligoss), the only survivor of a terrible car crash, who accepts a job as a church organist.Boris Karloff stars as a kind of host to this trilogy of short pieces, and also appears in the second story, “The Wurdalak.” The other segments include “The Drop of Water,” about a nurse hired to prepare a corpse for burial, and “The Telephone,” set entirely in a basement apartment.Nominated for a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, it shows a good eye for framing, deep-focus photography, staging, economic cutting, and—most especially—changing of lighting within a single shot.
Elephone have been talking about the next S9 for a while now.The successful of the popular Elephone S8 is probably getting released relatively soon, but until that day arrives let’s see what other details Elephone has revealed about the phone.After looking at the image above, have you seen anything out of ordinary?Well, if you have a good eye then you’ll have notived the Elephone logo glowing!Believe it or not that’s not just a fancy way to make you focus on their brand, the Ele logo will actually glow with a breathing effect.This is also possible due to the transparent logo they’ll use on the S9, in contrast to the mirror silver screen ink one on the S8.
“If a problem cannot be solved,” Donald Rumsfeld once wrote, “enlarge it.” I’m not about to praise him for his accomplishments, but he had a pretty good eye for diagnoses.I complained recently that I didn’t care about scooter startups, because I couldn’t imagine cities ever changing in a way which made scooters really work.What may seem to be the problem: scooters are useful and fun for many, but discarded scooters are an unsightly mess.What’s actually the problem: cities are ruled by the iron fist of King Car.Even with maximum scooter distribution and zero regulation, the real estate occupied by scooters (and bicycles) will only ever be a vanishingly tiny fraction of a vanishingly tiny fraction of that occupied by roads and parking spaces.I mean, they have their place, but they’re cramped, they’re difficult to pass in, and their space is still only ever an adjunct to that allotted to the all-devouring demands of King Car.
The latest accomplishment using laser-based imaging maps thousands of square kilometers of an ancient Mayan city once millions strong, but the researchers make it clear that there’s no technological substitute for experience and a good eye.Some 2,144 square kilometers of the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Petén were scanned, inclusive of and around areas known to be settled, developed, or otherwise of importance.Preliminary imagery and data illustrating the success of the project were announced earlier this year, but the researchers have now performed their actual analyses on the data, and the resulting paper summarizing their wide-ranging results has been published in the journal Science.“They may have seemed exaggerated to some.”The lidar data was collected not by self-driving cars, which seem to be the only vehicles bearing lidar we ever hear about, nor even by drones, but by traditional airplane.That may sound cumbersome, but the distances and landscapes involved permitted nothing else.
Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you'll find interesting and useful.If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners.Get with the Times (New Roman): A brand is nothing without graphic designers.Working at the intersection of art and technology, a savvy graphic designer creates imagery—typography, special effects, photos, drawings, and the like—that sells and strengthens ideas; their work communicates in a manner that's both assertive and aesthetically pleasing.Doing such work successfully requires more than a good eye, a pair of thick-framed glasses, and a penchant for artisanal lattes (although they certainly help).A degree in a fine arts discipline can also be useful, but it isn't required for a thriving graphic design career.
There are good eye doctors in Hamilton, Ontario, for all kind of eye problems.Good vision is a daily necessity and one should never compromise vision for anything.Visit the Best Optometrist Hamilton to have your eyes checked for any vision issues.In particular, as we reach the 60s and above, age-related eye changes cause visual disturbances such as spots & floaters.Contact the Best Optometrist for Signs of Blurry Vision Blurry vision may be in one or both eyes.Blurry vision is the loss of sharpness of eyesight.
– It is a very important discovery, " he says.In theory, science has had a right good eye on the black holes already in the past.But still, there are always doubts, a small possibility that scientists - including Albert Einstein _ been wrong all these years.Therefore, set astronomers, physicists and other scientists around the world positioned to receive the first report from the Event Horizon-the project.And a very heavy evidence that the theories seem to be correct.Stephan Rosswog, a professor at Stockholm university, I got to see the picture for the first time via a live broadcast from Brussels at Chalmers university in Gothenburg, sweden.