Review of High-Risk Merchant Account Instant Approval Just about everyone in business these days needs to be able to accept credit cards.Finding a well reputable High-Risk Merchant Account Instant Approval Providers to process those credit card transactions for you can be a pretty daunting challenge for any business, but it’s even tough if you’re a high-risk merchant.If you are an e-commerce high-risk company, 5 Star Processing has got you covered.Acquire pre-approved in as little as 6 hours* for difficult to get high-risk merchant account – our team of experts considers the business type, business model, and restricted service or product types – all through 5 Star Processing high-risk payment gateway providers in the USA.
When it comes to choosing a high-risk merchant account instant approval service provider, you might be tempted by claims of "guaranteed approval" from high-risk merchant providers.Traditional low-risk businesses can expect to be approved within a couple of days.What these providers letting you know is that approval for your merchant account is actually a two-step process.To start with, you should be approved by your merchant account provider.The second step of the approval process is where the delays and challenges become possibly the most important factor.Each processor has its own rules for deciding if you're high-risk, and their own documentation requirements you’ll need to meet before they’ll even consider approving you for an account.While your merchant account provider is exceptionally energetic to favor your account, your processor has every reason in the world to not approve it.Fortunately, 5 Star Processing is a really good merchant account providers out there who expertise in getting a high-risk merchant account instant approval UK, and they’ll work with you to get your paperwork in order and find a bank that can instant approve you for an account.Can I Speed Up a High-Risk Merchant Account Instant Approval Process?To speed up the instant approval process for merchant account, you should work with a creditable merchant account provider that expertise in high-risk merchant account processing.If you can provide all of this information with your initial application, it will save a precious amount of time during the approval process.Following are the documentation you may be asked to provide include:Completed Merchant Account ApplicationRésumé or CV of the business ownerPhoto Identification or PassportBusiness PlanPersonal Utility BillProcessing statements for the last three monthsXeroxes of supplier’s agreementsXeroxes of your personal banking statementsPersonal reference letter from your bankXeroxes of your business bank account statementsScreenshot of your business website’s home pageIt is also essential, to be honest with your merchant provider about all aspects of your business.