a Constant stream of people waited in line first thing in the morning thing for a new city car, the factory recruitment of a truck to Turku market square.Valmet Automotive to get around Finland more than a thousand employees."the Vibe is as good as it used to be, when Nokia was sought to work", describes the turku Tero Hyvönen, 45, rekrytiskillä after attending.an Hour commute each way is not next to the top block, but Hyvönen is ready to move to a new city hire, as long as the housing can be arranged."There is quite a construction boom going on.""the Employment length wasn't a speech, but I doubt it's any year, two processes is."
the International monetary fund the IMF to illustrate the April Fiscal Monitor, in its report, how the taxation and in particular tax fraud affect different countries on productivity.the IMF writes, how the country can boost its productivity by developing as well as tax policies that the administration, where companies can invest and hire labor to their business and tax regulations terms.monetary fund estimates that the taxation of developing countries real gross domestic product would rise on average by about one percentage point for 20 years.the IMF illustrates an example of two almost identical software company, one of which paid less in taxes and its cost of capital, with statutory obligations, are smaller.Less taxes paid by the company afford to make such investments, which are not that very well, while the higher taxes paid by the companies can afford to invest only in very productive activities.total output would increase if capital would be transferred to lighter taxes that vista attempts to more heavily tax to be companies whose investments generate better.
the turn of the year in telecom operator DNA to seek confirmation from the sales team.there was a phone sales job, fixed täkyllä: temporary workforce to care Baronan in the name of the job were offered in Spanish in Fuengirola.I Prefer sales in sunny Spain than in cold Finland.DNA competitor Telia intends to hire this year hundreds of new employees, summer workers in addition.Financial giant OP to keep searching for hundreds of it industry specialists.Kokisautomaatit and billiards game you can forget, the more important is job content, wages, holidays and work colleagues.
Oliver Samwer, the billionaire founder of Berlin startup incubator, Rocket Internet, has teamed up with London-based venture capital firm LocalGlobe to back a new property company Goodlord in a £2 million seed funding round.Cofounded in London in 2014 by former Foxtons estate agent Richard White and brothers Philip and Tom Mundy, Goodlord is an online service that allows tenants to pay their holding deposits, complete their references and sign the agreement from their computer, or mobile phone."Our platform connects all the stakeholders and it does it in a way that is transparent and fair to all sides," said White, the company's chief executive, in a statement.Tenants want to go and see a property and say 'Yes I ll take it' and for the deal to happen right there."Goodlord — already transacting thousands of tenancies a month — said it will use the new funding to hire more people to help build out its infrastructure and to add new features across its platform.The company currently has between 15 and 20 staff."Samwer pledged the money through his new fund, Global Founders Capital.NOW WATCH: Bumble founder: Men should stop putting these 4 things in their profilesLoading video...
Residents must sell their car to get $100 each month to spend on Uber and public transport.The incentive is geared towards reducing the number of cars on the road, and instead encourage property owners and tenants to either use Uber and other taxi companies, or local public transport systems.Uber also promises to cap shared UberPool journeys between the housing development, called Parkmerced, and nearby transport hubs at $5 per journey.Rob Rosania, founder of Maximus Real Estate Partners, which owns the 8,900-apartment development, said: "The immediate benefit to residents will be to decrease or eliminate the need for private car ownership, facilitate a more efficient commute, reduce transportation costs, and minimise the need for parking."The rest can be spent on regular taxis, public transport and other ride-sharing schemes.The move comes just days after IBTimes UK spoke with a Finnish startup called MaaS mobility as a service , which wants to offer a complete transportation service which replaces car ownership with a subscription service for car hire, Uber, ridesharing, public transport and more.
Fast forward to today and Hnetinka has teamed up with JustVacay founder Wilson Lee to launch Darkstore, a delivery fulfillment platform for e-commerce brands that is already powering same-day delivery for mattress startup Tuft & Needle.Darkstore works by exploiting excess capacity in storage facilities, malls and bodegas and enables them to be fulfillment centers with just a smartphone, Hnetinka told me.Uber is the largest transportation company that doesn t own a car Airbnb is the largest hospitality business that doesn t own a hotel, Hnetinka said.For deliveries, Darkstore partners with Berkeley, Calif.-based Axle Hire, which charges $5 per delivery for small items and $10 per delivery for something like a mattress.The dark store concept has not yet been brought to the U.S., Hnetinka said, and Darkstore wants to democratize it.Our box is really convenient, but it s still a size that most last mile delivery companies can t deliver economically.
Students graduating from the University of East Anglia will have to find a new way to celebrate winning at learning things about history they will never subsequently use, thanks to a ban on the classic art of throwing mortarboards up in the air.The University of East Anglia, which will instead Photoshop them in to pictures, said of the ban: The decision to not have the traditional hat throwing photo opportunity for all students this year follows a number of injuries over recent years to graduates hurt by falling mortarboards.This is an unacceptable risk, and we want to ensure no student s graduation day is ruined by the potential for avoidable injury."There's not much on the internet for "mortarboard injury" though, with just one sketchy report of someone at Cambridge needing stitches after getting bonked on the head by one in 2008.Surely that's an acceptable risk level?The sad fact is that most of these mortarboards are hired for the day and not worn by students all the time or handed out as rewards to the prettiest ones by staff any more, so clothing hire firms are also onside for the ban -- saying they're sick of getting bent ones back in after traditional celebratory shoots.
And now we've been formally introduced to Uber's first self-driving car, currently being tested on the roads of Pittsburgh.Hardly the 'car that looks like it should be driven by a superhero', as claimed in the post, the driverless Uber car would be considered relatively unassuming were it not for the array of radars, laser scanners, and high resolution cameras affixed to the roof.The company also says in the post: "While Uber is still in the early days of our self-driving efforts, every day of testing leads to improvements."Right now we re focused on getting the technology right and ensuring it s safe for everyone on the road — pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers."This is the first time the San Francisco-based ride-hailing firm has made its self-driving ambitions official, although its efforts in Pittsburgh have hardly been a secret up to this point.While personal driverless cars are still a long way off, many companies, including Ford, have made clear their view that the first autonomous vehicles to be released are likely to be for-hire vehicles.
Very actionable advice, highly recommend for anyone who want to hire a PM, and anyone who want to become a PM.
On Friday, Chinese digital giant LeEco introduced a 2.0 version of its electric vehicle time-sharing business LeShare.It s a platform that runs in line with LeEco s Super Electric Ecosystem SEE plan, which was introduced by LeEco CEO Jia Yueting at the end of 2014 to build an ecosystem of electric, smart, connected, and socialized cars .If every 10 people share one car, Beijing s six million cars could be reduced to two million, and that means much less traffic pressure and a much better urban environment for everyone, said LeShare chairman He Yi.And with the concept of the sharing economy at its core, LeShare will satisfy anyone s travelling needs at anytime anywhere, in an environmentally friendly way.Registration requires uploading a driving license, and takes merely 30 seconds.Once approved, users can hire an electric car from the nearest LeShare station and, at the end of the service, pay through Alipay or Wechat Pay.When a web connection fails, a text message will send users the password which, upon being entered into the lock pad available on each car, also works as a key.And by 2020, LeShare aims to paint its global picture with over a million pure-electric cars, according to He.LeEco has been aggressively exploring the EV sector globally.
International Business Machines Corp. this week quietly laid off employees, continuing a wave of job cuts the company announced in April.The job cuts come after four straight years of declining revenues as the rise of cloud computing threatens its software and services business.IBM has said it would restructure its workforce to retool for cloud services and data analysis, and could hire an equal number of new employees by the end of the year.IBM s last round of layoffs, which affected less than 5,000 employees, came in March.This week s cuts affected workers in the Research Triangle of North Carolina; New York City; Poughkeepsie, N.Y.; and Boulder, Colo.Some positions are being moved to places like India and Costa Rica, according to workers affected by this week s cuts.
A woman named Candace Payne became an Internet sensation on Friday morning when she posted a Facebook Live video that attracted more than 50 million viewers — the most popular video so far on Facebook Live ever.Payne went to Kohl's and purchased an electronic Star Wars Chewbacca mask that growls and whimpers when you open your mouth.For nearly four minutes, she cackled with pure joy.Naturally we had to get our hands on Payne's mask.With some Googling, we found the mask was available at a local Toys R Us in Manhattan for $28.We purchased it for in-store pickup and used Task Rabbit, a startup that lets you hire local people to run local errands, to pick up our Chewie toy and deliver it to Tech Insider's headquarters in Flatiron.Culture reporter Kim Renfro unboxed the mask and put it on.Turns out, Payne was right in her video — the mask is worth every penny.View As: One PageSlides
6 months and some long grindy hours later, I was banned from just about every poker room in the world - albeit, I had a pretty good chunk of money laying around once it was all said and done.Ok, yes it's not that exciting, but when you read what I'm about to tell you - you might re-consider.Small businesses can't afford the upkeep of internet marketing.It's true, and I would manage campaigns for businesses all the time that would yield results, but none that justified the amount of time that you have to spend studying dead times, open slots and creating deals accordingly.I'm starting this from scratch, and I don't even have a blog setup yet on the website.. so I suppose this should be interesting!IDEA - /4Resources /10 CostReachHomerun %TotalEmail blasting10.0010.0010.003.0033.00Social media blitz6.0010.006.003.0025.00Reddit & Targeted forum posting5.0010.006.003.0024.00Following up with old leads5.0010.004.004.0023.00Buying solo ads8. out pamphlets8. marketing8. magazines / e-newsletters of associations5. Advertising7. a huge email list3.005.0010.004.0022.00Kijiji ads4.0010.005.002.0021.00Do webinars weekly4.0010.005.002.0021.00Start affiliate marketing1.0010.007.003.0021.000-1000 Customers log4.0010.003.003.0020.00Get written about in major news sources1.0010.007.002.0020.00Custom emails Trust Pilot4. buys8. SEO / Build back links6. white paper3.0010.004.002.0019.00Offering free SEO to companies who sign up4. ups1.0010.003.004.0018.00List shit on Flippa to get traffic3. students to do local marketing4. people to cold call lists4. to get people to write integrated articles about us5. with health sites1.001.0010.004.0016.00Creating multiple brands2. Advertising4. video content1.
It was only fitting that Graham Allgood received his summer internship offer from Horizon Media via Snapchat.Business Insider first reported about Allgood's Snapchat creativity on May 12, after Allgood had already first been turned down by the company.He'd been looking for an internship since Christmas, only to find his emails unreturned or résumé shoved into piles."Honestly my story to find a summer internship is fairly familiar with lots of other college students.I am an eager student who, at the end of the school year, found myself crashing on a friend s couch, surviving on PB J s, and spending all my free time pursuing the optimal internship; somewhere, somehow," Allgood wrote to Business Insider in an e-mail.That's when he decided to do something different to stand out from the crowd.He turned to Snapchat and designed his own geofilter to run an advertising campaign to promote himself as a great hire to the employees of Horizon Media, the largest standalone ad agency in the US.Geofilters on Snapchat target a specific location and can be overlaid over a photo.In Allgood's case, he designed the Horizon name to appear alongside his at the bottom of the screen with a small "Hey Hire Me" square at the top.He knew that the company posted photos and videos from inside the office on Tuesdays, so he spent $30 to target the company."At the time, Horizon Media said it didn't have space in the program so they initially turned him down, but behind-the-scenes, the company was trying to find him a spot.
BESbswy BESbswy BESbswy BESbswy BESbswy BESbswy BESbswy BESbswy Facebook creates Oculus team in the UKFacebook has recruited a team of virtual reality experts in London, that would mark the first Oculus division in Europe.The recent job adverts for Oculus developers suggest Facebook is planning to hire more.An Oculus spokesperson told the Telegraph : "We'll have more to share on our international plans soon."Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been spending heavily on virtual reality.As for the US, Oculus has offices in six cities in the country and posts in Hong Kong and Seoul.Along with Facebook, other market rivals such as Google and Sony are at hard work to bring virtual reality to mainstream.
REUTERS/Eduardo MunozBy Daniel Wiessner and Dan Levine Reuters - The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers trumpeted an agreement reached earlier this month to represent New York Uber drivers, saying it "gives organized labor an opportunity to shape the new economy in a way that supports and values workers and their families."Under the terms of its agreement with Uber Technologies Inc UBER.UL , the Machinists will form an Independent Drivers Guild that will be able to intervene with the company on behalf of wrongly terminated drivers and negotiate for benefits, such as disability insurance and roadside assistance.She said her organization had been in talks with the Machinists about collaborating on a driver unionization campaign before the agreement with Uber.But contract workers are not entitled to the same legal protections employees enjoy, including minimum wage guarantees and overtime pay.Last month, the SEIU drew flack from another union, Unite Here, for negotiating with internet-based home rental company Airbnb Inc to encourage its hosts to hire union-approved house cleaners who would make at least $15 an hour.Seth Harris, a Washington D.C. lawyer who was deputy U.S. labor secretary from 2009 to 2013, said both unions and companies like Uber are formulating strategies for the new labor market in the face of outmoded labor and antitrust laws that restrict their options.
Hackajob, the Techstars London alumni, claims to have built a platform to make hiring technical talent more intelligent and data-driven .It does this in part by holding weekly online challenges related to specific technical expertise and based on the data these challenges produce and the startup s own tech designed to assess code quality and other criteria, matches technical talent to job openings at companies who are hiring.To help further its mission to make recruitment more transparent, Hackajob has picked up £400,000 in seed funding led by Downing Ventures.With competition for technical talent so fierce, our approach helps companies identify talent, who they may have previously missed after judging them on paper, as well as diamonds in the rough, Hackajob s founders, Razvan Creanga and Mark Chaffey, tell me in a joint email.We host weekly hackasprints – online challenges that allow candidates to show their ability and get the job they deserve based on actual skill sets.To make this a reality, the Hackajob founders say they have built tech that can objectively assess code, looking for things such as code quality, efficiency and industry best practices .
IBM has started another round of job cuts as part of the layoffs Big Blue announced last month.The Wall Street Journal reported that the cuts impacted offices in North Carolina, New York City, Poughkeepsie, New York, and Boulder, Colorado.One IBM employee was quoted by the news agency as saying, "Their initiatives aren't going as fast as they'd like them to and it's affecting their revenue more than they thought."The latest layoffs follow a round of job cuts in March that impacted about 5,000 workers.IBM recently said it would shut down its Somers, New York campus and move those jobs to a facility in North Castle, New York.The company expects to hire an equal number of new employees by the end of the year.
Ride sharing company Lyft has announced plans to begin testing scheduled rides, starting first in – where else?The company has long resisted adding scheduling to its service, arguing there wasn't a need to schedule rides since most of its drivers could get to you that quickly.The addition of ride scheduling will help Lyft close the gap between its service and for-hire services, like black car and limo companies.Riders will hail a car like normal, but instead of requesting the car immediately, there will be a clock icon that will pull up a list of times you'd like the car to show up.Riders will be able to schedule a car up to 24 hours in advance, and can also cancel a reservation up to 30 minutes before.In the far future, riders will likely be able to summon an autonomous Lyft, as GM and Lyft formed a partnership to bring a fleet of autonomous cars to life.
Michael Solomon is the founder of 10x Management, a talent agency for best-in-class freelance tech professionals like developers, data scientists, and designers.As co-founder for the first talent agency for best in class freelance tech professionals developers, data scientists, designers, etc , I am frequently asked about how to negotiate both short term and full time engagements since our firm has done both.You dont know when you will want to come back to this company or will run into this hiring manager again.When you have confidence in yourself and your abilities, it comes though.If you really don't like doing 1-9 for yourself or you want to play in the big leagues, you should hire professional representation to do the negotiations for you.These are people who can represent you, sing your praises and explain your value to the company in ways you could not because if you did, you would sound like a pompous ass .This is what athletes, movie stars, rock stars, senior executives and high level consultants do.NOW WATCH: This smart earpiece translates languages as they are spokenLoading video...