Our results show that the violence of the depicted products has increased significantly over time.Instead of focusing on the potential deleterious effects of violent toys and imagery on children, they sought to analyze just how violent one of the world s most popular toys has become since its inception in 1958.There is little research studying how violent the toys themselves have become; that is, how the toys design might connote, encourage or depict violence, aggression or anti-social behavior, the study says.Secondly, they surveyed potential Lego customers to see how their perception of violence in the Lego systems has changed over time.The turning point for Lego, though, was the introduction of themes and pop culture tie-ins.When asked about the study and its findings, a Lego spokesperson sent this statement to Mashable:Back at my house, we gave up the violent toy battle more than a decade ago.
Spotify's revenues increased to nearly €2bn in 2015, but the music streaming service's losses increased due to its continued investment in global expansion.The company reported a net loss of €173.1m, up 6.7% from €162.3m in 2014.Spotify is investing heavily in both existing products and new services in order to compete with rivals including Apple and Google.Earlier this year, Spotify raised $1bn in debt financing.The Wall Street Journal quoted Spotify directors Martin Lorentzon and Par-Jorgen Parson as saying, "We face competition from players with substantial resources at their disposal."The group intends to continue making significant investments in developing new products."
The CEO wants your help, and it is urgent. Internet Foundation warns of a type of fraud that is increasing exponentially. You work as a manager in the finance department and will receive an email from the company president, an email that looks like the company's email and usually appears normal. What they do not see is that there is a small typo in the return address. This type of fraud has increased significantly. For Swedish companies, it involves several million, believes Peter Forsman, abuse charge on the Internet Foundation.
In 2013, a middle-income citizen spent on food by 30 percent. Today that number is 50 percent. Russia's former President Dmitry Medvedev sacked working for the government as finance minister Kudrin in 2011, when Kudrin criticized, among other things, an increase in the defense budget and the Government's economic policies in general. In 2030, the country would be as much retirees and working. Give impetus to reforms that President Vladimir Putin's support figures are high. Russia to Finland by train future transit has increased significantly in the first half, when, among other things, the Russian fertilizer companies increasingly take their products to the world.
After the LG Stylus 2 in February will now Stylus 2 Plus.the New phone has a very similar design as the first Stylus 2, but LG says that the performance has been increased significantly.the Resolution for the 5.7-inch display IPS LCD has also been increased from 720p to 1080p.Stylus 2 Plus offers further 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a fingerprint reader, a removable 3000mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.1, and an unspecified åttakärnig processor with 1.4 GHz clock speed.LG will also sell a less lavish model with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and kamerakombinationen 13MP 5MP, in some regions.LG has not announced any price.
Colourboxu.s. employers, in turn, hired in may, the fewest new workers since 2010 September.the United states department of labour statistics, the servants came in non-agricultural activities 38 000 more, while the corresponding figure in April was 123 000.Jobs increased significantly according to Bloomberg, analysts forecast less.the unemployment rate fell in April from 5% to 4.7%, which contributed to the sooner work of the left than the job paid.according to Bloomberg sued by Jpmorgan analyst Michael Feroli believes it is clear that the Us central bank Fed will raise interest rates in June.the July raise, require considerably better employment data to support, he continued.
A Salesforce s investments have increased significantly in the past couple of years.SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—Salesforce.com will devote a new $50 million investment fund to startups and create an incubator for early-stage cloud startups, Chief Executive Marc Benioff said.We ll give you real estate, money and support, Mr. Benioff said Tuesday, speaking at the company s developer conference here.The increase was due, in part, to the creation of a $100 million fund to invest in European startups.It founded Salesforce Ventures in September 2014, John Somorjai, executive vice president of corporate development and Salesforce Ventures told CIO Journal in January.Over all, corporate venture groups invested over $7.5 billion in 905 deals to high-growth startups in 2015, accounting for 13% of venture-capital dollars invested that year and 21% of deals, according to a recent report by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association.
Spotify is stepping up the fight against Apple. Yesterday's big price cut is not enough, is the message. It's a nice gesture, but it does not solve the core of the problem with the Apple tax and their payment systems, said Jonathan Prince, Global Communications Manager at Spotify to The Verge. Jonathan Prince also makes a statement that can be interpreted as the app stores with generous terms will not be translated into lower prices for Spotify customers. Unless Apple changes its rules is prohibited price flexibility, which explains why we can never offer specials or discounts and means we will not have to share any savings with our customers, he says to The Verge. The accounts for 2015 showed that it goes in the right direction, as revenues increased significantly and the loss in relation to the sales decline.
Feeding baby GoogleTo illustrate a problem inherent with the way that we approach content online, Ward used an image which has to be the best depiction of peak content that I ve seen so far.But in our content, as well, we have to make it clear which tombstone we re referring to, so that Google can more easily hone in on the right content and serve it to the user.Search engines want to provide their users with more rich data in search results: useful information like event dates, reviews, menus and other details that can answer their query at a glance, or at least help them decide which result will be the most relevant.Structured data has been around for a few years now, and is known as a way to help search engines assess and understand content in order to better place it on the SERP.So since this study was conducted two years ago, has the number of pages marked up with Schema increased significantly?Until quite recently, for example, all Schema markup code had to be added in-line around the individual elements of the page.
Despite the common perception that traditional television is long past its glory days, the average American adult still spends a huge chunk of his or her life watching live television — specifically, over four and a half hours a day, according to a new Nielsen report.The study also breaks down weekly time and finds that the average adult watches nearly 35 hours of TV live and DVR per week.Or, nearly enough for a whole week of work at a full-time job.Nielsen Though live TV numbers have been slowly trending downward since the first quarter of 2014, total media consumption has increased significantly since last year, as the graph below shows.Nielsen The table above demonstrates how the average time spent on tablets and smartphones has increased approximately 63% and 60%, respectively, since last year.So, while live TV watching has steadily decreased -1% between 2015 and 2016 , the huge spike in media consumed on these newer platforms suggests that total media consumption will continue to steadily increase over the years, especially as streaming services continue to debut more original content that can only be viewed on new media.Nielsen Despite all the technological advances of the past few decades, the medium with the most users reached in 2016 was still radio, with 240 million.NOW WATCH: How to use Facebook s awesome new 360-degree photo featureLoading video...
In my rucksack, there's usually an iOS tablet and/or a Windows laptop in case I need to use a bigger screen and/or a keyboard when out of the office.As the enterprise has become more mobile, a whole industry -- initially focusing on Mobile Device Management MDM and subsequently broadened to encompass Enterprise Mobility Management EMM -- has grown up to address these issues.and the most frequent answer -- as so often -- was people, in the shape of "Negligent or careless employees who do not follow security policies":Data: Ponemon Institute / Image: ZDNetOf course, not all of these negligent employees will be mobile device users, but three of the remaining seven top threats were specifically mobile-related, with "The number of insecure mobile devices used in the workplace has increased significantly" showing the biggest increase between 2014 33% and 2016 50% .Another 2016 endpoint security survey, from The SANS Institute, found that desktops and laptops were the most compromised endpoint types in a wide range of organisations, from SMEs to large enterprises.
"Next year we are cash flow positive," reveals the founder Emil Eifrém in an exclusive interview with Di Digital. Today, the Swedish-based Neo Technology is best known for helping decipher the connections between people and shady business in the so-called Panama documents. It has had such incredible power and we have still only seen five percent of the so far says Neo Technology's CEO and co-founder Emil Eifrém. Then began the big data is becoming something and then we span of 2007, says Emil Eifrém. It's a special feeling to make $ 10 million more from one year to another. Emil Eifrém have not seen that business has increased significantly since the Panama-published documents, even though the company's technology is well suited for that investigative journalism.
We had our Geico moment here at Boomerang last week, discovering that 5 minutes could improve Android app install rates by 15% or more for us, it was more .When we added bold and underline formatting to our app s existing Play Store description, our install rate increased significantly, even as we kept the copy, images, and everything else identical.We were excited at how much lift we got from such a simple Play Store optimization, but also surprised at how few apps take advantage of this trick.At the time of writing, none of the top 10 grossing Play Store apps have rich formatting in their descriptions!
Not sure how many people here have released apps in the Google's Android Play Store, but here's a quick tip we learned from experimenting with text formatting in the app description.We had our Geico moment here at Boomerang last week, discovering that 5 minutes could improve Android app install rates by 15% or more for us, it was more .When we added bold and underline formatting to our app's existing Play Store description, our install rate increased significantly, even as we kept the copy, images, and everything else identical.Though it's not well-publicized, Android app descriptions support rich formatting e.g., bold, italicized, and underlined text , as well as many non-standard characters like bullets.By adding a few simple HTML tags, users can emphasize important features, draw out header titles, and create a sleeker app description.We figured we'd see how formatting Boomerang for Android's Play Store listing would affect our install rates, if at all.
News: A secret Facebook group was the target of coordinated police raids.German police have undertaken a series of raids on individuals suspected of posting hate speech on social media.Coordinated by the federal criminal police authority, the Bundeskriminalamt BKA , the operation saw officers from 25 departments raid homes of 60 people across 14 states.The police intend to address what they call a substantial increase in verbal radicalism, which is reported to have increased due to Europe s refugee crisis.The police targeted a secret Facebook group for its spreading of hate speech.BKA president Holger Munch said: "Today's action makes it clear that police authorities of the federal and state governments act firmly against hate and incitement on the internet, which have increased significantly in the wake of the European refugee situation.
Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg. On Wednesday, the same day that Facebook tripled reported quarterly profits of 18 billion, it received the news that the company may be taxable incomes increased significantly. It's all about an audit of Facebook's tax schemes in 2010 and the company's valued assets would be moved to Ireland, where Facebook has its European headquarters. IRS says that Facebook has underestimated the value of their assets by billions of dollars, reports the Wall Street Journal paywall. The Agency has sued Facebook and the newspaper said it may come to move on a tax reassessment of between 3 and 5 billion dollars, ie between 26 and 43 billion. Facebook has uppget for US financial inspection that the company would see a material adverse effect on Facebook's finances.
at the same time the company demonstrates a sharp increase in sales, reveals Breakit.The Swedish musikstartupen Teenage Engineering, who manufactures a new type of portable synthesizers and samplers, is something of an odd bird in the Swedish business world.the Company has according to own statements so far chosen to say no to venture capital, has decorated his garagekontor with Lamborghini-cars and co-founder Jesper Kouthoofd has in a previous interview with the Breakit said that he wants the company in the long term, shall be owned by the Swedish state.Even the game companies make sound effects, and hiphoproducenter and Jay Z use it , said Jesper Kouthoofd then.According to the company's fresh annual report had Teenage Engineering net sales at 62.6 million during 2015.Sales have increased significantly during 2015 compared to previous years as a result of the launch of the new products , said the company in its annual report.
Notifications of suspected research misconduct at the Karolinska more substance ever.the Number of notifications of suspected research misconduct at the Karolinska institutet KI has increased significantly in the year.the Reason is believed to be the high-profile Macchiarini-the deal.so Far this year, KI has registered 14 complaints about misconduct in research, which can be compared with zero of five notifications in the previous five years, writes Svenska Dagbladet.– A possible reason is the attention surrounding Paolo Macchiarini.People are waking up to this and there is a greater willingness to report, " says the institute's deputy vice-chancellor Henrik Grönberg to the newspaper.
the News, With 85 per cent components from the former eastern bloc can the new project be an option for you who want to have your equipment in the rack.the Formanta Radio Factory in what was then the Soviet union made the analog synth Polivoks between 1982-1990.the Synth was a kind of Russian alternative to products from Roland, Yamaha, Moog and Korg.This is probably because for many years it was not allowed to import foreign musical instruments and studio equipment to the Russian federation.in Total, cloetta produced approximately 100 000 units, but many of them are considered to be discarded and gone, among other things due to the often hesitant byggkvaliteten when it comes to circuit boards.In recent years, second-hand Polivoksar increased significantly in popularity.
Wages at Klarna increased significantly in the last year, can Breakit tell you.The second half of 2015 where profit is close to zero.But in addition to the costs for the U.S. launch, there is a more persistent factor that affects the Klarna profit margins: the level of the Earnings of the entire group.at the same time, Klarna expenses for salaries of regular employees by as much as 31 percent.This means that the average salary at Klarna is now on the 629.899 kronor, an increase of 24.1% compared with the previous year.With social security fees and pension obligations, including the step Klarna cost per employee by 21.5 per cent to 845.836 crowns With over 1000 employees, is personnel costs, an important key figure for Klarna.