Your browser does not support HTML5 videoPlayPausePlayPauseMute0%00:00 / 00:00FullscreenSmallscreen Close Embed Feed Mark Zuckerberg touts Messenger chatbots and opens up Facebook Live IBTimes UKFacebook might have cut its tax bills after potentially underestimating the value of intellectual property it transferred to its Irish subsidiary by "billions of dollars", the US Internal Revenue Service IRS said on Friday 8 July .US authorities are investigating whether the world's largest social media network deliberately underestimated its US income by selling rights to an Irish subsidiary too cheaply.The practice would have allowed Facebook to reduce its taxable income in the US, which has a corporate tax rate of at least 35%, and boost its income in Ireland, where the tax rate stands at 12.5%.On Wednesday, the US Justice Department filed a lawsuit in San Francisco, calling for the social network to produce a series of documents as part of the probe.The Nasdaq-listed company's tax adviser Ernst & Young E were in charge of determining the price for the intangible property, according to the lawsuit.
Harry Stebbings is the founder and host of The Twenty Minute VC , an independent podcast focused on venture capital.Although the changes this inversion is bringing to many associated industries like traditional publishers, crowdfunding sites, and biotech companies are still in their infancy, what do we get if we extrapolate things a bit?It s idea that the government should pay everyone above a certain age a specified amount of money every week.This would allow for a fundamental shift in human attitude to automation.Wenger argues that humans would embrace automation instead of fear it.Despite numerous winters in the advancement of artificial intelligence, we have reached a stage where machines are able to carry out many functions currently carried out by humans.
We all have a soft spot for Prisma, the app that turns smartphone photos into stylized artwork.But the reverse process — transforming artwork into pictures — is no less fascinating.A team of four neuroscientists at Radboud University is working on a model for inverting face sketches to synthesize photorealistic face images by using deep neural networks.The results of the study Convolutional Sketch Inversion were first made available in the online archive arXiv and have recently been accepted at the European Conference on Computer Vision in Amsterdam.Scientists said applications of their model could include fine arts, for turning self-portraits into something more akin to a photo, but also in forensics, for turning sketches based on eyewitness accounts into something a photo-recognition tool could use, for example.We were inspired by the recent work on neural style transfer, an algorithm to reimagine photos in the style of artworks, Yağmur Güçlütürk, 29 and Umut Güçlü, 30, the two PhD students in cognitive neuroscience who developed the study together with Marcel van Gerven and Rob van Lier, wrote in an email to TechCrunch.
EpiPen, the life-saving allergy product, is now a $1 billion a year business for Mylan, a drug company that s currently enduring a wave of bad publicity over the extraordinary surge in EpiPen pricing.In 2007, an EpiPen cost about $57.I ve never used an EpiPen, but as someone with a peanut allergy who once made his own trip to the ER after a particularly unfortunate restaurant experience these Chinese beans sure are crunchy...From FDA policy changes that expanded the number of consumers to which the product could be marketed, to legislation signed in 2013 that put EpiPens in schools across the country, the federal government has helped Mylan stack the deck for its product.And parents who now see EpiPens as a necessity are fearing for their children s lives when they can t access the drug.This outrageous increase in the price of EpiPens is occurring at the same time that Mylan Pharmaceutical is exploiting a monopoly market advantage that has fallen into its lap, Senator Amy Klobuchar from Minnesota said in a recent statement criticizing Mylan s business practices.
The wildly successful manga series and an anime that preceded Wings of Freedom was engrossing because homosapiens were the underdog in a losing battle.With that in mind, let s first focus on where the game succeeds, before we descend into my myriad complaints.WoF manages to replicate this improbable equipment surprisingly well, allowing players to swing across the map semi-elegantly, and effectively removing all borders from the environment.Anyone who watched the anime s Survey Corps with envy will undoubtedly spend their first hour delightedly winging their way from place to place.The system does tend to cause collisions with buildings and other objects with annoying regularity, but when it works, you re a dual-bladed eagle of the skies.At the same time, players must remain aware of a titan s attempts to grab and gobble, as well as their cables, which become obstructed by other titans and the environment.
Unfortunately, Apple, Google, and Microsoft have been slow to update their operating systems with extensive dark modes — that primarily use dark colors in the background instead of white, gray, or some other light color.In the case of Android, a developer preview of Android Nougat included one, but the feature ultimately didn t make it into the final release.You can turn on the Color inversion feature in the Accessibility section of Android s Settings menu, but then photos and other app components can look strange.So we re left to look for individual apps with dark themes.It makes for easier reading on the web.The online discussion board s recently launched official Android app has an optional night mode that you can turn on from the app s settings menu.This calendar app from third-party developer Digibites offers a dark theme, but beyond that, it lets you use toggle between blue and black as the primary color.Other colors are available through in-app purchases.This app contains maps, videos, hourly and daily weather and precipitation forecasts, and alerts for multiple locations.This swipe-friendly Microsoft-owned virtual keyboard app ships with a whole bunch of dark themes to choose from, and more are available for download from the SwiftKey Store.Some cost money, and some are available free of charge.
Mirantis has bought a Kubernetes master to fulfil its common goal with Intel and Google: to wrap up OpenStack for micro services.The OpenStack flinger has bought TCP Cloud, a 30-person specialist in running managed services on OpenStack, OpenContrail and Kubernetes.The purchase buys TCP Cloud s open-source MK.20 technology.Financial terms for the Czech Republic-based firm were not disclosed.MK.20 uses a design pattern employed by AWS, Google Compute Cloud and Microsoft Azure to maintain their clouds.It tackles the problem of deploying and managing upgrades when using OpenStack as a micro service via Google s Kubernetes.
Mylan CEO Heather Bresch testifying with graphs that turned out to be bullshit Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images Two weeks ago, Mylan CEO Heather Bresch got up in front of Congress and lied about how much profit the pharmaceutical company makes on the EpiPen.Republican Jason Chaffetz of Utah, and Democrat Elijah Cummings of Maryland have sent Bresch a letter asking her to explain why she told the Congressional committee things that turned out not to be true.And to make matters worse, Bresch never mentioned that they were subtracting these taxes from their equation, leading Congress to believe that their obfuscation was deliberate and calculated.The letter from Chaffetz and Cummings points out that the only time taxes were mentioned was when they talked about how the company had recently moved its headquarters overseas—a move commonly called an inversion where companies dodge US corporate taxes by playing shady games to establish their operations in another country, even when that company is still effectively based in the US.During your testimony, you frequently referred to a graphic, titled EpiPen Auto-Injector Estimated Profitability, which identified Rebates & Allowances, Cost of Goods Sold, and Direct EpiPen Auto-Injector Costs as factors that lowered the profitability of the EpiPen.
Back in those now forgotten days of January, before The Great Inversion of 2016, Zuckerberg was surely kicking his heels when he set himself that personal challenge to build a simple AI, which he said would be like: l ike Jarvis from Iron Man - to help run my home and help me with work.Whether Zuckerberg was first to the punch or simply the cipher for a trend, he succeed in putting the stamp of AI on 2016 - at least in enterprise circles - and 2016 broadly became the year when anything AI-related could generate headlines.But if your idea for December was for a piece of AI more sophisticated than a voice-activated version of Nest controlling all Zuck s domestic appliances - and not just his central heating - sorry.Like British supporters of the membership of the European Union and those Americans who voted for Hillary Clinton, the year didn t quite go your way.For West Coast tech, a really big vision was needed and depending on who you talked to that really vision was: the democratization of AI, it was mainstream machine learning or it was easy deep learning.It updated TensorFlow, the open-source framework for ML you use to feed computers large amounts of information, which the search giant uses in its speech recognition, Gmail and Google Photos.
the winter weather is forcing Oslo to resort to drastic measures.Now prohibits traffic with diesel cars in the centre of the city.starting Tuesday morning may not diesel cars run on the streets of Oslo.the Decision comes as a result of increased levels of air pollution develop.And the winter weather creates inversion which makes the air becomes stagnant and pollution becomes left behind.the Ban may consist of a couple of days until the outlook changes and the air quality improved.
The basis of identical/fraternical twin study conclusions has a fundamental problem:identical twin pairs grow up experiencing much more similar environments than experienced by same-sex fraternal pairs, meaning that the equal environment assumption — upon which all conclusions in favor of genetics are based — is false.Therefore, many critics have argued that it is likely that identical-fraternal comparisons capture nothing more than identical pairs more similar treatment, greater environmental similarity, stronger attachment and emotional bond, and greater levels of identity confusion feeling like they are two halves of the same whole ."Second, spatial abilities are definitely learned; for example, people blind since birth whose vision is surgically corrected have huge problems relating vision to spatial understanding; and anyone can improve their spatial ability by exercises like mentally rotating dice in their head, or contemplating symmetry operations reflection, rotation, inversion, etc.Studies of identical twins separated at birth seem to argue against that as identical twins raised apart are very likely to have extremely similar behavior.
"There just comes a time when it's time to go," said Capaldi, who became the Doctor in 2013.Though Capaldi isn't leaving until the Christmas special, season 10's trailer shows a glimpse of the regeneration scene in which the Doctor transforms into another person.Capaldi hints the regeneration itself will be "slightly different from what you've seen before.""I'm sure whoever it is will have a great time," he said.Writer and producer Moffat is also bidding farewell to the show at the end of the season after eight years in charge.I would quite like to write something completely different," he said, before adding with a rueful smile, "...and fail miserably and wonder why I left."
p For the uninitiated, Spring is a popular Java framework used for enterprise application development.It's particularly useful for wiring multiple app components together in different combinations, making it tremendously versatile.So, mastering its ins and outs is a smart decision if you're looking to move up in the programming world.With the Complete Spring Framework Bundle, you can take the first step towards understanding this framework with five comprehensive courses.Jump in, and you'll learn how to leverage Spring's distinct features like dependency injection and inversion of control to create advanced applications.Plus, you'll also get hands-on training building your own app projects and working with other tools like Thymeleaf and Spring Boot Actuator.
Over the last six years, the drug maker has earned hundreds of millions in tax credits that have lowered its already very low tax rate and raised its overall bottom line.According to Reuters, the credits helped Mylan lower its tax rate to just over four percent in 2014 and to 7.4 percent in 2015.In e-mailed comments to Ars, Mylan verified that the numbers and information in Reuters’ report were accurate.A group of shareholders, frustrated by the EpiPen pricing scandal and board members’ eye-popping compensation packages, has been working to rally other shareholders to unseat the current board.Last week, independent advisory firm Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), which advises shareholders on how to vote, also urged Mylan’s investors to oust the board, as well as the compensation committee members.New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer, who oversees New York City pensions that own more than 1.1 million shares of Mylan, is leading the campaign against Mylan’s current board.
After various OnePlus 5 buyers complained about an unexpected display issue on their brand new phone, OnePlus responded that nothing is wrong with the screen — hardware or software — and said the jelly effect when scrolling is “natural.” We scoffed at that response, but it turns out that OnePlus did not lie, but it didn’t tell the truth either.It turns out that OnePlus’s decision to copy the iPhone 7’s design is what causes the problem.And the issue can’t be fixed.The jelly effect is caused by the fact that the screen is inverted, an xda-developers investigation showed.Apparently, this happens on any other smartphone screen, when scrolling is done on an inverted display.The phone’s code also reveals that OnePlus fixed the 180-degree inversion of the screen with software.
Hands-on with the single player portion of the anticipated Nintendo Switch shooter.Two years ago Splatoon won Wii U owners over with a whip-smart concept and moreish multiplayer, but Nintendo's take on the shooter was also home to an excellent single-player campaign that many overlooked.Not constrained by the demands of creating multiplayer arenas designed to be fair to all eight players in it, Splatoon's single-player was where the game's designers could bring to life the concepts that would never work in competitive spaces.It also served as the best place for players to get to grips with Nintendo's wild inversion of shooter tropes, which emphasises shooting the environment over shooting foes.An important aspect of Splatoon's success was its style and the confidence with which it carried itself.By comparison the campaign felt complete, offering a wealth of challenges and concluding with an incredible final boss fight that tied the game together to create a tiered battle that evoked the adrenaline-pumping thrills of a Platinum Games title.
Sure, Diana Prince is great and all, but we know the real star of the Wonder Woman movie was Etta Candy, Diana’s woman-at-arms and her posh guide to London customs and fashion.In a new clip promoting the upcoming Blu-Ray release of the film, Etta (Lucy Davis) gives her own perspective on things.Image: Warner Bros. Home EntertainmentThe short clip is a fun little inversion of the film’s narrative.As recounted by Etta, the events of the story are not so much about a heroic outsider saving the world and more the introduction of a powerful woman into London society, with Etta, of course, as her fabulous guide.Though she does admit that there might be some utility in Diana’s more heroic assets, particularly that golden lasso of hers.
A team of researchers in the GIPSA-Lab (CNRS/Université Grenoble Alpes/Grenoble INP) and at INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes has developed a system that can display the movements of our own tongues in real time.Captured using an ultrasound probe placed under the jaw, these movements are processed by a machine learning algorithm that controls an "articulatory talking head."This "visual biofeedback" system, which ought to be easier to understand and therefore should produce better correction of pronunciation, could be used for speech therapy and for learning foreign languages.This work is published in the October 2017 issue of Speech Communication.For a person with an articulation disorder, speech therapy partly uses repetition exercises: the practitioner qualitatively analyzes the patient's pronunciations and orally explains, using drawings, how to place articulators, particularly the tongue: something patients are generally unaware of.How effective therapy is depends on how well the patient can integrate what they are told.
Of course, back before the Halo series took off, Bungie developed exclusively for Mac and Windows, and with Destiny 2, we’re seeing the studio return to the platform at long last.Bungie has been saying for quite some time that it doesn’t want the PC version of Destiny 2 to feel like a port, and in diving into the game’s settings, it’s easy to see why.From a control standpoint, you can choose to play with either a keyboard and mouse or a controller and, assuming you choose mouse and keyboard, you’ll be able to change things like look and ADS sensitivity, vertical and horizontal inversion, and aim smoothing.If you’re a regular PC gamer, you’re more than likely going to opt for a keyboard and mouse, and you’ll be pleased to hear that you can remap all of key bindings.That isn’t a feature we often see in games that make the jump from consoles to PC, and for a game that you’ll be playing as long as Destiny 2, it’s very nice to have that option.Of course, video settings can make or break a PC release, and Bungie seems to have put in the work necessary to offer a good set of options.
A who’s-who of celebrities, investors, and celebrity investors have come together to invest $47 million into Aspiration, the company launched by a former speechwriter for President Bill Clinton to challenge the traditional banking industry.For Andrei Cherny, Aspiration’s founder and chief executive, the company’s business is an inversion of the business model of the typical modern bank.“The problem with how banks make money off of most people is that often times banks make money when the consumer fails,” says Cherny.“Those moments when the customer is feeling pain is when the banks make their money,” he says.Marshaling Hollywood celebrities and athletes from the Los Angeles community, along with some of the biggest names in finance, Cherny was able to pull together what he says is the largest Series B in financial technology investment history for an online banking company in the U.S.Investors in the round included Allen and Company, Omidyar Network, Alpha Edison, AGO Partners, Reyl & Cie, and Capricorn Investments and individual investors like the actor Orlando Bloom, Los Angeles Clippers coach “Doc” Rivers, former Citigroup Chief Operations and Technology Officer Deborah Hopkins, Bad Robot President Brian Weinstein, and Rustic Canyon Partners founding partner Tom Unterman.