The NVIDIA vs AMD debate is as old as PC gaming itself and with new architectures and new cards from both companies – 2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year for PC gaming.In this weeks Head-to-Head, Reviews Editor Alastair Stevenson @MonkeyGuru and Editor Evan Kypreos @EvanKypreos battle it out in the ultimate PC graphics card showdown – but whose side are you on?NVIDIA clearly has a monopoly on the high-end of the market with their latest GTX 1080 and 1070 cards, but the price-performance ratio of RX 480 is incredible and it s an ideal first card for new PC gamers.If raw power is what you re after – why not put two cards in Crossfire, which would offer similar performance to a GTX 1080 at the price of a 1070?Not only do the GTX 1080 and 1070 cards offer fantastic gaming and VR performance – with the former faster than the Titan X and 980 SLI – but NVIDIA s excellent driver support ensures they re always primed for the latest releases.Alastair s argument that AMD has been clever targeting the budget market is valid, but just wait for the mid-range GTX 1060 or 1050 cards most likely coming out later in the year before you make a decision.
CrowdFlower launched at the TechCrunch50 conference back in 2009, billing itself labor as a service tool using platforms like Amazon s Mechanical Turk to help businesses tap a remote, crowdsourced workforce for mundane tasks like photo moderation.Founder and CEO Lukas Biewald who I ve known and been friendly with since college said that the company s current focus is on a new artificial intelligence product.Using an approach that he described as human in the loop, CrowdFlower AI allows businesses to perform tasks with algorithms and machine learning, but bring in human judgment when they re not quite as confident in their technology — and then the human work makes the algorithms smarter.While Biewald sees many businesses embracing this hybrid approach, I wondered whether improvements in AI mean that it s a shrinking opportunity.Maybe eventually machines will automate everything that CrowdFlower does, but at that point AI is practically sentient, he replied.Sure, self-driving cars have gotten pretty good at recognizing many of the objects they encounter on the street, but he said they can still struggle with tricky things like a person in a Halloween costume dressed as a stationary object, or a pole with a person painted on it, which is where CrowdFlower comes in.
View 27477034220India looks all set to retain its title as the world's fastest-growing smartphone market.By 2021, India is expected to have 810 smartphone subscriptions, a four-old increase from its subscriber base in 2015, according to the latest Ericsson Mobility Report.SEE ALSO: From 2017, all new mobile phones in India will have a panic button for women s safetyIndia had also seen the maximum increase in mobile subscribers in world in the first quarter of this year, according to the recent global Ericsson Mobility Report.Most popular appsWhatsApp is the top mobile app in India, followed by Google search and YouTube.The file-sharing app Xender is the top app according to average monthly data usage, along with similar app SHAREit and YouTube.Smartphone users between 15 and 24 years value high data speed the most and are willing to pay more for it.
photographer: Inspire To MakeWith a skateboard and an electric drill, you can build an electric vehicle.In a video showing the Inspire To Make how to motoriserar a skateboard with the help of an ordinary hand-held battery-powered drill.In connection to the video there are also links to the sites where all building materials can be purchased.Unfortunately, there is no information about the speed or how long it takes on a batteriuppladdning.CommentsWelcome to say your opinion on the New Technology.the Principle of our rules are simple: show respect for the people we write about and other readers who comment on articles.
A new smart toothbrush has emerged that will change your morning cleaning routine as you know it.The Prophix toothbrush from Onvi is packed with hi-tech features – including a camera, WiFi capabilities and an mobile phone app – allowing users to take better care of their teeth like never before.You can even take a picture of any areas of concern you, to build a record of any changes or take a long to your dentist.View photosMore Onvi The smart toothbrush is able to connect to Bluetooth and WiFi networks allowing users to sync their little gadget to the handy mobile phone app, which stores all your live streams, video clips and photos.Then there s the interchangeable toothbrush heads – four of them, to be precise – each designed to target a different area of your mouth.A rotating brush for surface cleaning, a prophy cup for polishing, a rubber tip for massaging your gums to increase blood flow, and a mirror that helps you see into the depths of your mouth.
View bendable phoneSamsung has been toying with the idea of bendable or is it foldable?who knows phones since 2008, when it showed a prototype device sporting a folding OLED display at the Society for Information Display SID exhibition.Now, according to a report by Bloomberg, Samsung might actually be getting ready to launch not one, but two bendable smartphones, as soon as early 2017.In 2014, the company released a video of a concept phone that folds into a tablet and, somewhat inexplicably, automatically makes one a hit with the ladies .According to Bloomberg's sources, Samsung might be preparing the launch of one or even both of these phones for next year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which typically takes place in late February.The phones, currently developed under the codename "Project Valley," will not be a part of Samsung's Galaxy S range.
Mine happened to be a guy I ve known for over 20 years.So while he was working and striving and travelling and sleeping in on the weekends, I wasn t. He kept doing all of the things we both used to do when we were younger.Consider this, though: if Timmy craps in the commode and you don t tell all your friends about it, did it make a plop?Uh, I m not sure bro…If You Don t Have Kids, But Your Friend DoesAnyone who has a child younger than four is running a high-wire act without a net.He ll be so grateful.She ll be a little person, who you can begin to befriend.
Sure – a weekend of watching your favourite artists on stage while you dance to their beat sounds like a lot of fun, but it also means navigating your way back to your tent in the dark, tracking down friends lost amongst the crowds and being prepared for unpredictable weather.Don t panic just yet – here are a few apps that could ease your stress and help you survive those crazy few days in the muddy field.To find your tentView photosMoreAvailable onYou ve had a long day, your legs are tired and nothing s more frustrating than not being able to find your tent.Find My Friends will help you pinpoint their precise spot, as long as everyone has their location enabled in their phone settings.For weather updatesUnfortunately, there s nothing we can do about unpredictable bad weather we think it s best to pack for ALL weather conditions , but having a handy app could help you decide whether you want to wear sandals or wellies, waterproof ponchos or that cute boho top.Dark Sky will show you a forecast for your exact location, with minute-by-minute predictions and keep you up-to-date.
There s no two ways about it - social and digital media have become a colossal part of our everyday lives.Post that Instagram of your delicious meal.In the US presidential election, each candidate has adopted social and digital media strategies to reach new audiences and bring people into the political process.This new approach to political outreach has revolutionised the way politicians connect with voters.Leigh Alexander and Elena Cresci speak to the digital director of Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, Kenneth Pennington, about how he and his team used social and digital media to attract voters.Plus, he explains the origin of the FeelTheBern hashtag.
Ransomware might be annoying now, but cybercriminals are only just getting started – an epidemic with dire consequences is headed our wayThe ransomware consumer market might be lucrative, but why charge the masses pitifully small sums of money to get their data back when you could be gaining a major cash cow from hitting a business or private hospital?Rather than spend huge amounts of time stalking and hacking large corporations to steal data and then trying to sell it on underground markets on the Dark Web, for the discerning hacker looking to make a quick profit fast, the concept of ransomware is a godsend and much more lucrative than other cybercriminal enterprises, Cisco's Talos has warned at the Infosecurity Europe 2016 conference in London.It's taking kidnap and moving it into the 21st century, by taking something incredibly valuable to a user that has zero resale value on the Dark Web like my PowerPoint presentation for Infosec.Prior to 2016, ransomware solely targeted individual consumers and the ransom amount would rarely ever go over one bitcoin £400, $588 , as it had to be affordable for victims to pay up, rather than cutting their losses, sacrificing their data and doing a factory reset on their PC.Forget about infecting one computer – why not hijack multiple machines and then offer a bulk discount price?No computer is safe — you've been warnedForget about affecting individual consumers – there's so much more money to be made by hijacking an entire networkTo decrypt systems on web application servers at Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore that were hijacked by SamsamTo decrypt files at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, after a five-day stand-off where the hospital refused to pay the hackers' initial demands for $3.4mSamsam exploits a Jboss security vulnerability from 2010 and uses it to attack unpatched servers to encrypt entire networks, and Talos found 3.2 million machines connected to the internet in the world that are currently at risk, including 2,100 computers that had already been compromised and had a backdoor installed in them, just lying in wait until the attackers one day decide to use it.
View messengerA security flaw in Facebook's Messenger, discovered by online security company Check Point Software Technologies, allowed a malicious user to alter the messages in a Facebook chat after they were sent.In one scenario, this could allow someone to send you an innocuous link in a Facebook chat, and later change it to a link that leads to a malware installation package, tricking you into infecting your system.SEE ALSO: Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest accounts hacked, possibly due to an awfully weak passwordThe exploit, explained in detail over at the Check Point blog, consists of finding a message's unique "message id" identifier, then altering the message content and sending it back to Facebook which accepts the new content as genuine, without alerting the recipient of the change.By exploiting this vulnerability, cybercriminals could change a whole chat thread without the victim realizing ...The hacker could implement automation techniques to continually outsmart security measures for long-term chat alterations, Oded Vanunu, Head of Products Vulnerability Research at Check Point, said in a statement.According to Check Point, the vulnerability was discovered earlier this month; Facebook was notified about the vulnerability and promptly moved to fix it.
Uncancel the apocalypse everyone, so we can cancel it again: The Force Awakensand Attack the Block star John Boyega will lead the cast of Pacific Rim 2.Boyega will be playing the lead role, currently unnamed but definitely the son of Stacker Pentecost, Idris Elba s character from the first film.Let s hope Boyega s character continues the Pacific Rim tradition of having a ridiculously silly/cool name, just like everything else in this wonderful universe of kaiju/mecha brawling — but for now, I m just gonna refer to him as Pacific Finn .Director of the first Pacific Rim and franchise co-creator Guillermo Del Toro, who s been teasing new information about the sequel on social media, had this to say about Boyega s casting in an official press release:I am very proud and happy to welcome John into a fantastic sandbox.The World saving the world was our goal and I couldn t think of a better man for the job.There s no mention of other returning cast yet, although it s likely Pacific Rim protagonists Rinko Kikuchi and Charlie Hunnam will return.
Now, when you check into certain stores or national chains, you may be eligible for discount codes to present to the cashier for instant savings.For example, checking into places like Home Depot or Target may earn you 15 percent off a particular product type for a limited time.The weekly giveaway challenges users to check in to different types of locations to be qualified to enter a sweepstakes.If the former half of the new features remind you of something, it s because that s exactly what Foursquare used to offer before it split off into Swarm.Swarm, however, started bringing back features that were originally on Foursquare, such as mayorships, badges, leaderboards, and now, Perks.It s hard to say what that actually means without knowing how many check-ins the company saw after the split, but the return of familiar features seems like maybe the apps never needed to unbundle in the first place.
This isn't always done with the IT department's knowledge or oversight, as users turn to useful services to help them do their jobs without involving IT.For example, any files containing social security numbers can be blocked from public sharing, or any file with financial data must be encrypted.It says that using the cloud gives it greater power for analytics, enabling it to detect behavior patterns that are anomalous or unusual, using big data heuristics to the world of data protection.Perhaps most interestingly, Egnyte says that the system can also detect the behavior of cryptolocker ransomware.With ransomware an increasingly big business, this kind of protection is a smart capability.The company sells exclusively to enterprises—it's a pure paid product, without any freemium model.
There are more drones than ever, but a new report claims that sightings by pilots are falling, so it s possible we can put to rest some of the fear over a drone bringing a plane down.AMA analyzed FAA data and found that, while there are still a lot more pilot drone sightings now than in 2014, sightings peaked last summer and have been falling ever since.This is all good news, but since the falling numbers cover less than a year, there could be other reasons for the lack of sightings.The drone-meets-engine scenario seems pretty damn frightening nevertheless.To combat the problem, the FAA is testing out a system to track drones getting too close and making an app to show exactly where it s okay to fly.That s not good, of course, but it s still far more reassuring than the assured-death scenario keeping everyone up at night.
If you're planning to buy a MacBook Pro soon, you might want to wait until the fall.Apple is apparently planning to redesign its professional-level line of laptops, according to a growing amount of evidence including a leaked case and a report from Apple soothsayer Ming-Chi Kuo.And I can't wait.Above the numbers line, where the function keys normally go, will be an strip of touchscreen that can be used as buttons, presumably.While other companies have tried this general concept many times in the past — notably Art Lebedev's Optimus keyboard and Razer's Blade Pro, Apple has the hardware and software integration to make it a useful feature.For example, when working in Photoshop, it could provide a truncated toolbar.Another possibility is that it could be a key part of Siri, which is expected to arrive on Mac computers this year, and would make sense as a place where the system could display the Siri animation.The leaked shell casing for the new MacBook also suggests that it will come with four USB-C ports — and won't plug in using the traditional magnetic MagSafe charger.I too welcome this: most people plan to keep their laptop going for at least four years, and although the new USB port might be annoying at first, it's smart future-proofing.Finally, Fudzilla reported earlier this week that Apple appears poised to include AMD Polaris graphics chips in this year's MacBook Pros.Apple's Pro models usually come with separate graphics chips, but tentative confirmation that they will get up-to-date performance is nice to know, especially for developers and other power users who find graphics performance is critical for uses such as virtual reality.It's less clear whether the AMD Polaris chips will be included in the 13 or 15-inch models, or both.The main question is when these next-generation MacBooks will go on sale.
Netflix expanded its service to 130 new countries in January, but when it comes to international growth, the company will be reaping the benefits for years, according to Morgan Stanley."In all markets three years or older, Netflix has reached well above double-digit penetration and is generating profits," Swinburne said.He points to markets like Brazil as an example, writing that it "accelerated after years of fairly modest growth.Netflix has raised its prices, but more than half of its US subscribers still pay below the current rate because they signed up before the latest increases.It plans to spend the rest of 2016 rolling those members into the higher-rate plans."With domestic average return per user growth poised to accelerate as more grandfathered pricing expires in 3Q16, we expect gross profit per sub growth and gross margin expansion to re-accelerate in 2H16 and beyond," Swinburne wrote.Increasing the return per user only helps increase the upside potential Netflix created by expanding into new countries.And when you include the price increase some grandfathered users will experience later this year, there is more than one way the company can increase its revenue per user.More revenue means the company could continue its chart-topping performance of 2015, Swinburne said.Shares of Netflix ended Monday's session up 1.2% at $100.74 and but are still down 8.4% in 2016.NOW WATCH: How to find Netflix s secret categoriesLoading video...
Initially, only users based in New Hampshire can buy tickets with it.Not without controversy, lotteries represent a $70 billion industry in the U.S. alone.The company s cofounders Matt Clemenson and Tony DiMatteo explained that because lotteries are highly regulated, in each market where it intends to do business, AutoLotto aims to work with state lottery commissions and lottery directors, offices of the governor and attorney general, and other relevant legislators before going live.We seek formal acknowledgement that we are not in conflict with existing laws before we operate.AutoLotto also intends to add group buying features to its app, letting friends pool funds to buy tickets together, and divvying up the winnings automatically based on each player s contributions to the pool.AutoLotto is a graduate of the 500 Startups accelerator and has raised $2.4 million in seed funding.
Now, in an effort to help machines learn more efficiently, AI researchers have created an algorithm that actually motivates the hero of this classic video game in some very important ways—and it s surprisingly effective.The authors of the new study describe the challenges this way:Montezuma s Revenge is infamous for its hostile, unforgiving environment: the agent called Panama Joe must navigate a maze composed of different rooms, each filled with a number of traps.The issue, as pointed out by Dave Gershgorn in Popular Science, is that in order to succeed at this game, players need to plan how to clear a room, and then execute that plan.Of course, Joe isn t really self-aware like human players.In one example show in the above video , Panama Joe actually manages to solve an entire level in just four tries.By working this way in so-called Arcade Learning Environments, the researchers are hoping to produce algorithms that can be applied to the real world.
Reader Kyle sent in this method to chill beer if you re on the road, would like a frosty drink, and of course, your hotel room doesn t have a fridge.Of course, this only works in hotel rooms that have those old school window-mounted air conditioners, but if you re traveling on a budget anywhere with AC, you ve probably slept somewhere with one of these in your room before.Kyle writes that instead of heading to the ice machine every hour to try and chill a couple of beers, try this:Central A/C need not apply here; if your hotel is still rolling with the classic jet engine sounding corner A/C unit, you re in luck!Simply position your beer bottles carefully along the bottom lip of the vent, and maintain caution as you add each one, as too much vibration can send a previous bottle to the floor.There are a lot of variables required for this one to work right the AC needs a lip, for example, and should be angled so you can rest the beer on it while it s cooling , so if you re staying somewhere this isn t a good fit for you, you can always try some of our other favorite methods, or plug up the sink in your hotel room, head to the ice machine, and chill your beer in an ice-filled sink.Thanks to Kyle for sending in the tip!
Another take on the concept is an Orbital Ring, cooked up by Nikola Tesla in the 1870s, which is a massive structure which circles the Earth, with tethers fixed to the ground that act as elevators.There s a handful of examples of their use in science fiction, such as Gagarin Station in Mass Effect, as well as Kim Stanley Robinson s Terrariums, hollowed-out asteroids with living spaces installed in their interiors used in his novel 2312.4 O Neill CylinderIn his 1976 book, The High Frontier: Human Colonies in Space, Gerard K. O Neill worried about the possibility of humans overtaxing the Earth, and sought for alternatives.These islands in space as he called them, would be massive: four miles in diameter, twenty miles long, they would contain five hundred square miles, and could house up to a million individuals, and that s at the small end.A larger version of this is a Topopolis, which would be long enough to be looped around a star.Image: Cryonic078 Alderson DiskAn Alderson Disk is another ring-shaped structure, but unlike a Ringworld, it looks more like a disk with the sun in the center.
From left: Verizon Wireless, AT and T-Mobile USA.At the center of this group is Rivada Networks, a startup with a technology called DSA Dynamic Spectrum Arbitrage .Some mobile devices already have radios for the spectrum FirstNet will use, called Band 14, and a wide range of devices should have them by the time the network goes live, Rivada says.Carriers will have to do some careful cost analysis, analyst Lynnette Luna of Current Analysis said earlier this year.Black & Veatch is a major telecom construction firm.The company also says it can give first responders broader coverage beyond the FirstNet system through roaming on an unnamed national mobile carrier.
Rick Wherley / Cleveland Museum of Natural History A new praying mantis has been identified, and like Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it has a fondness for prominent neckwear.The new leaf-dwelling species was discovered in the wilds of Madagascar and named Ilomantis ginsburgae, after Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg."This species description of Ilomantis ginsburgae is novel since it relied heavily on the features of the female genitalia," lead author Sydney Brannoch, a Case Western Reserve University doctoral candidate, said in a statement.More from LiveScience:Leaf-dwellerThe creature in question was first discovered in Madagascar in 1967, but the specimen has been housed at the French National Museum of Natural History in Paris ever since."Developing new characteristics, especially from female specimens, helps us not only test the validity of species, but makes identification much easier," said study co-author Gavin Svenson, curator of invertebrate zoology at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.If a person finds one sex, they may only be able to identify the specimen if their specimen's sex matches what is known from previous research.
Genre fiction, like TV, increasingly depends upon serialized long-arc storytelling; it s rare these days to see a science-fiction or fantasy novel that isn t part of a trilogy or longer .In a move that takes as much from Victorian novels as from limited-run Netflix series, the publisher s FSG Originals imprint is experimenting with serialized fiction.This style of episodic fiction hearkens back to waiting in line for the next serial installment from Dickens or Tolstoy or Dumas.In the 19th century, readers developed ongoing relationships with characters in episodic novels, reading a new chapter in the exploits of Oliver Twist or Anna Karenina each month.VanderMeer, who had only written one of the books, liked McDonald s idea; he rapidly wrote the two proposed sequels, and went on a whirlwind publicity tour to promote them all.By fostering an ongoing relationship with a book series, McDonald is trying to keep readers engaged throughout its production schedule, as they would be with a TV show.
: Made in America—which begins airing Saturday on ABC and ESPN—is a rich, rigorous, infinitely absorbing biography of both Simpson and the city that made him famous, all told via eyewitness accounts and remarkable, how-the-hell-did-they-get-this?But because Simpson s ascent takes place during the height of Black Power consciousness—he won his Heisman Trophy in 1968, the same year Tommie Smith and John Carlos famously raised their fists during the Olympics—he s soon pressured to align himself with the movement, a calling he ducks altogether.That view also provided a greater context for the mania and emotion surrounding the 1995 murder trial, which Made in America covers with patience and nuance, aided by new interviews with the likes of Marcia Clark, Mark Furhman, F. Lee Bailey, and Barry Scheck.There was a sense that, if people watch 10 episodes of that show, are they going to have the appetite to watch more?and Made in America, for all their differences in breadth and approach, actually complement each other in unexpected ways.People is a smartly tawdry, multi-character pop spectacle that uses a snazzily constructed Trojan horse to sneak in serious examinations of racism and sexism, but it s limited to a tight timeframe, during which Simpson is but a bit player in his own life.
technology companies-a Ruler and a Flic to make it safer for cyclists.Hövding of Malmö became the first in the world to launch the airbags in bicycle helmets – now the company's representatives make the roads better and safer for all bikes.Together with the Girl - who developed a smart button - and PR-agency Edelman Deportivo, the Company operates now a campaign for safer cykelmiljö in London.With the help of the solution to those who want to be able to report dangerous places, and other troublesome traps in traffic.– It has a button on his bike that looks like a bell.And also that it will be possible for cyclists to enter more detail of what they have been involved with, " says Hermes Holm.
Honest Cellphone CommercialCell companies expend a lot of time, money, and freebies trying to get you to switch to their service.DON T MISS: Brand new images show us how hot the iPhone 7 will actually beCracked has put together a video showing an honest cell company commercial, in the vein of the old honest cable company.The scene setting is perfect: an older, ostensibly trustworthy salesperson, walking around a while backdrop with a few props.It s very similar to the Ricky Gervais Verizon commercial that s still going around, only with slightly different accents.No company ever shows the methodology they use to draw up the maps, and in urban areas, the maps don t take into account the giant black spots caused by buildings.Thanks to the lack of real competition in the cellphone industry, things aren t liable to change any time soon, so you should settle in, get used to Roger , and try not to think too much about how you re being screwed.
NVMe over fabrics is an IO fire hoseAll-flash array startup Apeiron claims it blows EMC s XtremIO away when it comes to Splunk speed testing.It does not use Fibre Channel or iSCSI switches to connect to accessing servers.Apeiron has just completed Splunk testing, using both Bonnie and SplunkIT.The Apeiron Splunk performance numbers are detailed in a white paper PDF , and here is a table of Apeiron's raw data and EMC XtremIO Splunk data from that white paper:Apeiron raw data for its own and EMC XTremIO Splunk runs with from 1 to 8 serversEMC's documented Xtremio Splunk validation using Bonnie can be found here pdf .This means Apeiron can accommodate years of data on NVMe SSDs, and provide real-time SLAs for any type of query.With the huge network latency reduction reduction such arrays exhibit – circa 50 microseconds versus 700 microseconds or more – comparisons against Fibre Channel or Ethernet-connected all flash arrays are almost like comparing disk and tape access latencies.
Testing MethodologyThere's a lot to consider when you're buying gadgets, but there's a big difference between fitness trackers and, say, phones.A £15 Chinese knock-off will have the same basic features as a £150 Fitbit, and the only way you can properly definitively compare how accurately they perform is if you have a scientific research budget and massive machines that are more accurate than an atomic clock.Having a screen or a heart rate monitor clearly makes a tracker a more worthy purchase, provided the developers haven't managed to cock up the rest.It looks like a watch, it feels like a watch, it connects to your phone, and it tells the time, but its much more limited than what smartwatches have to offer.The main purpose of the Moov Now and its accompanying app is to act as a fitness coach for you, based on how you're doing at any given time.What I'm saying is that if you buy this and then don't do any exercise, it's just going to be a wasted purchase.
Author Annie Proulx moved to Washington's "Emerald City" just two years ago, but she s already pulling up stakes.Two reasons: she recently discovered that she s allergic to the trees surrounding her house.But she s also sick of all the techies high-fiving each other in Seattle.The lush woodlands of Seattle seemed like a natural fit.It s one eternal traffic jam and everything seems mismanaged.While I certainly empathise with Proulx about hating traffic, I m not entirely sure that she s going to find a high-five-free zone in the United States.