I ve never been one for hi-vis.It is not merely vanity, though I admit luminous yellow is just not my colour.It s that too many cyclists see it as a panacea, a fluorescent force-field that will protect them from the dangers of the road, whereas the truth is you can be done up head-to-toe as a highlighter pen and it ll not help you at all if you re always cowering in a driver s blind spot.I don t wear proper cycling gear to ride two miles to the Guardian s Manchester office each day.If it s raining, I ll don a waterproof jacket or, more honestly, take the car .But generally I m in my civvies and so am arguably the prime market for Volvo s new LifePaint, a water-based reflective safety spray , which promises to turn ordinary clothes into beacons when in direct glare of headlights.
View photosGoogle is working on making a connected, technology-laced jacket that you ll be able to wear in any type of weather, Google announced Friday.It s called Jacquard, and the company has been working on it since 2015.Jacquard is made with interactive denim, made in partnership with Levi s. It has sensors that detect things like hand movements, which connect to various services on your smartphone, including calls, texts, Google Maps, Spotify and more.If you re getting a phone call while riding your bike and wearing your Jacquard jacket, you can wave your hand over the sleeve to either accept or decline the call.Google is providing open APIs for Jacquard to allow third-party developers to create their own jacket-supported services.For developers, there is a beta version of Jacquard coming out in fall 2016, which you can sign up for to give feedback to Google and work on connecting your own products.
The Fast & Furious franchise has wasted no time in showing off its high-profile new star, Charlize Theron.The official Twitter account today shared the first photo of the Oscar-winning actress in character, less than two months her casting was announced.Although the image shows Theron with an assortment of firearms, the combination of her ponytail, Metallica T-shirt, and a motorcycle jacket doesn t quite scream lethal.Now, they meet Cipher, said the tweet that accompanied the photo.Jason Statham s rogue assassin Deckard Shaw definitely comes to mind.New additions over the years, such as Johnson and Statham, have kept things interesting, and Theron does the same.
It s coming out in spring 2017, with a limited beta coming this fall.It s called the trucker jacket, Levi s vice president of innovation Paul Dillinger said.Google Maps, Google Play, Spotify, and Strava will be supported — and there will be APIs that will let developers build their own custom services for this technology.The division came to Google as part of the Motorola Mobility acquisition, and it was the only thing Google kept before selling the rest to Lenovo.Not surprisingly, it has done a lot of hardware projects — alongside Project Jacquard, last year the group debuted Project Soli, a radar device that picks up on gestures.There was also the Project Vault encrypted microSD card.But ATAP is also behind the Project Tango augmented reality technology that is close to being shipped in a consumer smartphone from Lenovo.Recently Regina Dugan, the leader of ATAP who used to work inside the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA , left Google for Facebook.In addition to the Jacquard and Soli updates, Google has been working on the Abacus authentication technology it talked about at I/O last year.Later this year there will be a Trust application programming interface API that Android developers will be able to incorporate into their applications, said Dan Kaufman — another DARPA alum who replaced Dugan as ATAP head.
The companies have teamed up on a smart jacket for bicyclists that will allow wearers to control their smartphones using sensors woven into the cuff.The Commuter smart jacket is a key step for wearable technology because it's more stylish and less obtrusive than a smartwatch.Remove it, and the jacket looks like a normal piece of clothing.The jacket is designed to be hung up, crumpled up and tossed in a bag, thrown over a chair, and even put through a washing machine, said Levi's Vice President Paul Dillinger.There's still a question of price, though.The company is working with commercial uniform maker Cintas to bring Jacquard into the enterprise as well.
Interesting thought.Particularly of note is that people with dying batteries are much more willing to pay high surge prices.No other devices seem to be affected, and Apple is working on a fix.Ars Technica IFTTT recently added a Google Contacts channel to automate contact creation whenever you meet someone new.Android Police Levi and Google will ship their smart jacket next year.I ve never desired my clothes to interact with my electronics, but it is a pretty good looking jacket.
Google Levis Wearable JacketTouch-sensitive clothing has been one of the promised inventions coming in just a few years for a while now.DON T MISS: Apple s stores have gone from serious to absurd in 15 yearsThe project falls within the domain of ATAP, Google s skunk-works special projects division, and is codenamed Project Jacquard.The touch-sensitive panel is woven directly into the fabric of the jacket, and Levi s says it is as tough as the rest of the material — most importantly, it s even washable.That same band houses LEDs, which help with the notifications.All in all, it looks like a slick way to deal with basic phone functions, without having to pull your handset out of your pocket.It reminds me a lot of the Pebble smartwatch, which has limited functionality but can be used without even looking, thanks to the physical buttons.
I ll pause here to let you watch the entire video in full with sound on :The mask was no ordinary Chewbacca mask, but made the cry of a Wookiee when the mouth was opened."So far, 34 million people have watched the video, telling Payne they "can t stop laughing" or saying how much they loved her "pure inner joy.""And in the comments, Payne was still laughing:In addition to video hosting sites like VidMe and YouTube, the video even found it s way to Reddit, where Peter Mayhew, the man who famously played Chewbacca in the "Star Wars" films, responded:Previously, the most watched video on Facebook Live was a BuzzFeed video about smashing watermelons, which received over 10 million views.Tech Insider has reached out to both Payne and Facebook, and neither has responded at the time of this post.Read the original article on Tech Insider.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.Copyright 2016.More from Tech Insider:Google and Levi's are building a smart jeans jacket for some reason GOOG A 'Game of Thrones' actress dropped a potentially huge spoiler about Arya Stark and Jon SnowResearch suggests people with this type of commute are happier than everyone elseHere's how to use Uber, the incredibly easy app that can change your lifeScientists found 4 genes that help program the shape of your noseNOW WATCH: 2 millennials watched the original Star Wars for the first timeLoading video...
ATAP s Ivan Poupyrev announced that the company was collaborating with iconic clothing company, Levi s, to launch a connected smart jacket aimed at urban cyclists that will allow wearers to do things like control their music, answer phone calls, access navigation and more, all by tapping and swiping on the jacket s sleeve.The jacket will be a part of Levi s Commuter collection of clothing, which is largely aimed at urban dwellers who ride bikes to navigate their city.The connection points for the tech cleverly takes advantage of the jacket s button-hole to look less obtrusive.Another feature, Compass, was accessed with a swipe.Google says it plans to work with other apparel makers in the future to expand Jacquard s reach, including athletic clothing companies and those who design business wear.Perhaps of most interest is that this jacket isn t some far-off pipe dream, as it turns out — it will launch into beta testing this fall, then become publicly available in spring 2017, says Google.
Look at anyone at this developer conference still wearing Google Glass and it immediately tells you about the inability of "fashion and technology to work as one."He leads a team to solve to solve a problem he calls "interactive textile technology."Google ATAP, known for its Project Ara modular phone, is working with Levi's on clothing, as was announced last year, and it's not going to be smart pants, unlike the concept clothing.Google and Levi's are targeting urban cyclists with this tech-infused jacket, calling it a fashionable, function garment."It's a terrible idea to navigate the screen of your phone while navigating busy streets" says Paul Dillinger, VP of innovation at Levi's.Well gestures, taps and swipes on the sleeve could help you change music or get directions through haptic feedback.
Instant Apps are a new concept for Android.This is probably where Google see the money — rather than producing finicky hardware that will have to compete with the likes of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Google s making a play to brings its apps and experiences to other people s hardware instead.It relies on a base skeleton, which contains core components like a motherboard, processor and RAM.Google has made reference designs in the form of the Nexus design for years, but that s always been in partnership with other manufacturers.Bringing Ara to market is also a milestone for ATAP, Google s special projects division.Chrome OS, the software that powers Chromebooks, has been mostly overlooked by third-party developers, and still has limited functionality as a result.
Google and Levi's just announced collaboration for a new jacket that will let you control your phone by touching its sleeve.It's based on technology called Project Jacquard, which Google's ATAP skunkworks group first announced it at its developers' conference last year.It's being designed with cyclists in mind, so bikers will be able to do things like turning up their music or blocking a phone call by touching a patch on their wrist.The jacket will start shipping in spring 2017, though beta versions will be available for testing this fall.No word yet on the price.There are three basic components: The jacket, with the woven gesture sensing technology, a removable tag that connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and an app that lets you set up what different gestures, like tapping versus swiping, will control which apps.When Google and Levis first announced a partnership last year, it seemed like the duo would be making smart jeans, but the switched product and long roadmap show how tough the technology really is to implement.
This year, the two have announced that the Jacquard jacket will soon be available for sale.The Jacquard smart jacket looks like your average denim jacket, but will allow wearers to answer phones, access navigation, control music, and more.The conductive fabric is sewn into the arm, and turns the cuff into a swipeable surface you can use to control apps from your jacket.Google and Levi s say the jacket is designed for the commuter, so cyclists can keep their eye on the road and simply tap away at their jacket sleeve to control apps.Whether this is the most optimal way to use apps while you re commuting is to be determined, but it does give us an interesting glimpse at the direction of smart clothing.Price and availability have not been disclosed.
This week the folks at Google's Advanced Technology and Project group aka ATAP have announced their first Project Jacquard release.This is touch-sensitive material - textiles that can sense when your skin comes in contact with it.So says Paul Dillinger, Levi's VP of Innovation.He detailed the jacket to a crowd this week at Google I/O 2016, Google's yearly developer conference.Google's Jacquard technology is used to create a wearable platform on which developers can develop and users can expand usability by adding connected apps, devices, and features.There's also a Jacquard app - coming soon as well - for connections to apps.
Project Jacquard makes it possible to weave touch and gesture interactions into fabrics.The first pilot project for this was a smart jean jacket for bicycle commuters, which Google designed with Levi's.Credit: Google.
Last year at Google I/O, the Mountain View firm revealed it was teaming up with Levi's to create a smart clothing line.Today we learned a little more about the first fruits of the partnership; a specially-woven jacket that can control your smartphone via gestures.The Levi's Commuter x Jacquard by Google Trucker Jacket, to give it its full name, features a small, unorthodox weave within the jacket s cuff that looks like something you d pick up in a TK Maxx seconds sale.This conductive material is sensitive to touch, meaning users can control their smartphone using gestures.It is designed for urban cyclists, who can seek directions, turn down music, and reject or accept phone calls without pulling the smartphones out of their pocket.There ll be a beta test of the jacket, which is as tough as regular Levi's denim and doesn t require any special treatments or cleaning practices, before it goes on sale to commuters during the spring of 2017.
We take a look at a bunch of tops and flops from Nokia's huge phone range - from 1982 to 2011. Many of us who grew up with at least a generation Nokia phone in trouser or jacket pocket, and here we go through some of its most influential models of all time. Mobira Senator 1982 Nokia's first phone ever was certainly mobile - it was designed to run around in your car - but with a weight of almost 10 kg would hardly talk of carry Senator anywhere. In fact Cityman would be so revolutionary it is said to have convinced the then Soviet president, Mikhail Gorbachev, to lead a Soviet investment in mobile phones. Nokia 2110 1993 Best known for the introduced Nokia's classic ringtone - and significantly less than many of its competitors. Together with its sister model 2110i sold this milestone of 20 million copies worldwide.
Google's ATAP division likes to pioneer surprising things, including the Project Ara modular phone and Project Tango 3D-mapping phones and tablets - and its latest creation is a wearable device.Actually, it's a jacket.Long story short, the Levi's Commuter x Jacquard by Google Trucker Jacket features touch-sensitive fabric on a cuff, which acts like a trackpad on your wrist.With taps and swipes on the jacket, you'll be able to answer or decline calls, change your music playlist, get audio directions or tips on nearby locations via your headphones, and interact with apps like Spotify, Google Maps, and Strava.The touch tech is subtly built into the fabric, so you don't have to worry about having a silly looking, enlarged cuff in view at all times, but you will need to remove the Jacquard chips before popping the jacket in the washing machine.You'll be able to get your hands on the Levi's Commuter x Jacquard jacket in spring 2017, although no price has been announced.
"I'll be the last person on earth who is still able to wear a usable pair of Glass — it's my mission!"  Firstenberg, Graham, and several other Glass owners we spoke to, still believe the headset is unrivaled in its utility for things like hands-free photography or getting directions while driving." While donning Glass in 2016 is a conversation starter for people, Google itself has refused to discuss its plans for the future.It stopped supporting the current hardware and software, and hasn't acknowledged reports that it's working on an enterprise version of the device, even when a pair leaked on eBay earlier this year.At IO, Google announced a slick new smart speaker and a jacket that controls your phone, but didn't make a peep about its Glass efforts, which now fall under a division called Project Aura.For now, the attitude of a loyal Glass lover is to just try to get as much use out of it as possible until the hardware wears out."NOW WATCH: A SpaceX rocket just did something not even its engineers thought was possibleLoading video...
View photosMoreHttps%3a%2f%2fblueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com%2fuploads%2fcard%2fimage%2f94453%2flevi s commuter x jacquard by googleThink of Google's wearables you likely think of Google Glass R.I.P or Android Wear, which is getting better but still not widely used.A decidedly different type of wearable, with Jacquard, Google may be able to accomplish something that has so far eluded the company: Create wearable tech that's appealing to more than just geeks and early adopters.In the year since, Jacquard has evolved from concept to viable product, with the first Jacquard-enabled jacket expected to hit shelves in Levi's stores in 2017.The tag, which charges via USB, is designed to look like the snaps and buttons on the rest of the jacket, though the current iteration is noticeably bulkier than the snaps you would typically find on a sleeve.As for price, Levi's Head of Global Product Paul Dillinger, says it will be "well within" the price point of the rest of the line jackets currently go for about $148-$178 , though it will be likely be more than the other jackets currently in the line.Of course, much will depend on how consumers respond to this new category of wearables.