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My father’s estate was settled during the Covid-19 pandemic, not long before police killed George Floyd. My dad wasn’t among the economic elite but for many racial justice protestors, that might be splitting hairs. Along with some money, there was a rambling house in East Hampton with a heated pool in which my kids learned to swim. My wife and I thought to put most of the inheritance aside for our children’s (and fingers crossed, grandchildren’s) education and down payments on future homes, the kinds of things my father ― a generous caretaker who grew up poor during the Depression ― did for my brother and me.“No,” my kids pushed back. “Just give it away.”The pandemic and racial justice uprising that took place last year make for a strange time for parenting and a stranger time still to receive an inheritance. On the one hand, the pull to protect one’s own tugs hard. Harder than I’d imagined. On the other hand, glaring inequalities in health care and powerful calls for racial justice make that instinct a little out of touch. My kids had to shout before we heard, “We’re fine. We’re swimming in privilege we did nothing to deserve and that we received based on the colour of our skin.”  My wife and I work in community service. We’ve tried to raise the kids with generous, civic-minded values. We were Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) supporters and lived and volunteered in El Salvador for many years before and after the civil war, accompanying a struggle for radical redistribution of wealth. You’d think we would be easy targets for their agitating. And yet we stalled. Although fundraising and grant-making are a big part of my job, I was new to giving away my wealth. “Let’s have a family meeting to figure out philanthropic priorities,” I suggested. “Do some research, make a plan.” My kids rolled their eyes, impatient.We weren’t the sole targets of the kids’ badgering, or, as they put it, invitation to step up. My daughter had previously raised money for a women’s agroecology project in Ghana, where she’d volunteered. During the early waves of protest against police impunity, she sent a plea to family and friends with the subject line, “Please Don’t Stop” and continued, “we NEED to be giving ALL (not some) of the money we spend ... to Black people at this time and forever. This email is not meant to attack anyone. But I do want to remind all of us of our privilege. WHITE WEALTH IS RACISM ... White people will ALWAYS have a leg up.” Her uncle reported that the email was grist for not one, but two therapy sessions.My father climbed his way into the upper middle class by being a beneficiary of the GI bill, pretty hard-working, cheap and extremely lucky. His estate included my mother’s savings, who died years before, and her father’s ― a Lithuanian immigrant. My parents’ philanthropic gestures were modest at best ― my mother weirdly, but sweetly, referred to me as her charity ― and for my maternal grandfather, it consisted mostly of giving multiples of $18 for Israel. Having what I thought were decent social justice credentials, I flinched at being schooled by my daughter, the more vocal instigator. On a night last year when we returned raw and opened from a Black Lives Matter march where we’d locked arms with the kids, my wife and I took a big step and donated thousands of dollars to Black- and immigrant-led organizations, which for us constituted significant giving. Unimpressed, our daughter bested us. She’d given away her Covid-19 unemployment benefits, on top of which she threw us a curveball.At her age, I was studying to be a community organiser. For years, I door-knocked in Boston public housing, supporting community leaders fighting City Hall for neighbourhood improvements. The next decades were spent moving (other people’s) money into international social movements ― farmer-led struggles for land and water rights. I tended to be dismissive of charitable giving that helps individuals but doesn’t build grassroots power ― scholarship programs for example. “Let’s pay off Naima’s college debt,” our kids proposed. Naima is a Black, immigrant friend who has been part of our extended family since middle school. I balked, arguing that we need policies and programs for debt-free college and comprehensive reparations. My daughter’s eyes rolled again, skeptical that justice will emerge from a historically racist political system, the new administration notwithstanding. “Naima and her family are financially stressed every day,” she replied. “We have the resources to zero out their debt now. A kind of mini-reparation.”“Which then?” I sighed. “Pay off her loan or fund social justice organisations?” “Both,” the kids said.Argh. Having what I thought were decent social justice credentials, I flinched at being schooled by my daughter, the more vocal instigator. How could I feel simultaneously so proud of our kids for their values while dodging their criticism and feeling ever-so-slightly fleeced? Quarantine dinners were fractious.I visited the kids in Greece in 2019 while they both volunteered with refugees. (Note: Plane flight paid for with grandpa’s money). Stray cats were everywhere; my daughter lugged around a ten-pound bag of cat food to feed them. “There are too many,” I blurted, as we walked maddeningly slowly. “Feeding them is no solution.” Bending to scatter food, she calmly responded to my fit as a cat rubbed against around her ankle: “I can help some.” We’d had the argument many times before about being more “strategic” and less impulsive; it was strange, I admit, to suggest that she be a little less compassionate in such a heartless world. Racial justice, Covid-19 recovery, reversing climate change. It was starting to feel difficult to justify holding onto grandpa’s estate. To study nursing, my son had recently snubbed NYU and chosen community college. He couldn’t stomach the expensive elitism. “Use grandpa’s college fund money for Naima’s debt,” he insisted.But still. The kids are in their early 20s ― could they possibly know they wouldn’t need money later? The layers of irony made my head hurt. Privilege got us the money and it’s an even greater privilege to be able to give it away with the blessing of one’s children. We had just been relieved of the age-old parental worry to leave something behind by kids who would rather take their chances. And they’re probably right ― being white and middle class, even their children likely won’t need help.But a question nagged: What would my father think? Although crazy about the kids, he’d think they were just plain nuts and would say so. My father was a woodworker; he crafted grandfather clocks, hutches, jewellery boxes ― things that endured. My parents weren’t lavish; pretty much the entire point of making the money was to leave it to the next generation who would use it and leave it to the one after that. Nothing would draw a bigger grin from my dad in heaven than watching his great-great-grandchildren step into a college classroom using the remains of his bank account. So he would not be happy. But then I imagined the kids returning his firehose of affection: playing with his hair, rubbing his bald spot and cajoling him to flex his once formidable biceps. He’d surely melt. He was doting and tender first; work and money were always a distant second ― priorities he inherited from a father he idolised. So we took the plunge. We paid off Naima’s loan and are giving most of the rest away in a public way that might motivate others, which risks ― we realise ― receiving undeserved praise for simply doing the right thing. We trust our kids to understand what no inheritance means. We don’t want a philanthropy in perpetuity, taking advantage of unfair tax loopholes and joining the likes of Bezos and Gates in granting pennies on the dollar. As the kids have pointed out, hoarding leaves privilege intact.And in this time of so much injustice to repair and no roadmap of how to do it, the kids’ hearts, fed by their grandfather’s embrace, offer a sort of compass. Their generosity is my dad’s real legacy ― not his money. Daniel Moss is the Executive Director of the Agroecology Fund. This article first appeared on HuffPost PersonalHave a compelling personal story you want to tell? Find out what we’re looking for here, and pitch us on [email protected] More from HuffPost UK PersonalPeople Like Me Rely On The Universal Credit Uplift. Don’t Take It Away From UsI Wanted To Get Covid-19 Over With, Thinking It Would Feel Like A Bad Flu. I Was So WrongWe’re Married But Never Moved In Together. Here’s Why It Works For Us
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This week has seen an explosion of indignation from British Jews after BBC2’s Politics Live asked four non-Jewish panellists to discuss ‘should Jews Count as an ethnic minority?’ For the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the question was insensitive. To others, it was offensive, moronic and grotesque. As both a Jewish woman and someone who has worked at the BBC on and off for decades I am both disappointed and defensive – because I know the BBC is better than this.The reason we are angry is that, as Jews, we live amid constant reminders of anti-Semitism, and not just in hate speech. With the Holocaust still in living memory, and despite lockdown in 2020, there were 1,668 anti-Jewish incidents in the UK. The very real risks mean all our community institutions are heavily guarded, with schools behind tall fences and high security in front of synagogues. My children’s school bus was swept for bombs every day. Yet somehow when it comes to totting up the figures on ethnic diversity we are invisible, as David Baddiel points out in his excoriating new polemic. His view that we are consistently overlooked as an ethnic minority by those on the progressive left has struck a chord with many. Which is why the timing of the release of the BBC’s new Diversity & Inclusion Plan couldn’t be more ironic. I’ve searched the 52-page, two-year plan in vain for any reference to Jews. Just as telling, the History of Diversity slideshow on the BBC website rightly encompasses “Black and Asian personalities, blind presenters, diverse heads of BBC departments, drama about race, representation of the trans and LGBTQ communities, class portrayal, the lives of traveller groups and increased visibility of disabled people”. But the likes of Michael Grade and Claudia Winkleman? Not so much. I’m one of the many Jews who have worked at the BBC for decades and loved every challenging and creative and moment of it, and I can’t wait to return. There’s no real evidence that the BBC is, as some tweeters would have it, “institutionally anti-Semitic”. Far from it – I’m one of the many Jews who have worked there for decades and loved every challenging and creative and moment of it, and I can’t wait to return. I’ve never been aware of any racial hostility and, in fact, as an older woman who is also Jewish I’d say it’s never been better. There have been three Jewish chairs of the BBC, and though no Jewish director general yet, numerous senior executives including Danny Cohen and Jane Lush. Prominent talent on screen and radio includes Vanessa Feltz, David Shukman, Katya Adler, Dr Robert Winston, Matt Lucas, David Baddiel, and many others. The broadcast output includes world class documentaries about the Holocaust and the Haredi community, programmes about Jewish identity, and cooking, and art and music. In 2001 and 2005 I was delighted to be asked to produce Holocaust Memorial Day – a live event that no other broadcaster expressed an interest in, but it was there in primetime on BBC2.Yet somehow people inside and outside the BBC simply don’t see us – as the current terminology would have it – as BAME, maybe because we are perceived as having arrived, broken through and succeeded. In his book, Baddiel points out that when Mohit Bakaya was appointed head of Radio 4 in 2019 he was widely congratulated for being the first ‘diverse’ controller of the channel – despite the fact that the Jewish Mark Damazer had got there before him.  This lapse and others hurt because the BBC is a cherished national institution, and it isn’t that long since Jews felt they had to fight for acceptance. Though I would defend the BBC to the hilt against charges of widespread anti-Semitism, there have been moments apart from this latest blunder that have tested my own love of the Corporation. In 2015, a BBC reporter said to the daughter of a Holocaust survivor at an event marking the terrorist attack at Paris’s Hypercacher supermarket that ”Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well”.Simon Schama fulminated that the reporter’s conduct was “appalling”. To make matters worse, an internal investigation found that there had been no breach of BBC guidelines – despite the fact that holding Jews collectively responsible for the actions of Israel is clearly defined as anti-Semitic by the IHRA. This lapse and others hurt because the BBC is a cherished national institution, and it isn’t that long since Jews felt they had to fight for acceptance. My refugee dad was so convinced there were Jewish quotas that he warned me not to waste my time applying for BBC jobs – and he was probably only a few years out.To all of this the remedy should be simple: make sure that the BBC’s much-hyped Creative Diversity Board sees us and includes us in all its teaching about representation and opportunity, not to mention its diversity monitoring. Let us share our experience, our worldview and our insights, and above all make sure that Jews do count.Gaby Koppel is a freelance series producer for BBC Studios. Her novel Reparation is published by Honno, the Welsh women’s press. Follow her on Twitter at @gabykoppelRelated...Why It Pays To Make Time For Life Admin - Especially Before The New Tax YearChannel 4 Severs Ties With SAS: Who Dares Wins Star Ant Middleton Over ‘Personal Conduct’High Court Rejects Bid To Reveal Names Of Alleged Leakers Of Labour Anti-Semitism Report
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BCCI’s determination to allot IPL matches to sure venues whereas leaving out others hasn’t gone down nicely with everybody with the likes of Punjab Kings
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Some see this as a relief from mundane activities while others are worried about a dystopian future controlled by AI.In either case, replicating human judgement, empathy and creativity with AI still seems like a long way to go.While Artificial intelligence is helpful, it hasn’t reached the “general intelligence” level or “super intelligence”, it remains a work in progress.It relies on humans to feed and train its algorithms.Things that are second nature to humans tend to be very difficult for AI, and things like data processing, and eidetic memory very easy.Therefore most of the companies are now backing technology that blends the processing power of machines with human social and emotional intelligence.The age of Augmented Intelligence!, where machines and humans work side by side augmenting and enhancing each other’s core skills & abilities.Artificial Intelligence Versus Augmented IntelligenceThe goals and applications are fundamentally different: Artificial Intelligence aims to replicate human abilities like natural language understanding and learning & reasoning, but Augmented Intelligence aims to create systems that make humans & Machines more effective together, sort of like making the sum of the parts greater than the whole.Augmented intelligence harnesses the power of Machine Learning and artificial intelligence to assist and augment human capabilities, while letting the human remain in control.Robotic assistants and Chatbots are exciting and new, but are they really going to move the needle?Without human oversight and supervision, Artificial Intelligence solutions may introduce significant risk to businesses.But instead it became quite evil and picked up more negative words and offensive phrases from the people who trained it to behave in that manner.Artificial intelligence, even the likes of Alexa and Siri don’t run on magic pixie dust, the algorithms require extensive training data that has been painstakingly sorted and labeled by humans.Here’s an example where machine intelligence actually augments human intelligence.For customer support agents, the biggest nightmare is to deal with the same issues, tickets and queries over and over.
The world as people are familiar with couldn’t have been possible if advancements weren’t made in the forging sector.The car you ride, the office you work in and the occasional subway you take are some of the many examples of how forging as an industrial process is intertwined with the modern life most people around the globe take for granted.This post will shed some light into the forging process to get readers up to speed on forging and its many interesting facts.So What is Forging?The manufacturing process where metal sheets are pounded pressed or squeezed using immense pressure in a bid to create certain products is known as forging.What is the Role of Forging and What are Its Applications?As per historical records, forging has been the part and parcel of civilization since the Egyptians or even before them.In modern days, it is used to fabricate parts that boast impressive tensile strength, especially when compared to products manufactured using other metal processing techniques such as casting.Forging, specifically carbon steel forging, is the go-to process when one wants to fabricate parts that find applications in –AirplanesAutomobilesTractorsShipsOil drilling equipmentEnginesMissiles and more.What are the Various Types of Forging Process?There are plenty of variations when it comes to the standard forging process.The following are some of the most commonly used types -Impression Die ForgingOpen Die Forging andRolled Ring ForgingWhat Benefits does Forging offer Over Casting?Well, there are plenty.Some of them are enunciated in the sections below -Forged Parts are Stronger Compared to Cast PartsParts made using the casting method cannot even begin to show the structural integrity needed to remain operationally intact when subjected to rapid changes in working temperatures.That is not the case with forged parts.This is the reason why internal combustion engine blocks, pistons, brake calipers and the likes are made using the forging process such as stainless steel forging instead of the casting process.Forged Parts Come with Fewer Structural DefectsParts made using casting process do not come with the molecular structure or the grain flow needed in a part that allows the same to remain structurally intact when subjected to stress or strain.Forged parts, on the other hand, comes with the dendritic structures such as refined grain flow and molecular structure that allows the same to show impressive tensile strength, irrespective of the working conditions the part is being subjected to.Forged Parts are Reliable as well as Cost-efficientParts made using the casting process, as mentioned earlier comes with a lot of flaws.