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Recently, a friend and I were talking about our childhoods, and how so many of our early experiences shape the complicated adults we become. How we can become triggered by seemingly innocuous events and find ourselves reacting to situations in unexpected and often irrational ways. He told me about being bullied in high school and how he does not think he will ever fully recover from the trauma of those years. He said he has “learned to deal with it” and “found a way to move on,” but that it still affects him every day and that he will never forgive the people who “tore his life to shreds.”His words and the pain on his face hit me hard. They brought to mind my own childhood, specifically my preteen years, when I was a bully. I have spent the better part of 40 years “forgetting” those days ― the people I have hurt, the damage I’ve done and the trauma I’ve caused. It all came flooding back. I thought, Am I a fucking monster?I did not start out as a bully. It was a choice. I was a good kid ― smart, funny and full of life. That all changed in the middle of sixth grade when I was 11 years old. I remember the moment with absolute clarity: It was during a recess break when I was wrestling with one of my classmates. He was one of the boys in my school who was maturing more quickly than the others, including myself. He was tall and ripped. He had the beginnings of a mangy mustache and a voice as deep as Darth Vader’s. He had me on the ground and was straddling my chest. My arms were pinned above my head. We were laughing. He smiled at me. I got an erection.It was the first time I experienced pure panic. I froze. Time stood still as he felt me against him and recognition swept across his face. I heard the words “holy shit” and “faggot,” and saw his smile disappear. I threw him off of me and ran. A single thought followed me: My life is over.From an early age, I knew that I was different from other boys, but I did not know that I was gay. I knew full well what being gay meant ― it’s hard to grow up in a small town full of machismo and testosterone and not know what being gay meant. I also knew what a “faggot” was and what a “queer” and a “butt pirate” were and all of those other colorful terms.I knew I couldn’t be any of these things. I believed that being gay was bad ― possibly the worst thing that someone could be. I knew it would get you ostracised, mercilessly bullied and beaten to a pulp. I also knew that it could get you killed. From an early age, I knew that I was different from other boys, but I did not know that I was gay. I knew full well what being gay meant ― it’s hard to grow up in a small town full of machismo and testosterone and not know what being gay meant. My decision to “not be gay” began that day. The change from happy-go-lucky preteen to disgruntled, petulant asshole happened virtually overnight. As the fear of being discovered began to consume my every waking moment, I set about to obliterate the old me and create someone new. I lived in a kill-or-be-killed world, where the tough feasted on the weak, and where being different made you a target. It was a world where only the strong survived, where you were either predator or prey.I knew people who were prey. They were different, and I thought they were weak. I saw what a living hell their lives were. I witnessed the endless torture they endured at the hands of the more popular kids ― the name-calling and the constant mental and physical abuse and how it affected them. This was not a life for me.In the course of just a few short months, I went from a bright, engaged student to an uninterested, disruptive presence in the classroom. My grades plummeted. I became cocky and combative with my peers, I dumped my old friends for a new, tougher crowd and I found myself a girlfriend. I did whatever I could do to deflect the attention away from me and onto somebody else. Thus began the bullying.I was not particularly big or strong for my age, so intimidation by force was not an option for me ― I found friends for that. What I did have was a quick wit and an uncanny ability to find and exploit weaknesses. I became a psychological assassin. For the unfortunate souls who were more noticeable, like the girl with the dark red birthmark on her face or the chubby boy with Coke-bottle glasses, it was easy. For others, I learned what I could about them and then struck when the opportunity presented itself.My most devious move came with Mike, the boy I was wrestling with when this all began. Why he never told anyone about what happened is beyond me. I still wonder why, when presented with such a golden opportunity, he did not expose me. Perhaps he was a decent, compassionate human being? Perhaps he was one of the good guys? Regardless, he did not attack, so I did. I flipped the script and told everyone the erection was his and that he had tried to “stick it in me.” From then on, his nickname was “ass bandit” and his life was hellish.I survived the remaining two years of middle school this way: attacking first, capitalising on faults and imperfections and ruining lives. It was remarkably easy. The other kids in my school were all too willing to go along with the game because they, like me, had things to hide. Except it was not a game. People were getting hurt and developing emotional scars.I do not remember feeling bad about the suffering I was causing. So governed by the fear of my secret getting out, I ran a scorched-earth campaign against anyone I felt threatened by, consequences be damned. I did not believe I had a choice ― I thought it was a matter of life and death.When I entered high school, I was forced to adapt using new methods of survival. I ended up in a school on the opposite side of the city away from my friends, where I was suddenly a very small fish in a very big pond and nobody was afraid of me. Alone and vulnerable, I learned to blend in, to camouflage and disguise myself, to keep my head down and my mouth shut. Being invisible was easy and a lot less work than being a bully. I concentrated on my classes and on avoiding Chris, one of my classmates.  Chris Jones was the only “out” gay person in school and the only person I was afraid of. His audacity was overwhelming. How dare he have the strength to be himself, to live an authentic life, to be out and proud and fearless? I would lie awake at night stressing about how easily he could destroy my life. It would only take one glance ― a single moment of recognition ― and everything would come crashing down for me. He would know I was gay, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and he would expose me for the fraud I was. It was equal parts fear and fascination. I longed to be seen ― by him or anyone ― but the terror that elicited was paralysing. In retrospect, what I really wanted was not to feel so utterly and completely alone. Today, I see the boy who did those terrible things hiding in the darkness near my heart. He is utterly and completely alone. I reach out to him, tell him that I love him, but I do not think he believes me. He knows that I am deeply ashamed. He knows that I am broken, and he doesn’t trust that a broken man can fix things. He is anxious and afraid and furtive. He runs. The adult me is all of these things. I battle with depression and a panic disorder. I often do not feel worthy of love. I run. I know what I did was wrong — terribly wrong — and in no way am I asking for absolution. There is a quote by Maya Angelou that reads, “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” I find some comfort in these words. What I did then was survive. It was all I knew how to do. I certainly “know better” now, but it is ultimately the “do better” that matters. Perhaps the act of “doing better” is where compassion and forgiveness lie. Doing better is accepting responsibility for my actions and apologising to those I hurt. I am truly sorry for the pain I caused, the scars I created and the trauma I inflicted. I know what I did was wrong — terribly wrong — and in no way am I asking for absolution. The idea of reaching out and trying to locate some of my victims and apologising directly weighs heavy. I want to, but I am afraid. I do not want to reopen any of their old wounds, but perhaps I am simply not yet ready to face the cold, hard consequences of my actions.Doing better means telling this story and starting a conversation. It is not easy to admit to these things in such a public forum. I both expect and accept the criticism that will come my way. A logical response to what I have done is anger and judgement. But past that, on the other side of that, I hope there is reflection and an openness to dialogue. We can only begin to effect change if we are willing to speak our truths, admit when we are wrong and start to listen to each other. Doing better means asking questions and challenging what we are willing to accept. What strikes me as most startling from those early days of bullying is that no one stopped to ask me what the hell was going on ― not my parents, not my teachers, not the school principal. No one. The change in my behavior was dramatic, and it did not go unnoticed by the adults in my life. I was punished with loss of privileges, groundings and detentions, but nobody took me aside and actually talked to me. I imagine I wouldn’t have told the truth, as fear controlled my every action, but perhaps a kind and caring conversation with a trusted adult would have made a difference. Why do we accept overcrowded classrooms where teachers do not have the time or energy to provide proper care to their students? Why do we accept underfunded schools without guidance or peer counselors? Why do we accept the adage that “boys will be boys” and that those being bullied need to “grow a thicker skin” when we know better? Bullies do not become bullies by accident. The behavior is not acceptable, but the reason behind the behavior is something we need to examine, talk about, treat and hopefully change.Ultimately, though, doing better begins with myself ― with ourselves. It includes reminding myself to be gentle with myself and to practice self-love and self-care. It includes the continued commitment to speaking my truths, to exposing the ugly and raw parts of myself, to sharing my shortcomings with others in the hope that we can all feel a little less alone. Finding compassion and forgiveness for the childhood bully that I was is not going to happen overnight. There is a lot of shame to work through and a lot of guilt to process, but if I am diligent in “doing better,” I trust that I will get there in the end.This article first appeared on HuffPost PersonalHave a compelling personal story you want to tell? Find out what we’re looking for here, and pitch us on [email protected]’s Changed Our Sex Life Forever. Here’s How We Make It WorkI’m A Migrant In The UK. Covid Means I Don’t Know When I’ll Next Visit HomeI Laughed At The Jokes White People Made About Me. I’m No Longer Laughing
“I give the British people a very simple instruction: you must stay at home.”Those were the words of Boris Johnson, in March 2020, when lockdown was announced. Our ability to move freely, something most of us took totally for granted, was suddenly restricted – in every sense, not just for fitness.We couldn’t go to the gym, to a bootcamp class, or for a long, three-hour hike in the countryside. We couldn’t go for a run with a mate, to a swimming pool, or even to one of those outside gyms in the park. Instead, we had to stay home, leaving our houses only for essential reasons: for food, medicine, work (if we had no choice) and ‘daily exercise’ – initially limited to an hour a day. Our routines came to a standstill.We were told not to move, and suddenly we’d never wanted to move more.And so we did. Some virtually befriended Joe Wicks and sweated in front of their TVs each day. Others downloaded couch to 5K and kickstarted a new-found love of running. People skipped, turned their living rooms into gyms  or studios, did a 30-day yoga course with Adriene, or explored their local area like never before on daily walks.Celebs were in on it, too. Gordon Ramsay went on 100k bike rides in Cornwall. Ellie Goulding worked out most mornings, when there was “literally no excuse” not to. Ruth Langsford skipped and Oti Mabuse danced with our kids.Our exercise habits changed – there’s no doubt about it. But why was the pandemic such a driving force in getting us moving – and has it stuck? Natalie Trice, 46, from Devon, had a “hit and miss” approach to exercise pre-pandemic. She’d take her dogs on walks, but her gym membership was rarely used. When lockdown hit, she put on her trainers and walked – a lot. “It would either be by the sea or up the many hills in our village,” she says.Having lost her work, she was retraining to be a coach. She’d listen to books and podcasts to enhance her training and, as she started to get fitter, she’d walk further. “I’d make time for at least an hour of walking a day and stuck to it for the whole year, even on Christmas Day,” she says.Trice never renewed her gym membership – in fact, just 31% returned to their gym when first lockdown ended, a RunRepeat survey found, and 59% of more than 5,000 surveyed cancelled or considered cancelling their memberships.The stats are there: Sport England noticed a surge in appreciation for exercise during the first lockdown. People turned to cycling and walking to stay active outdoors, it found, with 63% across the first six weeks of lockdown saying exercise was important for their mental health. “New exercise habits have formed as a result of the restriction on movement,” it concluded. Even a study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) found that, despite challenges to an active lifestyle, the Covid-19 lockdown “led to increases in population-level interest in and engagement with physical activity”. Researchers said the potential explanations for this included us having more time, all that messaging from health authorities about exercise, and, well, not having anything else to do.A survey of more than 7,600 UK adults published by Decathlon for its Decathlon Activity Index, revealed almost half (42%) of adults exercised more than they did before social distancing measures were introduced – with running, cycling and yoga all surging in popularity since the virus took hold. More than one in four (25%) said they found exercising more enjoyable, while one in three (31%) said working out has helped to improve their mental health.Wellbeing psychologist Wendy Shooter believes the motivation came from a growing awareness of our bodies’ need for physical movement to feel and be okay. There were other aspects at play as well, she says: we had time on our hands – and limited options as to how we could spend it. People were very conscious, sometimes terrified, about their health. Exercise classes were ‘de rigueur’ – and, in some cases, all anyone was doing and talking about.How we respond to being told to “stay home” will depend on our personalities, Shooter adds. “There is the power of suggestion,” she says. “If I ask you not to think about pink penguins – all you can think about is pink penguins. If I ask you not to leave your house, maybe all you can think about is leaving your house!”Even those who exercised regularly before lockdown had to rethink how to move when gyms switched off their machines and closed their doors. Jennifer Emele, 25, from Essex, took up cycling. Before Covid, she’d go to the gym with her sister, Miriam. When lockdown hit, she bought her first ever adult bike. She’d ride 40km at a weekend – with a cheeky picnic in between – and even started her own cycling club. “We met every fortnight to ride,” she says. “We challenged ourselves to cycle 50km, too.”Emele was in a car accident in the summer which meant she had to stop due to her injuries. “Now I aim to walk 10,000 steps or more six days a week,” she says. She’s been inspired by Lydia Dinga’s #DingaStepChallenge, which sees the travel and lifestyle influencer encourages people to reach a certain step count over a month, with one rest day a week. Walking became the nation’s favourite physical activity in the early weeks of lockdown, Sport England found, with more than 21 million adults walking at “moderate intensity” – running also proved popular. The report showed the number of people cycling for leisure or sport also increased from 6.1m to 7.2m from mid-March to mid-May, compared to the same period the year before.André Gwilliam’s step count went up, too. The 28-year-old who lives in Leeds, would reach an average of 2,000 steps a day before Covid. “The first lockdown was a make or break moment for me with my fitness and my mental health, both equally as important,” he says. “Like Forest Gump, I started running lots!”Initially, he’d go out two to three times a week, trying to build up to a 5k. That soon increased to 10k. “Across 2020 from March, I’d run a total distance of 338 miles,” he marvels. Lockdown specifically changed the amount he exercised, he says, because he needed to “escape the four walls of home and my mind”.Personal trainer and coach, Luke Goulden, believes people are exercising more because they’ve started to value that simply moving – whenever, wherever – impacts our state of mind.“How did lockdown make us feel? For the best part, it sucked,” he says. “What is the single most effective thing we can do to shift our mood? Move. Exercise. Lift weights. Run. Stretch and so on.”Goulden’s hope is that this mindset can stick now we recognise the positive impact of movement on our minds and bodies. “It’s so powerful,” he says. “Moving creates momentum in a feelgood direction.”Exercising at home saw a boom in lockdown, compared to the same two-month period in 2019, as people were encouraged to get active indoors. Between March and May 2020, there was an increase in home exercise of 2.1m. For Kirsty Mason, 26, who lives in London, keeping good fitness habits had always been hard – “it was more of an after-thought,” she says. But when we locked down, this shifted. “I’ve always felt like getting up before work to exercise is too tiring and I’m exhausted after work,” she says. “Without the commute, I had a lot more time on my hands.“All of a sudden I found myself getting up before work or doing a HIIT after work – something I would never have dreamed of before the pandemic. I was wrong when I thought I’d have less energy, it’s the opposite!” Mason did (and continues to do) HIIT classes with Joe Wicks or on Centr, as well as running. No longer having a commute was the main driving force in creating that exercise routine, she adds. “It’s given me a chance to reflect on what’s important in life and looking after my mental health. I don’t try and think about weight or muscles, that’s just an added benefit. It’s about how good you feel.”Rachel Bradley, 48, from Wokingham, also had a sporadic exercise routine before Covid. “I was always too busy, tied to my desk and would generally put it off,” she says. “Obviously I did have the time but I just found excuses!” With fewer meetings and less time spent commuting to clients, she found time. Bradley knew she could go one of two ways: “I could do nothing, put weight on and just relax into lockdown life, or I could get my act together. I’m 50 next year, so I thought it was a great chance to make daily exercise part of my life.”The balmy weather in April 2020 hooked her in, and she “rode the wave of jumping online with free workouts”. She also started running. “Now I can’t get through a day without a run through the trees,” says Bradley. “I was rubbish at first, but I downloaded the free Nike Run Club app, and I’ve been taking part in monthly challenges. This month I’m running 88 miles for the Brain Tumour Charity.”For some, it hasn’t been so easy. Jodie Rose, 26, from Lancashire, has  fibromyalgia and joint hypermobility syndrome, which affects her joints. Before lockdown, she’d go to the gym two to three times a week when she felt well.“The gym is a lot easier for me because I can sit down on the resistance machines to do exercise,” she explains. “I struggle to stand for long periods as I get lightheaded but my doctors said to me it’s really important to exercise otherwise I’ll become de-conditioned. Especially for the joint hypermobility, stronger muscles reduce the chance of sprains or dislocations.”Rose can’t exercise at home, she says, because she doesn’t have the equipment and her two dogs will jump all over her.“The gym was one of the only times I got to get out of the house,” she adds – she can’t wait to get back in and start moving when they reopen on April 12.To stay motivated with exercise, in lockdown and beyond, Goulden suggests we link movement to what matters most to us in life. “For example,” he says, “if your career is one of your highest values, link how moving or going for a walk will have a positive impact on your day from a professional standpoint. Will it provide you with more energy and focus? This means it has more purpose.“If your family is your highest value: are you a better parent or partner if you have moved? I know personally that if I haven’t moved much, I can feel lethargic and tired and that isn’t me at my best. Think about how moving supports you and your life. It can help when you’re struggling with motivation.”Ultimately, Trice says integrating exercise in her life has kept her moving – physically and mentally – through the pandemic.“I know that even on the coldest days, when it’s raining or when I just want to snuggle up on the sofa with the kids, getting out and walking will make me feel great and give me time to process my thoughts,” she says. “Lockdown showed me I didn’t need the luxury gym and spa to exercise, I needed self-motivation and headspace – and that is what walking has done for me.”Related...11 Home Workouts To Jazz Up Your Exercise Routine, From HIIT To YogaWill People Actually Go Back To The Gym?You Weren't Exercising In 2020 If You Didn't Do These 10 ThingsThe Best Fitness Apps For Home Workouts. 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In What Works For Me – a series of articles considering how we can find balance in our lives – we talk to celebrities about wellbeing and self-care.Brian Michael Smith made headlines in 2017 when he came out as trans after years working in TV where he’d made a name largely playing cisgender roles.But it was two years later that he landed the role that made him a household name in the US – in Ryan Murphy’s spinoff procedural drama 9-1-1: Lone Star, opposite 1980s heart-throb Rob Lowe. The series wrapped its first season before the pandemic hit, but speaking to HuffPost UK, Smith says he feared the show that propelled him into the mainstream might never return.The 37-year-old’s role as firefighter Paul, also a trans man, was a step forward for representation, he says, but the thought this progress might become a casualty of the pandemic, along with his job, left him with anxiety.“We started to think, maybe what if we don’t come back? I don’t want to jinx it, but that’s starting to happen, things are getting pushed back, things are getting cancelled, things are closed and they’re going to be for a while,” says Smith.“I had some anxiety: what if we don’t get the chance to go back to work? I love it so much, I love working on the show, I love who I work with. It was really sad to imagine – and then we got the news we are renewed, we’re coming back for a second season. It gave me something to press forward for, do you know what I mean?”“Playing a Black trans character on a TV show is a story that needs to be told,” Smith says of 9-1-1: Lone Star. The second series arrives in the UK later in 2021 on Sky Witness, where the first season is already available. “I just want to make sure I’m honouring this opportunity that has been given to me and I feel like I’ve been able to do that, even though this year has thrown so much as us.”Playing Paul is a cathartic experience, explains Smith, who finds elements of the story “overlap” with his own experiences, while leaving plenty of room to get creative with character. “There’s things that are inherently different,” he adds. “This is why I feel like I was brought in for the role because I can really pull from some authentic experiences, or even if I haven’t had the experience myself, just a deeper understanding perhaps of what the character might be going through and then filtering it through the lens of his story. That’s what’s exciting for me, that’s been what the work is.”Smith has been promoting the trans cause ever since he came out, both inside and outside of work – “wherever I’m useful I try to be relevant”, he says.“I like to use my art and the platforms I get from my art to do that. I also like to amplify the voices of other activists and organisations that are doing work to either reverse legislation or raise information about anti-trans legislation, or anti-black legislation, anti-racism legislation,” he says. A quick scroll through his Instagram reveals those passion points: campaigns for universal healthcare, posts honouring trans people murdered by name, and a poem in memory of Breonna Taylor, the Black medical worker shot and killed by US police. Role models such as Smith have never felt more crucial. While in the UK, the trans backlash from a small faction of cisgendered, largely white women, often centres public and “safe” space, Smith says it’s a mistake to think that America is necessarily more open-minded about transness. “They may not be as concerned about the bathrooms, but they’re concerned about trans people in sports, and ‘we can’t have parents forcing their kids to transition, kids don’t know what they want’,” he says. “It’s kind of shifted a little bit here.”And while 9-1-1 Lone Star has been well received, with a ‘Certified Fresh’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Smith is aware it’s only one show – and there are people whose stories urgently need told to increase understanding of trans issues. “Not everybody watches everything, so as long as I feel like there is an area of misunderstanding in the world then I wanna do something about it, especially if I feel I am particularly qualified to tell a kind of story,” he says.Which characters would he most like to play? Right now, he has his eyes on science fiction and historical non-fiction, “something I haven’t done before.”Until recently, most of his characters were cisgender. “I enjoy playing cis roles and and feel like the last two years I’ve been able to do something I’ve wanted to do: bring very different trans characters into existence and in front of audiences. Now I feel like I’ve explored what I wanted to explore in that realm.“Hopefully with Paul, we can go for more seasons where I can continue to explore that, and develop his character, but I’m also interested in some of the things I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid: action movies, I would love to play a character in a war film, superhero movies are great...”Is there a block to getting those roles?“Sometimes it’s just limited imagination,” he says of the ways that trans people can be viewed by the industry. “People assume that trans people will only be accepted as trans characters, or that there aren’t enough trans writers, or that there aren’t any trans producers or directors, there’s that attitude.”Of course, says Smith, such an attitude can be toxic. “If people want to see more representation of trans people you just have to look around, because with the explosion of digital creation, lots of trans actors and film makers have been creating their own content and it’s readily available.” In the meantime, Smith and his wife, who works in a New York school, have other pressing matters – a new dog, which the actor has been potty training at the time of our call. “It’s been a healing experience to have him around in such a fractured year,” he says of his super cute chug (a mix of chihuahua and pug).The pandemic months have halted many hopes and dreams, but what started out as anxiety is slowly turning into clarity for Smith. “At first there was this sense of fear, not knowing what exactly to do, try to make the best of a situation that is out of my control,” he says. “I started to think, all right, what’s the most important thing to us? I had all these plans for what 2020 was gonna be.”But after the travesties of Covid-19, his priorities fell into place. “What’s really important is people I care I about,” he concludes. “My wife and my family and being together, and finding what works for us. There’s so much in the world that’s out of our control, so I want to focus on things that are in control.”The lesson: “We’ve gotta figure out ways to stay as connected as we can.”9-1-1: Lone Star’s first season is on Sky Witness, where the second season will broadcast later in 2021.Related...Meet Moxie Star Josie Totah –The Actor, Writer And Producer Redefining Trans RepresentationTravis Alabanza: 'I'm Chain Smoking My Way Through All This'Stacey Solomon: ‘My Whole Life, I’ve Had To Prove I’m Not An Idiot’Rachel Khoo: 'The Pandemic Has Left Me Without Work'
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