the Government set up by the task force presents in its report the incentive trap of the unloading means and their impact on employment.for Example, rent regulation group combat in its report, stating that "rent regulation is not the right solution for metropolitan high rents and the incentive trap".further report of the working group would, inter alia, the unemployed to a protected portion of the lift combined with the unemployment security basic components of reduction as well as housing assistance and family support of the changes.This can be used to finance cost-neutral at the same time reducing unemployment levels.the Protected portion is currently 300 euros, which means that the unemployed can make a month 300 euros without losing unemployment.according to Preliminary calculations, the unemployment security basic components of a lower level of 50 cents (eur 32.4 million to eur 31.9 eur a day) and corresponding to the protected portion of the growth of 600 euros would be more or less cost neutral measure.
Colourboxwe all have sometimes bad days, but the constant feeling of frustration at work can tell you that the work does not match your own skills and desires.Forbes list of the five characters, who tell their employees to waste their skills on the job.the Boss doesn't have the vision of your organization, their own elämilleen and especially you urapolullesi.your Friends say you were smart, clever and perceptive, but at work no one will see you as more than a lower level employee.If the situation seems desperate, the displeasure of admitting that is the first step, Forbes writes.the mere decision to start planning the job changes may ease the feeling and help you move forward.
Watching moments unfold though a viewfinder may seem like a narrow, distracted point of view, but a new study suggests otherwise.The research, which involved over 2,000 participants, showed that in almost every instance, taking photographs heightened the overall enjoyment of the experience.We show that, relative to not taking photos, photography can heighten enjoyment of positive experiences by increasing engagement, wrote the study s authors: Kristin Diehl, an associate professor of marketing at the University of Southern California s Marshall School of Business; Gal Zauberman, a professor of marketing at the Yale School of Management at Yale University; and Alixandra Barasch, a doctoral student at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania now an associate professor of marketing at the NYU Stern School of Business .One study, for example, used glasses to track eye movement while participants went on a self-guided tour of a museum.While most found the experience uncomfortable, those who took photos of the attack found it even less enjoyable.Participants that had to use bulky equipment that got in the way of the actual experience also reported a lower level of enjoyment, in some instances.
The idea is to trams, pedestrians and cyclists, the top floor, while car traffic will be held on the lower level. Yimby believes that it would offer an iconic view of the city and proposes that the sides provided with solar cells so that the bridge will be self-sufficient in electricity. Trafikverket will now look more closely at Yimbys proposals, says project manager Lars Lilja. - But immersed tunnel option has a favorable location with less inclusions, so the traffic is technically the better, says Lars Lilja. But it's rock tunnel option, which will be promoted by the Government Sweden negotiators, who are working to obtain financing from the municipalities of Stockholm, Nacka, Värmdö and Lidingö. Since it will take at least until 2031 before traffic can start rolling.
The idea is to trams, pedestrians and cyclists, the top floor, while car traffic will be held on the lower level. Yimby believes that it would offer an iconic view of the city and proposes that the sides provided with solar cells so that the bridge will be self-sufficient in electricity. Trafikverket will now look more closely at Yimbys proposals, says project manager Lars Lilja. - But immersed tunnel option has a favorable location with less inclusions, so the traffic is technically the better, says Lars Lilja. But it's rock tunnel option, which will be promoted by the Government Sweden negotiators, who are working to obtain financing from the municipalities of Stockholm, Nacka, Värmdö and Lidingö. Since it will take at least until 2031 before traffic can start rolling.
Once you have the maximum evolved version of a Pokémon you can pick up extra, lower-level duplicates as a bonus source of XP.
Instead, each organization must find the approach that fits best and that maps to its own strengths.Here s a look at four different partnership models that can be effective:In this model, an executive starts a program from or near the C-suite because his or her traditional vendors or partners aren t providing a path forward for the company.Often, this can accelerate the rate at which partnerships are forged.At other companies, it s the chief technology officer who leads the way.He also sponsors an Israeli technology incubator called the Bridge.As part of the program, selected software startups join a six-month program to receive marketing training, access to mentors and a chance to pilot their technology inside Coca Cola, among other perks.Startups usually focus on products related to consumer engagement, consumer retail, supply chain, marketing or health and wellness—obviously, all areas of interest to Coca Cola.At the other end of the spectrum is the rogue model, usually kicked off quietly by a rank-and-file employee.So, harnessing these employees enthusiasm can be a good idea.But there s a big downside: When a program begins without high-level, executive support, projects often wind up without sponsors and, therefore, no budget.Sometimes, lower-level employees also aren t as savvy in negotiating business partnerships.
People are selling their Pokemon Go accounts on sites like eBay.It seems to be those who've reached very high levels or managed to catch rare Pokemon.One login is priced at £500 - which gets you a level 23 account featuring an impressive set of evolved rare Pokemon.You don't have to have hundreds of pounds to get yourself a new account.Lower level accounts, like 10 and 12, are listed for around £40.There are also a number of Facebook groups dedicated to trading account details.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday ordered the state make it a condition of parole for sex offenders that Pokémon Go was off the table.In essence, Cuomo is banning roughly 3,000 sexual predators from roaming the streets in search of Pokémon in places where kids frequent, such as parks, landmarks and other sites that also commonly play host to Pokéstops.The state also plans to send notice of the order to all jurisdictions and encourage each to take on the new regulation for lower-level offenders, a move that would impact an additional 5,000 people.Protecting New York s children is priority number one and, as technology evolves, we must ensure these advances don t become new avenues for dangerous predators to prey on new victims, Cuomo said.These actions will provide safeguards for the players of these augmented reality games and help take one more tool away from those seeking to do harm to our children.If an offender is caught playing the game in New York, it is grounds for a parole violation, a move that could return offenders to prison after a court appearance.
ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- Billionaire investor Carl Icahn wrote a letter Thursday to the soon-to-be unemployed workers of the Trump Taj Mahal casino, accusing their union of inciting them to destroy their own jobs by participating in the longest strike by Atlantic City's main casino workers union.Icahn told the workers that officials of Local 54 of the Unite-HERE union knew that the company had made its final offer, but rejected it anyway, knowing a strike would result.The central issue has been restoration of health insurance and pension benefits that the previous owners got a bankruptcy court judge to terminate in October 2014.Icahn said the company's final offer to restore health care, albeit at a lower level than what workers at Atlantic City's other seven casinos, was negotiated with union President Bob McDevitt."Why have they incited you, the union workers at the Taj, to destroy your jobs and your livelihood rather than accept the prior offer that we made at McDevitt's suggestion?"Icahn told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he has lost nearly $100 million on the Taj Mahal over the past 18 months.
If there s one thing consistently native to the architecture industry of Japan, it s that you always need to find a way to maximize space.Perhaps nothing quite encapsulates this idea like Mizuishi Architect Atelier s recently built Horinouchi House, a gorgeously constructed tiny home that makes roughly 600 square feet seem like a large villa.Constructed in Japan s capital of Tokyo, this diminutive abode may look as though someone flubbed when resizing an image in Photoshop, but rest assured, the family living in the residence has more than enough space to consider it cozy.Slightly reminiscent of a submarine s periscope, the Horinouchi House s triangular-shaped exterior allows it to fit snugly into its modest plot of land.Inside, the home is spacious and incredibly well lit, succeeding in making it feel much larger than it actually is.Its lower level houses a master bedroom and bathroom, along with a kitchen and dining room, while the upstairs quarters are primarily reserved for communal activities — think a den or living room.
When you try to model that capability in a machine, by teaching it how to search for visual features like edges or curves at a lower level of a neural network or eyes and ears at a higher level, in the example of face recognition , you typically do so locally, as all relevant pixels are close to each other.In human visual perception, this is reflected by the fact that a cluster of neurons is focused on a small receptive field, which is part of the much larger entire visual field.The higher layers of the network are then used for the core task of speech recognition: finding phonemes and words in the speech signal.The intent is typically signaled by a word or a group of words usually local to each other , which can appear anywhere in the query.Neighbors in the brain — and in the fieldWhy are CNNs successful at these tasks?
Frank Ocean's new exclusive deal with Apple Music has landed Spotify in hot water over suggestions it has a policy to decrease the amount of promotion given to artists that work with rival music servicesA memo sent to staff internally at Universal Music Group has accused online music-streaming service Spotify of instituting a new policy whereby artists that have exclusive content deals with rival music services like Apple Music and Tidal will have their music promoted at a much lower level than artists that don't.The memo, seen by a Universal employee who spoke to the New York Times on condition of anonymity, was sent out by Lucian Grainge, the chairman of Universal Music, who is keen to end the practice of making long-term exclusive deals with any single digital music service.Two other music labels also confirmed to both Bloomberg and the New York Times that they were told by Spotify directly about the new policy, which will mean that some artists' music may not be featured as prominently or included in as many playlists.Spotify has since declared these accusations to be "unequivocally false" to Recode, but it has not elaborated on which specific accusations levied by both Bloomberg and New York Times are not true.It is thought that the latest accusations about Spotify is just the latest straw in an escalating row in the music industry over digital music services and how they interfere in the relationships between music artists and their record labels, which have gone from bad to worse over the last few years.
The Porsche 911 is one of the most successful race cars ever, with scores of wins over the past few decades.Porsche claims its 911 GT3 Cup is in fact the most produced race car of its kind, and it unveiled an updated version at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.The GT3 Cup is designed for a wider range of skill levels, so you ll usually see it in lower-level race series in the hands of a mix of professional and amateur drivers, including Porsche-operated series geared toward customers.One of the biggest changes is in the engine bay, where a new 4.0-liter flat-six engine sits.It produces 485 horsepower, up from 460 hp in the old GT3 Cup.Porsche also installed a new front fascia and rear end, both of which improve downforce, the carmaker says.
California is relaxing some rules for testing of self-driving vehicles on its roads, including one that requires a licensed driver to be behind the wheel.The state s new draft rules, released Friday, come a couple of weeks after the release of federal guidelines on autonomous vehicles, and after months of pressure from tech and other groups that say the California Department of Motor Vehicles rules were too strict.In addition, California Gov.Jerry Brown last week signed a bill that would allow for truly driverless car testing, but only for a couple of pilot projects at a testing facility in Concord and a business park in San Ramon.Last December, California released self-driving car rules that disappointed industry players such as Google, which said that requiring drivers behind the wheel defeated the purpose of autonomous vehicles for groups that might benefit from them most, such as the disabled.The revised rules say manufacturers can test autonomous vehicles without a driver behind the wheel as long as they meet requirements that include a two-way communication link between the car s passengers and a remote operator, and the vehicle meets federal standards.The federal standards include a 15-point safety assessment.Google said it has no comment about the revised rules at this time.Another revision prohibits the advertisement of lower level automated technology from being advertised as autonomous or self-driving if a human is responsible for controlling the vehicle.For example, Tesla s Autopilot technology has been criticized for promising too much, with Consumer Reports and others calling on the Silicon Valley automaker to rename the feature in the wake of at least one fatal crash that involved Autopilot.The DMV is soliciting public comment on the revised draft rules at a workshop at the state capitol in Sacramento on Oct. 19.Photo: A Google self-driving car travels eastbound on San Antonio Road on Oct. 22, 2015 in Mountain View.
In a joint security statement, officials from the two agencies declared they were confident that the government of President Vladimir Putin was behind the hacks and the publication of data obtained from them—some of it doctored—specifically to impact the results of the upcoming US elections.The recent disclosures of alleged hacked e-mails on sites like and WikiLeaks and by the Guccifer 2.0 online persona are consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts.This type of interference, DHS and ODNI officials noted, is not new to Moscow—the Russians have used similar tactics and techniques across Europe and Eurasia, for example, to influence public opinion there.And they dismissed any contention that the attacks came from independent actors within Russia or at the direction of lower-level intelligence operatives, stating, We believe, based on the scope and sensitivity of these efforts, that only Russia's senior-most officials could have authorized these activities.There has been ample documentation of past efforts by groups of actors within the Russian Federation to shape public opinion elsewhere, just as there is documentation of Russia s overall doctrine for conducting information warfare against adversaries outside the bounds of actual war.An investigation by Adrian Chen for the New York Times Magazine published in 2015 documented how a Russia-based Internet Research Agency created fake Twitter profiles and posted misinformation on things ranging from fictional chemical plant accidents to Ebola hoaxes in various locations around the US.
Late last week, Niantic detailed a new update for Pokemon GO that would tweak gym training sessions and add certain catch bonuses to the game.That update is rolling out now for both the Android and iOS versions of Pokemon GO, and it brings with it a number of other changes, including user experience improvements and minor fixes.Niantic has already laid out its plan for the changes that are coming for gym battles today.With this updates, players will be able to take up to six Pokemon into battle when training a gym controlled by their faction – previously, trainers were only allowed to bring one Pokemon, which usually meant many repeat attempts to do any significant amount of training with a high-level gym.Additionally, the CP of Pokemon in gyms may be temporarily decreased to accommodate lower-level players who d like to train up gyms their faction controls.This means that new players will stand some kind of chance of training a gym stocked with high CP Pokemon, which in turn means an increased opportunity to add one of their own monsters to the line up.
With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 now officially unsafe for public use, Samsung could use a hit with its next handset, and we've got every reason to believe that handset will be the Galaxy S8 in a choice of two sizes.According to sources speaking to SamMobile, work has already begun on the firmware for the new phones - that's the lower-level software that sits below Samsung's TouchWiz version of Android, controlling the most basic device operations.Work on the Samsung Galaxy S7 firmware began around the same time last year.That suggests the launch dates will also be pretty well aligned, and fits in with the current theory that the S8 will launch at Mobile World Congress at the end of February.The firmware ROM is reportedly being developed for use in China, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States, with more countries to follow.But apart from that we don't know much about it.
Even after releasing upgrades to Autopilot, Tesla continues to face challenges related to the technology — including its name.The semi-autonomous technology in the Silicon Valley company s electric vehicles is being investigated in connection with a fatal crash in Florida in May, and was possibly involved in a fatal crash in China even earlier this year.Now German officials are asking the company not to use Autopilot when advertising the technology, saying it is misleading, Reuters reports.The letter to Tesla follows the German transport authority s warning to Tesla owners last week to stay alert at all times even when using Autopilot.In addition, Reuters reports that the Dutch agency that approved the use of Autopilot technology in Europe is also concerned about the name.These concerns aren t new.California recently released revised proposed rules for self-driving cars, and the Department of Motor Vehicles says it wants to prohibit the advertisement of lower level automated technology as autonomous or self-driving if a human still is responsible for controlling the car.When asked for comment about the California rules earlier this month, a Tesla spokeswoman told SiliconBeat: Tesla is reviewing the draft regulations and will provide input to the DMV as appropriate.Autopilot makes driving safer and less stressful, and we have always been clear that it does not make a car autonomous any more than its namesake makes an aircraft autonomous.Consumer Reports and others have also called on Tesla to change the name of the technology, which after a recent upgrade now depends on radar, cameras and sensors to help drivers with steering, braking, speed and more.
Many managers, players and fans accuse football referees for being blind when they seemingly miss obvious decisions that can change the course of a game, but it appears the opposite may be true.Professional football referees at the very top of their game have been found to have enhanced visual perception making them better at spotting fouls than lower-level referees, and everyday people.Researchers, from Belgium and the UK, asked 39 football referees from the top and lower leagues in Belgium to watch videos of fouls being committed from the point-of-view of a referee on the pitch.Visual-search behaviour is a primary skill used by professional athletes to help them better coordinate their movements, or motor skills.Referees also rely on this behaviour in order to quickly translate what they see into a correct decision based on the rules of the game.When asked to state if they thought the open-play foul committed deserved a disciplinary sanction no card, yellow card or red card , elite referees made the correct decision with an accuracy of 61 percent, compared to 45 percent among lower-level referees.