As Snap makes its case to investors on the public market, it disclosed some details that had long been pondered by pundits and analysts: How much did it pay for its acquisitions?According to its S-1 filing, the company revealed that it spent $150.6 million for Looksery, $64.2 million for Bitmoji maker Bitstrips, and $114.5 million for a mobile search company Vurb .It should be worth noting that the amounts mentioned above are in total compensation, so it s a mixture of cash and stock.Starting with Looksery, the mobile video communications company was picked up in 2015 with the intentions of beefing up Snap s camera lenses.Snap said the total purchase consideration was $79.4 million, but it also provided an additional $71.2 million.Out of the latter amount, $43.6 million was in the form of restricted stock for employees with the remainder being issued in cash.Bitstrips was the next startup acquired in 2016 and users are likely to immediately recognize the impact — those colorful avatars it has, called Bitmojis, are now supported on the ephemeral messaging app and geofilters.It was reported that Snap paid $100 million, but in the S-1, the actual amount was $64.2 million, with $46.6 million in cash and the rest in non-voting Class A common stock.Another acquisition that some have wondered about was Vurb.Snap didn t explicitly name it, but described it as a mobile search company.
yesterday came the news that the company adds close to a billion dollars to buy up the Delta ID, a Silicon Valley-based company that deals with the technology for iris recognition.Similar to Fingerprints sensors, developed for fingeravtrycksläsning, can Participate in ID's technology can be used to unlock such a the same time shaken the Fingerprint of the new suspicions of insider trading, which is interesting because the course has fallen steeply in recent times.Against this fund was released today, Fingerprints new quarterly report.During the fourth quarter of 2016, the revenues increased to 1.619 million, representing an increase of 20 per cent compared with the corresponding period of the previous year.the Market had expected 1.680 million, according to the consensus from Inquiry Financial.
Disclosure: The author consults for a fantasy sports provider that is in current litigation against DraftKings On Tuesday, the daily fantasy sports operator Fantasy Aces declared for bankruptcy after, according to Legal Sports Report, allegedly co-mingling personal and player funds while lacking the money to pay out their contests' winners.The demise of the purportedly third largest daily fantasy sports company will have many unintended consequences on the DFS marketplace overall.Perhaps most notably, it casts further doubt that the proposed FanDuel-DraftKings merger will ever make its way through antitrust scrutiny.On November 18, 2016, the two largest daily fantasy sports operators DraftKings and FanDuel announced their plans to merge into a single company -- a company that, if consummated, would combine for more than 95% market share in the DFS category.Since the companies' proposed merger announcement, there has been deafening silence about the proposed deal -- a very clear sign that the deal already posed high antitrust risks in the eyes of regulators.
It s a challenge facing every business founder with an eye on global expansion; how to retain the entrepreneurial culture on which their business was built as it starts to grow.One brand that has achieved a global reach without ever losing sight of its unmistakeable entrepreneurial heritage is Virgin.Surprisingly, in spite of having one of the most recognisable logos in the world, and spanning a number of different industries in countries all over the globe, founder Richard Branson says they don t consider Virgin to be big business .Every business we have was set up to disrupt a market with products or services that makes a real difference to people s lives.When our companies have reached a stage where they are making an impact in their respective markets, we ve always sought to stay true to our roots and spirit by working with small businesses and startups.Red s True Barbecue, an American-style smokehouse restaurant chain, is a small business with a compelling evangelical-themed brand – Let there be meat is its strapline; employees prefer to be called believers – that is expanding rapidly.
Windows 10's popularity among Steam gamers is hovering around 50 percent, but it's poised to get a major boost from the upcoming Creators Update.Just as Microsoft can breathe a sigh of relief after learning Windows 10 has crossed the 25 percent market share threshold, another important metric has slipped a bit and demonstrates just how hard it is to push the market forward.This time around, it s how well-favored Windows 10 is among gamers, at least by one important measure.Steam is, of course, one of the most popular gaming platforms, and it serves as a sort of bellwether for how gamers are configuring their systems.Measuring how many Steam users are running Windows 10 provides a good indication of how well Microsoft is doing in convincing gamers of the gaming chops of the new OS — and this month, Windows 10 took a step back, as Neowin reports.The decrease isn t significant, with Windows 10 falling below the 50 percent threshold it crossed in December 2016 to settle at 49.67 percent in January 2017.
Let s just get this first bit out there: Later this month I will be the closing keynote at a conference where Beverly Jackson from MGM is the opening keynote.On top of that, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will be keynoting as well.This is my first time speaking at Digital Summit and I m really looking forward to it for a few reasons:There s a pretty impressive roster of speakers and expertise that will be presenting including Carlos Gil, Mathew Sweezey, Amanda Nelson and Oli Gardner plus a few faces from my SEO days that I have not seen in a while including Michael King, Janet Driscoll Miller and Jim Boykin.Big brands are in the house too, with speakers from SAP, GoDaddy, Salesforce, Facebook, Google, Forrester, Best Buy, BMC, IBM and AOL.Topics include: Digital Strategy, Content Marketing, Storytelling, Digital Creativity, SEO, Email Marketing, Video and Livestreaming, Social Selling, Landing Pages, Marketing Analytics and Measurement, SnapChat, Market Intelligence, Customer Centricity, Marketing to Millennials, and of course, Influencer Marketing.
Three months after its recall the GoPro Karma drone is back.Buyers can now purchase the drone from and select retailers in the US, GoPro announced in a press release.The initial shipment of the drones would be in limited quantity but the company promises to ramp up the production quickly.The drone would be available in the international market in the spring.The Karma without a camera is available for $799.99 £634 .The drone along with a Hero5 black costs $1099.99 in the US.
They would create a platform where individuals could find the craftsmen, who in turn paid for to gain access to more potential customers.Grundartrion got a share of close to 100 million when media giant Schibsted recently bought the last 30% of the Servicefinder.Breakit can today reveal the unknown of the back of the Servicefinders operations.the Company's selling, and agreement options has resulted in many customers felt cheated to the point that they refused to pay.Customers claim in turn that the Servicefinder not have delivered what the company's sales staff have promised.He is the ceo of the Swedish elitbygg and design, a company that deals with renovations at Stockholm's red-hot housing market.
Facebook's userbase is bigger than the population of China and more than half the estimated 3.5 billion people who have internet connections.This is particularly staggering because Facebook is cut off to China's population, suggesting the vast majority of the non-Chinese world uses it.Revenue: £21.8 billion last yearFacebook continues to take up much of the entire internet advertising market.Last year it took in $27.6bn £21.8bn in sales, a 54 per cent increase on a year ago.Much of this has been due to the rise of mobile advertising - something Facebook didn't even have five years ago when it floated.
Chinese hi-tech companies Lenovo Group, Huawei Technologies and BBK Electronics ranked among the world s 10-largest buyers of semiconductor products last year on the back of their steady market expansion around the world.Preliminary estimates released by research firm Gartner on Thursday showed the three companies purchased a combined US$28.55 billion worth of chips last year, up from US$23.65 billion in 2015.This is the first time that three Chinese companies have ranked in the top 10, proving that even with the slowing macroeconomic situation in China, the importance of the Chinese electronics market is increasing, Gartner principal research analyst Masatsune Yamaji said in a report.Gartner estimated total semiconductor sales last year advanced 1.5 per cent to US$339.68 billion from US$334.77 billion a year earlier.Lenovo, the world s largest supplier of personal computers, was ranked fourth last year behind Samsung Electronics, Apple and Dell.The Hong Kong-listed company saw its chip purchases decline 5 per cent to US$12.85 billion last year, compared with US$13.53 billion in 2015, as its smartphone business continued to struggle more than two years since its US$2.91 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Google.
John Carmack, the chief technology officer at Oculus and one of the brilliant minds in tech, wrote an angry post on Facebook about the $500 million jury verdict against Oculus in the lawsuit in which ZeniMax alleged that Carmack and others stole proprietary information on virtual reality.The post is highly unusual, as Oculus and its owner, Facebook, are expected to appeal the verdict.ZeniMax has hinted that it might seek an injunction against sales of the Oculus Rift VR headset, which could generate an estimated $425 million in revenue in 2016 and 2017, according to market researcher SuperData Research.See our analysis on the verdict here .The jury found that Oculus founder Palmer Luckey violated a nondisclosure agreement with ZeniMax as he evidently met with Carmack while the latter was still working for ZeniMax s id Software division .The jury also said Carmack, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe, and Oculus violated ZeniMax s trademarks.The jury did not, however, find any of them in violation of the trade secret theft statute.Update: In response to Carmack s post, ZeniMax said, In addition to expert testimony finding both literal and non-literal copying, Oculus programmers themselves admitted using ZeniMax s copyrighted code one saying he cut and pasted it into the Oculus SDK , and Brendan Iribe, in writing, requested a license for the source code shared by Carmack they needed for the Oculus Rift.
Disparate regional pricing is a lingering issue for Steam and the European Commission's investigation may lead to more consistent prices for consumers in the future.The European Commission launched an investigation targeting Valve s Steam platform, claiming that multiple gaming publishers worked together to curb cross-border competition with regard to pricing.As part of its investigation, the European Commission intends to promote a Digital Single Market Strategy that will ensure competitive pricing for digital content across several European nations.The European Commission claims that Valve promoted price-fixing geo-blocking practices in collusion with publishers Bandai Namco, Capcom, Focus Home Interactive, Koch Media and ZeniMax.The investigation specifically targets the usage of activation keys, which are required to authenticate and use Steam software upon purchase.According to the European Commission s initial report, activation keys also serve as a method to block consumers from purchasing digital Steam content at a discount from other regional storefronts.
The smartphone market may have a new design obsession this year.About two years ago, everyone shifted to all-metal unibody chassis.It seems, however, that the pendulum has swung back to very shiny, high gloss materials.The iPhone 7 may have kicked off that trend and quite a few are following that lead, including LG.That is, if this leaked photo of a final LG G6 is to be believed showing off a very shiny black rear and two camera lenses flanking a flash.It wasn t until recently that the possibility of a glossy, less metallic LG G6 came up.
This week, one of their kind becomes the first to premiere a Super Bowl ad.The 60 second ad — a whirlwind comic spot starring Melissa McCarthy for Kia s new Niro crossover SUV — is now available through the company s NiroBot on Facebook Messenger.Kia COO and EVP Michael Sprague said in a statement that the bot milestone reinforces the idea that our newest crossover is like nothing consumers have ever seen before, backing the idea that the fuel-efficient Niro sets a new standard in the market.Read the full article on MarTech Today.
Disappearing picture and video messages is known Snapchatin-awaited public listing around the prolific speculations, because the official information is getting just a little bit.on the other Hand, Snapchat only works in the mobile environment, which will bring the fastest growth of Facebook-like companies.facebook's Wednesday earnings report that just mobile advertising strength to raise the company's revenue.Market churn estimates of 25-35 billion dollars in value, so I may very well be my own evaluation with my also wrong , analysts said.CNBC's interviewed by Global Equities research's research director Trip Chowdhry estimates that Snap is not even 500 million dollars worth.He thinks investors should avoid the listing.
Uber announced on Thursday it is halting operations in Taiwan, saying it is at an impasse with authorities, which deem the ride-hailing app illegal.The US firm has racked up fines since it entered the Taiwan market in 2013 for running a business without the proper registration to operate as a taxi service.The suspension in Taiwan comes after Uber halted services in Hungary last July due to new legislation that stops drivers from making money with their own vehicles.Last month, Taiwanese authorities hiked the maximum possible penalty for Uber drivers to NT$25 million HK$6.25 million – the highest in the world.The Transport Ministry on Thursday said it was preparing to charge the firm NT$230 million in penalties and would issue an order to halt operations.The order would be executed by Taipei s office of commerce, an official at the transport ministry said.
the Analysts at Strategy Analytics has high hopes for Apple.Even if the company officially has not revealed any sales values for their smart watches, they are expected to still have the heeled 5.2 million in the last quarter of 2016.Furthermore, the total shipped units have increased by one per cent to 8.2 million sold watches.If this is true, Apple has 63 percent of the market share.But Strategy Analytics has also prophesies about other companies in the industry.Samsung, Apple's closest competitor in the field, should have shipped 800 000, which in this case would give them 10 per cent of the market share.
The progress in technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, robotics and intelligent mobility have set the stage for cognitive or sentient tools to emerge onto the global market.These tools are aware of and can learn from their surroundings and users, and mark the next step in the evolution of computational systems, according to the latest worldwide market study by Frost & Sullivan.As smart machines that can communicate and interact with their environment, instead of simply being performers of rote tasks, sentient tools can bring about a sea change in labor-intensive industries.The sectors that will be most affected by this disruptive technology include travel, transport, defense, manufacturing, medical, construction, agriculture, customer service, finance, communication, and smart cities."Stakeholders looking to integrate automated technology into their value chain are most likely to invest in sentient tools, as they enhance efficiency and productivity while maintaining lean operations," said Yash Mukherjee, research analyst at Frost & Sullivan.While sentient tools have benefited from advances in computational, sensing and communications technologies over the last 50 years, the progress made thus far is not significant enough to raise the awareness of robotic machines to match human consciousness.
Brand Finance Global 500, which each year ranks and the appointment of the world's most valuable brands, has in its latest edition for 2017 topped the list, with Google as därned clench the top spot from Apple, writes the World Trademark Review.Brand Finance calculates a spigot on the whole 27 per cent of the value of the Apple brand, which thereby lose förstaplaceringen after five years at the top, when the company dominated the market for smartphones and tablets.the Reasons for the loss is considered to be that the company overstated its customers true at the same time as several chinese actors on the smartphonemarknaden now improved its position in the list.Fire itself notes that Google in addition managed to strengthen its brand significantly to an increase of 24 per cent over the past year despite the fact that the company's design in terms of products and services is more complex than for example Apple's.Worth noting on the list is that Facebook climbed all the 8 placements in the year, from place 17 to place 9.The 20 most valuable brands, with last year's ranking in parentheses are now, according to the Brand Finance Global 500:
European Union antitrust authorities are concerned that some video game publishers aren t playing by the rules of the EU s single market, charging customers in different countries different prices for access to what is essentially the same game.The European Commission opened investigations into five companies distributing their games online through the Steam network operated by Valve.The companies—Bandai Namco, Capcom, Focus Home, Koch Media, and ZeniMax—are suspected of placing geographical restrictions on the use of Steam activation keys so that they can t be used by buyers in some parts of the EU to play their video games.This could allow them to sell activation keys at a higher price in some countries, and prevent players in those countries from activating the game with cheaper keys purchased elsewhere in the EU.This may breach competition rules by restricting so-called parallel trade within the EU, preventing consumers from buying cheaper games that may be available in other member states, the Commission said Thursday.We are looking into whether these companies are breaking EU competition rules by unfairly restricting retail prices or by excluding customers from certain offers because of their nationality or location, said EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager.
Token-as-a-Service TaaS , dubbed the "first-ever" tokenized closed-end fund CEF that allows investors to capitalize on the rise of blockchain markets, is to launch a fundraising next month through an Initial Coin Offering ICO .Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain and its Cryptographic Audit technology, was co-founded by Blockchain protagonists Konstantin Pysarenko, Ruslan Gavrilyuk, Dmytro Chupryna and Maksym, commenting said: "Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have risen exponentially over the last 12 months with little doubt for its ability to disrupt and revolutionize major industries over the coming years."Having previously co-founded Geo-Earth Resources Ltd in 2011 and more recently Bitup Analytical Group in the crypto asset management space last year, he asserted that the blockchain pioneers believed there is a unique window of opportunity for early adopters, enthusiasts and professional investors to join this phenomenon."Citing "many barriers" to entry, TaaS aims to reduce risks and technical barriers" associated with investing in the blockchain space and trading cryptocurrencies.These sapn technical barriers such as owning and operating wallets, a lack of market understanding including lack of understanding of blockchain economics , as well as a lack of transparency in existing investment solutions, and, limited investment instruments.
One Xiaomi phone that I m really looking forward to is the Mi 5c.Because it s a phone that looks really chic based on the leaks , and unlike most other flagships, should be lesser than 5.5-inches in screen size.News from over at the homeland of Xiaomi is that the Mi 5s just got certified at 3C, which means that the phone should be out in the market very soon.Xiaomi Mi 5c PhotosHere are photos of the Mi 5c that have leaked in the past.Xiaomi Mi 5c specificationsAs for the specifications, not much if official yet, but the Mi 5c is expected to hit the market with a Snapdragon 625 SoC along with 3GB of RAM and up to 64GB of storage.The Mi 5c will attempt to recreate the refinement that the Mi 4c bought more than a year ago after the Mi 4i flopped miserably .As for the camera tech on the Mi 5c, its expected to have a 12 mega-pixel rear shooter in tandem with an 8 mega-pixel selfie camera.The phone is expected to run MIUI 8 out of the box, which will hopefully be based on Android Nougat.Xiaomi will probably try to launch the Mi 5c so that the timing doesn t coincide with the launch of the Mi 6, thus also making sure that the Mi 5c isn t overshadowed.
Braving the choppy waters of the South Atlantic four days a week, fisherman David Shoshola says a mobile phone app is helping him worry less about the risk of not being able to support his family.The 50-year-old and three colleagues fish from two small, open-deck boats based in the seaside town of Lambert's Bay, on South Africa's windswept west coast.Fishing using lines rather than nets, they typically catch just 20 fish a day per vessel, with the main species being snoek a type of mackerel , and sea bream.The app, which is being piloted by the University of Cape Town, utilises GPS so Mr Shoshola can record for future reference exactly where he had a good haul.And he can now sell the fish via Abalobi before he has returned to shore, easily finding out the best possible price."It has removed a lot of the worry," he says.
MUMBAI Reuters - Indian IT sector leaders will meet both U.S. lawmakers and officials from U.S. President Donald Trump's administration later this month to lobby against any major changes to visa regulations that could hurt the country's $150 billion industry.R. Chandrashekhar, head of Indian IT industry body Nasscom, said details of the visit were still being finalised, but chief executives from some of India's big IT companies would be part of a delegation visiting Washington in the week of Feb. 20.India's software services industry is concerned about a bill introduced in the U.S. Congress seeking to double the salary paid to H-1B visa holders which would dramatically increase the costs for the Indian companies employing them.Indian IT service companies use H-1B visas to fly engineers to the U.S., their biggest market, to service clients, but some opponents in the United States argue they are misusing the program to replace U.S. jobs.Earlier in the week, Nasscom warned that a bill, introduced last month by Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, a Democrat from California, unfairly targets some of its members and will not solve a U.S. labor shortage in the tech sector.Chandrashekhar told Reuters that the visit would also seek to emphasize the "the economic partnership that is being built between the two countries."
While major Chinese companies have aggressively expanded their smartphone sales around the world, Apple has remained the dominant global supplier of smartwatches, according to the latest market estimates.Chinese brands collectively accounted for less than 1 in 10 of all smartwatches shipped worldwide in the fourth quarter last year, Neil Mawston, the executive director at research firm Strategy Analytics, told the South China Morning Post on Thursday.Mawston said global smartwatch sales hit a new quarterly high of 8.2 million in the three months ended December 31, with the Apple Watch accounting for a 63 per cent market share.The fourth quarter marked a return to growth for the smartwatch industry after two consecutive quarters of declining volumesThat raised total smartwatch shipments to a record 21.1 million last year, up from 20.8 million in 2015.Apple cornered a 55 per cent global market share for the whole of last year with 11.6 million total smartwatch sales, followed by Samsung Electronics 11.4 per cent share on about 2.4 million.
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Thanks to licensing issues with Ericsson, Xiaomi had to prepare a Snapdragon-powered variant of their newest Redmi series phone, the Redmi Note 4 for the Indian market.There s naturally a lot of interest around the device from Xiaomi buyers worldwide, but the Snapdragon-powered Redmi Note 4 is a bit hard to get hold of outside India.That might change very soon, since word is that Xiaomi is planning to announce a Snapdragon version of the Redmi Note 4 in China.Before the Redmi Note 3 launch in India, Xiaomi announced a Snapdragon version of the phone — unofficially, and then officially, called the Redmi Note 3 Pro — in China.There s a few differences between the China version of the Redmi Note 4 and the Indian Snapdragon variant of the phone.For one, the phone features a cheaper design process and is slimmer as well.ALSO SEE: Redmi Note 4 TeardownXiaomi could very well announce the same phone in China, along with a couple new RAM variants.Like in India, the phone could be made available in 2GB and 4GB RAM variants, besides the standard 3GB RAM version in China.
If you re the CEO of a company, here s another threat you need to worry about: hackers trying to recruit your employees for insider-related crimes.Researchers at security firms RedOwl and IntSights have noticed growing activity from online black market dealers trying to recruit company employees for insider trading and cashing out stolen credit card numbers.These dealers are appearing on underground forums located on the dark web, which are accessible through Tor, a browser designed for anonymous web surfing, according to the researchers, who published their findings on Tuesday.Hackers in these underground forums have been looking for employees to collude in insider trading to make educated stock market bets.One site has been helping its members engage in this illicit activity, and garnered over 40 bitcoin $39,755 in total transactions According to the group s manager, there are members who make more than $5,000 USD a month using the leaked information, the research report said.
Blocket, Lendo, and Bytbil.see some examples on the Swedish market.Already in 2011, Schibsted entered as majority shareholder in Servicefinder, a company that connects artisans and cleaning services with potential customers.Sellers, grundartrion Jeffrey Singh, Vishal Nanda and Aleksandar Goga, then got a share of at least 68 million.But the success story has an unknown the reverse Breakit has been able to report on during the day – the company has been involved in 166 litigation in the English courts.the Customers argue, however, that Servicefinders services have not at all lived up to what the company, the sellers promised.Many feel that they are also deceived into long-term agreements, which were signed via the telephone.
Just prior to 23: 00 on Thursday evening, Swedish time, came the news that large parts of the techvärlden been waiting for - Snapchat listed on the stock exchange.According to the documents that the company itself submitted to the american authorities, there are plans to bring in 3 billion dollars, 26 billion but could be as much as $ 4 billion.The documents also show that the president and founder Evan Spiegel prior to the listing owns 22 per cent of the fast growing Addition, he will be rewarded with an additional 3 percentage points of the share capital when the Snapchat is noted which will take place in march.It has previously been speculated in a market value of around $ 25 billion.Gets the valuation, the reality will Evan Spiegel, the controlling shares to a value of 6,25 billion dollars, beats techsajten Recode fixed.