English Sciety has developed a special platform for andelsbaserad as of the company.This means that all persons registered on the Scietys platform provides the opportunity to invest in unlisted companies that offers the shares.It is a service that is also Fundedbyme and Pepins provide in Sweden.the special feature of The Sciety is limiting itself to companies within the life science and medtech sectors.Now get the company into a heavyweight from the world of media in its own board of directors and ownership group.Erik Hjelmstedt has the title of head of change office at Schibsted, and also serves on the board of directors of Schibsted companies Svenska dagbladet and Find.see.
It is the trendar when New Technologies and Business world ranked Sweden's hottest young technology companies in his 33-list.The challenges mainly faced by the 33 companies is to get capital and finding the right skills tells the Ny Teknik's editor-in-chief Per Danielsson.When it comes to what may be the next hot area among Sweden's hot technology companies, " says Per Danielsson on an unexpected bubblare.the Next trend after the fintech and medtech sectors may be horsetech.