Leslie Miley is an engineer who spent 3 years at Twitter before joining Slack as its director of engineering in March.At Twitter, Miley wasn't too happy with the way the company handled its diversity issues.He famously wrote a blog post when he left Twitter, slamming the company for its lack of diversity — and also passed on his severance package so he could speak out about the company's problems in public.One of those moments came last week when he spoke with Ars Technica's Cyrus Farivar.Miley says, when he was at Twitter, he wasn't invited to a company-hosted event featuring ex-NAACP head Ben Jealous.The rest of the company seemed to know about the event, so he asked Twitter's head of diversity and inclusion about why he never received an invitation.The answer he heard was simply because Twitter didn't think it would "have enough room to invite all the black people at Twitter," he says, even though black employees only accounted for about 1% of the total workforce.Miley continued:"It boggles my mind that a company and an individual at a company could actually think that something like that s OK. You will not invite Hillary Clinton and not invite women to go see her.You would not invite the Pope and not invite Catholic people.And it happened at an organization and a company that gives voice to black Twitter.That gave rise to the 'Black Lives Matter' movement.
Martin Shkreli, former chief executive officer of Turing Pharmaceuticals AG, may appear before Congress to testify on drug pricing.The outspoken executive, who set off a firestorm of criticism after buying an old anti-parasitic drug and raising the price to $750 a pill from $13.50, agreed to testify before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, according to an e-mailed statement from the office of Representative Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the top Democrat on the committee.Shkreli previously appeared before Congress in February and decided to invoke the Fifth Amendment, frustrating lawmakers.He seemed to change his mind on Thursday in a conversation on the social media platform Twitter, where he wrote, Any chance I can come through this time and actually testify?in response to the House Oversight Committee saying it wanted a hearing with Mylan NV officials on its price increases for EpiPens.the committee tweeted to Shkreli.I think we can work it out, he responded.I have a lot of insight and some potential solutions for these issues.In a later Twitter post, Shkreli added that we haven t agreed on anything yet -- I ll be in touch.
A man has used only his thoughts to release a drug from a nanorobot into a cockroach.But this isn t some bizarre study into mind-control, this new way of delivering drugs into the body could be used to treat mental health disorders such as depression or ADHD.Traditional ways of getting drugs into the body, through injections or pills, have some serious practical drawbacks.There s no way to turn off a medicine once it has entered the bloodstream and dosages are often imprecise or delivered when they re not actually needed.A study, by researchers at the Interdisciplinary Centre, in Herzliya, and Bar Ilan University, in Ramat Gan, Israel, solved those problems by building a nanorobot that could be switched on and off to release drugs within the body when needed.The team built the nanorobot out of DNA folded in such a way that drugs could be tethered inside.
Apple is reportedly developing a video sharing and editing app in the vein of Snapchat, one aimed at appealing to younger users and taking advantage of the rampant popularity of social networks.The word comes from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, citing people familiar with Apple's strategy.The iPhone maker, which has front-row seats to the rise of Facebook and Snapchat thanks to the App Store, has a new focus on better integrating social networking apps into its mobile products, the report says.Its video sharing app, said to be in development, would give users much the same tools they're familiar with on Snapchat, including filters and the ability to draw on videos.According to sources, Apple is designing the app with one-hand usage in mind, and wants everything from shooting to editing to sharing to be done in under a minute.Apple's aim in all this is to give the Snapchat and Instagram generation easy editing tools they're familiar with.
The discovery of DNA was one of the most important scientific events of the twentieth century, revealing the instructions which make up every single living thing on Earth.With that goal in mind, a team of Duke University researchers have demonstrated the creation of synthetic strands of DNA that, mixed together in the right concentrations in a test tube, can create analog circuits able to add, subtract, and multiply as they form and break bonds.Most prior methods for computing at the molecular scale generally were restricted to logical computations involving Boolean values: 1 for yes and 0 for no, Professor John Reif, whose computer science lab carried out the work, told Digital Trends.This work allows for arithmetic computations on analog values that can range over real numbers like 0.832.The analog values — these include the inputs, intermediate values, and outputs of the molecular computations — are specified by the concentrations of certain DNA strands.Previous researchers have used digital DNA-based circuits to carry out tasks like playing tic-tac-toe, or even calculating the square root of numbers.
Image: Dado Ruvic / Reutersfacebook was owned by the instant messaging application Whatsapp will start sharing users ' phone numbers to Facebook.the Company's objective is to show the user more relevant advertising and friend recommendations.This is Microsoft's first update to privacy policy its after Facebook bought the company in 2014.Whatsapp is also going to figure out how companies could use the platform of their own communications.the company purchased in the context of facebook's ceo Mark Zuckerberg promised that Whatsapp privacy is maintained.
Warranted or not, the phrase Made in China , even in tech, evokes all sorts of negative imagery and emotions, mostly related to the quality or originality of said products.Never mind that nearly almost all smartphones, including the iPhone, could trace their origins to China, be it from components, manufacturing, or both.That bias, however, has led many to underestimate, even ignore the slumbering dragon that has now woken up and is taking the smartphone market by storm, much to the detriment of the old guard like Samsung and Apple.Even if you disregard how electronics and smartphones are made in China, Chinese smartphones are still an emerging threat to the well established order of yesteryear s smartphone market.True, if you consider the top smartphones by brand, excluding models that come from the same company, there is a bit more variety.You have Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, and OnePlus, just to name a very few.
Welcome to Ask Dr. NerdLove, the dating column that can teach you how to overclock your love life.This week, we re going to be reaching inside of ourselves.Let s get down to it, boppers…I would like your perspective on some issues that I m having with sex, if you wouldn t mind.I don t feel - pardon my language - fuck-able.This doesn t just apply to interpersonal relationships, but to my relationship with myself.
Joel Sartore, National Geographic Photo Ark/GettyNanorobots have released drugs inside cockroaches, prompted by only a human thoughtA man has used thought alone to control nanorobots inside a living creature for the first time.The technology released a drug inside cockroaches in response to the man s brain activity – a technique that may be useful for treating brain disorders such as schizophrenia and ADHD.Now, a team at the Interdisciplinary Center, in Herzliya, and Bar Ilan University, in Ramat Gan, both in Israel, have developed a system that allows precise control over when a drug is active in the body.The group has built nanorobots out of DNA, forming shell-like shapes that drugs can be tethered to.
Playback isn't supported on this device.Contrary to the idea that hypnosis is either a complete hoax or a magical state of mind where people can make you do anything, the truth about hypnosis and whether you can be hypnotized is in the middle.It s very much real, but more like a meditative state than a lack of consciousness.The video above, from DNews explains in greater detail, but it starts with the origins of hypnosis, going back to the concept of animal magnetism, first described by Dr. Franz Freidrich Anton Mesmer, who posited that it was a suggestible, primal force exuded by all animals that could be used for healing or other physical effects.Of course, his ideas never really caught on nor did he find scientific proof to support them , but his work is where we get the word mesmermized, and most psychologists understand the popular conception of hypnosis as learned social behavior, where people are playing a role and using their imagination.That said, a more practical and applicable form of hypnosis—used in some forms of hypnotherapy—is less what you might remember from Office Space and more a kind of guided meditation that helps participants calm themselves, block out external stimuli and thoughts, and look at issues, ideas, and situations in a new, more detached way.
The american elektronikjättens patent applications indicate that Apple may enter ögonstyrningsbranschen.It looks Swedish Tobii as something positive.Earlier this week, reported the blog Patently Apple, Apple has received approval of a patent relating to eye tracking with the help of 3D cameras.Swedish Tobii is one of the world's largest companies in the ögonstyrningsteknik.Then you should, however, bear in mind that there are two completely different technologies.Although it is difficult to determine exactly what Apple's patent refers to patent application is pretty cryptic designed – it is clear that the company is aiming to use the 3D cameras to record the user's eyes.
You ve spent hours hunched over your laptop in your local independent coffee shop, struggling through that pesky first page of your breakthrough novel.Is it really too early to kill someone off?God, this is the toughest decision you've ever had to make.You need a break, you need to clear your mind, you need to stimulate your senses with some smut.Unfortunately, your phone s dead, taking your laptop into the bogs is unbecoming, and you can t get a decent connection in there anyway.If only there was a way of preventing the judgmental eyes sat around you from seeing your screen.
You ve spent hours hunched over your laptop in your local independent coffee shop, struggling through that pesky first page of your breakthrough novel.Is it really too early to kill someone off?God, this is the toughest decision you've ever had to make.You need a break, you need to clear your mind, you need to stimulate your senses with some smut.Unfortunately, your phone s dead, taking your laptop into the bogs is unbecoming, and you can t get a decent connection in there anyway.If only there was a way of preventing the judgmental eyes sat around you from seeing your screen.
As much as people hate Spirit, you have to admit: their prices are awesome.Yes, the flight is probably going to be late, and no, I won t have any in-flight entertainment, but for $100, I m willing to rough-it for three hours.Splurge and Get the Best SeatLike most airlines, Spirit charges you to pick your own seat.We all complain about sneaky airline fees but consider the fact that flight prices are historically low.You can, in many cases, skip out on the fees and choose how expensive you want your flight to be.
JohnsonCadillac's newest car, the CT6, is loaded with impressive technology, but one of the best features is its 360 degree video recordingThe CT6 is decked out with a lot of cameras, seven exteriorThose video cameras are used to support different safety and convenience functions, like lane keeping
For most consumers, the question of which virtual reality headset is a smarter purchase at this point in time revolves around which piece of hardware is likely to gain the most support going forward.Content will decide who comes out on top, and a new industry report suggest that the HTC Vive is edging ahead of its competition.Figures released by the UBM Game Network state that 49 percent of developers polled are working on their current VR project with the Vive in mind, according to a report from UBM Game Network.Meanwhile, just 43 percent and writing software for use with the Oculus Rift.It seems that this discrepancy could grow even larger moving forward.When questioned about their next project, almost 35 percent stated that it was in development for the Vive, while just over 23 percent planned to release the game for the Rift.
Microsoft s Kinect camera promised quite a bit when it was first introduced to Xbox 360 gamers around the world, but it didn t really deliver.There were a few so-so games, but even when it became mandatory as part of the Xbox One, it failed to capture users imaginations.Where it does work beautifully though, is when you take its data and turn it into a music video.Wired throughout the body, trapped in a dancing mind, is the description for the new video as.phyx.i.a, from Maria Takeduchi and Frederico Phillips.The video features an ambient soundtrack, with a dancer interpreting the sounds onscreen.However, what you see isn t the flesh-and-blood form of the dancer, but point data recorded on a Kinect camera — and the effect is stunning.
USB 3.1 transfer speeds of up 10 gigabits per second are coming to Macs this fall, and Thunderbolt 3 might too, if code hidden in MacOS Sierra means anything.9To5Mac.com is reporting that a localizable text string in Sierra refers to super speed plus and Up to 10 Gb/sec, or ten gigabits per second.SuperSpeed is the brand name for USB 3.1 Gen 2, the latest incarnation of the USB standard which supports speeds up to 10Gbps.No Mac devices currently offer the USB 3.1 Gen 2 standard, so references to the technology in MacOS Sierra implies that new Macs coming out this fall will ship with the high-bandwidth ports.No such reference exists in OS X El Capitan, and there s no reason to add the strings unless upcoming hardware offers the feature.With this in mind, 9to5Mac s Jeff Benjamin of 9to5 Mac speculates that Thunderbolt 3 might also be on the way.
Last Sunday, I was sitting on my usual stool in my usual bar, when my usual bartender asked if he could try an unusual drink out on me my favorite game .The mystery beverage came with a very green, waxy-looking leaf floating in it.This little leaf was a Makrut lime leaf often found in grocery stores under the name kaffir lime leaf , and the flavor it imparted was mind-blowing.If you ve never had the pleasure of tasting this little guy which is used heavily in Thai cuisine , it s distinct aroma can be kind of hard to describe.It s super fresh, intensely aromatic, and a little citrusy.If I had to pick one word to describe to fragrance, I would go with beautiful.
For decades, tin foil fashionistas have attributed a number of sinister happenings to the atmospheric research program known as HAARP, including hurricanes, earthquakes and even the destruction of the Space Shuttle Columbia.After this week, however, it will be a lot harder to entertain those claims: On Saturday, the supposed weather-altering secret weapon is holding an open house.We hope that people will be able to see the actual science of it, a spokesperson from the University of Alaska, which now operates the facility, told Alaska Dispatch News.We hope to show people that it is not capable of mind control and not capable of weather control and all the other things it s been accused of.According to KTVF, the university expects both scientists and conspiracy theorists to show up at the event.With any luck, that will include former Minnesota governor and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura, who questioned whether HAARP was being used for mind control in 2009 after being turned away at the facility s gates.