Jacqueline Woods photos bring to mind the wonders of space, but they re created entirely in the darkroom.Instead of a camera, the Californian exposes photo paper to chemicals and light to conjure the cosmos.I see an eclipsed sun or planet or moon, she says.But everyone has their own interpretation.Developing Photos Is Way More Fun When It s Kinda DangerousLook at These Beautiful Planets JK They re Bacteria From Public Buses
Here s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.Akamai: When creating responsive sites for mobile, consider dynamic image optimizationAug 22, 2016 by Barry LevineThe content delivery network points out that marketers need to keep image performance in mind for mobile.OpenStreetMap debuts Google Street View alternative: OpenStreetViewAug 22, 2016 by Greg Sterling
Here is some infographic for you: how you can use some super successful strategies that helped these five companies to develop and reach significant growth of their users base.The path to viral growth might be a tricky one: how to invite and engage users, how to bring them value that they would really need and appreciate.All these questions come onto each entrepreneur's mind when he tries to implement growth hacking techniques for the business.Look at these successful examples of world-known companies and learn how they initiated their viral growth.We wish you good luck in your growth hacking strategy!Want to learn new marketing techniques?
Purchasing a desktop PC for a business, large or small, requires a heavy dose of common sense as well as a good knowledge of what makes the perfect desktop PC.You will often encounter contradictory information as to what to do and when, and while there's a wealth of details out there, few resources actually cover the steps we've highlighted here.From knowing how much to spend, what brands to trust, what to do before and after the purchase, and perhaps most importantly, when to pull the trigger.So let's get on and list the five things you must bear in mind when buying a business PC.In partnership with PC World Business
On this day 25 years ago, Sir Tim Berners-Lee introduced the world to his little friend: the World Wide Web.Thank goodness W3 didn t catch on.The first ever website went public on August 6th, 1991, but it wasn t until August 23rd that it went beyond the confines of those who developed it and became a truly open, global, democratic network.It would be another seven or eight years before many of us realised it wasn t just a weird new fad for perverts and saddos, but that s not the point.Mind you, a fair few people amongst us today might say that description still sums the web up quite well.25 years ago, the world s population embarked on an incredible journey of discovery together, all from the mild discomfort of a crumb-flecked desk chair.
By Jeremy Wagstaff and Aradhana AravindanSINGAPORE Reuters - Singapore is working on how to implement a policy to cut off web access for public servants as a defense against potential cyber attack - a move closely watched by critics who say it marks a retreat for a technologically advanced city-state that has trademarked the term "smart nation".Some security experts say the policy, due to be in place by May, risks damaging productivity among civil servants and those working at more than four dozen statutory boards, and cutting them off from the people they serve.Stephen Dane, a Hong Kong-based managing director at networking company Cisco Systems, said it was "a most unusual situation", and Ramki Thurimella, chair of the computer science department at the University of Denver, called it both "unprecedented" and "a little excessive."Other cyber security experts agree with Singapore authorities that with the kind of threats governments face today it has little choice but to restrict internet access.FireEye, a cyber security company, found that organizations in Southeast Asia were 80 percent more likely than the global average to be hit by an advanced cyber attack, with those close to tensions over the South China Sea - where China and others have overlapping claims - were particularly targeted.
A prominent privacy consultant has criticised Australia Post's intervention in the Australian State of Victoria's inquiry into electronic voting.The state has been gathering submissions into the idea, and held its first public hearings yesterday.Among the submissions was Australia Post's, in which the organisation pitches itself as the body to operate electronic elections using blockchain technology.Australia Post reckons the identity platform its already built could be put in a pot, mixed with a little blockchain, and baked into electronic voting.While the word identity appears 24 times in the submission and security seven times, anonymity only gets three mentions.With this and other things in mind, Vulture South asked Steve Wilson of security outfit Lockstep his thoughts on using a blockchain as the basis for voting.
Until some genius mind manages to nail teleportation, we re just going to have to deal the best we can with the discomforts of long-distance travel.Catching some z s in a car or an airplane is for most people about as easy as catching a baseball with butter-slathered hands.It just ain t gonna happen.Aware that the main challenge with sleeping while sitting is getting comfortable, a Kentucky-based startup has designed the NodPod.Think of it as a hammock for your head.This simple but possibly effective creation has already blasted through its $20,000 Kickstarter goal and at the time of writing has backing to the tune of $215,000.
A great content strategy starts and ends with a total obsession with knowing everything about your best customers so you can attract more of them.Note: The word best in front of customers is intentional.Building a consistent customer generation machine from content takes work.So why spend that energy, time, and money only to attract low revenue, high churn, or simply bad-fit customers?Now, email based surveys are great, but no tool is a panacea, and emailed surveys have limitations for many businesses.Limited email capital – You can only email your customers asking them to take a survey so often without starting to turn them off.
'Stranger Things'/NetflixWarning: Major spoilers ahead if you have not finished the first season of "Stranger Things.""Stranger Things" has cemented its cult status.Now its fans are creating mind-blowing theories one can often find for shows such as "Game of Thrones."Netflix's hit new sci-fi thriller debuted about one month ago but
While some retailers would prefer you download their own mobile wallet app, Walgreens has been content to let its customers use options like Apple Pay and Android Pay.While that's worthy of a certain degree of admiration all its own, Walgreens announced today that it has rolled Android Pay support into its Balance Rewards program, meaning you can actually decrease the number of loyalty cards in your wallet for once.This news will likely be welcomed by Walgreens' Balance Rewards members, as previously, the process of using Balance Rewards with Android Pay could be somewhat clunky.Now, once you've added your Balance Rewards card to Android Pay, you'll just need to tap your phone twice at checkout: first to scan your loyalty card, and then a second time to pay.Walgreens is touting that it's the first retailer to integrate its loyalty card into Android Pay, and though the mobile wallet has allowed users to add loyalty cards for quite some time, this is the first time that a retailer has added support for tap functionality at terminals.With that in mind, we can probably expect other companies to follow suit.
Trickle down economics may or may not work but trickle down technology certainly does.If you think of the process like a wheat thresher, new powerful technologies always hit the enterprise market first as a big, solid masses think the original supercomputers and emerge for small business chewed up, refined, and affordable.Think the desktop PC.This is especially true in the case of the marketing tools that you rely upon today, such as website and SEO tools, email marketing, and advanced digital advertising.If you re a small business, it is thus critical to keep your eyes on the horizon because those who are first in on these trends have a massive competitive advantage.What could you have done if you had been one of the first people buying up web domains?Or what if you had been the first person to get into personalized email marketing before our inboxes were cluttered?Paying close attention is the only way to ride the next wave.And of course, we get it, between sales, accounting, and vendor management, who has the time to stay current?It s with this in mind that today we ll unveil the bleeding edge of enterprise marketing technology so that you can keep your eyes peeled and stay competitive.Related Article: Plug In: 4 Ways Technology Is Changing On-the-Job TrainingHere are four enterprise marketing technologies today that will disrupt SMB tomorrow:1.Location-Based MarketingIf technology seems like it s sucking people into their smart-devices, you ll be happy to hear that something is trying to shake them back out of it.
Image Source: Jacob Siegal BGRAt the end of the day, every Pokemon Trainer has only one goal in mind: catching them all.That s the key tenet of any Pokemon adventure, but with Pokemon Go, it s more difficult than ever to actually accomplish that goal.Not only are some of the rarest Pokemon currently impossible to catch, but others can only be found in specific regions, so the only way to add them to your collection is to hatch them from an egg.For the most part, this simply requires a great deal of walking, but over the weekend, CNET published some worthwhile tips to help you hatch eggs more efficiently in Pokemon Go.DON T MISS: The holy grail: Hack Pokemon Go so you can walk anywhere, no jailbreak required
the Router, to the left, sky-blue top.Netgear has just unveiled its new wi-fi system Orbi, which will provide stable coverage throughout the home and eliminate the so-called dead zones that are common in larger homes.Orbi consists of a central router as the wireless is connected to the corresponding satellite, which is placed at a strategically selected location in the middle of the home.the System will be the first in the world to utilize Tri-band wi-fi for the purpose.This standard is known to deliver the maxed out speed on the wireless path, regardless of how many devices you choose to connect.the Wifi system has been designed with simplicity in mind and finish the installation in a couple of minutes via the browser or mobile app.
They work with some of the latest technology advancements to move us closer to cures for Alzheimer s and cancer, and towards securing risk free operations.Assumptions that medical breakthroughs can only be achieved by teams of scientists working on new medication is no longer an accurate one, technology like robotic surgery has become one of the most exciting use cases in history.So how can VR, a computer technology which creates simulated environments, help improve healthcare?It is best to start with one of the top three categories of expenditure in the NHS UK, cancer and tumours.Cancer is now expected to affect one in three of us during our lifetime, with only a 50% survival rate in diagnosed patients over ten years*.Costing the NHS hundreds of millions of pounds every year, diagnosing, treating and removing cancer is one thing on everyone s mind.
As the 1st touch point for new users, your app store page is an integral part of you app on-boarding experience.When designing and testing your app store for maximum ROI increases, you need to keep the following in mind -7.5% play video 4% complete it 15% play video 7% complete it The average potential lift per app store test ranges between 15–45%:With in-page behaviors at a lower rate than you may have expected, you need to be hyper-focused on the first impression as shown above .
When it comes to Pokemon GO, there's no shortage of players who are attempting to do ridiculous feats that would be too much for the game's more casual fans.The person who managed to hit the level cap through the use of a bot comes to mind, but what happens when you try to rake in the experience points through more legitimate means?It would appear that you get labeled a cheater nonetheless.That's what one Pokemon GO player, named Jimmy Derocher, has discovered after an attempt to earn one million experience points over the course of a single day.After hearing fellow Pokemon GO players say earning that much XP in such a small window of time would be impossible without cheating, Derocher spent a few weeks coming up with a plan to prove them wrong.His plan involved continuously visiting a group of 10 PokeStops arranged in a tight, 0.2-mile loop, and keeping them all under the effects of Lures as he did it.
When you think of a laptop, what attributes come to mind?Now, forget at least one part of that equation while I tell you about Samsung s Notebook 7 Spin.For starters, it has a huge 15.6-inch touchscreen display, weighs five pounds, and is 0.78-inches thick.The last thing I want to carry around in my backpack is a laptop of this size and weight.Samsung equipped the Notebook 7 Spin with a 1TB hard drive, an additional 128GB solid state drive, 16GB of RAM, an NVIDIA GeForce 940MX and an Intel Core i7 processor.After using it for a couple of weeks, I can confirm that it does both.
Responsive web design across several screens.Since the end of the last decade, responsive web design RWD has been a popular way for marketers to minimize the amount of web site modification they have to do for multiple screens.In responsive web design, a single web site is automatically scaled for different screen sizes through proportion-based page grids.But mobile users are becoming pickier about mobile web site performance, and this pickiness has been a driver of the increasing use of ad blockers.Even though RWD images are resized for the screen, Akamai Technologies Senior Product Marketing Manager Anthony Larkin told me recently, it s important that marketers keep in mind the need to optimize the images.Larkin noted that some marketers deliver the same resized image to all users of RWD sites, whether they re on mobile or desktop.
Somewhat a bit late to capitalize on the Olympics fever, Samsung has finally announced the availability of its new LEVEL Active Bluetooth headphones.Built and designed for very active users, the headphones offer hooks that cling to your ears and rugged materials that withstand both elements and sweat.And, of course, pairing with Android smartphones, particularly Samsung s own Galaxy line, the LEVEL Active offers integration with apps to provide a smarter way to exercise.Sure, the Samsung LEVEL Active headphones can actually be used by anyone, whether they have adopted an active lifestyle or simply wants a more resilient pair of in-ear headphones.That said, the accessory has really been designed with active users in mind.For example, the earhooks, wingtips, and eartips are not just designed to be comfortable, they also make sure they latch on to your ears securely, no matter how much you move.