There s Silicon Valley in San Francisco and Silicon Alley in New York City, but tucked away in the Pacific Northwest, Portland s Silicon Forest draws its own oddball collection of makers, tinkerers and visionaries.In our new video series, Got it Made, join host Ezra Cimino-Hurt as he meets some of the unique people who marry cutting edge tech with innovative ideas in the city where young people go to retire.And believe us, they re doing Portland proud.Meet Cera Crockett of DevisePDX, a concept development firm that does everything from prototyping, to pattern engineering, to global material sourcing, to hosting hands-on workshops.Their clients are just as diverse, with representation from Fortune 500 companies, local designers, and first-time entrepreneurs.In essence, Cera told us, her clients come to DevisePDX with an end product in mind, and her team has the thrilling job of reverse-engineering a solution.
This article originally appeared on Inc.comFrom the garage to hyper growth, every entrepreneur wants to be featured on INC 5000Every year around this time, the INC 5000 list comes out and our collective conversation turns to growth.Last year, Mintigo conducted a study to identify exactly what INC 5000 companies were doing to surpass their success metrics.Among the qualities of the fastest growing companies in America were: efficient use of technology, having an in-house marketing team, hiring with future growth in mind, and focusing on high-growth industries.What specifically are high-growth companies doing to be competitive in this landscape with the tools we currently have available?
The symbols, designed to instantly communicate the essence of a sport, are in some ways quite literal.Yet designers invariably infuse these illustrations with elements that reflect the culture of the host city.Many of the pictograms you see are designed to represent the country or city where the Olympics are happening, says Joel Grear of Malcolm Grear Designers, who created the pictograms of the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta.You see this in the wispy curves of the pictograms in Rio, which bring to mind the Brazilian landscape.Famed designer Lance Wyman drew from pre-Hispanic glyphs when designing the beautiful pictograms of the 1968 Summer Games in Mexico City.That doesn t always happen, leaving people wondering if they aren t playing Pictionary trying to discern the meaning of two wheels, a human form, and three squiggly lines.
Your airplane snaps are about to get a whole lot cooler.Snapchat just added a new type of filter to its lineup: altitude.The new filter joins the speed, temperature, time and battery life filters as one of Snapchat's dynamic filters, which show real-time data based on your current activity.You can find the new filter alongside those other dynamic filters.Like them, the altitude overlay will change based on your location.Keep in mind that you can only add these types of filters to an image one at a time.
When it comes in the form of a password, everything.From checking social media as soon as we wake up, to streaming music on a commute, to doing one last email check before hitting the pillow at night, our digital identity allows us to consume, connect and transact as we move through the day.All these online activities are made possible through a process of seamless identity verification.At one point, passwords seemed like the most obvious way to verify account ownership.In turn, breaches have become more common.Consequently, security is top-of-mind for companies, but it s tough to encourage users to develop and memorize passwords using a string of letters, numbers and special characters — a process they most often loathe.
In the four years since the release of Ocean s Grammy-winning, happy-making Channel Orange, the 28-year-old singer-songwriter has been teasing us with promises and more promises…and more promises of new music.But it wasn t until Thursday night that we finally got a drop of the Ocean, courtesy of Endless, a 45-minute, 18-track visual album available exclusively through Apple Music.Along with such new tracks as Florida and Device Control, Endless includes a handful of ambient songs, as well as a cover of the Isley Brothers 1976 hit At Your Best You Are Love , which was also covered by Aaliyah.According to the movie s end credits, the strings for Ocean s At Your Best were orchestrated by Radiohead guitarist Johnny Greenwood; other artists to work on the album include James Blake, indie singer-songwriter Alex G, and R queen Jazmine Sullivan whose most recent record, Reality Show, is so, so great, and absolutely worth picking up while you re on iTunes .According to Rolling Stone, Ocean has changed his mind yet again, and the album s title is no longer Boys Don t Cry a fact that will no doubt make Robert Smith s day, assuming that dude cares about his Google-search results .According to the URL, the video is titled Champaign, and in a now-deleted Instagram post, director Francisco Soriano reportedly took credit for directing the art project, which consists of a black-and-white feed from what appears to be a giant industrial studio.
Since July 26, 2016, expanded text ads ETAs have been live in AdWords.This new ad format, which was launched with mobile users in mind, allows advertisers to create longer text ads with two headlines of up to 30 characters each and a single 80-character description line.Standard text ad left vs. expanded text ad right Advertisers have been testing the new format alongside standard text ads, and dozens of analyses looking at click-through rate CTR for standard vs. expanded text ads have been published across the industry, with varying levels of detail.Google s July announcement also came with its own assortment of impressive case studies touting massive CTR spikes.We even included some data points in our Q2 Digital Marketing Report, though we now have much more data to work with in establishing meaningful comparisons.
You might make a great first impression, but can you say the same for your home?If you re worried about what your Airbnb guests might think of you or your residence , there may just be a solution to put your mind at ease.Meet GuestReady, a new company that seeks to help Airbnb hosts get their homes, well, ready for their guests.The London-based company launched this week in six cities: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Hong Kong.Think of it as a for-hire service that treats your home like the hotel that it is — GuestReady will take care of cleaning, laundry, and even check-in and check-out services.Promising to help hosts make up to 100 percent more money by optimizing an Airbnb listing, pricing, and occupancy, GuestReady promises that their local experts will take good care of your property, screen the guests, and welcome them personally.
Refurb VIZIO SB2920-C6 Sound Bar, $53As long as you don t mind buying a certified refurb, this 29" VIZIO sound bar is fantastic value at $53.Without a subwoofer, this might not be ideal for a main home theater sound system, but it d be a massive upgrade to, say, your bedroom TV s built-in speakers.And when your TV s turned off, it ll also work as a massive Bluetooth speaker for playing music from your phone.Just note that today s price is an Amazon Gold Box deal, meaning it s only available today, or until sold out.Commerce Content is independent of Editorial and Advertising, and if you buy something through our posts, we may get a small share of the sale.
Steve Jobs probably didn't have India in mind when in 2010 he made his ambitious claim about the arrival of post-PC era.Though Jobs was hoping the iPad — or the tablet category, in general — would replace bulky desktops and laptops, the world's second most populous nation has embraced the post-PC era with cheap Android smartphones.Instead, the smartphone is increasingly becoming the country s primary choice of computing platform, leapfrogging the PC age entirely.Whether it s how people in India connect to the internet or shop or socialize, it s already become clear that the country is living in the post-PC era.400 million new smartphone users to join soonThe world s fastest growing smartphone market by several estimates, India hit 350 million smartphone users in the country late last year.
"Isn t it creepy how my orifices seem to follow you around the room!"Well, how else do you think am I going to get earbuds perfectly moulded to my ears?After my grudging admission last week that fitness smartwatches can be more than faddish tat after all, it was brought to my attention that a great deal of parallel development continues to be directed at wearables other than those strapped to one s wrist.But that s OK, because repeatedly failing is now supposed to be such a positive thing in tech startup culture that investors rate it more highly than success, profit or ROI.This helps explain why neither you nor I are billionaires.It turns out that another successfully crowdfunded project managed to give a leg-up to an apparently real company called United Sciences to begin manufacturing an apparently real product called Aware.
It says Jessica Brillhart, Google huvudfilmskapare in the VR.At the beginning of the year used the doctor at a French university hospital VR during a surgical procedure to surgically remove a brain tumor in a patient.By checking the patient saw and heard could the doctors stimulate different parts of the brain and all the time check that they not damaged the brain during the procedure.We went, among others, Japan, Puerto Rico, Iceland and California to capture the feeling of the first human experience on the earth.For Jessica Brillhart, it is important to put the effort in to get the technology to work on mobile devices.Therefore want Google to handset manufacturers have VR in mind when developing new models.
Remember the advice from grade school to ignore the bully?Helping people ignore abuse and harassment on Twitter appears to be the company s new strategy in the release of tools this week.The company said in a blog post that Twitter users can curtail the notifications they see on their phones to only people they follow on mobile and addition, they can turn on something called quality filter, which can improve the quality of Tweets you see by using a variety of signals, such as account origin and behavior.The changes come as Twitter has been under pressure to address the abuse some have experienced.A person can still be the target of abuse and harassment but by using the notification tool, they won t have to see it.Out of sight, out of mind.At least Twitter hopes so, is how Recode puts it.By turning on the quality filter, which uses software algorithms, a person can remove tweets from their timeline that contain threats, offensive or abusive language, duplicate content, or are sent from accounts that are suspicious or that you ve muted, the company says at the quality filter switch.The quality filter tool has been available to high-profile users, such as celebrities and media, for the past year.Twitter s decision to make it available to everyone is part of an effort by the company to show that it is taking seriously reports of harassment.Twitter has struggled with user and revenue growth.The perception that Twitter is haven for abuse hasn t helped the firm, as I wrote.
SD cards might be on the chopping block as their smaller siblings become the standard.But their usefulness is far from over if VirtualGimbal has a say in the matter.Identical in design to your average SD card, the secret features of the VirtualGimbal hide within the unsuspecting frame.In addition to capturing whatever video you re shooting, VirtualGimbal also captures the movement of your camera using an onboard gyroscope.First seen at Maker Faire Tokyo, VirtualGimbal isn t the first external means of recording camera movement to compensate for shake in post-production — the most notable device that comes to mind is the SteadXP — but it s certainly the smallest and most innovative method of achieving stabilized footage we ve seen.Its creator, Yoshiaki Sato, explained the device to PetaPixel, saying VirtualGimbal is a MicroSD-to-SD adapter that contains a 3-axis gyro sensor.
Exercise your brain with this series of fun and challenging mind games.You ll need a strong vocabulary and have only 90 seconds to beat the clock.Think you ve played all the bubble popping games?This one s still hard to master.Pop bubbles with different colors for different points, but be warned — these colors change.Everyone ought to know how to tie a tie, right?
When visiting South Africa and experiencing the world s highest bungee jump there are a few things that go through your mind; none of them are related to the mobile phone in your pocket.Mairtin Farragher found this out the hard way after jumping off the Bloukran s Bridge in Cape Town.While he successfully managed to hold onto his GoPro at the other end of a selfie stick, it appears that his iPhone is all but gone after a fall that would all but certainly kill any consumer electronic device.Worse still, Farragher previously had the phone stolen on a trip to Italy earlier this year.In that incident, the police helped him to recover it.They weren t as interested.
Vampire TV shows are nothing new.But, if Rob Thomas has his way, he s going to do something very new with The Lost Boys.The CW just revealed it has acquired a show based on the hit 1987 film that ll explore what it means to be immortal.According to Deadline, Thomas who did Veronica Mars and iZombie has a vision for the show that spans seven seasons.Each season would be set in a different decade with everything, except the Lost Boys characters, completely changed.They re immortal vampires, after all.
Rumours are flying that astronomers at the European Southern Observatory have discovered an Earth-like exoplanet in the habitable zone of Proxima Centauri, our nearest neighbouring star.If confirmed, this is undeniably one of the biggest astronomical discoveries of the century.And here s the really mind-boggling part: we might actually be able to visit Proxima Centauri within a generation, thanks to Yuri Milner s Breakthrough Starshot initiative.The tantalising rumour was first reported on August 12th by Der Spiegel, a German weekly publication.Citing an unnamed source involved with the La Silla Observatory research team who made the discovery, the magazine states that the planet is believed to be Earth-like and orbits at a distance to Proxima Centauri that could allow it to have liquid water on its surface—an important requirement for the emergence of life.According to Der Spiegel s unnamed informant, the ESO will make a formal announcement about the planet at the end of the month.
Taking a break from the workaday world can restore spirit and mind.Denis suggested setting reasonable parameters for the kind of work you d like to do during this time.Promising yourself to bookend the trip with in-flight working sessions might be all that s needed to clear the mind for a laptop-free vacation.American Airlines offers Wi-Fi on nearly all flights within the United States, according to the company, including many regional jets.United passengers can check the same webpage that provides arrival and departure information.You can buy an all-day internet pass on many American Airlines domestic flights for $16; an all-month pass is $50.
Even though Jerry Seinfeld appeared in a few forgettable Microsoft ads with Bill Gates, it s never been any secret that the famed comedian is an Apple guy through and through.In fact, one piece of trivia that hardcore Seinfeld fans likely already know is that a Mac can be seen in nearly every episode of the show, more often than not in Jerry s apartment on his desk.With that in mind, some gentle genius decided to put together a virtual tour of Jerry s Mac, which was typically a Mac SE/30 model.In later years, Jerry was prone to using a PowerBook Duo and Apple s ill-fated 20th Anniversary Mac.All that said, if you hop on over to Extremelygoodshit and click on the View Issue Two link in the middle of the page, you ll be magically transported to the screen of Jerry s Mac, running System 7 and all.DON T MISS: T-Mobile kills data plans and goes all in on unlimited data