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Networked storage specialist Synology has announced the launch of an upgraded four-bay network attached storage NAS box for the home, the DS416play, with improved performance over its predecessors.Based on the DS216play but offering four drive bays instead of two, the DS416play includes a 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Celeron N3060 with 2.48GHz Burst Mode support, 1GB of DDR3, and two gigabit Ethernet ports which can be configured in failover or link-aggregation mode - the latter giving it 2Gb/s of bandwidth to the switch.Cooled by a pair of 92mm fans in the rear, Synology claims that the new model offers a mere 19.4 dB A noise level and draws 29W during hard drive access and 12.5W when the drives are asleep - though this figure will naturally vary depending on the quantity and type of drives you install.For the play-suffix functionality, the CPU includes a hardware transcoding engine supporting transcode of H.264, MPEG-2 and VC-4 at up to 4K30 resolution.As always, the NAS runs Synology's Linux-based DiskStation Manager DSM operating system.Details on the device are available from Synology's official website, with UK pricing yet to be confirmed - but expect to pay a small premium over the earlier DS415play.
This move eliminates the need to run a server or NAS box in addition to streaming client devices and will deliver superior real-time transcoding abilities for cord-cutting enthusiasts.More recently, Plex added "channels" for online video from sources such as The Comedy Channel and and the Food Network that enable its client apps to play content that wouldn't otherwise be available on the client device a Roku box or Amazon Fire TV, for instance .But the requirement to have both a home server or NAS box on your network plus a media streamer like a Roku box to deliver the stream to your entertainment center or mobile device, has limited Plex s appeal to the enthusiast crowd.That could change later this month when Nvidia s Shield Android TV gains the ability to run Plex Media Server.What s more, the Shield will also be able to support multiple media streams so that more than one playback device on the network will be able to tap into Plex.The update will come via a firmware update due to be delivered to Shield owners later this month.This is a good move for Nvidia, too, since it will make the Nvidia Shield more appealing to cord cutters.
Well, they re all topics of questions I examine in this week s column.Unavailable musicQ: I have about 100 songs in my iTunes library that show an iCloud status of No longer available.However, these are not songs I added from Apple Music; they are all either ripped from CDs or purchased from iTunes, and I have all the non-DRM files on my Mac.There are a number of possible iCloud Status labels in iTunes.If you launch iTunes before the NAS network-attached storage device is mounted, iTunes doesn t see it, and switches its default media folder location to the Music folder in your home folder.And if you do see that the NAS is no longer visible in the Finder, check iTunes Advanced preferences to see where the iTunes Media folder is currently being stored.
The earlier is a follow up to Western Digital My Passport Wireless released in 2014.The storage maker claims users will be able to access the drive for 10 straight hours or use the onboard cells to recharge other devices.Western Digital is also pushing the My Passport Wireless Pro as the perfect, portable Plex server and able to stream HD content to four computers at the same time.As such, it supports up to 32TB of storage for backing up data stored locally or any external media you plug in.Users can also use the NAS to work on files in real time including 4K video content.Read this before you buy an SSD
WD's Pro Series includes from left to right the new My Passport Wireless Pro, My Cloud Pro two-bay , and My Cloud Pro four-bay .The wireless functionality itself received quite the upgrade as well, moving up to 802.11ac from the 2 2 N protocol of the original model.The My Passport Wireless Pro weighs in at roughly a pound, while measuring 5 x 5 x 1 inches.In related news, WD also announced the new My Cloud Pro Series of network-attached storage NAS drive.Like the My Passport Wireless Pro, the My Cloud Pro is part of the WD Pro series and it s also designed with creatives in mind, but NAS drives are meant to stay put in a home or office, of course.The drive is also smart enough to know what files have already been backed up, saving you the trouble of dealing with duplicates.
These include SD cards, USB thumb drives, DVD or Blu-ray discs, external hard drives, NAS Network Attached Storage boxes, and online cloud services.As a Mac user, you will want AirPlay support.During that time, many other services have disappeared, such as Everpix, or changed the way they work, often for the worse.I don t have the space to go into all of them here.However, I suggest you open folders for each year 2013, 2014, 2015 etc and then sub-folders for each month or each quarter.Once you have a logical, expandable structure in place, you can use software to catalogue your photos and make individual pictures easier to find.
The company has officially launched its low-cost B2 storage serviceA B2 logo made out of Backblaze's storage pods.It now has a service level agreement guaranteeing 99.9 percent uptime for all data stored within it, matching the baseline offerings from Amazon Web Services S3 and Microsoft Azure s Blob Storage service.It's similar to a service that Backblaze already offers customers of its cloud backup service, which allows them to get files from their computer mailed to them in the event they need physical access to that information.New NAS models from Synology will be able to back themselves up to B2, and the storage hardware company will be updating many of its recent storage devices to support that capability, too.Looking towards the future, Budman said that Backblaze is looking to launch another data center in California, near its existing facility.In his view, companies will still end up saving money by storing one copy of their information with B2 in Backblaze s California data center and storing another copy in another storage service like Amazon S3.
If you re not in the habit of regularly backing up your data, do it now.Cloud storage company Backblaze has made it even easier with insanely cheap storage space that you can connect directly to your NAS and more.The service works similar to Amazon Glacier for half the price.B2 is aimed at developers, even including an API that allows you to backup files and folders with the command line.However, you can also use it to connect to your NAS storage as the video above demonstrates to keep a secure copy of all your files off-site.Downloading your data again costs $0.05 per GB, which means you won t want to use this to replace your Dropbox any time soon.
Server support for Nvidia s Shield Android TV box is the first step towards a more mainstream product.But as PC sales decline, and NAS boxes become less necessary in the age of cheap cloud storage, Plex has been looking for ways to make its service more mainstream.With the Nvidia Shield Android TV, Plex has its first attempt at a solution: The $200 streaming video and gaming box now functions as a Plex server, so you can load it up with movies, TV shows, music, and photos, and then beam those files to other devices phones, tablets, other TVs across your local Wi-Fi network.The Shield-based server is very much a version 1.0 product, so existing Plex users shouldn t rush to undo their desktop setups.By default, Plex searches for content from the Shield s default media folders; if you want to add or change folders, you must do so through the website on another device.Same goes for adjusting granular settings such as transcode quality.
Elastic File System – not a geek rock band, a new storage service from AmazonAmazon Web Services announced Amazon Elastic File System Amazon EFS , a fully managed service that makes it easy to set up and scale file storage in the AWS Cloud.Amazon EFS is designed to support a broad range of file workloads - from big data analytics, media processing, and genomics analysis that are massively parallelized and require high levels of throughput, to latency-sensitive use cases such as content management, home directory storage, and web serving.Today, companies of all sizes are moving their critical workloads to the AWS Cloud.Many of these workloads depend on Network Attached Storage NAS .When mounted to Amazon EC2 instances, an Amazon EFS file system provides a standard file system interface and file system semantics, allowing customers to seamlessly integrate Amazon EFS with their existing applications and tools.
What is the Buffalo LinkStation 520D?As NAS systems go, the Buffalo LinkStation 520D is pretty small, packing in a pair of 3.5-inch hard disks with capacities ranging from 2TB to 8TB.It s sold in configurations with hard disks pre-installed, and in a version without disks called the LinkStation 520DE.While a NAS sold with disks pre-installed might be somewhat restrictive, and therefore push the more technically minded towards the diskless unit, opting for the former means you can be up and running as soon as power and ethernet has been connected – certainly a benefit for users who want network file storage with minimal fuss.With a seemingly endless chain of products catering for all price ranges, the company has done a great job of capturing much of the NAS market.In particular, Synology s software receives generous praise from reviewers.
Hard drive maker Seagate is pushing the limits of rotating storage yet again by releasing the world's largest consumer hard drive at 10TB of storage.Although most users may not need 10TB of storage, it's nice to have a drive with more than enough space to house all the 40 megapixel photos, 4K videos and 60GB games you'll undoubtedly accumulate in the future.Seagate's BarraCuda Pro 10TB desktop drive spins at 7200 RPM and offers a 220 MBps sustained transfer rate.The BarraCuda Pro will cost a whopping $535 about £409, AU$713 , though the street price should be a bit lower.Seagate also has a 10TB drive aimed at network attached storage NAS devices called IronWolf.These drives are different from the BarraCuda drives by providing rotational vibration sensors to combat the intense vibration from having multiple drives in a server rack or NAS box.
If you re reading that, then by some miracle, all my editors laughed instead of cringed, and I can now safely relate to you what Roon Server is all about, and why you might want it.They differ from that concept in that they're generally headless--meaning you don't connect a monitor to them; instead, you administer a NAS box remotely from another computer via a web browser.NAS boxes are also comparatively small.Easy remote access and small size make them pretty much the perfect, hide-and-forget media-streaming devices.It s an expensive proposition if you don t, especially if you go for Roon s recommended configuration of a Core i3/i5 with 4GB of system memory.In that case, you re talking about a budget of at least $1000, and that s before you populate the box with drives.
Plenty of home-theater enthusiasts rely on Plex to organize and stream their digital video collections, but the service is also a great way to manage and stream your music collection as well, and today it just got a little bit better.Plex users can now browse and play their music collections to their Sonos multiroom audio systems, the company announced in a blog post Wednesday.This is thanks to a new Plex service that is currently available for Sonos users via the Sonos Labs platform.If you re new to Plex, it s available as a free download and can run on a computer or a network attached storage device NAS .The free version of the app will automatically organize your music collection via metadata, but Plex Pass subscribers get an extra bonus: audio fingerprinting — the same technology behind iTunes Match — will be used for even better automatic organization.Plex for Sonos is currently available as a public beta, which you ll need to join if you want to get started using the new Sonos service.
PRIZE: Want to win a NAS unit for your network?Enter our competition to win a Buffallo LS 510!It s competition time again.Last time, we invited you to enter our prize draw for NFL tickets at Wembley, but this time we re offering you something a bit more practical but no less valuable.Our friends at Buffalo Technologies are offering readers a chance to win a LinkStation 510 Network Attached Storage NAS system.The LS510 makes intensive data storage tasks and backups easy, providing access to files across a network.
Seagate has added three new 10TB helium drives, simultaneously re-branding its desktop/laptop disk and SSHDs, NAS and surveillance drive products in a complicated scheme involving disparate drive technologies.It introduced its first helium drive, the 7-platter 10TB Enterprise Capacity disk drive, in January.You'll need to concentrate so pay attention; there is a topline Guardian Series brand with three component brands; a resurrected BarraCuda with IronWolf and SkyHawk.It has a FireCuda sub-brand featuring go-faster flash caches.Here are the speeds and feeds;BarraCuda 2.5-inch laptop and external storage drive
Storage vendor Synology this morning announced the availability of two additions to its rack-mounted storage appliance lineup: the 1U RS816, which has room for four internal disks, and the 2U RS3617xs, with 12 internal drive bays and up to 36 disks with additional enclosures.Although it has been a while since we last did a review, Synology s network attached storage NAS devices are pretty popular with Ars staff and readers.But these new rackmount offerings are meant for data centers, not home server closets—not unless you re the kind of person with a 19" rack at home and we know you folks are out there!The 1U RS816 has a Marvel Armada dual-core CPU and a gigabyte of RAM on board, as well as a pair of gigabit Ethernet ports; the bigger RS3617xs uses a quad-core Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 CPU and comes with 4GB of ECC RAM and four gigabit Ethernet ports.The RS3617xs also has a pair of PCIe 3.0 8-lane slots which can each be filled by a 10Gbps Ethernet card.On the low end, the RS816 lets you chop up your disks into a number of different redundancy schemes, including RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10, and also Synology s proprietary Synology Hybrid RAID containerized format which lets you mix and match different sized disks without sacrificing as much space as with standard RAID layouts .
SanDisk's 'Connect Wireless Stick' is made for mobile, but we've bent it to become a 'Campfire NAS'The SanDisk Connect Wireless StickRoad test Last week Vulture South got its hands on an intriguing SanDisk product called the Connect Wireless Stick .The idea is that you'll download an app, then load up the stick with music and movies so that you and your pals can entertain yourselves without having to burn through download allowances.Doing so also charges the device's battery, which can broadcast WiFi for about four hours.Which got your correspondent wondering if it could also work as a file server for PCs if permanently plugged in to a power source.
If you want a high-quality network attached storage NAS solution, you know the one name you should be looking for: Drobo.The company is known far and wide for its fantastic high-quality NAS products, and one of its best affordable solutions is currently on sale on Amazon.Today only, you can pick up an expandable Drobo 5N 2TB NAS with 5 bays and support for up to 64GB for just $549.00.That s more than $150 in savings, but this sale ends soon so don t delay.Highly scalable network storage array.Battery-backed memory to protect against power interruptions with built in internal power supply