the Empty premises increased in Finland.booth's branches, changing the pace open plan offices and many state offices.the metropolitan area office vacancy rate rose in the spring a new record high of 13%.Finland's largest office space broker Catella Property estimates that the premises vacancy rates accelerated from two directions: construction of new growth and office of the use case will be reduced.over the past Four years, office space in use has decreased in the helsinki metropolitan area about 200 000 square meter.Companies, however, want to change to modern buildings, so at the same time has completed more than 300 000 square meters of new office space.
the General unemployment fund YTK praises plans for YOU-the offices of the delegation of the Coil and the unemployment fund.TE-office tasks are the decision of the government transferred to provincial responsibility.the Work and ministry task force released Thursday the report, which, according to YOU-the office belonging to the unemployment security and job alternation leave system, the implementation of the related tasks can be transferred to the unemployment funds and kela for the year 2018 from the the Same time the TE office to provide a binding labour policy statement can be waived, told the trade magazine on Thursday.the working Group to strengthen government policy also means that the current ELY centres and TE offices abolished.However, the TE office from remaining in employment related to the tasks that the policies of the government according to the transferred to the provinces for treatment, for example, the purchase service.
p Wildlife may now be thriving in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, but it's not always been so scenic.After the 1986 nuclear reactor disaster, the area was completely deserted, leaving buildings empty and in disrepair.Now, a VR tour allows you to experience the before and after of the disaster.The Chernobyl VR Project, developed by Polish games company The Farm 51, is the "first ever virtual tour of Chernobyl and Pripyat intended for VR devices".The project was filmed using high-resolution stereoscopic cameras and includes shots from inside houses, amusement parks and offices.The Farm 51 team say the project is intended to "tell the story" of the victims of the disaster.
The investor Nicolai Wadström traveling money to the venture capital company Bootstrap Labs next fund. Today Bootstrap Labs total of 18 employees, four full-time experts and advisors part time. The basic idea is still alive, it is useful to combine human capital with venture capital, says Nicolai Wadström. We aggregate massive amounts of data in the world. Nicolai Wadström think it will be a good investment fall, also in the correction of the market that has taken place in the spring. Many other US companies have also opened offices in the valley to get closer and buy into various startup companies.
Yesterday Runa Capital, a venture investment firm operating globally from its offices in Moscow, London and San Francisco, announced that it has closed its second fund, Runa Capital Fund II, having raised $135 million.As a result, Runa has $270 million under management, taking into account its first fund, which also amounted to $135 million.The firm declined to disclose any information about the new fund s backers.Focusing on Series A and B investments in the USA and Europe, Runa Capital Fund II targets companies with high ambitions on the global market, essentially in the fields of complex enterprise software and cloud applications, education, public services, finance and health.The new fund logically follows our development over the past years,  said Dmitry Chikhachev, Managing Partner at Runa Capital.We will support those who aim to gain significant shares on highly competitive markets.Runa Capital Fund II — which began operating two years ago — has already made 13 investments, coming in addition to the first fund s 30 portfolio companies.Launched in 2010 by Sergei Beloussov, Ilya Zybarev and Dmitry Chikhachev, Runa Capital I initially focused on Russia.The fund progressively expanded its scope to investing globally, following a strong invest-abroad trend among Russian venture capitalists.Over the past few years Runa — which Dow Jones Venture Source ranked among the top three European funds in 2015 — has invested significantly in Californian and Western European startups.Most recently, Runa led a $5.6 million round for SchoolMint, a leading provider of mobile and online enrollment systems for US public, charter and private schools.
Printer Ink Refill KitsIt s crazy to think how reliant we still are on printed documents in the digital age.We recently told readers how to save 90% or even more when buying replacement ink cartridges for your printer, and we received a tremendous amount of positive feedback after running that article.DON T MISS: This hidden iPhone trick just became my new favorite featureAimed at consumers and people with home offices, Brother s new MFC-J985DW and MFC-J985DW XL bring the price of entry to its INKvestment line down under $300 for the first time ever.The former costs just $199 and prints black pages for less than a penny per page, while the latter runs $299 and can print for up to two years before you have to purchase additional ink cartridges.Here are some key details about these two new models: Regardless of brand of ownership, SoHo customers haven t been shy with expressing their feelings about the price of ink and cartridge yields Brother marketing boss Phil Lubell said.The MFC-J985DW and MFC-J985DW XL are both available for purchase beginning immediately from leading retailers including Amazon, and we all know what to do with our old printers…Thanks to the sharing economy, living in five different cities in five years has never been more doable.
Executives at restaurant food delivery startup Deliveroo may have felt a chill down their spine on Tuesday as Amazon announced tentative steps to move in on their territory by launching a restaurant food delivery service over the pond in Manhattan, New York.Deliveroo is arguably the best-known restaurant food delivery company in the UK but one of the startup's early employees is aware that there are other companies eyeing up the space it operates in.Last Wednesday, before Amazon announced it was going to deliver food from 350 eateries across Manhattan, Dan Warne, Deliveroo's managing director for the UK and Ireland, told Business Insider: "I m sure there will be some much bigger fish who consider entering the market at some point.But we feel we re in a very good position."Deliveroo, founded by former investment banker Will Shu and Greg Orlowski in 2012, pays a fleet of riders to pick up food from restaurants and deliver it to customers at their homes and offices."Restaurants don t necessarily have a back entrance to handle drivers or a second kitchen to handle deliveries," explained Warne.Warne said Deliveroo plans to put the RooBoxes in areas where there isn t necessarily high footfall.Tommi's first started using the RooBox in February.Tommi's manager Robert Magnusson told Business Insider that the RooBox has allowed Tommi's to test new markets and expand with low financial risk and overheads.The results of the test will be based around how drivers feedback on it.
Bhavin TurakhiaThe most successful companies are built on great people, and how well they are able to hold on to good talent.Startup cultures are defined by the leadership of a company and the people that work for organisations.Also Read: How to find the right business partner for your startupCompanies slowly adopt the collective conscience of their leadership, and so in a sense, they become an extension of the personalities of their founders.Competitive founders tend to birth startups that are progressive, and CEOs that tend to take time over-analysing data to come to decisions will probably create slower moving organisations.A startup s culture in the early days becomes its guidebook, and eventually grows to represent the identity by which it is perceived.A recent Forbes article that summarised the findings of an employee engagement study conducted by Tinypulse hypothesised that  employees who give their work culture low marks are nearly 15 per cent more likely to think about a new job than their counterparts.The knowledge that you are changing the world, or creating something that is potentially earth shattering is profound.Also Read: The trick to attracting Millennials to your startup brandFor good talent, it s the reason why they will wake up to come to work every morning.Another aspect to this is adopting a flat organisational structure — flat structures are more conducive to ideation, discussion, and rapid development and execution, which is exactly what startups need.Perks and the WorksThis comprises the likes of flexible work hours and vacation days, no dress code, free food, an ever buzzing workspace et al., a global investment firm with offices across Europe, the Americas, and Asia, has announced a new $150 million fund targeting early-stage European startups.Founded in 1998 as BV Capital, the organization unified its various international funds under one umbrella back in 2012, when it rebranded as, the firm says it manages more than $1 billion and has some notable names in its portfolio, including App Annie, Sonos, Groupon, Azimo, and Delicious.In addition to the new $150 million fund, will draw on a $290 million pot to begin making growth investments across Europe, with the plan to accompany entrepreneurs through the full investment life cycle, it said.Our willingness to explore every corner of the continent and provide operational support to the businesses we invest in increases the potential of our also announced that it s adding a new partner — Bernardo Hernández, who founded real estate listing platform and has also served as senior director of product at Google and general manager at Flickr.Hernández isn t new to the investment realm either, having previously started StepOne Ventures in San Francisco back in 2008, a firm geared toward helping European startups hit the U.S. latest fund is just one of many to arrive on the scene in recent times.Notion Capital introduced a $120 million fund for cloud startups last year, while Lakestar launched a $400 million fund for both European and U.S. startups.More recently, Index Ventures closed a fresh $550 million fund for seed and venture investments in Europe, the U.S., and Israel; Accel unfurled $500 million for Europe and Israel; a Chinese investment vehicle announced $715 million to help European startups target China; and just this week, Runa Capital raised a $135 million fund for later-stage U.S. and European startups.
Bill Shorten has questioned the raids on Labor offices but the government says the Australian federal police acts independently.Photograph: Mick Tsikas/EPASound, sound the clarion, fill the fife, throughout the sensual world proclaim: It s Friday!The big pictureThe dominant story of the day, by far, is the Australian federal police raid of Labor MP Stephen Conroy s parliamentary offices along with a house in Brunswick and a office relating to a staffer of opposition communications spokesman Jason Clare.The AFP has confirmed the raids and released a statement saying the matter was first referred in December.Dad works away a lot during the week so I am looking for an extra pair of hands around the place to entertain the lads and help with cooking and general domestic duties.Once she did though, the results were illuminating.
ThoughtSpot, a search-driven analytics service for enterprise, announced today that it snagged a $50 million investment led by General Catalyst Partners.Based in Palo Alto, California, the business intelligence startup just opened offices in London.The company said it will use the latest funds to fuel technology advancement and further global expansion.The businesses of the future will not wait days or weeks for reports to be built.And the analytics teams of the future will no longer be report factories, said ThoughtSpot s CEO, Ajeet Singh.We create a win-win scenario for both groups — business people get data instantly to make decisions, while analytics teams can focus on more advanced analyses.Geodesic Capital and existing investors Lightspeed Ventures and Khosla Ventures also participated in the round.The series C round brings ThoughtSpot s funds to at least $90 million.
The Australian Federal Police AFP has searched the offices of Senator Stephen Conroy, the former Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.Shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus has issued a statement about the raid on Conroy's office.Shadow AG Mark Dreyfus has released a statement regarding the AFP raids on ALP Senator's [email protected] auspol— David Sharaz @DavidSharaz May 19, 2016Conroy has been a vocal critic of the decision to change Australia's National Broadband Network NBN from the universal fibre-to-the-premises FTTP plan he implemented to the current government's multi-technology-mix MTM .As a member of the Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network, Conroy has made sometimes-strident comments regarding the MTM and the carriage of the MTM.The mere hint of possible criminal actions conducted by senior opposition figures will sway some voters.
Photo: Dado Ruvic / Reuters HMD Global's representative, according to a Nokia phone brand behind the investor do not belong to the ranks of Nokia and Foxconn. Nokia phones in the future to develop the Finnish company Oy HMD Global financial background and have raised questions. The company's headquarters will be in Helsinki, but it will also offices in the UK, the United Arab Emirates and China, with a particular focus on co-production with Foxconn. HMD's employees will be kept relatively low. The deal included the Foxconn are transferred to the former factory of Nokia in Hanoi, Vietnam. Brunswick representative, Barililla had a great role in the arrangement, which Foxconn came once a manufacturer of Nokia phones.
But you'll need a new phone to do itGoogle's VR entry screenGoogle I/O 2016 Google has been outlining plans for kickstarting its virtual reality portfolio this year, including new hardware, software tools, and developer support.Unlike Facebook's Oculus platform, which requires a high-end PC to crunch the code, Google thinks that you can get a perfectly decent VR experience just using a smartphone, like Samsung's Gear VR setup.Clay Bavor, Google's VP of VR, said the Chocolate Factory was going to be building its own Android N smartphones to use for virtual reality, but other manufacturers have also promised hardware, he said, including Chinese firm Xiaomi.To help developers write for the platform, Google has set up a Daydream Labs project to put up sample code, and is currently churning out two apps a week and making them available to coders.As for integration, Bavor said that users of the Unreal engine can get coding for Daydream right away, while Unity Technology developers will get native integration this summer, although there's a plugin available now so coders can get to work.The Play Store will also have a rating for "Motion" on apps capable of VR.
The United States of letters and packages are subject to the home six times a week. Kaija Ahtela, Belgium Bpost Belgian Post Office is a public company. Antti Basswood Power, Sweden Swedish Post, Posten AB, the predecessor of the state-run Posteverket was incorporated in 1994. In spite of the reforms in post offices is old-fashioned atmosphere, while pensioners queuing for their pensions and are loud in dialogue with other officials and those queuing. Private delivery services is a lot, but they do not compete directly in the distribution of letters. Many customers, especially newspaper houses are suivaantuneita that the mail comes in many places still later, even after six in the evening.
EXCLUSIVE: Salesforce bets on diversity boost appeal to UK tech workers over GoogleSalesforce is on a mission to be seen as a better employer than Google in the UK, and thinks that its focus on diversity can help achieve that, according to internal documents seen by TechWeekEurope.The memo also suggests that Salesforce s own offices may be better than Google s London headquarters, and head and shoulders above other companies.The company will increase the number of floors it occupies at the 110 Bishopsgate skyscraper to 10 floors, up from four, according to Business Insider.DiversityThe memo s mention of diversity taps into the current global push for equality in the technology space.Whilst Google publicly released its diversity report late last year, Salesforce actually featured in Fortune s 50 best workplaces for diversity survey in 2015.Marc Benioff Dreamforce 2012This is all alongside CEO Marc Benioff s passionate supporting of LGBQT rights, and his vehement opposition to the US state of Georgia s anti-LGBTQ bill.
At its core it's a simple recipe - water, milk, tea, and spices - but the preparation process can be a chore.Coffee machines that foam milk are designed to take it to around 65-degrees, far less than what real chai requires.The brewing process is similar to a super-automatic coffee machine.Since every family has its own favorite chai recipe, however, you're also free to add your own spices and extras.Chime has had prototypes in a number of offices - including with Google and Adobe - and Chawla says the feedback has been strongly positive.Chawla expects offices to be a particularly strong market, where basically Chime has no automated competition for chai.
At 12:04 p.m., Menlo Park Fire Protection District firefighters were called to the west lobby of Building 20, which contains the main offices of Facebook's Frank Gehry-designed west campus, according to a news release.File photo: Pedestrian traffic fills the "Main Street" of Facebook's spacious campus.Karl Mondon/staff archives Karl Mondon "The people in the elevator were getting a little anxious because of the situation which was amplified by an audible alarm, so we used the Jaws of Life to force the elevator door open which pretty much destroyed the door," Battalion Chief Ben Marra said in the release."The buildings at Facebook are up to code and we maintain active permits registered with the state of California."We would usually do an elevator rescue in older buildings with antiquated ... elevators," Schapelhouman told The Daily News."The tool we used to break people out was purchased with Facebook money," he said, adding that the equipment was purchased through Facebook development impact fees.
Computers have transformed our desks — and not necessarily for the better.Where previously workers had great stacks of paper and overflowing filing cabinets surrounding them, many offices are now going completely paper-free.But replacing this clutter is near-infinite quantities of digital junk: Thousands of virtual folders containing every file you ever forgot you downloaded, quietly taking up space.Three years-worth of old expense reports?Obsolete induction guides for offices you no longer work in?That hour-long video of the disastrous company all-hands meeting last year?It's all in your laptop somewhere, almost impossible to find and delete.Luckily, there are apps out there that are a godsend for helping you map your hard drive so you can figure out what's taking up so much space.My favourite for Macs running OS X is called GrandPerspective, and it's free to download and use.Here's how it works.View As: One PageSlides
Mr Zuckerberg is betting heavily on virtual reality as one of the next great technological leaps, and its development in London marks the capital as a key location in the growing industry.Last year, Facebook bought a British virtual reality start-up, Surreal Vision, although its team was moved to the Oculus office in Redmond, Washington.The Oculus team in the UK is led by Mike LeBeau, a former senior engineer at Google who founded the company s voice search software and moved to London to join Oculus in January.The company, which was founded by Palmer Luckey, a technology prodigy who built a prototype Oculus headset at 18, now has offices in six US cities as well as posts in Hong Kong and Seoul.Facebook, Google and Sony are rushing to bring virtual reality into the mainstream, building devices and software that can transport users to immersive digital worlds.Mr Zuckerberg has said he sees a world in which people on other sides of the world use virtual reality to feel as if they are in the same room, although he expects it to take years to enter the mainstream.