A statistical report indicates that online tutoring is a $132 million market and is estimated to grow at an annual rate of 6%.The industry is turning out to be lucrative and many entrepreneurs are interested in starting a venture in it.Jumping into the online tutoring pool with an app is an easy way to reach a large number of audience.Are you someone who wishes to make a venture in this industry and looking for an app development company to help you with the same?AppDupe, a pioneer in app development offers Uber for Tutoring service app with multiple features such as,Tutors’ Availability ToggleTutors can choose their availability via this option and choose the coach the students in the free hours.Schedule AppointmentStudents can schedule their appointment with the nearest tutor at any time.They can also cancel the services.
Startups are the face of the app industry.According to a survey, it is seen that users spend around 90% of their total time using Smartphone applications.If we go by stats, then the best place to invest is on-demand apps.Further, it is expected that the revenue earned from the industry of on-demand apps would reach to $335 billion by 2025.Being a fresh start-up, it won't be a surprise if you are short of money and time.Using Uber clone to deploy an app helps start-up geeks commence their own business.
There are numerous ride hailing apps but only a few reached that level which have the capability to disrupt the market by providing exceptional services.Yes, It's Bolt (formerly Taxify) - online cab booking app which is successfully going well as a rival of Uber in 30 countries and 50 cities in Africa, North America, West Asia, Europe, and Australia.Estonian based taxi dispatch software founded by Markus Villig in 2013 with a single mission to build easier and faster urban transportation.Using this online taxi service, customers can easily request for a taxi, electric scooter, and private driver for their planned journeys.Being a Uber rival, Bolt is disrupting the market tremendously by a recent report which shows that more than 500,000 drivers are using this online cab booking system to serve 25 million customers globally.With this burgeoning success of Bolt (Taxify), every taxi/cab business owner wants to get on demand apps solution for their enterprise by investing the money to build an app like bolt or app like taxify.
Grocery apps like Instacart is a household name. If you are inspired by Instacart and aspire to develop your own grocery app, this is THE GUIDE  you need to read to create an app like instacart 
The latest technologies shaken the taxi booking industry to the greater extent and now hailing the taxi is extremely easy with the latest taxi booking business model. Uber plays a vital role to change the taxi booking industries with its amazing features. The prime benefit of launching a taxi booking business is to help entrepreneurs to reach and extend their business wisely. Let’s see what are the features completely changed the taxi booking industry with its advancement. Latest Techniques To Connect Driver & Rider Rapidly: Uber clone script should help to connect the nearby drivers with the needy customers without delay. No Interruption While Tracking Checking the availability and tracking the car near the rider’s location should be simple & easy with the facilities available in clone script.
Uber has given us a On-Demand platform which can be adapted for different verticals. Uber disrupted the service market on a vast scale and made on-demand service in new trend. The taxi booking app script can be customized to match your requirements in cost effective manner. Before starting to built an app, it is very much important to check whether the following features are available in the app Features of Rider App: Register/Login Page: Rider can directly register via email and social media from their mobile app and can Login using the credentials later. Push Notification: Riders get instant notification of the booking request, driver arival details, payment details,etc,.. Trip History: Driver can view the trip history which has the details about their present and previous trips. Ratings and Reviews: To share the feedback, they can rate the driver and give the textual review about their trip with star rating.