Shipment of goods is a larger domain of work that takes place behind the functioning of many businesses.Availing logistics support is a hassled task.The trouble of following up with the truck bookings and keeping track of it while also running a full-fledged business is quite exhausting.To avail quicker and easier logistics solutions, on-demand logistics app like porter have paved the way.They work in a simple way in which 1.The user logs in with their details like contact information and their location details.2.After completing the login process, the users can search for the truck based on the size and quantity of the goods they want to ship, price, and location of the truck.3.Once the user decides on the truck, they can request the same in the app, and the truck will be dispatched for the customer’s service.4.The driver reaches the user’s place using the GPS feature, and the user can also track the driver using it.5.
Lynk offers an efficient and smooth service in transporting large quantities of goods.As of 2019 Lynk app has received a revenue of ₹15 crores.Developing an on-demand moving services for your truck services can be smart to gain customers back to back.Advantages of using a truck booking app1) Easier to get a reach among the customers than the traditional way of a word to word marketing.2)It is comfortable for the customers to book a truck right from the comfort of their home.3) The customers can also live-track the truck they reserved.It helps to avoid the panic of the uncertainty of the truck arriving on time.4) It is easier for entrepreneurs to monitor the whole business from a single platform 5)The ratings and feedback from the customer help to improvise and update the app.Instead of developing a new app for your truck business, the Lynk clone app can be used.Benefits of using Lynk clone app1)It is highly customizable and allows you to change themes, icons, UI as per your business needs.
With every service sector undergoing Uberization, business people are finding it attainable to expand their business operations and reach a large segment of the audience.Join the thriving industry by developing an on-demand application for your trucking business.Once you have a truck booking app to help your users avail your service with convenience, you will see steady growth in your revenue.Never delay a minute and jump into the app development right away.Below you will find a few steps on how to go about the development of your on-demand delivery booking app.Step 1: Decide on the business modelYou can either build an app for your own trucking business or act as an online marketplace to connect people looking for trucking services with people offering it.Based on this factor, features and functionalities are subject to change.Step 2: Find a professional app development companyIt is suggested to go for an app development company rather than choosing a freelance developer.Also, ensure the app development company you select will provide top-notch service as developing an advanced and powerful app is the base to run a successful business.Step 3: In-depth analysisOnce you find a company that suits your needs, it is time to analyze your data.It will help you in coming up with an app that can gain you an edge over your competitors.Step 4: Work on the features and functionalitiesFeatures are the crucial elements of an app, So, ensure to include as many features as possible for its seamless functioning.
GoGoVan is a logistics service provider that connects truck drivers and customers for transporting goods and other services.The on-demand truck booking app offers customers the option to select the required truck from a wide range of vehicle selection list available.The revenue has exceeded $1 billion, and they are planning to expand their market beyond the B2B sector.Features like real-time tracking should be included so that users can monitor their vehicles as per their convenience.App development processDeveloping an app like this requires a lot of planning and consolidation work.For these are the crucial phases of  GoGoVan clone app development:Product discovery: It involves deciding on the general layout of the app and its features.Also, the platform to be deployed is deciding here as each platform has its own set of rules for accepting the application.
The on-demand logistics app picks up goods from user locations and delivers them to final destinations without any hassles.It provides timely service, and users can also track the goods using the real-time tracking feature.Each app has features to suit its users.Features of customer applicationSet pickup & drop locationPush notificationsSend requestOnline paymentsLocate driversCheck historyGive reviews & ratingsGet insuranceFeatures of Admin applicationDashboard managementManage driversManage customersAccept / Reject review requestsAllocate tasks for the care teamManage wages & commissionsReporting & analysisFuel use verificationVehicle managementWeekly generation & statement reportsFeatures of the Driver applicationAccept and cancel ordersView daily & weekly earningsCheck order historyChange of availability statusReceive payment Factors to be considered while developing packers and movers applicationThe first thing, the app must have is an effective vehicle transportation tracking system.GPS assists applications to help users and keeps them updated with the location of the vehicle.Another essential feature is providing offers and discounts to users regularly.The admin should send an online invoice to the users after every transaction.Alerts should be sent to the users at every stage of the order processing.Another crucial aspect of packers and movers shifting services is the calculation of tariffs.
People need to transport goods across cities and states continually.For this, they need a reliable and timely service for transportation.Shortcomings of the traditional method include the unavailability of vehicles and trust issues.The On-demand delivery booking app overcomes these cons as only the experienced and skilled drivers are part of this app.Benefits of on-demand truck booking app:Timely service Convenient usageReal-time trackingDiscounts & offersQuick paymentsTransparent workingEntrepreneurs are aspiring to develop the gogovan clone app for their businesses after seeing the growth of the gogovan app.There are different factors to consider during the development of the truck booking app, like the business model to adopt, features to be included, and many more.The main factor to consider is the business expansion strategies like the owner should incorporate features such that it will be beneficial for the long haul.Gogovan clone app development has three separate applications that make it beneficial to use.User's App:RegistrationSearch for serviceBooking required truckPayment Transaction historyFeedbackAdmin's AppManage EarningsModify contentStatistics and analyticsDelivery agent's app:Navigation systemEarnings reportThe demand for these delivery apps is growing exponentially, so it is the right time to invest in these.
Our Lynk clone app solutions are customizable as per your business needs.The app is pre-loaded with all features needed for the smooth operation of your on-demand movers app business.We ensure the app is free from bugs and other discrepancies, so you do not face any technical glitches in the future.