German private equity firm 4K Invest's ownership moved Anttila of last July's bankruptcy threatens to become the company's hundreds of suppliers costly.Photo: PEKKA KARHUNEN/ALMA TALENT -ARCHIVESCredit insurers following concerned about the retail development.anttila's bankruptcy, however, was such a big shock that it has led many entrepreneurs to consider selling assets in the protection of future corporate restructuring or bankruptcy.the Company has been in Finland for hundreds of suppliers, many of which remain in the now without the money, Atradius Finnish manager Juhani Laitala says.Then we're late on the move when a company is in payment difficulties due to the protest list , Laitala said.
Even up to 65 per cent of finns experiencing collection agencies to increase the debtor's plight, told OK debt collection commissioned by the survey.a Particularly negative view of debt collection agencies were interviewed of the respondents of those respondents who had faced some degree of payment difficulties.the Collection on respondents, 81% experience collection agencies to increase distress.the Corresponding figure for enforcement of the displaced respondents with 94%.of All respondents, 71% were of the opinion that the debt collection agency are primarily the creditor's side.”the Idea of a collection agency of kiskureille sitting in the minds of people strictly.