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For instance, when looking to purchase a new car, many people strictly limited their online searches to car reviews but didn’t investigate the possibility of also finding an online lender to help finance their purchase.This can be a huge time saver, and you can even use advanced search tools that will allow you to filter loans by type, rate and terms.Online lenders, on the other hand, have specially designed software that analyzes the risk factors of potential borrowers, checks their information and provides a decision quickly, sometimes within just a few minutes.Immediate FundingBrick-and-mortar lending companies are not only slow to evaluate your application, but they can also tend to take their time getting the money to you once you’ve been approved.Online operations are designed to expedite these transactions, and will generally give you access to your funds quicker, often the same day itself.Lower minimum amountsWhen compared to traditional brick-and-mortar institutions, online companies have lower operating costs by nature.Loan seekers have to fill the application form and provide all the required details from their homes.This is because lenders do not have to bear the additional costs associated with physical expenses.