Verizon, which launched a 5G home service last fall, turned on its network in Chicago and Minneapolis in early April, but says the cities will have pockets of 5G coverage.This follows months of companies chipping in some last-minute hype, from Qualcomm talking about how the technology would evolve this year during its Snapdragon Tech Summit in December, to a number of prototype 5G phones shown off at MWC 2019.It's the next (fifth) generation of cellular technology, which promises to greatly enhance the speed, coverage and responsiveness of wireless networks.That lag time can last around 20 milliseconds with current networks.It doesn't seem like much, but with 5G, that latency gets reduced to as little as 1 millisecond, or about the time it takes for a flash on a normal camera.But given the range and interference issues, the carriers are also using lower-frequency spectrum -- the type used in today's networks -- to help ferry 5G across greater distances and through walls and other obstructions.
The thing about a good idea is that, all too often, someone else has had it before you.That certainly seems to be the case with Vivo’s attention-grabbing Apex concept smartphone from Mobile World Congress this past week.Problem is, it looks like Essential got there first.Apple’s iPhone X and Essential’s eponymous smartphone opted for a notch.Each has a cut-out in the upper portion of the touchscreen, within which the front-facing camera resides.As a design compromise it has been the subject of no shortage of criticism – not to mention seemingly starting a trend, with a number of other Android phones shown off at MWC 2018 with notches of their own – but there’s another, more complex fix out there.
p Last month we heard a rumor that T-Mobile will soon unveil its own Android smartphone, one offered with high-end features at a less-than-high-end price.Today a phone has leaked purported to be that T-Mobile handset and it is said to bear the name REVVL T1.This is said to be the first of multiple phones T-Mobile will release; the others will reportedly have the names REVVL T2 and REVVL T3 PRO.The phones will all be launched under a new product lineup called the T-Mobile REVVL Series, according to Android Authority, which leaked the first of the phones (shown below).The goal of this line is to offer consumers high-end features commonly found on high-end phones without the several hundred dollar price tag that typically joins them.The first in the series to launch will reportedly be the T-Mobile REVVL T1.
Samsung's Galaxy Note 7-phones shown up in south Korea.Photo: AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon / TTIn the wake of the problems with the Galaxy Note 7 ask Samsung buyer to return the phone.the Company has also notified the problems to the national electrical safety board.After the incident when Samsung's mobile phone Galaxy Note 7's lithium-ion battery made fire, the company has withdrawn the model globally.In Sweden, the invited users to submit their phone and get another in exchange.
Over the past week we've seen everything from car technology to smartphones, cameras to notebooks at IFA 2016 in Berlin.The DJI Osmo Mobile makes smartphone camera stabilization affordable.Easily the most beautiful of sets of phones shown at IFA came in the name of Sony Xperia XZ and X Compact.Acer has a VR headset, too - one that looks like a battle mask.Mercedes showed off their new In Car Office to make interacting with user's clouds of information a whole lot more intelligent.The folks at TomTom have created the VIO to allow users to keep their phone in their pocket while they navigate the streets in their car.