Staying mentally fit has never been so important than it is now.You must have heard of different methods to fight cognitive decline that includes reading a newspaper, playing card games, board games, online mind games and playing musical instruments.Today, there are way more activities that help seniors stay mentally active and everything is available at the click of a button.Many online activities that offer mental stimulation, promote engagement and a lot of entertainment.Thanks to the Internet, there is now no need to take your aging loved ones to the shopping spree in the overcrowded game section.Playing free brain games is a simple way to keep their brain sharp as well as active.There may be common activities you are doing unknowingly that are helping your brain stay active like solving crosswords and trying word searches.1) Wealth WordsAn online crossword puzzle game that remains the go-to cognitive for diseases like Dementia in the elderly.And this is one of the reasons that this game has become super popular.The game has managed to transform the traditional newspaper and paperback crossword into a digital game while creating an immersive experience for the players.The crosswords can be easily solved by anyone.You don’t have to be a genius or nerd to give them a try.The game relaxes the brain and helps in producing dopamine that makes you feel happy.The vibrant online word game has a simple gameplay that helps in boosting the strategic opportunities for the solvers.What they have to do is to understand the rules and then simply read the clues carefully and fill in letters accordingly.Features:Anytime, anywhere game.More than 500+ gamesOffers huge cash prizes100% secure with PayPal gatewayPlenty of brain-training puzzlesRefer & Earn points with the brain game riddlesBoost vocabulary and groom your personality2) Real ChessChess has been around for centuries.It is best for the elderly for older people that struggle with concentration and increasing focus.Clockwork Brain TrainingElderly can join a million others across the globe by playing this Clockwork Brain Training.This online game is a series of fun and challenging games built to test cognitive skills.The features include bite-sized and fast-paced gameplay with adaptive difficulty.