The smaller the amount of heat-retaining fireplaces, the better the bank Kauppalehti bank by comparison. Housing loans worth exceptionally well, Kauppalehti revealed a large bank comparison. POP group is an exception for the better Lavia Cooperative Bank, which reaches comparison, the top ten. It was able to increase its profits by nearly 10 percent and its operating profit margin of 57.3% was the best comparison. Municipality Finance is the leader in costs and revenues, relative to 14.1% and 85.9% in the operating result. In 2015, we grew all counts, explains Pekka Averio Municipality Finance's Managing Director in his review.
Will.In.Am, lead singer of the pop group the Black Eyed Peas, continue to bet on the market for the new technology and is now buying his smart home platform Wink.Winks platform is meant to connect all the home's "smart" products and act as a sort of hub for these.Not entirely unlike Apple's similar platform HomeKit, Google's Android, Things and the Smart Things, a platform backed up by Samsung.Wink have previously had some financial difficulties, and given what companies you are competing against so it may probably also in the future be a little bit difficult for the company, I suspect.Will.In.Am has in recent years launched a wide range of products within the tekniksegmentet but most of these have usually been cut along the ankles.Smartklockan his company launched last year described a reporter from The Verge as "the worst product I've touched all year".
Late on Thursday night, Swift shared the lyric video for “Look What You Made Me Do,” the lead single from her upcoming studio album Reputation.This is the longest fans have ever had to wait between albums, and if the song is any indication of what’s to come, this will be Swift’s darkest music to date… despite the fact that the chorus is lifted from Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy.”If you’re wondering whether or not the similarities to “I’m Too Sexy” are a coincidence, look no further than iTunes, where the songwriters are listed as Taylor Swift; Fun’s Jack Antonoff; and Richard Fairbrass, Fred Fairbrass and Rob Manzoli, the three members of British pop group Right Said Fred.Swift all but abandoned her country roots on 1989, but there isn’t even a trace of the Taylor Swift from 2008’s Fearless on this new track.That fact clearly hasn’t eluded Swift, as she says during a phone call near the end of the song, “I’m sorry, but the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now.Oh… ‘Cause she’s dead.” More than a little on the nose, but at least there’s no ambiguity there.
The cerebral palsy-suffering, pub-owning, journalism graduate won his seat in this year’s snap election, where he unseated former deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, by the most narrow of margins, in what was one of the biggest political upsets of 2017.In one thread, he described Sheffield’s youth as crack-smoking degenerates who “hang around ASDA [the UK’s version of Wal-Mart] to break into the ‘guide dogs for the blind’ collection statue.”He also suggested the majority of men who present children’s TV programs are gay, joked about having an orgy with saccharine pop group Girls Aloud, and said it would be funny if jazz musician Jamie Cullum was sodomized with his piano.He’s resigned from the Women and Equalities Select Committee, and was forced to issue an apology via online magazine Huck.It serves as a reminder that the Internet doesn’t forget.The forum posts in question are thirteen years old, and date back to when O’Mara was in his early twenties.
Talk about a battle royal.Princes William and Harry have small roles as stormtroopers in the upcoming Star Wars film, "The Last Jedi," star John Boyega revealed to The Hollywood Reporter.The princes' highly recognizable faces (and Harry's iconic red hair) are hidden by their costumes, but in-the-know fans can be on the lookout for one specific scene.Boyega, who plays the former stormtrooper now known as Finn, says they appear guarding him in an elevator along with two other famous stormtroopers -- actor Tom Hardy and Gary Barlow from British pop group Take That."It was a great experience," Boyega said of the scene with the princes, who are second- and fifth-in-line for the British throne.The London-born actor also called the elevator moment "the best of both worlds for me."
The cryptocurrency-themed Japanese pop (J-pop) group Virtual Currency Girls just performed live for the first time in Tokyo.Each member of the group represents a different cryptocurrency, and tickets to future shows will only be sold in exchange for virtual currencies.The group and its anonymous producer want to spread the word about bitcoin, ethereum, and other cybercurrencies.To the delight of many — and the chagrin of untold others — the J-pop embodiment of cryptocurrency has finally arrived.The Virtual Currency Girls, or Kasotsuka Shojo as they're known in Japan, is an eight-girl Japanese pop group bedecked in masks and maid's outfits that's been formed specifically to spread the word about cryptocurrencies.Each member of the group, which had its public debut in Tokyo on Friday, represents a different cryptocurrency or blockchain, and the group's first song has "virtual currencies" in its title.
Okay we admittedly don’t know what the crossover appeal is between those two, but one of Japan’s latest all-girl pop groups is betting that there is more than we think.Quartz Media has reported that Japan’s Kasotsuka Shojo is the world’s first cryptocurrency-themed pop group.The company manages several other popular brands and launched Kasotsuka Shojo as a way to educate people about cryptocurrency.Each of the group’s members represents different cryptocurrencies such as XEM, BCH, MONA, BTC, ADA, ETH, NEO, and XRP.“We want to promote the idea through entertainment that virtual currencies are not just a tool for speculation but are a wonderful technology that will shape the future,” said Rara Naruse.仮想通貨をテ マにしたアイドルユニット「仮想通貨少女」は、2018年1月12日に東京 神田 宮地楽器 ZippalHallにて「仮想通貨少女・お披露目ライブ」を開催。 仮想通貨少女
Hollywood is a harsh place where even royals can have their movie scenes left on the cutting-room floor."Last Jedi" star John Boyega revealed back in November that British princes William and Harry had filmed a scene for the film.The royals were hidden behind Stormtrooper uniforms, and appeared guarding Boyega's Finn in an elevator along with two other famous Stormtroopers -- actor Tom Hardy and Gary Barlow from British pop group Take That.But now that the film's been out for two months, it's clear the princes' scene didn't make the movie.Boyega actually confirmed the royal cameo was cut before the film even came out in December, but the way he delivered the news made some think he was kidding.(Boyega said he delivered the news to the princes, and William joked back that "I probably just need to work more on (my acting) skills.")
A founding member of the pop group Boyzone who has become entangled in a murder case involving his ex-girlfriend’s nanny has told the Old Bailey that he never met the victim.Mark Walton appeared in court on Monday and told jurors that his former partner, Sabrina Kouider, 35, would go crazy over trivial problems and “flip” during their turbulent two-year relationship.Kouider and her partner Ouissem Medouni, 40, are accused of murdering Sophie Lionnet, 21, at their Wimbledon home and then burning her body on a bonfire whilst cooking chicken to mask the smell in September last year.Jurors heard that obsessions about Walton lay at the heart of Kouider’s campaign of torture against Lionnet.Based in Los Angeles, Walton told the court on Monday he had never heard of Lionnet before murder detectives contacted him.Walton told jurors he co-founded Boyzone in 1993 and was in the band for about a year before going on to be involved in Fifth Avenue.
In heartwarming news, Kraft Peanut Butter launched a fundraising campaign for The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Canada on Wednesday—and it went viral almost instantly.As part of the fundraiser in collaboration with ReThink and The Colony Project, Kraft agreed to donate $1 in support of food allergy and anaphylaxis research for every use of the hashtag KraftBearHugs on social media up to $100,000.It also pledged to donate an additional $50,000 for every million shares.In a bizarre twist, the campaign got a major boost thanks to the support of the Korean pop community, hitting over one million mentions in just 24 hours.After one Canadian fan of K-pop group BTS called attention to the fundraiser, other fans helped rocket the campaign to success, tagging friends and the band.Even William Shatner got involved.
Instagram has apologised to a photographer after removing her photo of a gay couple kissing, saying the post was removed “in error.” London photographer Stella Asia Consonni uploaded photos of couples as part of an art series on modern relationships, published in i-D magazine.After posting the photo, Instagram removed it, sparking public backlash.“This post was removed in error and we are sorry.It has since been reinstated,” an Instagram spokesperson said to the BBC.When Stella protested the removal on her page, several celebrities spoke out against Instagram, including Jade from pop group Little Mix, and singer Olly Alexander, himself an out gay man.Owned by Facebook, both platforms routinely face scandals for removing so-called controversial content.
Robbie Williams is a huge pop star in the U.K.—the British equivalent of a Justin Timberlake (but probably not quite a Beyoncé) whose first brush with fame came with a pop group in the ‘90s and who then parlayed initial stardom into a flourishing solo career and enduring relevance, performing most recently on the world’s stage at the opening ceremony for the 2018 World Cup.And, if reports are accurate, Williams could be joining his on-again-off-again bandmates in Take That to surprise and delight Londoners in the giant Smile box Amazon is sending their way in advance of its fourth annual Prime Day.Amazon is certainly pulling out all the stops in the week leading up to Prime Day 2018—presumably hoping to generate buzz that will translate to increased sales beyond the reported $1 billion generated in 2017.It’s unclear what awaits in these boxes, but, in a press release, Amazon promised “unforgettable [events], in a nod to the unparalleled benefits that come with a Prime membership, including music, video, gaming and more.”The move also comes on the heels of a much-buzzed-about stunt earlier this year in which Amazon delivered a 16,000-pound box to the protagonists of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.According to social media analytics firm Brandwatch, the hashtag associated with the campaign, AmazonFindsAWay, has been used nearly 4,200 times since May 29 and has accrued more than 51.4 million impressions.
Okay, sure, so Infinity War was exciting, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier had some of the best fights to grace a superhero movie.They need to be better.That’s right, ABBA, the Swedish dance pop group.As The Mary Sue has delightfully pointed out, some fans have made a hobby out of setting Marvel scenes to the band’s peppy, energetic classics.And the results are, well, they have to be seen and heard to be believed.a tumblr user set the fight scene in winter soldier to abba and there is truly no dignified way to tell you all i almost wet my pants laughing
Virtual pop group Gorillaz are the latest to form a partnership with Casio’s G-Shock, resulting in a collection of four new watches each made to represent the members of the band, in a continued celebration of G-Shock’s 35th anniversary.Casio has been teasing the collaboration for several weeks, and has now unveiled the watches at its store on Carnaby Street in London ahead of the official launch.While collaborations are nothing new to Casio — it has partnered with many companies ranging from New Era and Burton snowboards to conservation group I.C.E.R.C.In addition to the watches, an animated short film featuring the group has been made, and is being slowly released in the lead-up to release.The second part of the short film was debuted at the London event.In a 2016 interview, he said, “What I dream of is in 50 years time to create a watch that people can wear in outer space.
Twitter's global reach was on full display in 2018.International events such as the FIFA World Cup in Russia and the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea, gave sports fans a lot to talk about on the social network.The closing day of the Olympics on Feb. 25 had the most tweets in 2018, Twitter said Wednesday.Basketball player LeBron James and rapper Kanye West were some of the most popular celebrities on Twitter, but South Korean boy band BTS dominated social media chatter again this year.The Korean pop group wasn't only the most tweeted about in 2018.It surpassed former President Barack Obama for the most-liked tweet.
Twitter users shared 125 million hashtags last year — every day.Among the unsurprising celebrities, politics, and of course, the Olympics, South Korean pop group BTS topped the list for both the most-liked tweet and the most tweeted account.The most liked tweet of 2018 was a BTS tweet of the also popular InMyFeelingsChallenge, which copies the dance from a song by rapper Drake (who was 2018’s fourth most-tweeted celebrity).BTS was also the most-tweeted global celebrity in 2017’s Twitter data.The March For Our Lives was the most-tweeted movement (followed by the NFL protests, Students Stand Up, Me Too, and Black Lives Matter).The third most-liked tweet was a video about a dog that insisted on getting the same ear medicine as his brother, a video that impressively generated 1.4 million likes for a Twitter user with less than 3,000 followers.
If you’re wondering how to get the Fortnite K-pop skin, you’re not the only one.Modeled after singer Jung Changwoo or Chan from the K-pop group iKon, this exclusive cosmetic is not currently obtainable through traditional means such as the item shop or Fortnite challenges.In fact, if you want to get this super rare skin, you might need to invest some serious cash in Samsung’s new gaming optimized smartphone, the Galaxy S10 Plus.Similar to the popular Galaxy skin that Fortnite and Twitch streamer Ninja debuted with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4, the K-pop skin and a pair of Galaxy buds will come with all pre-orders of the Galaxy S10 Plus.Fit with a vapor chamber cooling system, smart battery, improved Unity support, and a Snapdragon 855 processor, Samsung claims the S10 Plus is 33% faster than the Note9 and the best option in their smartphone lineup for the Battle Royale focused mobile gamer.Unlock the K-pop skin with pre-order
Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, the world's most popular gamer, and iKon, a Korean pop group, helped Samsung celebrate the launch of its Galaxy S10 smartphones at a special event in New York City.At Samsung 837 in Manhattan, fans played in a "Fortnite" tournament using Galaxy S10+ phones and were treated to a special performance by iKon.Samsung is also offering Galaxy S10 owners a special "Fortnite" skin based on iKon member Jung Chanwoo.To celebrate the launch of their new Galaxy S10 smartphones, Samsung partnered with the world's most popular gamer and a Korean pop supergroup for a special event in New York City called Level Up.Held at Samsung 837, the company's exclusive Manhattan venue, Level Up included a "Fortnite" tournament run by Super League Gaming with a guest appearance from Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, and a performance by K-pop group iKon.The tournament was played entirely on the Galaxy S10+, with footage being displayed on a three-story video wall inside Samsung 837; gameplay was also broadcast on Twitch, a video game streaming platform.
Perfume’s live shows are a dazzling collision of technology and choreography that turn cavernous arenas into sci-fi wonderlands.Perfume rose to prominence well before the global EDM explosion, so the futuristic image felt like a natural fit for Nakata’s electro productions.Minimalist videos for early singles like “Polyrhythm” set the tone, and high-profile collaborations with companies like Panasonic, NHK, and NTT Docomo later followed.“For example, showing messages from Twitter as part of the 3D images on stage — it makes the fans able to experience our show through technology.” A-chan adds “It’s not like technology defines Perfume, but since technology exists, Perfume wants to make the most of it.”They certainly do that — Perfume’s live shows are like nothing you’ve seen before.The cutting-edge live production is largely the work of Rhizomatiks, an experimental art collective founded in 2006 by Daito Manabe, who also directed the “1mm” music video below.
If you haven’t heard Blackpink’s “Kill This Love,” you might want to stay away — it’s an earworm that’s been lodged in my brain all weekend.But you’re not going to be able to dodge some basic knowledge of the latest musical sensation, because the four female members of this K-pop group are catapulting themselves into the history books over the span of a single week.As Vox reports, they’re the first all-female group to claim the No.1 spot on the US iTunes chart in fifteen years — Destiny’s Child did it last in 2004 — and just had the biggest music video debut on YouTube ever.YouTube confirmed to The Verge that “Kill This Love” is the fastest music video ever to hit 100 million views, and — at 56.7 million views in its first 24 hours — it’s the most viewed music video debut in YouTube history.Blackpink is also about to be the first K-pop girl group to play Coachella in the festival’s 20-year history this coming Friday, and YouTube announced today that it’s going to do something special for their debut: their Coachella performance will be broadcast live on the biggest screen in New York City’s Times Square.