There are no printers to document in different formats and convert images into real outputs, but an office will not be fully presented.Although many businesses use compatible toner cartridges for their printers, they prefer some toner cartridge.They are used to make toner powder in laser printers and are printed by printing particles, black and other color agents in any material using the heated rollers.MTech compatible toner cartridge there are many manufacturers of these cartridges for greater-power printers.There are three types of toner cartridge: OEM, compatible and re-manufactured.OEM CartridgesOEM, or original equipment manufacturer, the cartridge is the product of the same printer company.As a result, if you have a Samsung printer that is still under warranty then you are forced to use only a Samsung Toner Cartridge.The problem with OEM cartridges is that they are usually very expensive compared to two options.That is why some states and Canadian provinces make it illegal to declare any limitation for any organization.Toner CartridgeCompatible CartridgesCompatible Toner Cartridges are also known as alternative or generic brands because they use new cartridges that were not previously refilled.