Prominent security developer and digital rights activist Jacob Appelbaum has denied allegations of "sexual misconduct" that led to him stepping down from his position at The Tor Project.On Saturday, executive director Shari Steele published a statement saying that Appelbaum stepped down after "an extensive internal deliberation and discussion," and after The Tor Project spoke to some of those accusing him."Appelbaum says that he will now be focusing on his doctoral work: "Given the way these accusations have been handled, I had little choice but to resign from my position as an advocate at the Tor Project and devote my full attention to completing my doctoral work on cryptography at the Technical University of Eindhoven.As a longtime public advocate for free speech and a secure internet, there have been plenty of attempts to undermine my work over the years.Now, however, these unsubstantiated and unfounded attacks have become so aggressive that I feel it s necessary to set the record straight.Nonetheless, I am prepared to use legal channels, if necessary, to defend my reputation from these libelous accusations.I want to be clear: the accusations of criminal sexual misconduct against me are entirely false.Inevitably, there may have been moments in my professional or private life when I may have inadvertently hurt or offended others feelings.Though the damage to my reputation caused by these allegations alone is impossible to undo, I nonetheless take the concerns of the Tor community seriously.
By the time the deadline for investing in the DAO arrived late last month, about 10,000 people had anonymously poured more than $168 million into this new online creation.A few hours before the investing deadline, a group of computer scientists described what they believe are fundamental flaws in the DAO, both security holes and flaws that discourage participants from voting honestly.For sure, even some of the DAO s biggest critics say it s a wonderful idea—a way of eliminating the kind of good ol boy network that often drives not only VC firms but so many other kinds of corporations.Zamfir is one of the system s curators, chosen by engineers to whitelist pitches before they go before the broader community.The code runs across a network of independent machines, and anyone can change the code, provided the community agrees to the changes.That liability might not be limited to Jentzsch and the other creators of the DAO, but also extend to curators and even investors.
Some of these privilege escalation vulnerabilities could allow malicious applications to execute malicious code in the kernel leading to a permanent device compromise.These flaws are a warning that chipset makers should put more effort into testing their code, which typically consists of drivers that run in the most privileged areas of the OS.In addition, a high-risk flaw was fixed in the SD card emulation layer, a moderate one in the Framework UI, and one in the activity manager.Google released updated Android firmware images and over-the-air updates Monday for its supported Nexus devices: Nexus 5, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, and Nexus 6P.The company has also notified device manufacturers about these issues on May 2 so they can prepare their own firmware updates.The patches will be released to the Android Open Source Project AOSP over the next 48 hours so that community-developed Android firmware and other projects that rely on the AOSP code can integrate them.
Former Tor Project employee and well-known computer security and privacy advocate Jacob Appelbaum has issued a statement denying public accusations of sexual assault.In the past few days, a calculated and targeted attack has been launched to spread vicious and spurious allegations against me, the statement reads.On Thursday, the Tor Project s executive director Shari Steel released a one-sentence blog post announcing Appelbaum s departure from Tor, with no explanation as to why he left.The next day, a website surfaced that featured anonymous accounts of alleged sexual assault committed by Jacob Appelbaum.We don t have all the facts, and we are undertaking several actions to determine them as best as possible.We re also not an investigatory body, and we are uncomfortable making judgments about people s private behaviors.
US internet activist Jacob Appelbaum attends a demonstration in support of freedom of press in BerlinJacob Appelbaum, who for years was considered the public face of Tor, has hit out against allegations of 'sexual mistreatment' as "a calculated and targeted attack."The hacker and digital rights activist, who previously worked with WikiLeaks, departed the Tor Project on 25 May amid a wave of online controversy.Why advertise with us"Given the way these accusations have been handled, I had little choice but to resign from my position as an advocate at the Tor Project and devote my full attention to completing my doctoral work on cryptography at the Technical University of Eindhoven."A sparse statement was first posted online on 2 June acknowledging that Appelbaum had 'stepped down' from the organisation on 25 May, however no other information was made public until two days later when Shari Steele, executive director of The Tor Project released a more detail summary of events.American cyber secuity activist Jacob Appelbaum speaks at the 2014 re:publica conferences on digital society on May 6, 2014What may shock the community – or not, depending on who you talk to – is that Steele revealed the sort of allegations surrounding his resignation did not come as a complete surprise.The only acknowledgment of the emerging events was a single post on Twitter dated 27 May.
For the past few years, the average pay raise in the U.S. has hovered around 3%, but some industries are better off than others.The company looked at its own data, as well as data from the Economic Research Institute to determine what the data looks like across a number of different jobs and industries.Electromechanical technicians had the highest increase in percentage at 9.3 percent.Here s their breakdown of the highest year-over-year salary increases:Engineering: electronics/computer engineer 8.31 percent ; mechanical engineer 7.38 percent ; quality engineer 7.36 percent Information technology: network engineer 7.21 percent ; software engineer 5.48 percent ; project manager 3.87 percent Manufacturing and logistics: electromechanical technician 9.29 percent ; assistant plant manager 8.05 percent ; maintenance manager 6.65 percent Office and administration: office manager 6.68 percent ; call center representative – general calls 4.55 percent ; accounts receivable supervisor 4.50 percent As MarketWatch points out, just because these jobs show the largest increases doesn t also mean they offer the best potential for growth.Reporter Catey Hill explains:For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that electromechanical technicians will experience a 1% increase in job growth from 2014 to 2024.And, of course, you aren t guaranteed a raise by working in these fields, and may, in fact get a bigger bump by switching industries or jobs.
Pic: NASA TVNASA astronaut Jeff Williams will today enter the International Space Station's ISS Bigelow Expandable Activity Module BEAM - the pump-up podule on trial at the orbiting outpost "to investigate the potential challenges and benefits of expandable habitats for deep space exploration and commercial low-Earth orbit applications"."He will then install sensors over the following two days that will be used for the project s primary task of gathering data on how an expandable habitat performs in the thermal environment of space, and how it reacts to radiation, micrometeoroids, and orbital debris."Pic: NASABEAM isn't intended for general use, and astronauts will only enter the module three to four times each year "to collect temperature, pressure and radiation data, and to assess its structural condition".BEAM's structure comprises from inside to out an air barrier bladder , structural restraint layer, micro-meteoroid and orbital debris MMOD layers, external multi-layer insulation MLI and an exterior silica fibre cloth BETA cloth .NASA reckons the chances of the podule suffering a puncture are "extremely low", and should it spring a leak, it will deflate slowly rather then burst.The habitat will remain attached to the ISS for two years, after which it'll be cut loose "to burn up on re-entry into Earth s atmosphere".
Microsoft today launched Office 365 Planner, a new project-management tool for teams.The company will be rolling out Planner worldwide to Office 365 users, including Office 365 Enterprise E1–E5, Business Essentials, Premium, and Education subscription plans.In short, Planner is all about structuring teamwork.Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Project are very different solutions aimed at very different sets of end users, a Microsoft spokesperson told VentureBeat.Going forward, the company is asking for feedback from all Planner users over on its UserVoice service.We are committed to reading every piece of feedback we receive and turning that into action, so that we can continue to improve Planner, the team promised.Microsoft also shared some of Planner s future roadmap.
Application Lifecycle Management – ALM – was, in many ways, the early 2000s version of DevOps.In that pre-cloud world, it was the idea of taking software from build through test and retirement from inside your integrated development environment.Hewlett-Packard Enterprise – not in the same league on software tools - is now taking a second stab at the ALM idea with Octane, something HPE describe as – yes - open and agile.The company already has one ALM suite but Matt Brayley-Berger, HPE senior product marketing manager, told The Reg this is a big departure.We rewrote this app from the ground up, Brayley-Berger said.Brayley-Berger said: We are moving from project to release pipeline so it made more sense for Jenkins to become core to the system It made sense to connect to GIT as the version control system.
It's supposed to help employees build plans -- no project management expertise neededA board in the new Microsoft Planner Web app.It's a Web-based tool for Office 365 subscribers designed to let them easily lay out plans for projects and business objectives and then share them with other people.Planner appears to be a response to the likes of Trello and Asana -- startups that have built their businesses on making it easier for other companies to improve their employees' productivity.Microsoft is no stranger to the work-planning world.Dynamic Events CEO Alison Magyar, whose company used Planner in beta, said that the app was an easier-to -use version of Project.Case in point: the company has also been pushing Power BI, a data visualization and business intelligence tool that makes it easier for people who aren t data analysts to slice and dice company data.
Lucy Thomas, the CEO of anti-bullying organisation PROJECT ROCKIT, was in an Uber in Melbourne with her girlfriend, Chelsea Lang, when their driver started calling them "faggots" after he realised they were in a relationship."We'd been out for dinner with friends and jumped in an Uber," she told Mashable Australia."His tone was really cheery, but when he paused, I said 'listen, I understand the spirit of what you're saying, but for me and others in my generation, that word is totally inoffensive.'""What, are you going to give me a one rating and make a complaint?"Thomas said she had been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support online since she shared the story.Uber has been criticised for how it vets drivers, however, particularly in the U.S.
Holocaust survivors are having their life stories recorded to create 3D interactive videos.The technology uses natural language understanding, similar to a smartphone's personal voice assistant app, to allow viewers to ask the survivors about their life and experiences.After converting speech into text, the system finds the best video response to match the question asked.The project could eventually be used in museums or classrooms."You can read about the Holocaust in a book or see it on a movie or on TV, but until you actually interact with someone who has actually lived this experience in person, it doesn't have the same sort of ... reality that these things actually happened and how horrendous it was," said research scientist Andrew Jones.BBC Click's Marc Cieslak visited the University of Southern California's Institute for Creative Technologies to find out more.
Finnish particularly interested in a lakeside cottage, tells the Association for Finnish Work doing this research. The most typical of cottage ownership is more than 64-year-olds, of which the owners of the cottage is 42 per cent. Seaside Cottage interested especially in the southern Finnish respondents. Also other river incorrect location for the cottage, the cottage would like to dry land only 6 percent of respondents. In general, mökittömät cottage in the country are owned by the parents at the cottage. In particular, children under 35 years of age would love to own a summer cottage, says Project Manager Merja Mantila Association for Finnish Work.
'Taler' is anonymous-but-taxable and tied to actual moneyGNU and an outfit called Inria have released Alpha code – version 0.0.0 to be precise – of an anonymous-but-taxable electronic payments system they say is a currency for the mainstream economy, and not the black market.As a GNU project, the code is of course freely-available.That code is described as follows:Exchange implements the full Taler protocol, but does not integrate with traditional banking systems only with Taler's own "bank" .Merchant backend can generate contracts and handle payments, but does not yet offer full back-office support for tracking payments received.When they do, it may well be game on in the cryptocurrency space: Taler's already used fighting words with its mainstream, not black market talk.Bitcoin's many admirers may take offence at that kind of language and point to strong adoption.
The method was extracted from white hat proof-of-concept works published initially to show how malware could extract credentials from Android apps.Google and disparate white hats, including Venkatesan, has identified and eliminated avenues through which malware could trick users into tapping various security approval buttons using screen overlays that make the apps and their suggested taps appear benign.It should be noted that the open source project itself is not malicious—the malware authors just leverage this project to get around security measures.The malware queries the usage statistics of all the applications for the past two seconds and then computes the most recent activity."It is interesting to monitor how relentlessly the malware authors try to outsmart new security enhancements," says researcher Jade Rummler.Security in Android N will be tighter, with previous attack surfaces including Stagefright likely shuttered thanks to new architectures.
Ask any three random people on the street to describe it, however, and you ll likely get three different responses, not all of them positive.That was the inspiration for 3 Words for Paris, a short concept film and interactive experience by French filmmaking team Cokau.Cokau a portmanteau of the last names of its members, Achille Coquerel and Thomas Kauffmann has won numerous awards and is known for its experimental work.Cokau then contracted Paris design studio Hello Hikimori to develop an algorithm that could edit a video based on just three keywords.Typing dirty, trash, and poor shows a side of the city that many might prefer would go unseen.As one explores the project more deeply, it starts feeling less touristy and more like an observational documentary.
Disclosure: Midem paid for my hotel and travel to the conference where I served as a judge for a startup-pitching contest.Making one of his biggest public appearances since returning to Pandora as CEO, Tim Westergren struck a defiant tone — insisting that the company is not for sale and is, in fact, on the cusp of a reinventing itself.Pandora s rise was capped by a big IPO in 2011.But as a public company, Pandora has struggled to show consistent profits and growth.In seeking to quash that idea, Westergren detailed his vision for how Pandora will evolve.Currently, Pandora relies on its music database, known as the Music Genome Project, to create radio stations that are tailored to a listener s preference — based on an artist or style of music.Most users listen to the ad-supported version, but a smaller subset subscribe to Pandora s premium service, Pandora One, which has no adds and allows users to skip more songs.Westergren noted that Pandora has catered to the lean back experience, which allows you to switch something on and just let it go.He argued that part of Pandora s advantage will be the learning it has done through the Genome project.He also responded to claims that Pandora s business model was unfair to artists.
Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty ImagesA prominent digital privacy researcher has denied a series of anonymous online accusations that he sexually harassed and assaulted colleagues over a period of several years.The uproar caused Appelbaum to resign his post with the Tor Project on Saturday.Inevitably, there may have been moments in my professional or private life when I may have inadvertently hurt or offended others feelings.In a statement on Tor s website, executive director Shari Steele said the new public allegations were consistent with rumors some of us had been hearing for some time.That said, the most recent allegations are much more serious and concrete than anything we had heard previously .We are deeply troubled by these accounts, she said, adding that Tor has spoken with at least some of Applebaum s accusers.
Google Now offers myriad ways to help you be more efficient.To enable the feature, open the Google app and go to Settings Now cards and toggle on the Show cards switch.The approach allows you to focus in short concentrated bursts with built-in rest periods to keep you motivated.By default, Google Now saves the transcribed content to Gmail.That leaves the burden on you to remember what needs to be done where, and more often than not, you simply forget.For example, if you need to touch base with a coworker about a project when you get to the office, you can simply say, Remind me to talk to Jamie when I get to work. is the go-to iPad app for reading and taking notes on documents, whether they're Word docs, PDFs or PowerPoint presentations.After grouping up documents, you can quickly search within all of them at once.You can pull out excerpts on multiple documents and group them together for easy viewing.If you have a graph on a PowerPoint presentation and some corresponding text on a Word document or PDF, you can group those together by highlighting them and dragging them out together.Like the Microsoft suite and Google Docs, you can leave comments on the documents as well, but with LiquidText you can leave a comment that points to more than one document.If you're working on a project that requires looking at multiple documents at once, LiquidText's latest update could be a huge help if you want to keep your work in a digital space.
In it we get a look at some of the comedians who will be joining Seinfeld in season 8, including John Oliver, Jim Gaffigan, Judd Apatow, Lorne Michaels, and Margaret Cho, adding them to the already extensive and impressive list of past guests.Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee has been Seinfeld s project for a while now, and it s exactly what it sounds like: comedians getting in Seinfeld s various cars with him and heading out to get coffee, having funny chats all the while.The show has proven to be a hit despite being made available through Crackle, one of the less popular streaming destinations out there.The upcoming eighth season will launch on June 16, with each episode in the season arriving on Crackle each Thursday — the same kind of staggered rollout popular with Hulu.Ahead of the show s launch, you can fire up Crackle and watch the past seasons for free though be on the lookout for those excessively loud commercials that like to repeat three times in a row .In past seasons, you ll find episodes featuring such notable individuals as Tina Fey, Jim Carrey, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander, Larry David, David Letterman, Amy Schumer, and President Obama himself.
Saints Row series creator Volition today unveiled Agents of Mayhem, a high-octane, open-world action game inspired by superhero comics and films.While few details regarding the upcoming project are known, Volition revealed that Agents of Mayhem takes place in the Saints Row universe, opening the door for a potential franchise a series of battles across a futuristic urban landscape.Between encounters with the game s superpower-equipped enemies, players will explore a massive open world in search of side quests and unlockable content.Players control a squad of three characters in Agents of Mayhem, recalling the protagonist-switching mechanics of Rockstar s Grand Theft Auto V. Each character brings their own weapons and abilities into battle, allowing players to outfit their squad to suit current mission objectives.It s likely that Agents of Mayhem will follow suit in similar style.
Jacob Applebaum has departed the Tor Project.His departure was first announced in a terse statement that did nothing but set running the hounds of speculation: Long time digital advocate, security researcher, and developer Jacob Appelbaum stepped down from his position at The Tor Project on May 25, 2016.That was belatedly followed up with a more detailed explanation from Tor Project executive director Shari Steele that we shan't link to or quote, because it contains potentially defamatory allegations.The statement's salient points say the Tor Project has decided to investigate Applebaum's workplace behaviour and has engaged a law firm that specialises in employment law to consider the matter.If Steele hoped her statement would dampen the inevitable speculation about the cause of Applebaum's departure, she was mistaken.The Register does not propose trawling every rumour on Twitter or Reddit or elsewhere, because we'd rather leave determining facts to investigation.
Can you remember what you were doing 34 years ago?If all you can come up with is an uneasy sense of existential blankness, then chances are you weren't born yet.Younger gadgeteers will of course, be more familiar with the BBC Micro:bit - the Raspberry Pi-like PC which is far better suited for its 'micro' name, but its bulky beige grandfather earned its place in the tech history books long before the internet began spreading memes to the masses.While today s kids swipe at their iPads, ignorant of the endless lines of complex code grinding away behind the scenes, the youth of the 80s had BASIC, a programming language easy enough to master for their own applications – and the engine behind Acorn Computers BBC Micro.Thirty four years ago the Micro – designed for the Beeb s Computer Literacy Project – created a legion of mini geeks, most of whom made the words GAVIN IS A LEGEND scroll across their screens at least once.It also spawned the Acorn Archimedes, the first PC to run on the ARM processor.
A decade after he got shunted aside at Facebook Inc., Eduardo Saverin s found another scrappy internet startup he s proud to put his name behind.The billionaire is reinventing himself as an Asian venture capitalist and thinks he s found a winner in little-known, a Singaporean house-hunting service founded by local wunderkind Darius Cheung.First is relentless focus.The Facebook co-founder has drawn his fair share of headlines since The Social Network immortalized his disputes with Mark Zuckerberg, from accounts of night-clubbing, women in tow, to accusations he was dodging taxes by renouncing his U.S. citizenship.It was quite clear at that time this wasn t just a project to create disruption and ROI, meaning return on investment, Saverin said.For context, PropertyGuru says it s used by about 16 million property seekers and 33,000 advertisers a month.Chief Executive Steve Melhuish said he wasn t too concerned about with more than $2 million from investors including 500 Startups, Sequoia Capital and Golden Gate Ventures, started a Jakarta website this year and plans to expand to a few more Indonesian cities before gunning for Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.
Here's the quickest snapshot of me, what I care about and believe, and whether my AMA will be a good use of your time: Sorry for Marketing.So, I'm Jay Acunzo, and I'm obsessed with helping craft-driven creators.These are people who believe deeply in creativity and their craft -- whatever it may be -- to build meaningful projects, companies, careers, and lives.I try to serve that goal in my work as VP of platform at NextView, a seed-stage VC based in Boston and New York flagship project: Traction podcast, creative and clever ways startups start .I also created and host the highly produced podcast Unthinkable, which is a show for people who love the c-word in content marketing and who generally prefer well-done, creative work to shortcuts and hacks.**Jay will be live on July 14 starting at 930 AM PT for one and a half hours during which he will answer as many questions as possible.
General Motors Co. GM -2.18 % s luxury division has about three times as many U.S. stores as German luxury auto makers or Toyota Motor Co. TM -0.31 % s Lexus, but sells only about half the volume.In a somewhat unprecedented way of moving metal, Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen will this month begin looking for commitments from some store owners willing to set up showrooms where buyers can get a car serviced or learn about products via virtual reality headsets without getting behind the wheel.Virtual stores are a part of Project Pinnacle, an extensive retail-strategy overhaul by Mr. de Nysschen first introduced to dealers a few months ago in closed-door meetings, dealers said.Regarding virtual dealerships, a GM spokesman said Cadillac is working on the concept and researching technologies.One long-held belief among dealers he has come to embrace is that Cadillac s dealer count has been considered a valuable asset because many of these franchises are attached to larger-volume Chevrolet stores that are closer to much of the population than other luxury stores.Brian Hamilton, principal at Midway Auto Dealerships in Kearney, Neb., said even a limited amount of inventory is necessary and doubts many dealers will want to entirely ditch the traditional selling model.
the news commentary the Answer depends not only on your computer age, also its intended use, writes journalist Henrik Kärkkäinen.Windows 7 and 8.1 users have until the end of July until the time to upgrade to Windows ten for free.the Project has not gone so well, because with the clock ticking toward the July Microsoft hardened its means: Windows 10 has started to install people's computers separately without asking permission.Take the photographs and documents recovered, preferably to an external hard drive.functions are no longer where they used to be, and the new comes a layman's terms, it makes a slow machine even slower.
The researchers are setting out to accomplish their goal by watching how people use vehicles that incorporate new technologies, how they learn and interact with the technologies, and whether safer driving results from the interaction.The team will install small, removable monitoring equipment including webcams, GPS, and a telemetry sensor in your car one photo we saw appeared to have a Logitech webcam on a Tesla Model S dashboard .The researchers will make payments at each stage of the process; when they install the equipment, for each month you drive with the equipment in place, when they access the vehicle to retrieve information, and when you complete questionnaires and interviews.The $1,000 is what they estimate an owner would earn over the course of a year in the project.If you re interested in participating, you can find more information on the AgeLab project site.And if you re just totally resistant and think change is unnecessary and a bad idea, we suggest you read Spencer Johnson s classic, Who Moved My Cheese?, before it s too late.
In just the last few months, Nest has had to deal with reports of an "employee exodus," a string of public insults from Dropcam co-founder and departing Nest employee Greg Duffy, news that even Google supposedly didn't want to work with Nest on a joint project, and fallout from the company's decision to remotely disable Nest's deprecated Revolv devices.That same report also unearthed a Nest home security system code-named "Flintstone."The report cites current and former employees who blame Fadell for "Flintstone's" failure, saying "Mr. Fadell has changed his mind several times about whether to introduce a hub at all and how that hub should be designed."In two-and-a-half years under Google and Alphabet, Nest expanded to just four more countries.Performance of the existing products is an issue too.On Fawaz's own LinkedIn page, he only describes his role at Motorola as "Manag ing the M transaction and divestiture of the business to Arris Communications, Inc." Fawaz's own words, combined with the short, six-month lifespan of the Home division at Google, suggests that selling the division was his primary focus.