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Video streaming app development is gaining a lot of popularity these days, and it's because users now do not want to see those old cliche TV serials that do not offer quality content.are quite in trend for delivering quality content and not just that these apps have something for almost every age group and people who like watching different genres.Also, unlike watching shows on television, views can see their favorite series and movies as and when they get the time, and they do not have to worry about those long commercials too.Video streaming apps bring in a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to make big too soon, and this is why most of them are reaching out to a proficient product engineering company to get an app like Netflix developed.You have to strategize the whole process because if even a single element went wrong, your whole effort can go in vain.Here are a few tips to strategize your video streaming app development process: Focus most on the User Experience While planning for video streaming app development your main aim should be to provide the best user experience to your viewers.People use these apps to chill and relax in their free time, and while using your app they must feel good and not find it difficult to browse or use.You must focus on what exactly your users want and offer that with ease.Easy Navigation Apps that are difficult to navigate are not liked much by the users.
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The second largest search engine cum social media platform, YouTube has recently launched audio-only ads to match the multiple ways in which consumers engage with its platform.It has launched this new audio-based ad format to reach users who use their platform to play music and podcasts.Although audio-only ads might seem to be a bit of a misfit for a popular ‘video’ streaming platform specializing in videos, YouTube claims that today people are consuming more audio-centric content.Being the first-ever ad format that YouTube has introduced without any video component, this is uncharted waters for the company.While some businesses might be familiar with the audio ads if they have run a podcast campaign before, for a lot of YouTube advertisers, this might be the first time.The company highlights how these audio ads are the ideal fit for music channels; however, we can clearly see its immense potential to engage various audiences.So let’s see what these audio ads are all about and their use cases.What Are YouTube Audio AdsAudio ads can be defined by a voice-over communicating the message while a static image or simple animation is shown on the screen.After performing months of alpha testing, YouTube discovered that a vast majority of calculated audio-only ad campaigns stimulated a considerable boost in brand awareness.YouTube audio ads are now in the beta phase.They are available in the auction on Google Ads as well as Display & Video 360 on a cost per thousand basis.Just like YouTube video campaigns, audio campaigns will also offer the same ad targeting options, bidding strategies, and the ability to measure brand lift to the advertisers.What Audiences Advertisers Can Reach With YouTube Audio AdsMainly, YouTube is convincing the advertisers about audio ads by stressing its potential to reach music and podcast listening audiences.Since people are spending more time in their homes currently, music video streaming is at its peak, according to the company itself.As per reports, most searches were related to music among the list of top searches on YouTube, including searches about songs, albums, artists, bands, etc.Besides studio recordings, YouTube is increasingly becoming the users’ favorite destination to catch live music performances.As the in-person events and fests continue to be called off due to the global pandemic, music lovers are relying on platforms such as YouTube to get their dose of concerts.This summer, event organizers organized virtual music festivals on YouTube by bringing star-studded lineups.Even now, when the festival season is slowing down, you can still spot famous artists giving live performances on YouTube from the comfort of their homes.A lot of users like to let these videos stream in the background while they continue with some other work enjoying the music (like people used to do with radio stations), which means audio-only ads won’t feel unsuitable or inappropriate.For audio ads, music and podcast would obviously be the perfect fit, but these are not the only options advertisers have.Another Potential Use Case For YouTube Audio AdsIn today’s world, after a long tiresome day, what people seek the most is peace.There is no doubt that music is increasingly becoming popular across YouTube, but this isn’t the only form of audio-based content that people are consuming on this platform.According to a study, the term “ASMR” is among the most popular YouTube searches, in fact, the third most popular search worldwide and one of the biggest trends on this platform.ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos help in visual relaxation and releasing stress.However, there’s a catch.
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Menstrual problems are common but you can avoid this common problem if you follow a healthy & hygienic routine.But still if you are facing period problems, this blog can help you treating it at home.Here Are Few Things Which You Can Do: -Use A Heat Patch:Using a heated patch or wrap on your abdomen can help relax the muscles of your uterus.It’s these muscles that cause period cramps.Heat can also boost circulation in your abdomen, which can reduce pain.Electric heating pads and hot water bottles aren’t as convenient to use as patches.But they’re good choices if you’re spending some time at home and don’t need to move around much.Tummy Massage With Essential Oils:Research suggests that some essential oil can help ease period cramps when massaged onto the abdomen, especially when used in a blend of oils.Oils that seem to be most effective at reducing period cramps, due to their ability to boost circulation, includelavendersagerosemarjoramcinnamoncloveYou can find essential oils online, or at your local health food store.
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