Brush up on your RESTful, gRPC, container development skills with us online Webcast  Building an application from the ground up for your business has never been quicker or easier. With REST for web services leading to the RESTful architectural style, and containers proving the perfect delivery model, the combination of DevOps, microservices, and automation means an organization can create almost anything, instantly.…
It wasn't until the arrival of the smartphone, however, that mobile BI started generating extensive attention.Global mobile BI market is set to witness a healthy CAGR of 23.80% in the forecast period of 2019 to 2026.This rise in market value can be attributed due to rise in importance of mobile enterprise application platform and growing popularity of representational state transfer application programming interfaces.Get Sample Report at : Analysis: Global Mobile BI MarketFew of the major competitors currently working in Global Mobile BI Market are Microsoft, Oracle, MicroStrategy Incorporated., SAS Institute Inc., TABLEAU SOFTWARE, Information Builders, TIBCO Software Inc., QlikTech International AB, Domo, Inc., Fair Isaac Corporation, Phocas Ltd, AtScale, Inc., Dundas Data Visualization, Inc., Kyvos Insights., InetSoft Technology Corp.,  Ducen IT, Datameer, BellaDati, Sisense Inc., Exago Incorporated among others.Key Pointers Covered in the Global Mobile BI Market Trends and Forecast to 2026Global   Mobile BI Market New Sales VolumesGlobal   Mobile BI  Market Replacement Sales VolumesGlobal   Mobile BI Market Installed BaseGlobal   Mobile BI Market By BrandsGlobal   Mobile BI Market SizeGlobal   Mobile BI  Market Procedure VolumesGlobal   Mobile BI Market Product Price AnalysisGlobal   Mobile BI Market Healthcare OutcomesGlobal   Mobile BI Market Cost of Care AnalysisGlobal   Mobile BI Market Regulatory Framework and ChangesGlobal   Mobile BI Market Prices and Reimbursement AnalysisGlobal   Mobile BI Market Shares in Different RegionsRecent Developments for Global   Mobile BI Market CompetitorsGlobal   Mobile BI Market Upcoming ApplicationsGlobal   Mobile BI Market Innovators StudyGet Detailed TOC:\Key Developments in the Market:In July 2019, DVT has introduced a series of Power BI dashboards and templates for Pastel accounting.Power BI is a data visualization instrument that links to dozens of data sources to pull background and smart information in near real time.This launch will help the clients to analyze the performance of their business.In May 2019, Microsoft launched Power BI Embedded enhancements and PowerApps updates.
Microservices Architecture Market Research ReportThe sudden challenges created by the ongoing COVID-19 are captured effectively to exhibit the long term growth projections in the MRFR report onMicroservices Architecture Market.The growth sectors of theMicroservices Architecture Market Research Report are identified with precision for a better growth perspective.Microservice architecture is increasingly adopted by organization as an inbuilt mechanism for developing enterprise application.Growing market penetration of connected device like smartphones, tablets, wearable, drones, fitness tracker & smart home appliances is driving the microservices architecture market.The key trends that are majorly affecting the market include loose coupling, deployment and domain driven design.The Global Microservices Architecture Market is growing with the rapid pace mainly due to the wide range of advantages it offers and the burgeoning advent technology.Acknowledging the accruals the market is perceiving currently and the potential of, the market to grow further in the years to come, Market Research Future, recently published a study report.To enable organization with healthy microservices, cloud based platform automatically shift the instances to servers or vendor management system when the software or hardware on which they are running fails.While there are some restraints in the microservices architecture which may hamper the market that includes communication failure, network inactivity and failure of single service.This is mainly due to, that in microservices architecture, to communicate with other services, REST API (Representational State Transfer Application Program Interface) is used which gives rise to additional HTTP call overhead.The advantage of microservices architecture includes improvement in fault isolation system, provide easy platform for new developer and helps to eradicate long term commitment on single technology.
Data-fetching scheme seems to be catching onAt the GraphQL Summit in San Francisco on Wednesday, Matt DeBergalis, co-founder and CTO at data plumbing biz Apollo GraphQL, urged companies to appoint a data graph champion to help ease the implementation of GraphQL, a query language for fetching data.But at a gathering arranged by Apollo, which makes the de facto standard open-source client and the commercial Apollo GraphQL Platform, there's a certain incentive to imagine GraphQL everywhere.It's already halfway there, at least among the 472 companies attending the show – about 52 per cent of organizations represented are already using the technology in production.GraphQL was created at Facebook in 2012 and released as an open-source project three years later.After a licensing change in 2017 and a move to the Linux Foundation last year, it has more or less settled down and come to terms with itself as a more capable alternative to REST.
JavaScript Object Notation is a schema-less, text-based representation of structured data that is based on key-value pairs and ordered lists.Although JSON is derived from JavaScript, it is supported either natively or through libraries in most major programming languages.[ Git essentials: Get started with Git version control.• 20 essential pointers for Git and GitHub.In this article, we’ll take a quick look at JSON and discuss where it came from, its advantages over XML, its drawbacks, when you should use it, and when you should consider alternatives.Here’s an example of data encoded in JSON:
This week let’s drill down on a common byproduct of containers: microservices.Indeed, microservices is a term used to describe the practice of breaking up an application, within a container or not, into a series of smaller specialized parts.Many consider this approach new, but back in the days of service-oriented architecture, we called them fine-grained services.The addition of microservices means that we need to test them properly, as well as integrate them with our container-based and traditional service-oriented applications.They come with a few core challenges in terms of security testing and operations:Microservices are challenging to test, including security testing.
API and microservices platform Kong today announced that it has acquired Insomnia, a popular open-source tool for debugging APIs.The company, which also recently announced that it had raised a $43 million Series C round, has already put this acquisition to work by using it to build Kong Studio, a tool for designing, building and maintaining APIs for both REST and GraphQL endpoints.As Kong CEO and co-founder Augusto Marietti told me, the company wants to expand its platform to cover the full service life cycle.So far, it has mostly focused on the runtime, but now it wants to enable developers to also design and test their services.“We looked at the space and Insomnia is the number one open source API testing platform,” he told me.“And we thought that by having Insomnia in our portfolio, we will get the pre-production part of things and on top of that, we’ll be able to build Kong Studio, which is kind of the other side of Insomnia that allows you to design APIs.”
Meet Impala, a London-based startup that wants to make it easier to interact with hotel data.The startup is building a layer on top of legacy hotel systems to standardize everything with a modern REST API.And Impala has just raised an $11 million Series A funding round from Stride.VC, Xavier Niel/Kima Ventures, Jerry Murdock, the partners of DST Global and existing investors.Essentially, Impala wants to be as simple as Stripe, Twilio or Plaid.With a few lines of code, any developer should be able to get started with Impala before diving deeper.If you’re not familiar with the tech stack of the hotel industry, hotels use Property Management Systems to manage rooms, room types, pricing, extras, taxes, etc.
Will 2020 bring new changes in the way you use WordPress for your web development projects? In this article, we will discover some of the predictions regarding the future of WordPress and the probable directions that it will navigate us!!
An (as yet) unknown group took over the account of Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey for several hours on Friday, filling the billionaire's feed with incoherent and occasionally profane rants.Twitter says it is investigating what happened, but it appears the account was taken over via third-party service Cloudhopper, an app that allows users to send out Tweets via SMS messages.In that case, the hackers could have performed a SIM swap attack - convincing Dorsey's phone carrier to assign his number to a different device - and then moved in.According to security blogger Brian Krebs, the hackers may also be involved in a string of celebrity account takeovers conducted via SIM swapping tricks.Cisco patches "10/10" security bugA high-severity vulnerability has been reported and patched for Cisco's IOS XE platform.
ranked 10 on the CVSS systemBusinesses should urgently check which routers their networks are using and look to patch them after a critical Cisco vulnerability was identified.The vulnerability has the highest possible severity rating of 10 on the CVSS system.Its exploitation would let an attacker easily grab the credentials of an authenticated user and use them to escalate attacks on sensitive infrastructure.The issue affects four Cisco products, which also need to be running its IOS XE Software for the attack to be effective, the company said in a security update.The vulnerability is due to an improper check performed by the area of code that manages the REST API authentication service.
“We are taking this extremely seriously”Web hosting firm Hostinger says almost half of its customer’s passwords and personal data has been leaked online after one of its servers was hacked.Hostinger provides virtual, cloud and private server hosting, alongside domain registration to over 29 million users.The company first discovered the intrusion into its network on August 23, when security was alerted that a server had been accessed by an unauthorised third party.The breached server held an authorization token which the hackers then used to escalate their privileges into Hostinger RESTful API Server.Lithuania-based Hostinger said: “The API database, which includes our client usernames, emails, hashed passwords, first names and IP addresses have been accessed by an unauthorized third party.
Developer account cracked due to credential reuse, source tampered with and released to hundreds of programmersAn old version of a Ruby software package called rest-client that was modified and released about a week ago has been removed from the Ruby Gems repository – because it was found to be deliberately leaking victims' credentials to a remote server.Jussi Koljonen, a developer with Visma in Helsinki, Finland, discovered the hacked code in rest-client v1.6.13, and opened an issue to discuss the matter on the GitHub repo for the software.The gem, originally intended to help Ruby developers send REST requests to their web apps, was altered to fetch malicious code from that steals usernames, passwords, and other secrets from the client's host machine.According to Jan Dintel, a developer with Digidentity in The Hague, Netherlands, when the infected client is used to send a REST request to a website, the malware siphons off the URL of that site along with the user's environment variables, which may include authentication tokens, API keys, and other secrets you really don't want in the wrong hands.It also allowed arbitrary Ruby code to run on the infected host, and overloaded the authenticate method in the Identity class to obtain and leak the user's email address and password every time the function is called to log into a service.
Researchers found 85 Google Play apps with more than 8 million downloads that forced users to view fullscreen ads.Once installed, the apps displayed ads in full screen—a setting that forced users to view the entire duration of an ad before being able to close the window or get back to the app.The apps showed an ad every five minutes, but the people operating the platform had the ability to remotely change the frequency.AndroidOS_Hidenad.HRXH, as the adware is called, used several tricks to evade detection and removal.A half-hour after being installed, for instance, an app would hide its icon and create a shortcut on the device home screen.Android 8 and later versions require user confirmation before an app can create a shortcut, but even if users of these versions didn't agree, the icon would nonetheless remain hidden.
Extending DNS security protocol to multiple platforms takes rootA plan to expand the current DNSSEC security protocol to cover multiple DNS platforms has received the backing of Salesforce, with a first proof-of-concept implementation of the approach announced on Thursday.Engineers from the CRM monster, and traffic management company NS1, claim to have a working REST API that allows them to pull in multiple public keys from different DNS providers and then sign and publish their own DNS records.In other words, they have figured out a way to extend the somewhat rigid DNSSEC protocol to work more flexibly, and in particular to work with modern traffic management approaches such as geo-routing (where users are directed according to their physical location) and load balancing.The companies claim this approach will remove one more barrier to widespread DNSSEC adoption by allowing companies to follow their existing traffic management approach while benefiting from the extra security that DNSSEC provides, such as limiting spoofing and cache-poisoning attacks.The idea is to present a workable solution that others can then follow.
If you create or have experience in creating Drupal-based websites, you almost certainly have come across a need to occasionally customize algorithms responsible for HTML rendering.In such cases, all of the front end element redrawing tasks are assigned to a specialized JS engine.One of the most prominent engines that helps implement dynamic interfaces is Gatsby.And the cherry on top of using Drupal and Gatsby in combination are such useful features as automated code subdivision, image optimization, lazy loading and a wealth of other things.Read also: How to Use React with DrupalWhich Issues Can Gatsby Solve When Creating Decoupled Drupal Websites?
The rise of RESTful APIs has been met by a rise in tools for creating, testing, and managing them.Whether you’re an API newbie or an expert on an intractable deadline, you have a gamut of services to help you bring your API from concept to production, and many of them won’t cost you a dime.Following is a sampling of free services for working with APIs.Some are quick and dirty applications to ease the job of assembling or testing an API.Others are entry-level tiers for full-blown professional API management services, allowing you to get started on a trial basis and later graduate to a more professional level of (paid) service if and when you need it.The Free Tier for AWS provides developers with no-cost access to most of the services AWS offers—including Amazon API Gateway.
If you’re building applications that work against Azure services, it’s likely you’re using one or more of Microsoft’s published SDKs.It’s an approach that makes sense, saves time, and keeps code under control.That’s because working directly against a Representational State Transfer API can be complex, as you have to construct the appropriate queries and parse the response JavaScript Object Notation.Using an SDK that’s tailored to whatever language you’re using simplifies the process considerably, turning calls into methods and responses into objects.There’s no need to translate data formats or build complex query strings, reducing the risk of error.Microsoft has provided SDKs for Azure since the earliest days of its public cloud, adding new features to its libraries as they roll out.
SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–July 9, 2019–Rocketium, the world’s leading enterprise video automation provider, has announced the launch of its video automation suite.It is the first enterprise-ready solution that helps businesses create thousands of videos in minutes.View the full release here: enables the creation of short videos at scale with automation helping businesses reach and convert consumers who rely on videos before deciding what to buy, where to go, and whom to trust.To enable video automation, Rocketium has launched two new products
“We develop the WordPress Websites to empower your business opportunities”We’re leading top-notch WordPress Development Company across the USA with command over essential latest technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, REST API, MySQL as well as PHP.Our WordPress developers have seamless proficiency in developing dynamic websites that are compatible with all business models and industry verticals.This helps you transfer your website to a new host without content loss.We customize WordPress websites with the latest updates, features, and functionalitiesWordPress themes Installation & Configuration
A platform-as-a-service company is only as good as its APIs, and Shopify has dozens of them.While REST isn’t going away, much of the internal development interest will be focused on GraphQL, and the company is placing a great emphasis on ensuring its most popular external endpoints are available via GraphQL.This isn’t the most perfect metaphor, but it’s a bit like going to work, and your manager announcing that instead of English, the lingua franca of the office was now Afrikaans or French.Sure, they’re still human-comprehendible languages.Helping me out is Avi Flombaum, Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Flatiron School, a WeWork company.The use of GraphQL allows Shopify to empower developers on their platform to make their own decisions about things like design and performance which are critical in highly competitive mobile retail environments.
Representational State Transfer, commonly known as REST, is an architectural style—a set of constraints used to implement stateless services that run on HTTP.A RESTful API is one that conforms to the REST constraints.You can build RESTful APIs using many different programming languages.Maintaining backward compatibility between different releases of your API is of utmost importance in ensuring that your API will remain compatible with all of the clients that consume it.This article presents a discussion of how you can maintain backward compatibility in your RESTful APIs.[ The essentials from InfoWorld: Get started with CI/CD: Automating your application delivery with CI/CD pipelines.
SQL support and Release 4 arrives in cloudy open source serviceThe Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) framework is aimed at getting healthcare professionals – who have had a great deal of difficulty shedding their love of paper – to exchange data between often incompatible systems.It was mooted back in 2014 by Health Level Seven International (HL7) and currently stands at Release 4, published on 27 December 2018.Release 4 is a big one for FHIR, adding in nearly 3,000 change proposals to the specification, including 339 labelled "non-compatible" according to the organisation.As well as Release 4 goodness, the addition of SQL to the existing Azure Cosmos DB support will be welcomed by developers implementing the technology, since, frankly, there are some use cases within FHIR that aren't a great fit for Cosmos DB right now.Microsoft cited SQL's relational chops as handy for queries, and said atomic transactions were useful for treating a set of changes as a single entity.
Security researchers have discovered a critical flaw in WordPress Live Chat Support which can be exploited by an attacker without the need for valid credentials.Over 50,000 websites have installed the WordPress plugin designed to provide websites with a free way to offer live chat support to their visitors.Alert Logic first discovered the critical authentication bypass vulnerability present in version 8.0.32 while investigating a set of other vulnerabilities in the WP Live Chat plugin for WordPress.The new vulnerability allows unauthenticated users to access restricted REST API endpoints as a result of critical authentication bypass flaw CVE-2019-12498.It's a jungle out there: Don't leave your WordPress sites in the wildIn a blog post detailing the vulnerability, Alert Logic's researchers explained why the REST API endpoints are vulnerable to attack, saying:
Lots of WordPress job posted on Up work every day.And you can rise your earning.Which concept does WordPress use to control user access to different features?Note: There may be more than one right answerPermalinks are the permanent URLs to your individual weblog posts, as well as categories and other lists of weblog postings.…… make it possible for a person to have one avatar across the entire web.
Viator is one of the largest and trusted sources founded in 1995 which is totally free, no setup cost or monthly account fees will be charged. Viator provides 200,000+ things to do to the customers. Viator holds 17 years of experience in the market. They also consist of more than 3,000 partners that offer valuable data on lodging and airlines.Viator API allows developers to build a cost-effective travel application that allows the user to explore, search, and book travel experience worldwide. Viator provides variation of services, tickets, tour put forward by Viator API through the Viator website.Becoming a Viator travel partner allows your customer for browsing and booking the number of city tours, adventure activities, study tour, Family tour, Friends tour, show tickets and many more. So, if you want visitors to book with you then integrate Viator API to your business.
Sigfox turns out the first global leading IoT network to listen to billions of objects broadcasting data that builds wireless networks to connect low power objects such as agriculture, automotive, construction, electronics, healthcare, etc, which need to be continuously on and emitting small amounts of data.Sigfox provides a software-based communications solution, where all the network and computing complexity is managed in the cloud, instead of on the devices.Sigfox is a French global network operator founded in 2009 based in Labege near Toulouse, France, and has over 375 employees.The aim of Sigfox is to represent “MAKE THINGS COME ALIVE”, is to give a desire to the physical world and allow billions of objects to play an important role in economic and social development.
While both the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are undoubtedly two of the world's best phones, they do suffer from one major drawback - high prices.So what do you do if you desperately want Samsung's latest and greatest without a huge price?You could get a more affordable Galaxy S10e deal...or you could grab this new ridiculously good value Galaxy S10 contract, offering big data and great pricing.With a giant 50GB of data, £43 monthly costs and all of the benefits of being on EE - the UK's fastest 4G network, this contract starts strong.But the thing that really stands out is the upfront cost.Exclusively to TechRadar readers you can knock the upfront cost down from £84 to absolutely nothing using the code S10EE84OFF - don't say we never treat you!
You spend all day on Twitter watching Howard Schultz get roasted and ratioed or retweeting all of the best definitions of the word "covfefe."Most of us know intuitively that Twitter is not an accurate reflection of the world we live in.It's more of a fun house mirror, distorting and exaggerating its subjects to sometimes funny, sometimes frightening effect.On Wednesday, Pew Research released a report that compares Twitter users to the rest of the US population.They compared those responses to other studies on the broader American population.In a lot of cases, the answer was yes.
There are many cloud administrations supplier offers serverless usefulness like AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and Google CloudFunctions however in this article, I'm staying with AWS Lambda as a cloud specialist organization.That is alright when the venture is little and capacities are constrained yet when the undertaking develops then making and designing assets is a testing errand and in heaps of case unmaintainable.Composing code on comfort and overseeing group work process turns into a dreary activity.With a "Serverless Framework", we can rapidly construct, arrange and convey assets inside couple of directions.We can store our code and arrangement into a unified archive so we can outline appropriate work process and engineers can later compose, reuse and allude different designers codebase.Install the following tools and frameworks: