It is that phase which is like the prize of life-long hard-work and the rest of the years are leisure.As per Maslow’s hierarchy theory, retirement can be categorised into ‘Self-fulfilment or self-actualization needs.’Many factors have to be considered before choosing a place.The median income of a household in California is $8,000/year, which is higher than the national average.Pleasant Weather Year-RoundThe state of California stays in pleasant weather all year-round with least chance of snow.Such a mild climate is ideal for seniors from all over the US, promising sunny days to explore and have a gala time within Cali’s stunning natural beauty.Income TaxThe state provides all social security benefit payments to the retired, and they are also exempted from personal income tax.Ocean VibesCalifornia boasts of a 900-mile coastline, with numerous stunning beaches.Research shows seniors living near the ocean have reduced stress levels and lead a physically active, happy and healthy life.Abundance of CultureYou get to enjoy traditional Bollywood show, Japanese sashimi for dinner, or authentic French pastries for breakfast.