The unidentified person recently wore a VR headset to play a zombie game, but she completely freaked while trying to shoot her way out of danger.Video posted online showed her shouting in terror as the living dead attacked her in the game:oh my god i can t stop laughing my coworker just played the VR zombie game and lost her goddamn mind— madeleine @madeleinedoux May 20, 2016It s unclear exactly when and where the video, which has now gone viral, was filmed.The Huffington Post has reached out for further comment.The clip was the latest in a line of videos showing people struggling to come to grips with the virtual reality experience.A grandma named Marie was caught on camera squealing in delight as she went on a virtual roller coaster ride, while this British father s mind was blown when he wore one of the headsets for the very first time.
More2016%2f05%2f20%2fed%2fbabylambowp.14662You need to have the Adobe Flash Player to view this content.Please click here to continue.The new $199,800 entry-level Huracán LP 580-2 says to the world that you're a driving enthusiast.Or at least it should.That's because between the new flatter nose and rear-end, this Huracán is a simpler, lighter Lamborghini.Nick's full review:
Now you can watch on video below.At our GamesBeat Summit 2016 event, that was evident in our opening fireside chat with Robbie Bach, former chief Xbox officer at Microsoft and author of the recent Xbox Revisited, a memoir of his time at Microsoft as well as his strategy for fixing our country s problems.Bach ran the Xbox group from the beginning at the dawn of the new millennium until 2010, or five years into the Xbox 360 console.He was ultimately responsible for the business, and it was a roller-coaster ride.But the console lost $5 billion to $7 billion in its first four years.He stamped out the ones that were burning brightest, he said, only to return the next day knowing that new fires had broken out.The Xbox 360 was enormously popular with consumers, but it was afflicted at the outset from the Red Rings of Death, a defect that I have written tens of thousands of words about.But it has fallen significantly behind the PlayStation 4 in worldwide sales, which are nearing 40 million.That s not a great scorecard, but Microsoft has been able to make money on those hardware sales, and it has far outsold Nintendo s Wii U.Now Bach is an advocate for civic engineering, or using bipartisan cooperation to rebuild our country.
Before Patrick Archambault, there was Adam Jonas.Archambault raised eyebrows last week when he upgraded Tesla Motors Inc. to buy from neutral the same day it was announced that his firm, Goldman Sachs Group Inc., would co-manage with Morgan Stanley the sale of $1.4 billion in new Tesla stock.But Archambault s call, which the bank says was made independently of the underwriting team, is overshadowed by years of optimism lavished on the carmaker by Jonas, Morgan Stanley s lead auto-industry analyst.The last time Tesla sold shares, in August, the company hired Morgan Stanley as one of the lead managers of the $783 million offering, priced at $242 a share.A scandal in the early 2000s, following the dot-com roller coaster, caused analysts such as Henry Blodget, who was found to have opined about certain stocks differently in public than he did to members of his firm, to be barred from the securities industry.The wall between analysts and underwriters can sometimes make for odd timing.But they do disclose all of this, so buyer beware.Tesla has turned a profit in just one quarter and is diluting its stock to raise the money to get its Model 3 sedan to market.The top two forecasters from major banks, Colin Langan of UBS AG and Ryan Brinkman of JPMorgan Chase & Co., have price targets of $160 and $185, respectively.Jonas wields market influence.Within eight days, Tesla sold $360 million in stock with Goldman Sachs as underwriter and $600 million in convertible debt with both firms underwriting.Three months later, on Aug. 8, Jonas raised his target price again, to $149, when Model S sales exceeded expectations and the shares rose 14 percent in one day.
For the past four years, Tommy Edison has vlogged his experience as a blind man in a world full of people who can see.Some of these videos are revelatory, like when he explains how the blind use money, or what his dreams are like.Today he decided to find out what riding a rollercoaster feels like.He admits that the West Coaster at Santa Monica Pier isn t the craziest coaster in the park, but it s the one they ll let us film.He even gets a few jabs in at his cameraman s driving.The only time I ve seen him laugh more is when he read through the mean comments people have left on his videos.
The latest character killed on Game of Thrones don t worry, we won t spoil it yet just in case certainly caused a roller coaster of reactions.First was the shock, then the tears, followed by anger, acceptance, and eventually, memes.Now, the death is a pop culture staple and the creators are sorry.Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday to apologize for the death of you know who, but they did it with a very clever spin.In the past several days, you ve at least seen the images of Hodor s face in elevators and stuff, right?at some point.
A viral comedy video is highlighting the pressures of parenting in the age of social media.Titled New Age Parenting, this parody video from Australian actress and filmmaker Sally Dulson shows what happens when the need to post gets the better of a new mom and dad.Highlights include the turmoil over the baby outfit repeating and the line, It s 9:33 a.m., and we haven t even posted anything yet.People will think he s dead!As the video caption notes, No social media app can prepare you for the emotional roller coaster that is 21st century parenting.New parents will stop at no hashtag to provide for their child.
The Last Guardian seemingly blends elements from both of Fumito Ueda's previous Team Ico gamesAs one of the most long-anticipated titles in recent gaming history, The Last Guardian's lengthy and tumultuous development cycle has been an emotional roller-coaster filled with behind-the-scene changes, uncertainty and anticipation.Finally set to release this year, the mythical action-adventure's extensive development process was "completely unexpected", according to the game's creator Fumito Ueda."We thought that Ico and Shadow of the Colossus took a long time to develop," Ueda said in an interview with IGN, "So, one of the missions of The Last Guardian was that we wanted to create something good in a short period of time, so the fact that it took a long time to develop was completely unexpected for me."The Last Guardian has been in development for almost 10 years since 2007 and was formally announced at E3 2009.Originally envisioned as a PS3 title, the development team decided to shift the game to PS4 in 2012 — a move that Ueda says he wasn't too keen on initially."Now that I look back at it, the PS3 market has become smaller at this point and now I think the PS4 market is the main market so I am happy to have this title as a PS4 exclusive title, but when the decision was first made I had some difficulty and I felt a little disappointed because I wanted to release this game earlier."
When Chris Poole, the founder of controversial online forum 4Chan, announced his plan to join Google in March, it looked as if he was going to work on the social network Google .After all, Google confirmed at the time that Poole was working under Bradley Horowitz, VP of Google Photos and Streams, the two products that Plus is based on.One Google engineer even publicly promised that Plus wouldn't become a "den of infamy" with Poole on board.But Business Insider has learned that Google actually hired the young founder to assist Horowitz on a different project: Google's new in-house startup incubator, Area 120.The division, first revealed by The Information in April, is a formalized version of Google's famous "20% time," meant to carve out time for entrepreneurial-minded employees to create ambitious projects inside the company.Accepted Googlers will get several months and access to company resources to work on their projects.Although Horowitz and Google's corporate development exec, Don Harrison, are spearheading the incubator, they're keeping up their other respective duties, whereas Poole will be working on 120 full-time, the company confirmed to Business Insider.We've heard that Area 120 received "hundreds" of applications that its aims to winnow down to a handful of worthy business ideas by the fall.Poole, 27, has plenty of experience from his own roller-coaster career as a startup founder to lend to 120's mission.He launched 4chan at 15 as a forum for sharing anime, but it swelled into the internet's "greatest factory of memes and mayhem," spawning subsets of digital culture like LOLcats and the hacktivist group Anonymous alike.It ultimately gained a reputation for NSFW content and high-level pranks for example, users infamously trolled Google's trending search list with swastikas and, more recently, spread thousands of leaked nude celebrity photos .The site brought in enough money to sustain itself, but not to make Poole rich.Meanwhile, he raised about $3 million in 2011 for an image message board startup called Canvas that eventually pivoted into DrawQuest, an app that gave users daily illustration prompts.In 2014, Poole wrote a frank blog post declaring that although DrawQuest had built a vibrant community of artists, it couldn't figure out a way to make money and would shut down.Poole stepped down as 4chan's sole administrator in January 2015, and ultimately sold the site last September.When he joined Google, Poole wrote on his blog he was impressed by the company's passionate employees and commitment to tackling big problems:"I can't wait to contribute my own experience from a dozen years of building online communities, and to begin the next chapter of my career at such an incredible company."NOW WATCH: This smart earpiece translates languages as they are spokenLoading video...
Image: AP Photo/Ng Han Guan Shanghai Disney Resort opened its gates to the public today, and in every single aspect it s the crown jewel in a Disney Princess theme park tiara.A New York Times report gives insight into the intense negotiations between Disney CEO Bob Iger and the Chinese government to introduce Mickey to Communism.Not only was Main Street, USA nixed by the Chinese you ll want to call it Mickey Avenue , some of the rides were deemed too American:Worried that importing classic rides would reek of cultural imperialism, Disney left out stalwarts such as Space Mountain, the Jungle Cruise and It s a Small World.Instead, 80 percent of the Shanghai rides, like the Tron lightcycle roller coaster, are unique, a move that pleased executives at the company s Chinese partner, the state-owned Shanghai Shendi Group, who made multiple trips to Disney headquarters in California to hash out blueprint details.To be honest, the Tron thing looks pretty sweet and if the intention was to make us jealous, China, WE ARE.Also, no Jungle Cruise—but somehow a totally imperialistically themed Pirates of the Caribbean ride is fine?
With a maximum speed of 113 km / h and a length of 1300 meters is the fastest Wildfire träbanan in Europe. On Saturday, June 18 opens Kolmårdens new rides: A wooden roller coaster with a 57 meter high hill, a maximum speed of 113 km / h which exposes its passengers to negative g-forces so that they are in several places eases from the seat. One rainy morning - three days before the premiere - will journalists, some fortunate school children and a collection bergochdalbaneentusiaster try out the. Construction worker doing the last surrounding the details and the crane still stands on the site gives an extra advance shiver. After a nearly two-minute ride running a dazed but relieved and nerregnad crowd back into the starting location. - When it is negative G-forces you lift, it feels like it flows, he says.
We had heard that Zenefits cofounder and former CEO Parker Conrad had an idea for a new startup but now it seems he's already on the hunt to hire the company's first engineer employee.This according to a short-lived help-wanted ad posted to Hacker News, spotted by the Wall Street Journal.When Conrad left, COO Sacks took over as CEO and he's spent the past few months cleaning up the company's license compliance problems, changing the corporate culture banning drinking at the office, for instance , laying off workers, reorganizing the staff and telling the world to stop comparing Zenefits to another famously high-flying crashed startup, Theranos.The ad has since been pulled down, but according ot a photo of it posted in the WSJ, it says: "We know this space very well, so unlike other early stage startups we are not trying to figure out what to build.As we previously reported, when Conrad left Zenefits he walked with a sizeable payout, a source close to the situation told us, enough for him to self-fund a new venture if he wanted to: he made more than $10 million.Prior to starting Zenefits Conrad's life was a roller coaster too, including being "fired" from the previous startup he cofounded his words , almost flunking out of Harvard, secretly living in an old people's retirement home and fighting off cancer.
No doubt the news that LinkedIn had agreed to be acquired by Microsoft for $26 billion hit every employee of the social networking company like a thunderbolt.Remarkably, word of the mega deal wasn t leaked before the announcement.Speaking of emotion and feeling a little verklempt, some of you in the audience here today are probably going through your own emotional roller coaster.Just a moment later: With that, let s get started, I want to start by saying thank you.And he explained why he felt their work was still in early stages: A work revolution was at hand that would make LinkedIn more vital than ever.In essence, Weiner said technology, and robotics in particular, was accelerating in a way that millions of workers would be displaced from their jobs.These employees would need new opportunities and new connections to reinvent themselves, and LinkedIn was perfectly positioned to help them do that — with Microsoft s help.Whether it is the displacement of individuals and people by virtue of new technologies, whether it is the widening skills gap, whether it is the growing problem with youth-based unemployment, or record levels of socioeconomic stratification, creating economic opportunity will be the defining issue of our time.
Amidst a sea of branded stock images — hotel pools devoid of guests, immaculate rooms without a crease in their blankets — you spy images of friends sipping margaritas on a motel balcony; a bridal party beaming by the beach; a mother and her young children riding a roller coaster.Here are some UGC and social savvy tactics to consider.Brands should tag specific locations in both internal and earned content, allowing travelers to filter specific locations and broaden their understanding of available offerings.One of the primary benefits of UGC is that it can function as a built-in focus group, granting brands valuable insight into what travelers care about, which may differ from their initial understanding.Brands hoping to accelerate their collection of high-quality content must strategically find ways to weave these images into their broader marketing efforts.As social media continues to play a vital role in the shopper journey, the travel brands that are able to forge meaningful relationships with consumers through content will be the ones that emerge on top, allowing guests to feel at home, no matter their location.
Today, it was thought that it would be opening for Kolmarden latest rides Wildfire, but this has now been set by the manufacturer of the roller coaster discovered that there is a risk of manufacturing defects on Wildfires train. Wildfire is one of Europe's biggest roller coasters in wood and an attraction that Kolmarden invested a lot in for this season. In a press release writing Kolmarden: "We have not detected any fault on the trains in the rollercoaster at Kolmarden, but for us it is a matter of course, follow the instructions from the manufacturers of the track. We are incredibly sorry for those who looked forward to going Wildfire today, but we're working as fast as we can to get off track. " There is no information on when the premiere of the Wildfire can now take place. Until that is the case you will have to make do with the clip above from when Theme Park Review Roller-coaster tested earlier this year.
Kilo Core, NASA plane, and touch-vr. Read more about Kilo Core at The Next Web. NASA powered aircraft "Maxwell", or the X-57, which with its propeller fitted wings have a very characteristic appearance, is the beginning of a new effort within NASA flight research. Read more on The Verge. On the technology fair E3 shown Contact CI's latest product up, a glove that helps with sensory impressions into virtual reality, it writes TechCrunch. Kolmarden new roller coaster Wildfire will premiere prominent, then a manufacturing defect in the cars discovered, according to SVT.
New Wildfire is 1300 meters long. photographer: Kolmarden Kolmarden new wooden roller coaster did not premiere this weekend, as it was intended. The same day that träbanan would have premiered announced the park on his Facebook page that technical problems prevent the opening. - Trains clip system has two independent cylinders. Now the manufacturer has withdrawn a portion of a cylinder, says Christer Fogelmarck, CEO of Parks and Resorts which owns the park. According Christer Fogelmarck web will open a week.
A pair of mischievous teenagers are being widely criticised after scaling the fences at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the dead of night and actually having fun there.After breaking into the theme park, they managed to switch on the Blue Flyer fortunately not the Big One , taking it for a 30-minute spin in the early hours.Not content with their naughtiness, they proceeded to the park s T-Cafe, where they had a food fight, before being chased off by security guards at 4.50am.A 15-year-old boy from Blackpool was later arrested on suspicion of burglary and was given a community resolution.Theme parks have been under extra scrutiny following the Smiler disaster at Alton Towers last summer, and this incident, despite being very different in nature, will do nothing to boost confidence in them.Security will continue to operate with vigilance over a 24-hour period across the 42-acre site, assisted by CCTV surveillance, monitoring activity on the grounds of Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
A pair of mischievous teenagers are being widely criticised after scaling the fences at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the dead of night and actually having fun there.After breaking into the theme park, they managed to switch on the Blue Flyer fortunately not the Big One , taking it for a 30-minute spin in the early hours.Not content with their naughtiness, they proceeded to the park s T-Cafe, where they had a food fight, before being chased off by security guards at 4.50am.A 15-year-old boy from Blackpool was later arrested on suspicion of burglary and was given a community resolution.Theme parks have been under extra scrutiny following the Smiler disaster at Alton Towers last summer, and this incident, despite being very different in nature, will do nothing to boost confidence in them.Security will continue to operate with vigilance over a 24-hour period across the 42-acre site, assisted by CCTV surveillance, monitoring activity on the grounds of Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
Images: AE SuperlabMany New Yorkers have schlepped to Penn Station to take a train out.If only I could go on a 1,200 foot amusement-park ride before my train arrived.In response to a request for proposals to improve Penn Station, the lab sent in their idea to build a roller coaster either right on top, or possibly on the nearby Farley Post Office Building.Still, the design is admittedly very cool.Taller than the London Eye take that, Brits!This might not be the most feasible of the plans to revamp Penn Station, but it can certainly join the ranks of beautiful redesigns that we maybe shouldn t quite quite yet.